VodaHost In 2018: What Do VodaHost Client Reviews Say?

VodaHost Introduction

VodaHost, the Wilmington, Delaware-based web hosting company specializes in the one-size-fits-all, comprehensive hosting package. In addition, they offer traditional hosting services, like reseller hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificates.

Services and Specializations

VodaHost’s web hosting solutions comes two ways: an all-in-one web hosting package and a reseller hosting package.

Web hosting through VodaHost comes with many purported perks, including: unlimited space and bandwidth; unlimited domains and websites; BlueVoda (proprietary) website builder software; Soholaunch (shopping cart software); FTP; MySQL; Email; Control panel; Analytics; and 24/7 support.

Reseller hosting through VodaHost comes equally chock-full of features and support: 100% white-labeled; WHM control panel; built-in customer billing system; domain reselling; unlimited site hosting; and email.

In addition, VodaHost also offers these additional website solutions: domain purchase and registration; SSL certificate purchase; Transaction Guard purchase and security seal.


VodaHost’s network of servers resides solely in the United States.

Powered by state-of-the-art Dell servers, VodaHost’s network is well-maintained and well-managed. Each datacenter comes with HVAC systems, full particle filtering, humidity control, N+1 redundancy, as well as auto-switched power generators.

Security and Monitoring

In addition to relying on Dell to power their servers, Cisco powers VodaHost’s network.

All datacenters are monitored 24/7 and access to the server rooms is highly restricted; only level three technicians are admitted. Regarding security, VodaHost’s network is fully switched, so that all traffic that passes through their servers must go through their switch equipment first. This offers VodaHost’s customers another layer of protection against cyber attacks.

Uptime Guarantee

While there aren’t too many details regarding the actual guarantee, VodaHost does promise customers 99.9% uptime.

Support and Customer Service

Although VodaHost’s network of servers is 100% US-based, their support system is not. They have locations in the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Customers can reach representatives there by email or phone.

In terms of support, VodaHost’s 24/7 customer service can be accessed through their customer support portal. This not only includes a direct ticketing support system, but also gives customers learning tutorials, an online knowledgebase, and support forum.

Billing and Payment Policies

This is the one piece customers need to be extra careful with. While VodaHost promises no contracts, no setup fees, and cancellation anytime, they have a very strict no-refund policy. So for customers trying to get a better deal by choosing the annual or biennial hosting option, be aware that no refunds are issued if you cancel before that time period ends.


For website owners concerned with cost and simply wanting a good starter web hosting solution, this may be a good fit for you. VodaHost makes web hosting simple and includes everything you need to manage a website within their single hosting solution. Just remember to keep an eye on their billing and refund policy as a longer term investment cannot be cancelled or refunded early.

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Most Popular VodaHost Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Reseller Silver Reseller Gold
Disk Space Unlimited 60GB 80GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 600GB Unlimited
Price $7.95 / mo $24.95 / mo $34.95 / mo
Visit VodaHost Visit VodaHost Visit VodaHost
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Reseller Diamond
100GB Unlimited $44.95 / mo View
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VodaHost Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do they offer both Windows and Linux hosting plans?

    No Windows plans are available. VodaHost offers Linux hosting plans.

  • Are there any hidden fees I should be worried about?

    The company claims to have no hidden fees, but it’s always a good idea to read the fine print.

  • Can I get a dedicated server at VodaHost?

    No, VodaHost focuses on shared hosting plans.

  • Will they provide me with a free domain if I decide to get a hosting plan?

    Yes, VodaHost offers one-year free domain registration with the purchase of their hosting plans for clients who opt for annual or biannual payment options.

  • Can I register new domains via VodaHost? Can I transfer existing domains from my current host?

    Yes, the company offers domain registration services, as well as domain transfers.

  • What sort of money-back guarantee do they have?

    VodaHost does not have a refund policy and does not offer a money back guarantee of any type.

  • Does VodaHost have any VPS hosting plans?

    No VPS plans are available.

  • What forms of support are available?

    Customer support is provided via 24/7 tickets, emails and an online forum.

  • What languages is customer service available in?

    VodaHost’s customer service is available in English.

  • Where is the VodaHost head office located?

    VodaHost is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, US. The company also has offices in Singapore, London and Sydney.

  • Where are their data centers located?

    VodaHost relies on The Planet data centers located in the US.

  • What programming languages and scripting languages do VodaHost plans support?

    Most industry standard languages are supported, including CGI, PHP and Perl.

  • Do they offer any reseller plans?

    Yes, VodaHost offers three reseller plans – Silver, Gold and Diamond, at different prices.

  • Does VodaHost have an affiliate program?

    Yes, the company has an affiliate program and offers up to $70 commission for each sale delivered.

  • I already have a number of different websites and domains. Will they help me transfer them? How much will it cost me?

    The company offers free domain transfers, as well as video tutorials to help users interested in migration.

  • I am just getting started and I am my first WordPress site. Is VodaHost a good choice for novices?

    VodaHost offers hosting plans suitable for small WordPress users and it offers one-click installation of WordPress.

  • Can I host and manage multiple websites on VodaHost shared hosting plans?

    Yes, you can host and manage multiple websites on all VodaHost shared hosting plans.

  • I am no good at HTML, can I build a website without any coding? What about site builder software and templates?

    VodaHost provides its own drag & drop ‘BlueVoda’ website builder that can be used with no HTML or coding knowledge.

  • I make WordPress sites for various customers, so I need a secure hosting provider. I don’t want any of my clients to have their site hacked on my watch. What’s the security like?

    The company offers Rapid SSL low cost, single root SSL certificates suitable for securing all levels of e-commerce, which should cover the needs of most small businesses.

  • What about e-commerce plans? Are their shared plans capable of handling my e-commerce needs?

    VodaHost web hosting packages come prepared for e-commerce use. The company also offers Soholaunch that enables you to build a professional looking website with e-commerce capabilities.

  • I need to transfer existing Joomla sites from my current host. Will they help me? What about auto transfers?

    The company does offer Joomla upgrades and templates, but transfer support is not mentioned on their website.

  • I would need to transfer a few of my old WordPress sites. Can I expect any support?

    The company does not specify whether it offers support for WordPress transfers.

  • I plan to accept credit card payments on my site. I need SSL certificates, so do they sell them?

    VodaHost offers Rapid SSL low-cost, single root SSL certificates. In case you need something better, you will have to source your own SSL certificates.

  • Is VodaHost a good choice for hosting a lot of images?

    The company claims to have unlimited storage for its hosting plans, but a number of restrictions still apply and you need to check the terms of service. You cannot use your account as a storage repository for images.

  • Do they offer Magento packages? Can I get help transferring existing Magento sites?

    The company offers Magento support, and it recommends paying a ‘Script Installation’ fee to expedite installation. There is no word on migration support.

  • What kind of control will I get?

    The company offers full-featured c-Panel on all shared hosting plans.

  • What forms of payment do they accept? Can I use PayPal

    VodaHost accepts various forms of payment, including PayPal and major credit cards.

  • What about VodaHost’s uptime guarantee?

    This host has a 99% uptime guarantee.

  • Do they have any special security features?

    The company offers industry-standard security features, nothing more.

  • What about CDN support?

    There is no word on CDN support on the company website.

  • Can I pay monthly? What billing cycles are available?

    Yes – VodaHost offers monthly, annual and biannual payment options.

  • If I choose to register a new domain, can I get whois ID protection?

    Yes, VodaHost offers whois ID protection for a nominal annual fee.

  • What is their backup policy like?

    The company offers several backup options through cPanel.

  • I currently maintain several websites. Should I choose to transfer, which package should I go for?

    VodaHost’s basic shared package could meet your needs, provided you do not expect too much traffic.

  • What about email? How much storage do I get? How many addresses can I use?

    VodaHost claims to have unlimited storage and email addresses, but some restrictions apply.

  • Are bandwidth and storage on VodaHost plans really unlimited?

    The company’s terms of service state that bandwidth is unlimited for one account with a single control panel. Certain storage restrictions apply, too.

  • What about discounts?

    No discounts are currently mentioned on the company’s website.

  • Will they provide me with some advertising credits for Adwords if I choose to sign up?

    No advertising credits appear to be available at this time.

  • Are VodaHost shared plans suitable for video streaming?

    While you could use this host for some limited video streaming, bear in mind that video can only make up 10% of your storage at any given time.

  • What about resource usage restrictions?

    In addition to storage and bandwidth restrictions, Vodahost also lists a number of prohibited resource-intensive activities. If your site starts using more than 5% of the server system resources, your account will be automatically suspended.

  • What about termination and refunds? Do they have a prorate policy?

    No. VodaHost does not prorate any fees for any unused time.

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