Shopio In 2018: What Do Shopio Client Reviews Say?

Shopio lets small to medium-sized businesses easily build out an e-commerce store. Beyond simply creating your store you’ll also find various marketing features that’ll help your store grow as well.

We take a deep look at Shopio, so you can decide if it’s the right e-commerce builder for your new e-commerce site.

Shopio Hosting Review

About Shopio

Shopio has been around since 2001 and has offices both in the US and Turkey. It was developed by the parent company Deloitte, and currently boasts a user base of over 10,000 small to medium sized e-commerce stores.

It’s the perfect tool for beginners who want to build a basic storefront as quick as possible, and don’t demand extensive customization options.

Is It Easy to Use?

Shopio is clearly built for beginners. Once you sign up you’ll be automatically taken to the admin dashboard which is where you’ll be able to check on your store’s performance, design your website, set up payment options, add products to your store and a lot more.

Hosting is included, and you can even use your own domain name, if you have one already. Plus, the hosting is scalable and uses SaaS hosting architecture to ensure your site can handle large volumes of traffic without going offline.

For those with little tech experience, there’s a setup wizard which will walk you through all the basics of getting your store setup, including designing your store, setting up payment gateways, and finally adding products to your store.

Site customization is also pretty easy and handled by adjusting various settings from the drop-down menus. Although it’s not a drag and drop builder, it’s still pretty simple to build out and customize your site after spending a little bit of time using the tool.

Shopio Design Features

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E-Commerce Features

Shopio excels in making e-commerce accessible to beginner website builders. It packs a lot of features into an easy to use and intuitive features. Below we look at some of its most compelling e-commerce oriented features.

Managing and Selling Products

Managing and customizing your products is pretty easy thanks to the drag and drop interface. It’s equipped with tons of different product customization options that let you manage categories, set tax rates, add unlimited images, and even create SEO-friendly product pages to help you rank in search.

For each product in your store, you can customize things like the product title, weight, price, quantity, product variations, and your description.

The customer checkout pages are also streamlined and offer a simple one-page checkout. You can specify the type of shipping you’re offering as well, whether that’s fixed-rate, weight-based, or region-based.

There’s also no shortage of payment options, with over 15 different payment gateways offered, and the promise to add even more in time.

Marketing and Growth

There’s no point in creating an e-commerce store if no one is going to find your site. With Shopio there are numerous marketing and reporting tools that make it easier to grow your site’s traffic. Included are features like

  • Custom group based discounts to encourage store purchases
  • Built-in blogging for increased traffic
  • Google Analytics integration to analyze traffic sources and highest performing pages
  • In-depth SEO options to effectively optimize products, posts, and pages for search engine traffic
  • Email newsletter integration and reporting
  • Product tracking to optimize your store for top selling products
  • Google Adwords tracking codes to optimize your advertising ROI

Building Your E-Commerce Store

To build your e-commerce store you’ll be choosing from one of 15 free themes. The themes are broken down into various categories, and each has a color scheme and layout that cater to that niche. However, each theme could really be adjusted to fit any niche.

Shopio doesn’t offer a drag and drop builder but instead allows you to customize your site by adjusting different settings. You can change site elements like the color scheme, font choice, menu placement, homepage slider, logo, and the display of your featured products.

If you do know HTML and CSS you can customize your site further and make it truly unique, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the basic customizations allowed by the builder.

Shopio Plans and Prices

Who Would Benefit Most From Shopio?

Shopio is built for beginners who want to quickly get their stores online. All you have to do is choose a theme, make a few basic tweaks, upload your products, and you’re all set.

Its simplicity makes it easy for beginners who have little to no tech experience, plus the blogging, SEO, and additional marketing tools are a nice touch and will help you generate traffic to your store.

If you demand more marketing options or advanced integrations, then you may need to switch to a different builder in time. But, for those just beginning online it’s a great place to start.

Who Should Use a Different E-Commerce Builder?

People looking to build larger e-commerce sites, or even beginners who want more storefront customization options should elsewhere for a website builder.

The learning curve is very low and beginners will be able to build a site quickly and effectively. But, the lack of drag and drop abilities can be a deal breaker for some users.

But, like most beginner tools it tends to leave more advanced users in the dust. For instance, there aren’t any features, or integrations, that let you implement abandoned cart recovery.

Shopio Home Page

Closing Words

For people looking to build a small to medium-sized e-commerce store, Shopio can be a great choice. This is especially true if you don’t care much more customizations, and want to have your site online as soon as possible.

The tool is geared towards beginners and lacks more advanced marketing or sales features, but for beginners who are just getting started on their online journey, it will be more than enough.

This affordable beginner-oriented tool will help you build a functional store in as little time possible. But, those with a bigger vision might want a different tool that allows for greater customization options and packs the advanced sales features that’ll take your store to the next level.

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