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VEVS Introduction

A website builder built with offline business owners in mind. Instead of catering to every style of business under the sun VEVS prides itself on helping business owners in a few select industries.

If you're in one of the choice industries VEVS supports it'll be hard for you to find a better all-in-one website builder. Below we take an in-depth look at this builder, so you can see if it's the right fit for your business.

About VEVS

VEVS is a relatively new addition to the website builder space. The company that launched VEVS is called Stivasoft, and have been providing various web solutions for over a decade.

Instead of being a website builder for everyone, VEVS is a website builder geared towards a specific market. Namely, small business owners who need a new website that's equipped with the features they require and nothing else.

The websites created with this tool are simple but very useful. This gives users the ability to quickly build a website that brings their offline business to life, online.

Ease of Use

Once you've created a basic account you'll be directed to the admin panel where you can choose the industry of your business. The industry you choose will give you access to different features required by your business type.

The initial setup is handled by the VEVS team, which means you can build a site without any tech skills whatsoever.

The control panel is quite intuitive and will let you do things like view your site statistics, track sales data, manage reservations and client requests, along with building out your site.

The platform is obviously built for complete beginners. If you do run into any issues, support is just a click away. The support team will assist you with setting up your site, handling technical requests, and even help with uploading content.

All-in-One Business Solution

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate, the last thing you want to do is spend crucial time managing your website. With the suite of tools and features offered, you can make your website work for you, instead of the other way around.

Beyond building a basic website, the site you'll end up building is e-commerce ready. You'll be able to easily manage and take appointments, along with selling your products and services.

Currently, there's a wide range of industries supported, including:

  • Car Dealerships

  • Car Rental

  • Yacht Rental and Holiday Property Management

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Real Estate

  • Online Job Portals

  • Car Parking Services

  • Shuttle and Taxi Service

  • Hotels

  • Hair and Beauty Salons.

If your industry isn't currently supported, then make sure to check back, as new industries are added on a regular basis.

Selling Features

When you select your website industry you'll be given a set of industry-specific tools. For example, if you run a car rental company, you'll be able to use the included car rental software to take reservations and process payments.

Whether you're looking to showcase your product selection or let clients purchase your services, you can do that quickly and easily. If your business relies upon taking reservations, making bookings, taking payments, and sending confirmations, then you'll be able to do that quite painlessly as well.

The built-in sales tools are a huge time-saver. Instead of building a site and having to install add-ons, plugins, or build custom software, all of the needed sales tools are included right out of the box.

Content Management System

Managing your site's content is very easy as well. Once you login to your admin portal, just select the "Website Pages" option and you can edit any element of your site.

You can do things like show or hide certain pages, edit page names, change the URL structure, modify text, add new content, and add images to your site.

Site Setup and Management Support

If you're a total beginner and checking email is the most tech-savvy thing you do, then you'll love the tech hand-holding they offer.

The included support extends well beyond what most other builders offer, as they take care of the process of setting up your site, adding content, and making sure your site looks and performs how you'd like.

If you want more in-depth customization you can request custom modifications, like design or layout changes, or even a completely custom site, for an added fee.

Building Your Site

To build your site just select your industry, choose one of the templates available, and start customizing your site.

Every industry template is equipped with features that are specific to that industry, like reservation systems, classified ads, Google Map integration, and a lot more. Plus, all of the templates are mobile responsive.

Customizing your theme is as simple as opening the page you want to edit, and clicking on the text you'd like to change. The only downside is the theme you choose is going to be an almost exact match of the demo theme, as customization options are limited.

To add more features to your site you can explore the app store to purchase more site features like a blog, customer reviews, event calendars, and more.

Who Should Use VEVS?

VEVS is a perfect fit for offline business owners who want to build a website that lets them quickly sell their products and services online. The built-in industry-specific software is a huge plus and takes the hassle out of selling online.

If you're currently in one of the supported industries, then using this builder is a no-brainer. You'll be able to go from having no online presence to an elegant and functional site in no time at all. Plus, the detailed level of support caters to people with little to no tech experience.

Who Should Use a Different Website Builder?

Still, VEVS isn't for everyone. If you're not operating in one of the supported industries, then using this tool doesn't make sense. The existing customization options don't allow for a ton of flexibility beyond the theme template.

If you demand more control over the design of your site and don't mind working with additional service booking, or e-commerce integrations, then there are other options better suited for your needs.

In Closing

Offline business owners without any tech skills can finally build a functional and beautiful site that makes selling simple. This tool is geared towards beginners and takes care of most of the heavy lifting when it comes to building out a website, getting it hosted, and making sure it looks and functions properly.

Business owners looking for a little more control over the end result of their site might want to explore other options. Customization is limited unless you want to hire the VEVS team to customize it for you.

This niche website builder is a solid choice and will surely help a ton of offline businesses make the jump online.

Last updated: 2018-11-08

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