Web.com Reviews: Nineties “Has Been”, Or 2019 Contender? We Asked Their Users

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Web.com is an affiliate of Network Solutions, which owns a number of companies offering web hosting and other internet-related services, including:

  1. Register.com
  2. 1ShoppingCart
  3. Name Secure
  4. Name Bargain
  5. SnapNames

If you see any mentions of these brands on Web.com, you should know that they are partner companies.

About Web.com

Web.com Home, via WhoIsHostingThis

When landing on Web.com’s homepage, you are greeted with the following message: “Your business. Your customers. Let’s get you connected. From website design to secure data, we’ll link your business goals to your customer’s needs.”

It is clear that Web.com caters to a business audience — if you are a small business or individual entrepreneur looking to get up and running with a website, Web.com wants to talk to you. However, this does not mean that Web.com does not have options for you if you do not fall into either category.

Let’s take a look at what Web.com offers.

Web.com Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 114 Reviews by Web.com Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

khalid zouhair avatar
khalid zouhair kmcashforgoldinc.com
Oct 15, 2018

I am very happy with them .They are very Professional and have excellent customer service.I have a cash for gold business ,and I receive phone calls from all over .I used to pay $125 a month and they made it $100 even I did not ask for that.I just have a new plan that will include more key words and SEO … Thank you web.com

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Katharine Roff avatar
Katharine Roff actpositive.co.uk
Jan 19, 2018

In theory the Web.com offering should offer value for money even if you aren’t bothered about having a state of the art website. My experience has been of a poor service and multiple issues with website changes not being done and email security settings not being kept up to date. In essence it’s not value for money as the website design is poor and basic and changes to the structure take a long time to complete; I’ve been waiting over two months for redesign activity to start.

Settings on the email hosting are not kept up to date and as a result we haven’t been able to send emails successfully from our domain for at least six months. Customer service don’t reply to emails or phone messages asking for help, when I have spoken to the customer retention team, they have not been able to resolve the issues, only send a ticket to the technical team. In short I’m still waiting for someone to ‘do’ something.

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Steve Hempel avatar
Steve Hempel hempelair.com
Aug 12, 2018

Was a waste of money for me. Lead stream cost me 5250 for about 500 in profits after 5 months. Seem to be only out to suck money out of you and they do suck.

Watch out for auto-billing signed up for three mo. got and paid for 5 before I caught the auto-suck money feature.

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Cheryl Atkinson avatar
Cheryl Atkinson iraspecialist.net
Jun 18, 2018

Web.com might be the Most frustrating website company I’ve ever dealt with. I started with the DIY option and the tools were terrible. So I gave their $200/mo "Build It For Me" option a try, and it was just as frustrating.

With both options, the results were really amateur and I couldn’t get through one support call without an over-caffeinated rep trying to sell me something. If you want a DIY solution, Squarespace.com is really the way to go. Great tools that won’t make your site explode when trying to edit a template (unlike Web.com).

SquareSpace is a little more expensive then Web.com’s DIY option, but you get what you pay for. As for having someone "Build It For Me," SetMySite.com blows Web.com out of the water. From better pricing, better results, and most of all, way better Support.

There is not a single person at Web.com that can even come close to a personal account manager at SetMySite. Whether you go DIY or have someone build it, I can personally tell you that Web.com was a huge mistake.

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Karen Killilea avatar
Karen Killilea sciotobloom.com
May 31, 2018

Design services only are data input agents, they do not take the time or have the ability to create. I have used this host for 12 years. The prices have gone up and the value for service has gone down.

When calling to cancel the service I agreed to downgrade for a basic service, price never changed. Too bad for me. The email service is also hard to use as you cannot respond directly.

You must rewrite the correspondence address. In the last 6 months I Have had no correspondences initiated through this site, maybe not even at all in the last year, yet paying $49.95 every 4 weeks.

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Ross Bridgers avatar
Ross Bridgers nationalsteelcarports.com
May 03, 2018

I canceled my account with them near the end of last year. So they stopped billing me. But what I didn’t know is that if you use their Facebook feature you have to call another department to cancel, a prime case of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

I asked for a refund and was told no because I did not call the fb team to cancel. Nice employees, but lousy company. You’ll get a much better product working with a developer that is good at coding.

And don’t even think about their SEO services, you will waste your money. Better yet buy google AdWords and have someone run it for you.

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Mahmoud Khatib avatar
Mahmoud Khatib arabtrans.com
Mar 09, 2018

One of the worst web hosting companies. They hosted my website for one year. Their email service is clumsy, too slow and impractical at all.

Even before the end of my year contract, I paid the last month in advance in order to run away from their service. I lost business because of their service.

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Johnny Rio Fultz avatar
Johnny Rio Fultz rio3consulting.com
Mar 19, 2017

I am deeply saddened to have ever dealt with Web.com. At best, they are great at marketing. At worst, they are great at marketing and NOT delivering a quality product or service.

As a national (or even international) company, the limited functionality and cumbersome burden on it’s customers to make changes, get qualified assistance, and even trying to cancel their poor service has been a nightmare. I will Never to business with Web.com again and will certainly spread the word about my experience. I tried cancelling their terrible service through the self-service portal just moments ago.

Of course, an automated cancellation feature is not available. It reads as follows:

We regret that you are considering cancelling your account. We place a high priority on meeting customer expectations and strive to find new ways to exceed them.

Therefore, we would like to do anything we can to keep you as a satisfied customer. Still wish to cancel? We regret that you want to cancel.

Please call between the hours of 8 AM and 8 Pm est Mon-Fri to speak with one of our Account Specialists. Of course I was not satisfied with this response so I called in to at least speak to someone that could notate my account as wishing to cancel on Sunday so that I would not be burdened with having to call tomorrow. I spoke to a "gentleman" in their sales department and stated that I wished to cancel.

He regurgitated the statement above regarding calling back in. I said I am busy tomorrow, but I hope that you can at least make a note that I am cancelling service as of today so I do not have any issues tomorrow. He stated (as I have heard in the past) that unfortunately I cannot see that part of the system and no one here right now can assist you.

I said I have a hard time believing that you cannot note the account or at least let your cancellations department know that I wish to cancel. Without going into the dialogue, the conversation ended with the "gentleman" laughing that I would dare ask for a cancellation on the weekend because the business is closed (hello, you do work for them and it’s the weekend correct). He then proceeded to hang up on me when I asked specifically for someone else at Web.com to assist if he was incapable. I look forward to their explanation of such an unprofessional employee lacking cognitive skills to address an issue.

#NeverUseWeb.com #Web.comSucks

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Ali Sheikh avatar
Ali Sheikh dwellingestatesltd.sandbox.uksites.nts.web.com
Mar 07, 2017

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Brian Smith avatar
Brian Smith timothyvincentauthor.com
Feb 26, 2017

I started with web.com in Feb 2016 with a one year commitment for $124.95. I’m not renewing due to "polite but useless" service as echoed in many of the poor reviews found on www.whoishostingthis.com. I am struggling as to whether to keep the domain with web.com’s do-it-yourself package and I’m looking at the "Professional $7.95" option.

However, the more I try to work with the polite but ineffective web.com staff, the more inclined I am to go with another hosting service. Here’s my experience, which appears to mirror many of the negative comments I read from other reviewers.
1) There really is not a custom option. You get their templates.

I’m ok with templates, but not at $124.95 a month.
2) The unlimited custom design package is still mostly a diy option. You need to submit all you changes on a web.com portal. This is frustrating as I’m trying to explain what I want when I had thought I was purchasing expert advice.

I did find sending a powerpoint/ keynote or pdf of what you want to be the easiest way to explain Your Site look. Yet, I spent enough time to eventually just figure out how to make the changes myself.
3) The do NOT follow up on any web.com portal submittals. You must follow up and call them multiple times.
4) They do one fix at a time and a fix is subjective.
5) There is an irritating survey after every nauseating call with a very polite but limited helper.

I filled a few out to say she/ he was very nice, but that the work did not get done, the entire work. Their piece was done but there is not connectivity within the web.com company. Use at your own risk.

If you are going to pay $100 – 300, do NOT use web.com. If you are going to pay less than $20 a month, give a high school student the $20 and I bet you’ll get more than what web.com offers.

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Web Hosting

Web.com boasts that its products are for great options for “reliable, affordable hosting.” These options are shared hosting plans. The company does not currently offer any type of advanced hosting packages, such as reseller, virtual private server (VPS), or dedicated servers.

Currently, there are three different shared web hosting plans from which you can choose:

  • Entry-level plan
  • Mid-range plan
  • Full-featured hosting plan

The most inexpensive, entry-level plan is targeted at small business owners who are looking for hosting for small, basic websites that do not feature multimedia elements (such as high-resolution images, videos, or streaming audio files) prominently. Resource-wise, this package includes 300 GB of disk space, no limits on data transfer, a maximum of 25 FTP accounts, and 100 multi-user email addresses (accounts).

The mid-range plan is a good option for those owning small- to medium-sized businesses who are looking for websites that do have some multimedia content. The package includes 500 GB of disk space, no limits on data transfer, 50 FTP accounts, and 500 multi-user email addresses (accounts).

The most expensive, most full-featured hosting plan is targeted toward small- to medium-sized business owners who strive to run a single, resource-intensive website or multiple websites. The package includes an unlimited allocation of resources, including disk space, data transfer, and FTP accounts. You will also get 1000 multi-user email addresses (accounts).

Feature Entry-Level Mid-Range High-End
Disk Space Allocation 300 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Data Transfer Limits None None None
FTP Accounts 25 50 Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 500 1000

In addition to the features and functionality mentioned in the plan descriptions above, all Web.com hosting plans come with the following tools, features, and services:

  • One-click installer for some of the most popular tools used in web hosting, including content management systems (like WordPress), e-commerce solutions, and communications tools (like live chat or video chat)
  • A drag-and-drop, do-it-yourself website builder
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Service Level Agreement/Uptime Guarantee
  • A free domain name

Why Web.com?

Under Construction, via Pixabay
Under Construction via Pixabay

  • Robust web design options
  • Web hosting
  • Professional marking services

Robust web design options: choose from the Build It for Me option, where Web.com designs a complete website for you, or the Do It Yourselfoption, where you get an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself tool that allows you to put together a website design yourself.

Web hosting: choose from three different web hosting packages that come with extra features like do-it-yourself website builders, dedicated customer service and customer support, FTP access, and email addresses (accounts).

Professional marketing services: if you are running a business-related website, get professional help with things like search engine optimization (SEO), local business listings, and digital and social media marketing.

Uptime and Availability

Web.com promises a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. This is unique in that shared hosting plans typically do not include uptime guarantees — these tend to be reserved for more expensive options, such as VPS plans or dedicated servers.

Migration Policy

Web.com does not include any migration-related services with their packages. You are wholly responsible for such tasks (backing up and downloading the data you have at your current web host and transferring it to Web.com via FTP). Similarly, when transferring out of Web.com, you are responsible for backing up and moving out all of your data.

Documentation and Other Support Material

Web.com’s documentation can be described in one word, unfortunately: poor.

While Web.com provides a fair amount of Support-related content, the articles tend to be very generic and vague. It was difficult for us to find information that we were interested in, such as migrations — the information we ended up finding came from the Web.com Terms of Service.

If you opt for a Web.com hosting package, be prepared to either contact the Web.com support team regularly or to muddle through and figure things out on your own.

Control Panel

All Web.com hosting packages come with a GUI control panel you can use to manage your servers. Web.com, however, calls these the Web Hosting Toolbox, and you get one for each site/domain name you register with Web.com. We were unable to determine exactly what brand of control panel is provided, but the screenshots available indicate that it is similar to the cPanel.

Datacenter Locations

Web.com does not provide any information on where its datacenters are located; you do not get a choice of datacenter location when selecting and purchasing a web hosting package.

Money-Back Guarantee / Trial Period

Web.com does not offer any trial periods, but all new accounts do get a 30-day (limited) money-back guarantee.

Backup Policy

Web Development, via Pixabay
Web Development via Pixabay

Web.com does not offer any type of backup-related services that users can purchase. You, as the end user, are responsible for backing up your website. You are also responsible for maintaining those backups. We were unable to determine if there are built-in backup assistance tools in the Web.com control panel.

PCI Compliance

Web.com does not indicate that any of its plans are PCI compliant, so we assume that none are. Because these plans are shared hosting plans, it may be difficult (if not impossible) to set up a PCI compliant website using Web.com’s options.

However, Web.com does claim to offer e-commerce solutions, so this may be something with which the Web.com professional services team could help.

Web Design Services and Tools

When it comes to designing your website, there are two ways you can go about this with Web.com:

  1. Opt for the Build It for Me option, where the Web.com web design team takes care of designing and creating your website’s front-end on your behalf
  2. Opt for the Do It Yourself option and build your website yourself

The Build It For Me Option

Web.com’s Build It For Me option gets you professional assistance with launching your website from start to finish. When all is said and done, you’ll get a website with mobile-friendly design, SEO-friendly copywriting, and quality control to make sure everything works as it should.

The process begins with a customer interview, where you meet with a Web.com representative to discuss your goals and your vision for your website. Then, you begin the build and iteration process, where Web.come turns your vision into reality. After a set number of iterations, you should arrive at a design that works for you and Web.com turns the design into an actual website.

The Build It For Me option includes more than just a website, however. You will also get:

  1. A free domain name
  2. Web hosting for your website with a 99.9% uptime
  3. An SSL certificate for your visitor’s protection

Once your website is live, you can easily add Web.com features, functionality, and solutions, such as:

  1. Business email services
  2. Dedicated/tracked phone numbers
  3. Advanced website analytics
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization/Pay-Per-Click Management
  6. E-Commerce and Local Business Listing services

The Do It Yourself Option

If you are looking for a more economical option than the Build It For Me option, Web.com offers a Do It Yourself option that gets you the tools you need to design and built a website yourself.

Web.com says that “if you can use a mouse, you can use [their] website builder.”

The drag-and-drop website builder is intuitive and easy-to-use, and you will get everything you need to put your website together, including:

  1. Hundreds of designs (or website templates) that you can use instead of starting your design from scratch
  2. Thousands of stock images — a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you do not have enough visual content to populate your pages, Web.com has a robust library of images from which you can choose

If you need web hosting for your newly-designed (and built) website, you will need to purchase a separate hosting package. Then, you can add additional Web.com features, functionality, and solutions, such as:

  1. Business email services
  2. Dedicated/tracked phone numbers
  3. Advanced website analytics
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization/Pay-Per-Click Management
  6. E-Commerce and Local Business Listing services

The WordPress Option

WordPress Home, via WhoIsHostingThis

If you are interested in using WordPress as your content management system, a dedicated web design solution where the Web.com team will help you design and build a website that takes advantage of the WordPress ecosystem.

The WordPress option is very similar to the generic Build It For Me option, but rather than building a stand-alone website, the WordPress option is a WordPress site that requires said ecosystem to run properly. There are definite pros and cons to choosing this option, so if you have any questions, get in touch with Web.com for more specific information.

How Web.com’s Website Builder Compares to Other DIY Website Builders

If you have experience with the website builders put out by other web hosts or website building services (such as Wix or Squarespace), how does Web.com’s option compare?

First, know that Web.com’s option is not free. If you had chosen Wix instead, you would be able to try out the product completely free of charge (though this is not the case with Squarespace). This, however, is not a complete negative, since Web.com does bundle hosting with their website builder and you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee in the event that you decide that Web.com is not the option for you.

Web.com claims that its option is intuitive and easy-to-use, with templates that can help you get started. We did not find any samples to preview, unlike Squarespace, who readily advertises the options that are available to you. We do want to mention that Web.com does offer an in-house design team, so if you find that you have gotten in over your head, you can seek professional assistance.

Web.com is designed for an enterprise audience in mind. We do not meet just large enterprises — we include small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in this category as well. Wix, however, is a more generic option, while Squarespace makes a clear distinction between its general product and its e-commerce options.

In the end, all three options (Web.com, Wix, and Squarespace) offer options that can help you get up and running with a well designed website with as little hassle as possible. If you are on a strict budget, you should know that Web.com is the most inexpensive option, followed by Wix, then Squarespace.

Other Web.com Services and Offerings

Web.com Marketing, via WhoIsHostingThis

In addition to Web.com’s web hosting and web design services, the company offers the following:

  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates
  • Marketing

If you are in need of a domain name, Web.com can get you set up with a domain name without web hosting (though you can obviously purchase web hosting with your domain name if you want). This is great if you want to hold a domain name, but you are not ready to commit to web hosting just yet.

SSL certificates are a way to prove that your website is secure and improve your search engine rankings; Web.com offers multiple options and you choose the one that best fits your needs. A lot of providers offer only one option, but Web.com allows you to choose the level of security you want and purchase the certificate that best helps you meet that need.

Web.com offers a wide variety of marketing solutions. In addition to helping you generate leads via local, digital, and social media marketing, you can opt for things like search engine optimization, business email, and assistance with local business listings.

Custom, Industry-Specific Options

Web.com also offers industry-specific options for those in dentistry, real estate, or a field where communication with field crews is important.


If you are interested in launching more than just a basic website for your business, Web.com offers an e-commerce option. This option is a managed solution where the Web.com team will assist you with developing a fully-fledged online store to stand with your website.

We noticed that Web.com claims its do-it-yourself website builder can be used as a DIY e-commerce solution, but be sure to check to see if it will meet the security requirements needed to operate an online store. We saw no mentions of what security features (other than SSL certificates) Web.com offers to assist with this.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

If your needs or the needs of your business exceed the scope of that which we have defined above, you can contact Web.com to inquire about enterprise-level solutions. Such solutions include marketing, data collection and analytics, and web design. The specific details on these options were limited, so you will need to get in touch with Web.com for additional information.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with the quality of support material provided by Web.com. In addition to there being very few documents available, those that were available contained very little usable information. We even made a last-ditch effort to see if Google would be able to unearth information we could not find using the website’s own navigation, and we were unsuccessful.

In fact, a fair amount of the information we did find was branded as Network Solutions which, as we mentioned in the introduction, is the parent company of Web.com. The documentation provided for Web.com users seemed like an afterthought that was never really completed.

Furthermore, there were key points that were only mentioned in the Terms of Service.

Be aware that, if you opt for a Web.com hosting package, you should be prepared to either contact the Web.com support team regularly or to muddle through and figure things out on your own.

Web.com does boast 24/7 customer service, which we feel is the minimum given the lack of printed material available.

If you like this host…

If you like Web.com, but you don’t think it is 100% right for you, check out the following alternatives.


BlueHost Hosting, via WhoIsHostingThis

BlueHost is an all-around solid web hosting provider offering lots of web hosting options, robust customer service and customer support, and a full-suite of professional services. We think of BlueHost as a fancier version of Web.com, so if you like Web.com but think you might need just a bit more from your hosting provider, consider BlueHost. There are two downsides to BlueHost, however:

  1. BlueHost offers limited web design options and lacks a website builder — you may have to solicit the services of a third-party web designed if you opt for BlueHost (to be fair, there are many hosting companies that are lacking in design options, so BlueHost is not unique in this regard)
  2. BlueHost does not offer any type of service-level agreement or uptime guarantee for its entry-level options

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting, via WhoIsHostingThis

We consider A2 Hosting to be the BlueHost for geeks. If you have complex technical needs, consider A2 Hosting, since they pride themselves on meeting the web hosting needs of developers.

Like BlueHost, A2 Hosting is limited in terms of the web design services they offer (and you do not have the option of getting a website builder), so again, you may need to solicit the services of a third-party web designer if you opt for A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is also a web host that offers uptime guarantees to even entry-level packages.


GreenGeeks Hosting, via WhoIsHostingThis

GreekGeeks is an eco-friendly web host offering shared and reseller hosting plans. If you find the options provided by BlueHost and A2 Hosting overwhelming, but Web.com does not do it for you, consider GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks’ plans are fast and somewhat scalable, so they are a good option for those who are not seeking super powerful, super fancy web hosting packages.

Unlike BlueHost and A2 Hosting, GreekGeeks does offer a website builder, so if this functionality is important for you, GreekGeeks might be the option for you.

Web.com Quick Overview


  • Inexpensive shared hosting
  • Web design tools and services

Plans starting at…

$5.95 per month for Essential Hosting

Sitebuilder included?


Migration Policy

None — you’re on your own.

Quality of Support Material


Control Panel


Datacenter Locations

No information provided

Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days, Limited

Backup Policy

None — you’re on your own.

PCI Compliant


Pros and Cons of Web.com

We’ve said a lot about Web.com, but what are the high (and low) points of this web host?

Web.com Pros

  • All hosting plans are on the inexpensive side
  • One-click installation of many popular addons (including WordPress) and do-it-yourself website builder make getting a website up and running relatively simple
  • Web.com is owned by Network Solutions, a conglomerate of web hosting and other website-related online businesses — there is a vast network infrastructure backing your website

Web.com Cons

  • No advanced hosting options (reseller, virtual private server (VPS), or dedicated), so if you outgrow your hosting package, you will need to migrate to another web host
  • Support documentation is seriously lacking


Web.com offers a small, but mighty set of shared hosting options for small- to medium-sized businesses looking to get started with a website (and possibly a small online store) with as little hassle as possible. The company also offers web design services, either professionally or via a do-it-yourself tool. However, Web.com is not an all-in-one option (a la Squarespace), though with the correct purchases, you could use its offerings as one.

Furthermore, though Web.com is inexpensive, there are cheaper web hosts whose shared hosting plans offer more and are backed by better support materials. You can easily make do with Web.com, but there are definitely better options out there, especially if you are not keen on taking on what could become a very big challenge.

However, if having some type of performance guarantee is important to you, Web.com is one of the few options that offers an uptime guarantee for shared hosting plans.

Most Popular Web.com Hosting Plans

Essential Professional Premium
Disk Space 300GB 500GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $5.95 / mo $7.95 / mo $9.95 / mo
Visit Web.com Visit Web.com Visit Web.com

Web.com Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Web.com located? 

    The company is based out of Jacksonville, Florida in the USA. It is owned by Web.com Group, Inc.

  • Where is the Web.com datacenter?

    The Web.com Group uses two datacenters for customer data. One is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and the other is in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Does Web.com offer any Windows hosting packages?

    No. Web.com only sells Linux hosting.

  • Can I upgrade to a VPS?

    No. Web.com only sells shared hosting.

  • Do they offer reseller options?

    No. There are no reseller hosting options.

  • Can I buy dedicated servers?

    No. Web.com provides does not provide any dedicated hosting services.

  • Will my hosting plan come with a free domain?

    Yes. One free domain is included.

  • Can Web.com help me to transfer my site?

    No. There are no migration services included.

  • Will the renewal price be higher than the intro price?

    No. Prices are set according to the package you choose, and the contract length.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. Web.com provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Which control panel does Web.com use?

    The company has its own custom control panel.

  • Does Web.com offer phone support? 

    Yes. Phone support is provided in English between 8am and 8pm, EST. It also has a ticket system.

  • What programming languages are supported?

    Web.com supports JSP, CGI-BIN, SSI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, PHP 5, Zend Libraries and Python.

  • Can I host WordPress on their services?

    Yes. Its shared hosting will support a WordPress installation.

  • Can I host unlimited websites?

    No. All customers are limited to hosting 100 websites.

  • Does Web.com have a sitebuilder?

    There is no sitebuilder with the shared hosting plan. Web.com offers a ‘Do It Yourself’ hosting service, separate to its shared hosting services. 

  • Is their platform suitable for an e-commerce site?

    Yes. You can purchase an SSL certificate from Web.com, and install the cart software that you prefer.

  • Can I install Magento?

    Yes. Magento is supported. 

  • Could I host an image-heavy site on their services?

    Web.com offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space on its top tier shared hosting plan. This would be the most suitable option for an image-heavy site.

  • What payment options does Web.com accept? 

    It accepts major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. It also accepts PayPal.

  • Does Web.com offer an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. There’s a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by a service credit. The maximum credit is 144 hours in a single month. The uptime measurement is taken across all Web.com services, not just the server that your site is located on.

Most Popular Web.com Alternatives

Wix logo

Starts at:


(per month)

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Weebly logo

Starts at:


(per month)

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Squarespace logo

Starts at:


(per month)

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LIMITED TIME OFFER. Coupon (and derivatives thereof) and this offer expires December 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Coupon (and derivatives thereof) is good for a single free one (1) year new domain registration of any non-premium .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .CO, or .US domain name.** No minimum purchase required. All renewals on products and services after the initial discounted period will be charged at the then current standard list price for the selected period. Coupon is not valid with TLDs other than those specifically listed here, premium domains, domain renewals, domain transfers, custom website design, other coupons, or special pricing.

** Eligible up to a total $10.99 discount for the domain.
** Customers must use a credit card. Unfortunately we cannot offer free domains via PayPal.

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