VPS.net In 2021: What Do VPS.net Client Reviews Say?

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VPS.net Introduction

VPS.net is a web hosting company with a specific focus on cloud VPS hosting. The company was founded in 2008 by the UK2 Group, who also own other global brands such as 100TB, Autica and Dotable. UK2 have in turn been acquired by Lloyds Development Capital.

VPS.net is based in Utah but utilizes cloud servers which span the entire globe. Its server farms are continually expanding, and its services are targeted at customers looking for something more than shared web hosting. However, it does offer a few alternatives as well.

VPS.net Hosting Plans

VPS.net has a wide variety of hosting plans on offer. Whilst its focus is on cloud-based VPS hosting, it also offers 'elastic' VPS hosting and a cloud VPS reseller plan for web designers and hosts. The company also offers a choice of Windows or Linux-based plans.

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to scale your hosting plan according to your needs. The range of service begin with 1.2 GHz processor power and 376 MB dedicated ram, 10 GB disk space and 1TB bandwidth. This scales right up to a massive 14.4 GHz processor power, 4512 MB of dedicated RAM, 120 GB disk space and 12 TB bandwidth.

VPS.net usefully provides a plan which allows you to purchase the cloud server space suited to the software you want to use. For example, cloud VPS hosting based on Ruby on Rails may require different resources to a standard plan.

In addition to VPS.net's cloud VPS hosting plans, the company has also come up with 'elastic VPS' hosting which allows you to scale up or down the server space you need. There are three Elastic VPS plans.

  • The Small plan provides between 3 and 6 GHz processor power, 1880 MB to 3706 MB Ram, between 50 and 100 GB storage space and between 5 and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • The Medium plan allows you to choose 6 GHz processor power, 3760 MB RAM, 100 GB disk space and 10 TB bandwidth up to 12 GHz processor power, 7520 MB RAM, 200 GB disk space and 20 TB bandwidth.
  • The Large plan allows you to vary your hosting from 12 GHz processor power, 7520 MB RAM, 200 GB disk space and 20 TB bandwidth up to 24 GHz processor power, 15040 MB RAM, 400 GB disk space and 40 TB bandwidth.

VPS.net has a VPS reseller plan based on its cloud hosting infrastructure, but you need to contact the company directly for a quote if you're interested in this. Prices aren't published.

Cloud hosting through VPS.net also comes in three different packages.

  • The Business plan provides 5 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth and is designed for traffic equal to approximately 25,000 visitors per month.
  • The Pro plan provides 25 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and is designed for traffic equal to approximately 125,000 visitors per month.
  • The High-Traffic plan provides 50 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth and is designed for traffic equal to approximately 500,000 visitors per month.

VPS.net Uptime/Downtime

VPS.net does not make any claims about uptime, but as its services are based on cloud hosting, this is unsurprising - the whole idea of the cloud is to provide better reliability anyway. The website advertises its cloud hosting as being based on 'self-healing hardware'. Should the server your site is held on go down or fail for some reason, it will automatically transfer to another server within seconds, meaning that downtime should be practically nil in real times.

The VPS.net server farms are held in 17 different locations around the globe, including America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This allows you to choose from clouds around the world to help you maximise performance, depending on your own location and the location your clients are likely to inhabit. Customers are also able to monitor servers and move between them as they see fit, which is a nice feature.

VPS.net Support

Support for VPS.net customers is available through a helpdesk, 24 hours a day. Live chat, telephone and email support is also available at no extra charge. The site also provides an email address for their management team if you are unsatisfied with their support.

VPS.net offers a chargable service for tasks that are additional to ordinary support requests. Customers can also purchase a managed service package which provides peace of mind via professional server management from the host. This in turn provides customers with a comprehensive SLA which goes beyond the SLA specified on other hosting services offered by the company.

VPS.net provides a wiki/ knowledgebase and company blog. Its Facebook page is moderately active, as is its Twitter account. Technical support staff also appear to promptly respond to customers, although people asking for support about specific problems are usually directed to the helpdesk email address. There is also a well designed community forum for VPS.net customers which is a useful beginner resource.

VPS.net in the News

VPS.net has not attracted little attention in the news, either good or bad. This suggests that the services are relatively stable and secure.

VPS.net Control Panel

The main control panel offered by VPS.net is Cpanel. Cpanel is used by many web hosting companies, so customers will have little difficulty making the transition from another host if they've used it before. Resellers are also offered an exclusive white label control panel, allowing them to brand their backend and reseller area as they see fit.

VPS.net Extras

Many shared hosting companies offer incentives such as free domain names or Google Adwords credits however, as VPS.net does not offer standard shared hosting, these types of offers are not available. Basically, what you see is what you get: there are no ad credits or freebies to claim.

Drupal, WordPress and Joomla hosting is available through VPS.net and it also supports business tools such as Magento, PostBooks, phpBB, RoundCube, osCommerce and more. CMS tools such as Open Enterprise, Concrete5 and Twiki are available, as are a wide range of developer tools, CRM tools, project management tools and more.

VPS.net Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Customers have to provide 30 days written notice to terminate their accounts with VPS.net, but only the Cloud Hosting packages come with this money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee gives customers an admirable 60 days' grace to try out the service, which is a fair bit higher than I expected.

VPS.net Summary

It's difficult to compare VPS.net to the majority of other hosting companies out there. Its services are based on a modern cloud infrastructure, so they do not offer the standard shared hosting services many other hosting companies tend to concentrate on. For example, the standard uptime guarantee is really unnecessary, and that makes VPS.net a good choice for reliability.

VPS.net's cloud based VPS hosting will be suited to those specifically looking for this type of hosting, and it's as feature-packed as any other rival's service. In addition, the elastic VPS and VPS Reseller hosting plans give them the edge over shared hosts who offer VPS as an afterthought.

Customers looking to upgrade beyond shared hosting but are not looking to pay big prices will be interested in VPS.net. Small businesses and people looking to build hobby sites may want to consider looking elsewhere for shared hosting, at least to get their site off the ground, since a VPS requires a certain investment of time.

VPS.net Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 13 Reviews by VPS.net Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Kyle Hynek avatar
Kyle Hynek hynicon.com
Mar 27, 2018

I had removed my Ssd vps and you would think that you wouldn't get charged again. Wrong I apparently still had a windows server license hidden within the sites interface and not on the main dashboard page. I got charged for having a license while not even having an active VPS.

There are many of other better sites that run a better. Take your money elsewhere.

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carlos bastidas avatar
carlos bastidas estoesculiacan.com
Aug 03, 2014

I have been using this provider for more than 3 years in a row. The support is pretty good, They are there when I need them most and my uptime is exactly what I need. I would recommend It in a heartbeat.

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Nic Windley avatar
Nic Windley nicwindley.co.uk
Sep 20, 2013

I had a lot of trouble with vps.net in the beginning, however things seem to have improved and I've also learnt a lot about getting the most from these servers. Pretty good now! Yes, I'm a real customer with 2 cloud VPS, one in the US and one in the UK.

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WP Pro Hosting Plan
25MBUnlimited $60 / mo Visit Host Now
Pro Cloud Site Plan
25GB500GB $65 / mo Visit Host Now
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40GB12TB $72 / mo Visit Host Now
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50GB15TB $90 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting Plan 6
60GB18TB $108 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting Plan 7
70GB21TB $126 / mo Visit Host Now
Managed Cloud Hosting Plan Level 1
20GB6MB $135 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting Plan 8
80GB24TB $144 / mo Visit Host Now
WP High Hosting Plan
50GBUnlimited $150 / mo Visit Host Now
High Cloud Site Plan
50TB1TB $160 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting Plan 9
90GB27TB $162 / mo Visit Host Now
Managed Cloud Hosting Plan Level 2
40GB12TB $165 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting Plan 10
100GB30TB $180 / mo Visit Host Now
Managed Cloud Hosting Plan Level 3
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VPS.net Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns VPS.NET?

    VPS.NET is part of the UK2Group, a UK-based company that owns several different hosting providers including UK2.NET, Midphase, 100TB, ANHosting, WingSix, and more.

  • Are multiple datacenter locations maintained?

    A network of 19 cloud data centers is maintained with locations scattered around the world. All data centers are secured with 24-hour onsite staff, and video surveillance. In addition, they all have redundant power supplies and connections to multiple network carriers.

  • What support options are available?

    24/7 phone and ticketing system support is available. In addition, an expansive Knowledge Base is available to help with frequently asked questions and common issues.

  • Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service I receive?

    A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with all new plans. So you have 30 days to change your mind, cancel your account, and request a refund. Check out the full terms of the guarantee at the VPS.NET website.

  • What is the typical billing cycle?

    Most plans appear to be offered on a monthly billing cycle. The terms of service suggest that a 30-day cycle is the most typical, but that longer cycles may also be available. It does not appear that there is any cost advantage so signing up for a longer billing cycle.

  • Will I have root access to my virtual server?

    Yes. All plans include root access to the server, which means you can do just about anything you want with your server as long as you aren't violating the terms of service or applicable laws.

  • Can I run multiple websites from a single account?

    Yes. All accounts include unlimited domains. So you can run as many websites as the resources your plan includes will support. If you do find you've stretched your resources too thin you can always add additional resources to your plan.

  • Can I upgrade my plan anytime I like if I need additional resources?

    Yes. Upgrading your plan can be done easily and the upgrade completed automatically. Doing so will require your server to restart, but an upgrade typically only takes about a minute to complete, meaning downtime will be minimal.

  • What if I buy too many resources. Can I downgrade my plan?

    You can downgrade anytime you like. However, keep in mind that downgrading will require shutting down your server, and while upgrades only take about a minute to complete, downgrades take considerably longer. You should allow for up to an hour of downtime to complete a downgrade.

  • Are virtual private servers a good idea for beginners?

    Probably not. If you're a web hosting beginner you will be better served by a shared web hosting plan. That type of plan will cost a lot less, offer all of the firepower you need for simple projects, and will have a much easier learning curve. There are lots of shared web hosting providers, however, VPS.NET is not one of them.

  • If I need help managing my server is help available?

    Assisted startup is available to help get your server up and running. If you want ongoing help with server administration managed hosting is available as an add-on service. For an additional monthly fee, you'll have access to a server tech to help manage your server.

  • Are server contents backed up automatically?

    A VPS account is designed for professionals. As such, automatic backups are not typically part of the agreement. VPS.NET does offer a backup option, however, many VPS users will prefer to set up and maintain backups themselves so that they can choose which backup to rollout in the event that a server crashes irreparably.

  • What operating systems can I use?

    The standard VPS accounts are Linux-based, and you can have either CentOS or Ubuntu pre-installed. Since you have root access you have the ability to install any Linux OS you'd like to use after account setup. Windows servers are also available, but an additional fee will apply.

  • What plan should I consider for hosting my high-traffic WordPress site?

    There is a WordPress hosting plan. It comes with extra support and is optimized for WordPress hosting. However, it comes at a higher price and with more limitations than the standard VPS accounts which could support multiple self-managed WordPress installations. If you have one to five high-traffic WordPress sites, and would like upgraded hosting with premium support, the WordPress hosting option is worthy of consideration.

  • What sort of uptime is guaranteed?

    99.9% uptime is guaranteed subject to certain fairly standard limitations (force majeure events, violations of the Acceptable Usage policy, user error, scheduled maintenance, etc). If downtime exceeds .1% you can request pro-rated reimbursement for the downtime. Check out the full-service level agreement at the VPS.NET website.

  • Are there any limitations in the Acceptable Usage Policy I should be aware of?

    The definition of Acceptable Usage is pretty standard. No illegal, violence inciting, malicious, spamming, privacy violating, national security compromising, copyright infringing activity is permitted. There is nothing in the Acceptable Usage Policy that would rule out normal, legitimate business activity, including hosting legal adult content if you so desire.

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