Sucuri Review: Should You Invest In Their Website Security Services?

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Sucuri Introduction

Sucuri provides cloud-based website security services from prevention to recovery.

Co-founded by Daniel Cid (now CTO) and Tony Perez (CEO) in 2010, Sucuri is headquartered in the United States but has employees in many locations around the world.

Sucuri's services are all cloud-based - there's no software to download or install. Instead, the services are available via monthly subscription plans. They provide continuous antivirus and malware scanning, malware removal and hack repair, brand reputation and blacklist monitoring, and DDoS protection. Their services work on any type of website, including WordPress, Joomla, or Magento. They also provide customer support and guaranteed response times for malware removal and hack repair by their incident response team.

For enterprise-level customers, Sucuri also offers custom configurations that include advanced security features like Network-Based Integrity Monitoring Systems (NBIMS), customized service level agreements depending on your needs, and professional integration into your existing security systems.

Website Security Stack (WSS)

Sucuri's Website Security Stack (WSS) subscription is a total antivirus service for your website.

Your website will be scanned on a regular basis for malware and signs of hacking attempts. If your site is hacked, Sucuri will repair any damage. The service also includes brand reputation and blacklist monitoring, as well as an SSL certificate and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for e-commerce sites.

There are three different subscriptions levels depending on the frequency of scanning and the response time for repairs. The business level subscription also includes the option to get support via live chat in addition to support tickets.

Sucuri Reviews by Our Community

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Matt Hopkirk avatar
Matt Hopkirk
Jun 10, 2019

Our website was never infected until we got Sucuri, once we did get it they told us there's no chance of getting infected, we've had malware every week like clockwork which they take days to fix sometimes, they have cost us an absolute fortune we used to get demo requests all the time now we never get them since no one can get on our website. You are promised a 4 hour response but that in reality is an automated response (the same automated response each time, it's like they're not even embarrassed). We have had to entirely rebuild our website somewhere else now.

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DDoS Protection

Sucuri also offers protection from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. This service is included in the WSS subscription.

A DDoS attack's purpose is to disrupt your website by increasing your traffic and using up all your CPU, memory and bandwidth so that legitimate users can't reach your website. DDoS attacks are called "distributed" because they come from multiple locations (though these are often spoofed), and are therefore more difficult to detect and counteract.

A sustained attack can have a huge impact on your online business by causing extremely slow loading times or downtime. If the issue isn't resolved, it can cause you to lose your web hosting due to violating their Terms of Service.

Sucuri's DDoS Protection & Mitigation service is meant to detect and block all kinds of DDoS attacks, but they specialize in layer 7 (HTTP-floods) type attacks. An HTTP Flood Attack is when the attacker tries to use GET / POST requests in order to overload your web server. Because this kind of attack occurs over HTTP or HTTPS, it's easier and cheaper to carry out, making it the most common kind of DDoS attack.

Most of Sucuri's subscription services include Layer 7 DDoS protection, but the more advanced packages also include Layer 3 and 4 protection as well.

Sucuri Firewall

Sucuri includes the use of their own proprietary firewall in the WSS subscription, but you can also choose to purchase a subscription for just the firewall (without the antivirus or removal/cleanup service). The firewall protects you from brute force attempts to hack your website, including special protection for WordPress, Joomla, and other CMSes.

The firewall also protects against attacks that take advantage of code vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections.

Malware prevention is also included in the firewall. If your website is infected, it could be used to install Trojan software on your visitors' computers, steal their login information to other websites, or other purposes. Malware infecting your website can easily damage the reputation of your brand, since visitors may think the malware came from you.

The firewall works across all platforms and on all types of websites. There's no software installation necessary; you just make changes to your DNS so that your traffic is filtered through their secure network before going to your web server. They use performance optimization and smart caching to improve the speed of your website despite the extra stop.

Malware Cleanup and Hack Repair

If your site has been blacklisted by search engines, your visitors are complaining about malware or virus alerts, your web host has disabled your site because of a security issue, or other strange things are happening with your website, you may have been hacked.

Sucuri includes guaranteed response times for their malware removal and hack repair service (from 4 to 12 hours depending on your subscription package).

If your site has been hacked, Sucuri's security analysts will assess every file and database to find out exactly what happened and how to fix it. They'll make the repairs, harden your website against reinfection, and provide a detailed report of what was found, and advise you on steps to take to avoid future attacks. Sucuri guarantees that your site will be 100% cleaned.

Support and Customer Service

Support is available 24/7/365. All technical support requests must be submitted via the ticket system. For non-technical support or for sales inquiries, you can reach them via the ticket system, live chat, email, or phone.

Billing and Payment Policies

You can pay via credit/debit card or Paypal.

Sucuri will offer you a refund if they fail to remove an infection for any reason. If you decide to cancel within 30 days of signing up, and you haven't yet submitted any Malware Removal Requests, then you can also request a full refund.

You can cancel at any time by submitting a general support ticket to request cancellation. You will be asked to answer a brief survey on why you're cancelling.


Sucuri is great for businesses who don't have their own internal security expert team, especially if you handle sensitive information or need to comply with security or privacy laws. Any website owner who may be vulnerable to DDoS attacks or hackers should consider investing in Sucuri to keep their site safe.

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