While Ecuador might not sit top of mind as a vacation destination for many people, the country is quite popular among expats and travellers.

In fact, it has been the top destination for two years running in 2014 and 2015, and holds strong in third position as one of the best countries for living and working abroad.

Alausi, Ecuador

Ecuador is home to a rich and diverse eco-system, spanning across the Andes, the Amazonian forest, and the beautiful Galapagos Islands. However, it also possesses quaint colonial towns. One such place is Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle City of the World). It is located just north of the country’s capital, Quito. Visit this place and you can have the official bragging rights of standing in the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time.

Given its popularity and rich culture, we rounded up the best blogs and websites about Ecuador. If you’re thinking about moving there, or visiting, and even if you’d just like to learn more about Ecuador, read on!

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Will Ecuador Be Your Next Destination?

While Ecuador may not be your first choice for a travel adventure, there is no doubt that this small country hides plenty of beautiful attractions as well as a rich culture. Take a tour through Ecuador and immerse yourself in its beauty by browsing through the websites on our list. Who knows, you might find that Ecuador is everything you ever dreamed of.

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Top image cropped from Cemetery Alausí, Ecuador by Dogymho. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.