WP Engine Review: Do Customers Think Their WordPress Hosting is Worth the Price?

Are you looking for a host that specializes in supporting WordPress sites like yours? WP Engine could be perfect for you.

In this article, I go through everything you need to know, including our own tests that will give you the straight information. Is WP Engine as good as they say they are? Read on!

WP Engine Hosting Review


WP Engine is a web host that provides fully-managed, optimized WordPress hosting. There are a lot of things I love about this company, such as their powerful architecture built for speed.

With numerous included features, the company has everything you’d expect from a pricier hosting company. But there are also some departments in which WP Engine could satisfy their customers better, namely when it comes to pricing.

Individuals will find that WP Engine is a little expensive to host solo projects or hobbyist websites. Though the hosting company has an option designed for Startup websites, there are many other web hosts that can give you much more affordable hosting solutions.

Aside from this, WP Engine is one of the very best options for WordPress sites. And it may be the perfect option for businesses of any size running a website on WordPress. Their architecture is built for speed and security. This WP Engine review will walk you through everything you need to know about the hosting company.

WP Engine Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 43 Reviews by WP Engine Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Patrick Ahler avatar
Patrick Ahler
Jun 20, 2015

Been a customer of WP Engine for 3+ years now with multiple accounts. I also keep hosting at HostGator and dedicated servers at Liquid Web. I’m a big fan of WP Engine because of their focus on WordPress.

This has allowed them tailor their support and hosting features purely towards WordPress. We can ask more of support of and get a better response. Also love their built in CDN, caching, and backup system.

I think they are pricey, even when hosting multiple sites. That sucks, but still worth it.

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Darryl Soerdjpal avatar
Darryl Soerdjpal gamingnextgen.com
Dec 20, 2013

I have been creating websites using WordPress from the beginning. It was never just a blog you could make with WordPress. Due to extensive support from developers and designers alike, you could make the most complex and modern websites around, all with one system.

Over the years, WordPress has evolved more than I could’ve imagined, and with more plugins and functionality being added every single day, the demands for a good web host did too. And thus, the search began. After doing a few hours of research for cheap but reliable hosting, I came across multiple hosting providers that provided hosting for only WordPress and nothing else.

When I checked out their websites, I found they had an amazing plethora of options and security just for WordPress which I could only dream of at the web hosts I had partnered up with earlier. There was a downside however, the price. I finally came along WPEngine and I decided to sign myself up with them, due to a promotional code which allowed the first 3 months to be hosted for only 4$ a month, instead of the usual 29$.

What followed, was nothing but amazement. At first, when entering the administration panel, I felt like it was a little bare bones.There weren’t halve as many pretty icons as there were on cPanel, which I was used to, and it was a bit strange to encounter something like this. However, after reading through their extensive documentation on how to do literally everything to start up Your Site, it was a true piece of cake.

I set up my installation, I logged in, and the speed could immediately be felt. Images uploaded way quicker and were processed at least five times faster. But really, it was noticeable everywhere, not only the WordPress back end.

So yes, they live up to all promises about up-time, speed and stability. In the year I have been hosted there, I haven’t had a single hacking attempt plus automatic backups are made daily. So security was also top notch.

The most important part of a web host, beside the hosting itself, is the support team. If a website should get hacked, go down for whatever reason or you simply have a question, support should always be available within a certain time. Fortunately, WPEngine did not disappoint here either.

Their ticketing system is based on ZenDesk and thus, easy to use. Response times were normally within 1-2 hours and I never got a support assistant who wasn’t absolutely 100 % determined to help me. For most people, that’s enough, just like it is for me, but WPEngine wasn’t going to stop there.

Not too long ago, they also added Live Chat support during Business hours, and man oh man, they are with you within seconds. I mean, really, seconds. I got a lot of the same people who would normally help me over in the ticketing system, but talking to someone in real time is also more pleasant, and so it was.

All in all, I can safely say that, while they are expensive for small Personal users, they are 100 % worth it. You truly feel like they are actually doing great stuff with your money. Speed, up-time, stability, security and support are nothing short of amazing, and they really do deserve credit for that. It’s not for nothing that Automattic, the company behind WordPress, had invested money in WPEngine, They live up to their name in all the ways I can think of, and maybe even more.

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Andrew Behla avatar
Andrew Behla behladesign.com
Apr 08, 2013

I’ve been on many hosting companies and develop sites for a living. There is simply no hosting company that is better than WP Engine. Their security, speed and developer friendly tools are without parallel.

For example, I can easily "clone" a site at any stage of development and work in a "sandbox" or "staging" environment. Also, their time machine like restore points have save my butt on more than one occasion. When add their incredible support that knows WordPress inside and out it makes for the best combination for hosting that I’ve used.

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Peter Vandever avatar
Peter Vandever eatenscroll.com
Sep 10, 2018

I have used WP Engine for a while and despite the high cost for WordPress hosting, I have stayed mainly because they do have great uptime. However, recently it has dropped wildly and even left the website offline up to 4 hours at a time. I am not sure what is happening but I am looking to other hosting companies because of this support and technical problems of late!

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Anand Raj avatar
Anand Raj cryphub.in
Nov 26, 2018

I have tried a lot of hostings earlier and decided to give a try to WP Engine. For now its been 5 months and its going fine. Pros:
– Got a free CDN for all the plans they offer.
– A free SSL too (with managed hosting)
– Uptime is really great, the site loading also has improved a lot compared from other hosts.
– Can easily handle 1000+ realtime users.
– Support was real quick and amazing! Cons:
– For starters, it won’t fit in everyone’s budget
– The limited disk space is also a disadvantage.

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Doug Ludemann avatar
Doug Ludemann fishgeeks.com
Mar 22, 2018

Once upon a time WP had a product that was unique. Now everybody offers the same product; most cheaper, most better. Better in terms of the value and the customer support, both of which are poor with WP.

WP technology is no longer novel, with alternatives currently available that exceed the offerings of WP Engine, with the added advantage of Live customer support. With WP, tech support is no more than a few email exchanges and a day or two away. Did that sound acceptable?

Then maybe WP is for you. For those who like to fix their problems immediately, without excuses or scapegoating, Don’t choose WP. Their service is comparatively expensive…meaning their value is poor.

Their service agents are arrogant, and negative feedback will cause them to non-stop email you in an attempt to compensate for the poor service their company offers. Lastly the "speed" they offer you is a pipedream. My site had a D rating for speed, despite having paid extra for their apparently useless CDN software.

I was advised to add a plugin. Couldn’t I have done that on a shared server? Did I really need to pay a premium price for 18 months for you to tell me the speed I was paying for was ultimately determined by a 3rd party plugin?!

As I stared to see the poor value that I was getting from WP, I asked them to outline what exactly I was getting from WP. What I discovered is that they do not manage anything at all. In fact, they don’t even do DNS. (You’ll have to get your DNS from a third-party.) They’ll keep your WordPress software updated, and keep a daily backup for your site.

But that is it. For what they charge, I’d assume they would offer services that are beyond what the free plugins would accomplish. Guess I was mistaken.

Lastly, when directly confronted with What they do for me, they balked. I requested, in writing, a rundown of the services they offered. He copied the text from their webpage into an email.

Clearly, he had no respect for me…or apparently customers of WP in general. Lastly, the same web development professional that introduced me to WP acknowledged that the company had gone downhill significantly as it pertained to customer service in the time I’d been with them. (Going on two years). That same web development professional recommended I get the same product for less money at any number of outlets.

So let’s see, WP is comparatively expensive and a notably poor value. WP’s customer service is somewhere between poor and none. WP doesn’t live up to hype or expectations that they themselves promoted.

And everything they offer is available from their competitors for equal or less money. In short, there’s no longer anything special about WP…except its poor value.

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Jack Venturi avatar
Jack Venturi bestchoicelifeinsurance.com
Feb 28, 2017

I have been with WP Engine for at least two years now and I would not change for the world. If I have a problem or question I simply pick up the phone and call. Someone will pick up the phone in less than two minutes and I am then conversing with someone who is very polite, Professional and seriously interested in helping me.

If I have a problem with my website, one of their tech support people will help me as if they were my very own IT department people. The amount of help they have given me far exceeds what normal hosting company tech support folks would offer. I have two websites on my Professional plan that has room for 10 websites total.

One of my two websites is just a photography website that I virtually never use and the other is my life insurance website. You could basically say I am paying $99.00 per month for one website. MaxCDN is included in my plan but their tech support in my opinion is second to none.

I am not a very easy person to please either so that is another reason I like the people at WP Engine. The website speed and uptime is awesome and I tried a lot of hosting companies in my day. Those Texans are definitely number one in my book!

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Andrew Miller avatar
Andrew Miller andrew-miller.co.uk
Jun 01, 2016

Why does WPEngine suck?

1 – the migration process is designed to be as easy as possible; which it sort of was. The Whole process however; that of ensuring DNS info is updated is a night are. No support provided at all by WPEngine yet this is the most important aspect.
2. – Due to DNS errors not found at the time, my site has had more downs than a call girls knickers.
3 – The tech support provided WPEngine is, well crap.

Some of the people know their stuff – but can’t explain it in easy to understand words / process.
4 – My email has been up and down loads as various different tech support staff ask me to change an A record, despite this not being the issues. It was as if they were ‘just change stuff till it works’ approach.
5 – The time to resolve issues is the worst. My website was down (403 Forbidden) for 12 hours.

As soon as I mentioned taking legal action the tech support person cut the chat off and closed it. Another sent a partial transcript. ‘Management’ never got back to me. Money back guarantee?

Don’t think so.
6. Email support has taken over 11 hours to get a resolution – and that was with me sending several reminders. I have call transcripts as well as screen shots to document this pathetic companies attempt to fix my issues. All in all I would never recommend WPEngine again to anyone unless they are a competitor of mine ;-)

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Matthew Eppelsheimer avatar
Matthew Eppelsheimer rocketlift.com
Mar 09, 2013

WP Engine rocks because of Git push-to-deploy, built in staging and restore points, and speed. I also love how involved they are in the community — the blog is one of the most worthwhile in the WordPress community.

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admir gracanin avatar
admir gracanin rijalda.com
May 09, 2015

WP Engine is one of the best managed hosting providers for WordPress. While it is not a perfect solution, I think the pros outweigh the cons. http://rijalda.com/wp-engine-review/

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Who is WP Engine?

When you land on WP Engine’s About page, you’re greeted by the friendly faces of their organization’s leadership team. This already shows that they care about the customer experience. The written snippets from each team member reflect that the company honestly and genuinely cares about your success.

WP Engine was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Since then, the company has grown immensely, now operating data centers in the UK, Belgium, Japan, and the United States.

The purpose behind the creation of WP Engine was to introduce WordPress-specific hosting to the industry with high security, speed, and scalability. It’s safe to say that the company has succeeded in its goal.

Expert WordPress Customer Service

WP Engine’s best-in-class customer service team houses WordPress experts who know the Content Management System (CMS) inside and out. These support assistants have been trained in WordPress.

They continue to practice their hand in providing specialized service when they help thousands of customers every day. Considering the number of people they help out each day, you know their team is well-versed in terms of assistance.

Not only will their customer service team help you out when you have an issue, but they can identify performance roadblocks to prevent issues before they occur. Just give them a call or start a support ticket, and a team member can review your website and find ways to make it run faster.

How WP Engine Support Helps You

  • Assistance with unexpected security issues and loopholes
  • Support with backend queries when your technologist is not around
  • Professional advice on upgrade plans
  • Human support, tailored to your problem
  • Step-by-step walk-through during complex processes.

Support Availability

The support team is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. You can access them via live chat or phone. But note that their phone support is reserved for higher-paying customers only. People using their Startup plan will still be able to receive support through live chat.

Speaking from experience, having good quality 24 hours/day support makes your life significantly easier.

WP Engine: Live Chat
WP Engine: Live Chat

Customer Experience

To make WP Engine even more customer-centered, the company has a specific team of people dedicated to customer experience. This team takes the feedback from their customers and has an influence over product features. They help the company implement suggested changes to better meet the needs of their user base.

This shows how strongly WP Engine values its consumer base. They boast a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%. But every day they are trying to find ways to boost customer satisfaction even more.

Self-Help Support Center

A lot of people like to solve problems on their own. So, the knowledgebase of a hosting company is an extremely important asset to many customers.

Support Pages

When I’m looking through a hosting company’s support pages, I want to see an intuitive organization, a search function, FAQs, and long, detailed articles including screenshots and step-by-step directions.

WP Engine has met my expectations with their support center. Their support page is organized into sections. Such as, how to set up your website, how to troubleshoot problems, or tips on managing your account. Guides and tutorials in each of these sections will help you complete your tasks.

These help articles include relevant screenshots and videos where appropriate.

Resource Center

Resources like WP Engine’s Self-Help Center are incredibly useful in times of desperate need for simple information. Its user-friendliness means you can find whatever you need easily.

WP Engine also has a resource center with many helpful blog-type articles to browse through. You can use a search function to bring up related articles on your topic. You can filter through their resources by topic, type of content, or your role.

For example, you can select e-commerce articles for website owners. This will give you articles such as one that compares WooCommerce and Shopify. Alternately, you can select these filters but for developers instead, and you’ll receive articles such as how to integrate Stripe into WordPress.

You can also sort their knowledgebase by videos or infographics if you prefer a more visual approach. Overall, their content is great, high-quality and informative.

Limited Bandwidth

WP Engine’s Startup plan is designed to host individual websites on a shared server. The first thing you’ll notice when you look at their plans is a limit on your website’s visitors.

Many hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space which makes them a great place for new businesses to start. (Remember: “unlimited” doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited) When these businesses outgrow the shared architecture, they aren’t charged additional fees. Instead, their host companies will just help them switch to a VPS plan with more resources.

But with WP Engine, when you go over your visitor limits you will be charged. This means that users will have to monitor their website statistics to make sure they aren’t experiencing high traffic.

Though WP Engine’s servers can handle traffic spikes, you don’t want to be hit with high overage charges when you start becoming more successful.

For a hosting company that doesn’t do this, check out LiquidWeb. They won’t limit your monthly site visitors or charge you extra fees. But keep in mind that their personal hosting options are more expensive than WP Engine’s.

WP Engine’s allowed monthly visitors should be more than enough for any small business or personal site starting out.

The number of website visits you can expect will depend on the purpose of your website and your audience. WordPress blog sites will receive more traffic than storefront business websites. E-commerce websites may experience periods of growth and periods of decline.

WP Engine Stand Plans

WP Engine offers three standard plans. But you can also have a custom plan created to suit your needs.

Startup Growth Scale Custom
Features 1 Site
25k Monthly Visits
10 GB Local Storage
Free SSL and CDN
5 Sites
100k Monthly Visits
20 GB Local Storage
Free SSL and CDN
15 Sites
400k Monthly Visits
30 GB Local Storage
Free SSL and CDN
Custom Set-Up
Dedicated Architecture
Price from $35/mo from $115/mo from $290/mo Quote Required

Whatever your venture, WP Engine’s Startup plan should suit most personal projects. This plan also includes free SSL certificates which are necessary for e-commerce stores. You can choose to pay more for a dedicated IP and SSL certificate if you want the added security for your customers’ peace of mind.

With the Startup plan, users won’t be able to import their own SSL certificates purchased elsewhere. Keep this in mind before signing up.

This cheaper plan includes access to WP Engine’s 24/7 live chat support, but not their 24/7 phone support. You can access live chat support from your control panel. People who like the security of having a phone number to call for help at all hours may want to find hosting elsewhere. It wouldn’t be reasonable to pay for a more expensive plan from WP Engine just to have access to this service.

This plan also includes the use of a staging area which is perfect for developers. A staging area lets you test a copy of your website while making changes, instead of making changes to your live website. As a result, changes made in the staging area won’t interfere with your visitors’ ability to use your website.

WP Engine: CDN
WP Engine: CDN

WP Engine now includes a CDN with all their plans.

Why might you want a CDN? Well, a CDN will allow your static website content to be cached by proxy servers all over the world.

When someone accesses your website, they receive the cached content from the server that is closest to them. This speeds up the loading times of your website immensely for people who are farther from the data center where your website is hosted.

Considerations When Selecting a Hosting Plan

Here are 6 things to think about before choosing a hosting plan:

  1. Monthly Visitors — consider how busy you are expecting your website to be
  2. Support Dependency — your reliance on support such as live chat and mobile, is live chat enough?
  3. Storage Space — ensure you have the right amount of storage space, plus a little extra
  4. Business Growth — should your business grow, it could make sense to opt-in for a better plan up-front
  5. Number of Websites — you may plan to create multiple websites under a single business banner, take this into account
  6. Customized Environment — your business could be on the brink of becoming the next big thing, having a customized hosting environment could be a great choice to save yourself time and hassle.

Launch Reading Assessment

Before launching a website, businesses can use WP Engine’s Launch Readiness Assessment.

This handy feature will review your potential website performance and give you tips on the best practices to ensure your website is high-performing.

Google Analytics

Additionally, businesses can access WordPress-optimized Google Analytics data. This can help you drive content strategy straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Find out where your site visitors are coming from, which pages they’ve visited most, and what content performs the best. This can help you make informed decisions about search engine marketing or topics to blog about.

Choosing an Option

WP Engine has a few plans in between Startup and Custom, for small to medium-sized businesses. Give these a look if you need a balance of these solutions.

If you have no idea what to expect in terms of visitors and requirements, you can talk to one of WP Engine’s advisors. Alternatively, you can browse their website, which has a lot of useful information.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Since WP Engine’s whole focus is on WordPress hosting, it would be crazy not to talk about what makes them so great for hosting the application.


With WP Engine’s managed hosting, customers won’t have to worry about installs, updates, plug-ins, or security patches for WordPress.

All you have to do is conduct a WordPress installation with one click when you get started. The folks over at WP Engine will take care of everything technical. This makes their hosting services extremely user-friendly. As a result, businesses get more time to focus on their projects instead of dealing with technical server-related issues. Just get your website up online and forget about it.

Having enhanced technical support and one-click features allows you to focus on your business, eliminating unnecessary stress.


WP Engine is always proud to talk about their architecture. And I don’t blame them because it’s so great. Built to handle enterprise-level demands, their servers provide seamless hosting solutions for almost any web project. In fact, their front-end technology allows websites to run four to six times faster than they do in other hosting environments.

This is not just reserved for higher-paying customers. Every WP Engine plan benefits from their solid server architecture.

WP Engine’s architecture is specially-suited to hosting WordPress. How? First, their architecture is built on EverCache. This is one of the most scalable systems for caching WordPress available. This means that your website will be able to handle traffic spikes without experiencing performance issues.

The worst possible time for your server to fail is when you’re experiencing an influx of website visitors after a blog post you wrote went viral. WP Engine built EverCache to prevent this very thing from happening.

WP Engine: Response Time
WP Engine: Response Time

WP Engine’s customers have been featured on a number of high-profile websites such as 20/20, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, HackerNews, and Dr. Phil. During these rises in popularity, their customers’ websites stayed strong thanks to EverCache.

If you’re expecting a sudden increase in website traffic, such as during a black Friday sale or when you release tickets to a popular concert, you can work with WP Engine to put measures in place for this. These will handle your sudden traffic increases.

WP Engine previously helped the music festival, Bonnaroo, serve over one hundred million requests when they released their lineup. The website didn’t experience any increase in the time it took to load the pages despite the massive traffic increase.


Another thing that makes WP Engine’s WordPress hosting insanely fast is their global CDN. As mentioned earlier, this is included with all plans.

While developing their hosting environment, WP Engine used custom code to connect WordPress events to their Nginx-based systems. What does this mean? That their site caching can be aggressive without reducing responsiveness when you update your website with new posts or add new code.

WP Engine has even added additional protection, saving your website from bots that crawl it and take up power by making requests from your website’s backend.

Data Security and Daily Backups

When it comes to security and reliability, WP Engine has you covered. They give you automatic backup and recovery, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Snapshot Backups

One thing I really like about WP Engine is their snapshot backups. This will let you make changes to your site without worrying about making major mistakes. Thanks to snapshot backups, your changes don’t have to be permanent.

A snapshot is what WP Engine calls a quick backup of your website. Making changes to your website is free of risks:

  1. Log-in to your hosting account
  2. Navigate to your personal User Portal
  3. Search for the snapshot backup option
  4. Create a snapshot backup of your website in just seconds
  5. Make your desired changes to your website
  6. If you regret the changes you made or they messed something up, just restore your website from your backup snapshot in one click.

These snapshots are downloadable, so you can back them up to different locations. These backups include all of the content on your website, your themes, and your plugins. This means you don’t have to worry about losing valuable customer reviews or deal with re-uploading blog posts if your website experiences a major issue.

WP Engine: Backup Points
WP Engine: Backup Points

Daily Backups

WP Engine conducts daily backups automatically for you. They’ll also ensure to make a backup before they update WordPress. Just in case the new WordPress update wreaks havoc on your website.

To roll back your website to a previous version, WP Engine gives you simple, one-click restores. Then, the restored version is ready to go in under a minute.

Some web hosting companies charge you to restore or require you to contact them to access a restore point. Instead, WP Engine lets you restore these backups at will.

Being able to handle backup and restore on your own is very valuable to your business. In the event of a problem, you can get your website back online as quickly as possible without waiting to contact customer support.

WP Engine’s automatic daily backups are stored in a separate location from your website. Not just on a separate server in the datacenter, but in a whole separate geographical location. This adds another layer of protection to your data, making it nearly impossible to lose it.

High Security

Security is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a web hosting company. If a hosting company doesn’t make security a priority, this is a red flag that your website may experience vulnerabilities.

Luckily, WP Engine has security under control. Since the company hosts large brands, they need to meet the security needs of big businesses. Even the smaller hosting accounts will enjoy the same security measures as the big guys.

Since they provide managed hosting, WP Engine takes care of security patching and updates.

WordPress Updates

They automatically upgrade your WordPress application when minor patches are released. And, when WordPress releases a major update, they will test it thoroughly before giving their customers the recommendation to upgrade.

You can work with WP Engine’s experts to install a major upgrade to your WordPress application. This will ensure that the process is painless, and you don’t lose valuable data.

Specific Protections

WP Engine’s security features include real-time threat detection. They’ve developed rule sets, specifically for WordPress, to prevent attacks before they can happen. They log millions of threats on a daily basis and block DDoS attacks.

WP Engine’s security system both detects and blocks malicious behavior. For example, they’re set up to block JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks and XML-RPC attacks. They even automatically block IP addresses that are known to belong to hackers or spammers.

To keep account users on shared plans protected from other people on the same server, WP Engine separates them on the filesystem and kernel level. And, the company engages in malware scanning, continuously monitoring their networks for malicious behavior from within. They also run firewalls to protect against outside attacks.

Even though WP Engine’s security measures should be enough to keep you safe from hackers, they’ll fix your site for free if it is compromised.

Behind The Scenes

When you log in to your WP Engine account for the first time, the company greets you with an option for free website migration. This will show you how to get their automated migration plugin to easily switch your website over to their servers.

From there, the custom User Portal is clean and simple.

WP Engine: User Portal
WP Engine: User Portal

You can see all of the WordPress installs you have on your account. And you can add additional workspaces to keep them organized.

For example, if you were hosting multiple WordPress websites, you could create a separate workspace for each. Or you would make a workspace for all of the WordPress websites of the same type. Of course, this would be more useful for people hosting for clients and managing multiple projects.

You can select a WordPress project and view general information about it in the overview tab.

WP Engine: Admin Overview
WP Engine: Admin Overview

This will show you up-to-date information about your number of website visitors, your bandwidth usage, and how much storage space you’ve taken up on the server.

You’ll also be notified of core WordPress updates that you can install with one click.

For each website, you can also view all of your saved backup points. Remember, WP Engine conducts daily automatic backups of your websites.

WP Engine: Backup Points
WP Engine: Backup Points

From here, you can select backup points to download so you can save them to a safe place. Or, you can just hit restore to roll your website back to this previous checkpoint. You can see from this screenshot that WP Engine even backed up the website before a recent major WordPress upgrade.

Developers or other more advanced users will want to use phpMyAdmin to handle the administration of MySQL databases. You can easily access this from the User Portal.

WP Engine: phpMyAdmin
WP Engine: phpMyAdmin

From the User Portal, customers will also have access to page performance tests. Run a performance test on your website to check on the load times and page speed. WP Engine will give you a score representing how well your page is caching its content.

They’ll also show you how long it takes for the page to start loading, how long until the page is fully visible to the site visitor, and how long it takes for the page to be completely loaded.

WP Engine: Page Performance
WP Engine: Page Performance

Based on the results of your performance test, WP Engine will provide some recommendations to optimize content caching and help your page load faster.

Alternative Hosts

If WP Engine sounds good but isn’t quite what you are looking for, consider some of the following alternatives.



If you’re looking for optimized WordPress hosting but need a cheaper option than WP Engine, give SiteGround a try. They have some of the cheapest WordPress hosting plans around and may be better-suited for small projects and personal websites.

SiteGround also gives you your choice of 5 server locations and free WordPress site transfer. Like WP Engine, SiteGround also takes care of WordPress updates and gives you a one-click WordPress installation.



Bluehost is known for their managed WordPress hosting. You can get support for many more website visits and higher storage amounts than WP Engine for a lower price.

When you use Bluehost, your WordPress website is hosted on their revolutionary VPS technology to give extremely fast page load speeds. They also give you access to the MOJO marketplace where you can find plugins, scripts, and more great things to enhance your website.



For businesses that can afford WP Engine and like the power that they have to offer, you should also check out LiquidWeb.

Unlike WP Engine, they won’t limit your website traffic or charge you overage fees. Their managed WordPress plans include automatic updates to both the application and your plugins.

And, the company can handle the demands of mission-critical websites with their 100% uptime guarantee. Built for sheer power, LiquidWeb is a perfect choice for bigger WordPress projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for some of the most often asked questions about hosting with WP Engine.

Question: What happens if I exceed my monthly visitor limits?

Answer: Instead of offering bandwidth and disk space amounts for each plan, WP Engine puts limits on your website visitors.

Their Terms of Service state that you may be charged overage fees if you exceed your plan limits. They will charge you $1 for every 1000 visits that you go over your limit. WP Engine has a lengthy article explaining what they count as a website visit that you can check out to learn more.

They will collect these fees automatically, using the electronic method of payment you provided when you signed up. If your method of payment doesn’t go through, you will be charged a monthly late fee until they receive your payment.

Question: What is WP Engine’s service level agreement (SLA)?

Answer: The SLA is the level of service availability that a hosting provider promises to you. WP Engine provides service availability of 99.95%. This is higher than the uptime industry standard of 99.9%.

Customers can receive credits if WP Engine fails to meet their SLA. This credit will be determined as a percentage of your monthly fee for each hour they fail to meet their agreement. To receive this credit, you’ll have to make a request to WP Engine’s customer support within 30 days. Your credit cannot exceed a maximum of your entire month’s bill.

They also state that there are some occurrences of excused downtime which cannot be used to receive a credit to your account. These include scheduled outages, downtime caused by customer’s violation of the agreement, emergency maintenance, or maintenance performed during scheduled service maintenance times which can be found on their website.

Question: How do I cancel hosting with WP Engine?

Answer: WP Engine makes it easy for you to leave. But first, make sure you download a backup of your website before canceling your account so that you can move it elsewhere. You can easily do this from the User Portal. This backup will include your entire website database. With it, all of your files, content, media, and plugins.

WP Engine will only keep a copy of your website for 30 days after you cancel your account.

To cancel, all you have to do is select My Account > Cancel Account from your User Portal. You can add a cancellation reason and comments to submit to WP Engine. Then, your site will be canceled shortly after.

When you cancel your account, you will not be refunded for charges you have already paid.

Question: Can I pay for hosting by the month?

Answer: Yes, in fact, all of WP Engine’s hosting is paid monthly by default. When you sign up, you begin your initial term of one month. Then, each next month begins a renewal term. Your agreement will automatically renew each month unless you cancel your account.

Your payment details will be automatically charged at the beginning of each renewal period. If this doesn’t work and you fail to pay, WP Engine has the right to cancel your account. But, they may just charge you late fees instead.

You can also choose to pay for hosting by the year. If you do this, you’ll get two months of hosting for free. But this also means that if you cancel your account during the year, you won’t be refunded the money you paid.

Question: Where are my choices of datacenters?

Answer: When you sign up for an account, you can choose the country where your datacenter is located. WP Engine gives you the following options:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom.

However, some of these countries will have international pricing and will be considered as an add-on to your plan. Meaning, you’ll pay a little bit more to host your website in some of these locations.

Question: Does WP Engine include email services?

Answer: WP Engine does not include email accounts or functions for sending email messages from your domain. But, their hosting does support this. You will have to set up a 3rd party email provider to send email messages from your WordPress site. This will let you send bulk email messages as part of an email marketing campaign or newsletter updates to blog subscribers.

Since WP Engine uses Google’s Cloud servers, you will have to use a 3rd party email provider that supports sending email messages over the ports that aren’t restricted by Google (25, 465, and 587 are restricted). For instance, Microsoft Office 365 will not work with Google’s Cloud servers.

WP Engine recommends SendGrid and Mailgun. But you can use any SMTP provider that supports the unrestricted outgoing ports.

For more questions and answers, see our full WP Engine FAQ below.

WP Engine Quick Overview

Here is a handy list of what WP Engine has to offer.


  • WP Engine has optimized and fully-managed WordPress hosting which makes it a great option for WordPress users.
  • Their hosting services support both WordPress beginners and a wealth of developer tools.
  • WP Engine’s support team is next-level, providing 24/7 live chat and phone support by 100 full-time WordPress experts.

Migration Policy

You’ll be able to migrate your website to WP Engine in two ways. The first is to manually migrate your site by following their guided navigation available from your user panel.

But WP Engine’s recommended option is to use their free, Automated Migration Tool. This is a plug-in that you will have to install on your existing WordPress website.

Quality of Support Material


Control Panel

WP Engine gives their users access to their own custom-built User Portal. This was developed specifically to work with WordPress applications and is unique to the hosting company.

Available Datacenters

WP Engine uses Google’s and Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) datacenters across the United States and Europe. You’ll be able to choose the country that your datacenter is located in. WP Engine’s customer support team can be contacted to migrate your website to another location, free of charge.

Money-back Guarantee Trial Period

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you begin hosting with WP Engine. Just request a refund within your first 60 days to get your subscription fee back.

Lowest Price for Shared Hosting or Other Cheapest Plans


Backup Policy

The WP Engine platform has a daily automatic backup feature. You can access the daily backup points from your user portal which you can restore yourself at no cost. They store up to 40 backup points and you can request up to 60 from their support team.

Site Builder Included?


PCI Compliant?

Yes, all of WP Engine’s plans are fully PCI compliant.

Do any big brands use this host?

Rogers, Telus, Engineering.com, Asana, Trend Micro, and Parallax Film Productions use WP Engine for hosting.

Pros and Cons

Since there is a lot of relevant information to take in, let’s take a look at a simple breakdown of pros and cons.


  • WP Engine has managed WordPress hosting specially catered to hosting websites built on the CMS platform.
  • Their front-end technology runs websites four to six times faster than other hosting environments due to their highly-scalable caching mechanism.
  • The company’s automatic backup and disaster recovery is included for free on every plan.


  • WP Engine’s plans are based on a certain limit of visitors per month. If your website receives more visitors than your plan allows, you will be hit with overage charges.
  • Again speaking of pricing, their plans are on the expensive side for a shared hosting environment. People with larger budgets can get VPS or cloud hosting from other companies for the same price or cheaper.
  • WP Engine’s cheapest plan will cut you off from their 24/7 phone support.


The best things about WP Engine are their speed and security. With servers built to handle the requirements of large organizations, WP Engine can handle almost anything thrown at it. The company’s expert WordPress support team is another great reason to consider them for your projects.

Most Popular WP Engine Hosting Plans

Startup Growth Scale
Disk Space 10GB 20GB 30GB
Bandwidth 50GB 200GB 400GB
Price $35 / mo $115 / mo $290 / mo
Visit WP Engine Visit WP Engine Visit WP Engine

WP Engine Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is WP Engine optimized for hosting WordPress sites?

    WP Engine has a proprietary front-end system designed to work with WordPress. This layer has security features to protect your website from hackers. It also reduces server load and handles traffic spikes without slowed loading or downtime.

    WP Engine utilizes their own caching software to ensure fast load times for any WordPress website hosted on their servers.

  • What unique features does WP Engine have?

    One of WP Engine’s most popular features is its Staging Area, which you can use to create a new development environment to test new themes, plugins, and other changes before incorporating them into your live website.

    They also have one-click restore points, unlimited data transfer, CDN and proprietary caching technology, firewall and malware scanning, managed WordPress updates, and daily backups.

  • Where are WP Engine’s datacenters located?

    WP Engine operates datacenters in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

  • Will WP Engine transfer my WordPress website for me?

    Yes, WP Engine does provide a WordPress website migration service for free.

  • Can I use WP Engine’s services without an existing WordPress website?

    Yes, you can sign up for their hosting plans even without an existing WordPress website and use their platform to build your site.

  • Does WP Engine offer domain registrations?

    No, they do not offer domain registrations. For new WordPress websites, you will have to purchase your domain from a different provider.

  • Are there any limitations on plugins and themes?

    There are no limitations on themes. However, WPEngine does have a list of disallowed plugins. These include caching plugins, (some) backup plugins, and several other plugins that would cause conflicts with their server configuration.

    Currently, there are 69 disallowed plugins. Given there are roughly 40,000 WordPress plugins, this isn’t a serious constraint.

  • Can I still use e-commerce or membership plugins?

    Yes, there are no limitations on e-commerce and membership plugins.

  • Does WP Engine allow multisite installs?

    Multisite features are allowed on all plans. However, on the three lowest-priced plans, they are add-ons. Multisites can easily be enabled from the User Portal.

  • Does WP Engine provide SSL certificates?

    A basic free certificate from Let’s Encrypt is available on all their plans. You can also purchase commercial SSL certificates from WP Engine.

  • What kind of support does WP Engine provide?

    WP Engine has a support ticketing system available 24/7 every day of the year. Chat support is available on all plans. Phone support is available on all plans except the lowest-priced Startup plan.

  • Does WP Engine have a money-back guarantee?

    There is a 60 day no-risk money-back guarantee which excludes Premium and Enterprise plans.

  • What payment methods does WP Engine accept?

    WP Engine accepts all major credit cards. Monthly and yearly plans are available.

  • Do I get a discount if I pay ahead?

    If you select a yearly plan, you’ll get two months free each year.

  • Does WP Engine have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes: 99.95%. See our expert opinion above for more information.

  • Does WP Engine offer unlimited bandwidth?

    No. The least expensive plan provides 50 GB of monthly bandwidth. But more important is the number of user visits they allow. For example, the Startup plan offers 25,000 user visits per month. They have ways of differentiating between real users and bots and spammers, and the 25,000 applies only to real users. So 25,000 user visits should be fine for most sites. But the higher level plans offer more visits.

  • Does WP Engine offer unlimited storage?

    Each plan has a set amount of storage allowed, ranging from 10 GB on Startup plans to 30 GB on the Scale plan.

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