Servint In 2019: What Do Servint Client Reviews Say?

ServInt Introduction

ServInt is a web hosting provider focusing mainly on managed services. The company is based out of Reston, Virginia in the United States, close to the District of Columbia. It was founded in 1995 by Reed Caldwell who is still the CEO.

ServInt has grown from a single server to a large company that utilizes three different datacenters. Its packages are mainly aimed at large businesses and enterprise, although it does have some solutions that small businesses will find interesting.

ServInt Hosting Plans

ServInt prioritizes VPS hosting on Dell and SuperMicro hardware. All VPS plans come with 10TB data transfer. Customers can choose to set up their VPS in a US or European datacenter. There are 5 shared VPS package tiers with increasing allowances; all plans include 1 or 2 IPs. Cloud VPS is split over four plans.

Its Flex dedicated servers offer similar benefits with the option of SSD storage. It has three servers available, with 4, 8, or 16 cores, at least 500GB disk space, and 2 IPs.

There are no plans specifically aimed at personal users or bloggers, but ServInt says it’ll install WordPress on any server for free to give you a head start.

ServInt has specific solutions tailored to government departments, which is no surprise given its proximity to Washington DC.

All plans have free backups included, but retrieving files is expensive, so it’s wise not to rely too heavily on this service.

Servint Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 22 Reviews by Servint Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Anthony Parsons avatar
Anthony Parsons
Sep 19, 2016

I’ve been with ServInt for a total of 6 years. I was with them for 3, went away for a year to another host, then came back for another 3 years. ServInt used to be really good.

They had excellent offerings based on the rest of the industry… and then 2014 / 2015 they really went to crap. Their offerings have increased in price, where you can now get better specs with better support for around 60% less price.

They’re seriously detached from the industry in which they used to be a leader. I remember the day they sent me an email that they’re changing their support to a tiered structure, and basically, every single customer had to pay an additional $100 per month to get the level of support we were already used to getting. Do the math!

With the majority of hosts that now offer more specs, with full support, already 60% their pricing, making support an additional fee is like driving that nail right in with the hammers head. That put them at 80% more expensive that the majority of the industry for E5 Cpu’s with SSD cloud infrastructure. Just to put the boot in, I had paid a year in advance which gave a 10% discount.

Having recently cancelled only half way through, they’ve closed my account from all contact, ignored all email sent, and so far failed to refund the difference in credit my account had, even though their sale rep told me (and have screenshot off) the refund of my account credit would happen on the server terminating after its 30 day period. ServInt are doing irreparable damage to their brand. I have no idea what has gone on within that company, but it has really turned from hero to zero as a hosting solution.

I’m sorry — i’ve gone from someone who recommended them without a doubt, to now telling you to run for the hills and stay clear of ServInt. They’re terrible now, just terrible.

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Brijan Anand Iyer avatar
Brijan Anand Iyer
Nov 03, 2010

Servint Provides the Most reliable Web Hosting . I have been with them for 2 years now and these are the things that have really impressed me about their Quality Web hosting :

1) Superb Uptime ! – I’ve been with them for almost two years and I’ve had downtimes of only 20 minutes as reported by Many Uptime Checkers .

2) Alway up to the Mark Support . Servint Excels in this field ! They have one of the best sales support staff who are ready to help at all times.

3) Perfectly Hardened Servers with Best Security , and Completely free CPanel and WHM setup .

4) Most Reliable and trustworthy !

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Kail Nomira avatar
Kail Nomira
Aug 16, 2016

I have been with Servint for 7 years since 2009 until recently I decided to make the switch to InMotion VPS. Until late 2014 Servint used to be the best in my opinon. But after that, their service started going bad.

Very late response to tickets and then eventually they rolled out service @ $100 per month which is totally ridiculous. They also increased their VPS prices in an era where hosting prices are constantly going down.

;tldr = left them for service and price.

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ServInt Infrastructure

ServInt operates out of several datacenters. It utilizes two SSAE-16 facilites in the United States, in Reston, VA and Los Angeles, CA.

There is another facility available in Amsterdam, which was brought online in 2012. ServInt chose the facility for two main reasons: its green hosting credentials and use of renewable energy, and the Netherlands’ approach to regulation.

ServInt Support

All of ServInt’s solutions are managed, so support is a priority. It provides online support through a customer portal, and technical staff are available 24/7. Systems are monitored around the clock, and customers can contact Servnt via live chat, phone, or ticket.

The team will migrate your website for free, and backups are free as well. The system takes a minimum of two restore points per day. However, ServInt recommends that customers make their own backup arrangements. If you do need to access ServInt’s copies, there is a charge of $150/hour for technical support to help. The backup service does not have a self-serve option.

ServInt Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

ServInt is very unusual; it does not offer a money-back guarantee or a trial period. If you want to cancel your service, no prorated refund will be provided. It’s very important that you cancel at least 30 days before your renewal date, as if you don’t, ServInt will charge you for the renewal.

ServInt Summary

ServInt’s packages are aimed at large businesses and specialist organizations, and the plans and pricing reflect this. Small businesses and personal users are unlikely to find plans that suit their needs here, and ServInt’s lack of a guarantee will likely dissuade many people in that category.

Most Popular Servint Hosting Plans

Essential VPS Essential+ VPS Signature VPS
Disk Space 60GB 65GB 90GB
Bandwidth 1TB 1TB 1.5TB
Price $49 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$59 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$89 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit Servint Now Visit Servint Now Visit Servint Now
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Ultimate VPS
120GB 2TB $129 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex TwoCore
200GB 4TB $159 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Express v3
500GB $179.10 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex ThreeCore
600GB 6TB $199 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Express v2
500GB 6TB $214 / mo Visit Host Now
BareMetal Express v2
2TB 6TB $259 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Pro v3
500GB 12000GB $269.10 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Pro v2
500GB 8TB $329 / mo Visit Host Now
BareMetal Pro v2
2TB 8TB $379 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Enterprise v3
1TB 14000TB $449.10 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex Enterprise v2
1TB 10TB $529 / mo Visit Host Now
BareMetal Enterprise v2
4TB 10TB $699 / mo Visit Host Now
Flex ONE
2TB 12TB $859 / mo Visit Host Now
BareMetal ONE
6TB 12TB $1,099 / mo Visit Host Now
More Plans +

Servint Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Servint have a money-back guarantee?

    No. Servint does not give customers a money-back guarantee. In fact, it does not refund money under any circumstances, unless it has breached its own terms of service.

  • Does Servint offer dedicated servers?

    Yes. Dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting is available.

  • Are renewal rates higher than the introductory price?

    Customers have the benefit of consistent pricing at renewal as the renew prices are no different from the introductory pricing.

  • Is phone support available?

    Yes. Support is available via live chat, phone, or email.

  • Where is Servint’s headquarters?

    The company is based in the United States, out of Reston, Virginia.

  • Where are its datacenters located?

    The company’s US datacenters are located at Reston, Virginia and Los Angeles, California. It also has a European datacenter in Amsterdam.

  • What are the options for resellers?

    Servint doesn’t sell reseller hosting, but it offers agencies and designers a combination of hosting and Premier Services.

    This package provides web space along with server management. There are three tiers within the Premier Services product.

  • Does Servint offer site or server migration services?

    Yes. Servint will help to move one account when you sign up. If you are a new customer, its Managed Migration service is free. However, you can only use it for a cPanel-to-cPanel or Plesk-to-Plesk transfer.

  • Does ServInt offer website building software?

    No. Servint does not have a sitebuilder tool.

  • How many email addresses does it allow on one account?

    You can create unlimited email accounts, but you will be limited by the overall disk space on your server or hosting account.

  • What control panels are available?

    Customers can use cPanel and Plesk, with WHM where necessary.

  • What payment options does ServInt accept?

    It accepts major credit cards like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, wire transfer, and check. Wire transfers may attract fees, and some payment methods will cause a delay in the setup of your account.

    Note that Servint does not set up recurring PayPal payments via a billing agreement, so PayPal payments must be made manually when invoices are due.

  • Will ServInt offer service credit if I experience downtime?

    No. Servint does not offer an uptime guarantee.

  • Does Servint offer CDN integration with hosting plans?

    Servint supports all CloudFlare packages, including the free tier.

  • Is there a minimum contract?

    Customers can sign up for the year, or pay on a monthly basis. Remember that Servint does not provide refunds, so you may not want to pay ahead if you are just trying it out.

  • What is ServInt’s backup policy?

    Servint recommends that all customers make their own backups.

    However, it does take a daily backup of all dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting accounts, and you can access these backups if you need to restore something.

    If you have a bare metal server, you will need to pay for this service. 

  • Does it offer unlimited bandwidth and space?

    Under the company’s Terms of Service, there is no limit to disk and bandwidth on their packages. However, the company ultimately holds the ability to dictate when an account has become abusive or excessive in some form.

  • Will it allow me to set up a video streaming site?

    Yes. You should purchase a VPS or dedicated server for video streaming, and check that your plan supports the technologies and streaming methods you want to use.

  • Does Servint have an affiliate program?

    Yes. Its affiliate program offers incentives in return for signing up new customers.

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