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While Ecuador might not sit top of mind as a vacation destination for many people, the country is quite popular among expats and travellers.

In fact, it has been the top destination for two years running in 2014 and 2015, and holds strong in third position as one of the best countries for living and working abroad.

Alausi, Ecuador

Ecuador is home to a rich and diverse eco-system, spanning across the Andes, the Amazonian forest, and the beautiful Galapagos Islands. However, it also possesses quaint colonial towns. One such place is Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle City of the World). It is located just north of the country's capital, Quito. Visit this place and you can have the official bragging rights of standing in the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time.

Given its popularity and rich culture, we rounded up the best blogs and websites about Ecuador. If you're thinking about moving there, or visiting, and even if you'd just like to learn more about Ecuador, read on!

Expatriates in Argentina

  • Discover Ecuador: this blog is a must-read for anyone looking to move permanently to Ecuador. On top of reviewing popular tourist attractions in Cuenca, Frank and Angie also have a detailed FAQ about the city and cover a few other destinations in South America. Their blog posts often include videos which do an excellent job of conveying first-hand experience about life in the country.
  • Life in Quito: covers topics from the pros and cons of living in Ecuador, crime rates, expat community, finances, and much more. The blog does a great job of detailing the differences between it and the US along with offering a fun and informed perspective.
  • Gringos Abroad: the largest English blog about living and traveling in Ecuador. It also covers all the must-see places, real-estate information, and language learning tips. Their focus is on the Cuenca area.
  • Living and Retiring in Ecuador: Mark and Connie have plenty of experience when it comes to traveling, having moved 34 times in 40 years. Their travel adventures stopped when they moved to Ecuador where they now live in Cuenca and share information on the best places to see and how to get settled in as a new expat.
  • Ecuador George: talks about moving to the country, along with other information on living in and visiting the country. If you want a dose of humor with information about how to make the move to Cuenca, check out this site.
  • Edd Said: Edd is funny, caring, and entertaining. His personality really shines through his blog posts and he does a great job of sharing useful information about living in a country where he is not plagued by motion sensor technology.
  • TravelnLass: a lifetime of travel and living in five different countries. And she's done it solo and on a shoestring budget. For the last three years, she's lived in Cuenca, Ecuador. Her blog is fun and upbeat. Her posts are down-to-earth and her mission is to encourage anyone and everyone to follow their travel dreams and make them a reality.
  • Ecuador Living in Paradise: this blog, authored by UK expat Si, covers information about moving and living in Manabi. The topics range from his experiences in different parts of the country as well as useful tips for surviving the move and adjusting to expat life.
  • Our Ecuador Adventure: Steve and Stacey decided to make the big move in 2015, and last year they started blogging about it. Their blog details their smooth transition to Cuenca along with their perspective on why they made the decision to move. Their fresh insights cover both the pros and cons of living there.
  • Gringo Tree: this might be one of the most comprehensive websites on expat life in Ecuador. The site covers moving and living information as well as reviews and recommendations of various attractions, accommodations, and much more.
  • Cuenca Highlife: this site offers up-to-date news about life in Cuenca along with a featured ads section for finding the best accommodation, transportation, item sale, and more.

Food and Drink

  • Laylita: Layla is an Ecuadorian nomad, currently living in Seattle but blogging regularly about the best food the country has to offer. You'll find plenty of traditional recipes with Layla's unique twist. Her website is a true delight and you can browse the recipes by various meal categories.
  • Romain Calm and Carrot On: a fun name for a fun blog written by Dorothy Delaney. She shares her experience about being a North American in the country along with recipes, photos, and more.
  • Cooking on the Equator: foodies will definitely enjoy Damaris' recipes which cover a wealth of dishes indigenous to South American and Ecuadorian culture. Needless to say, each post is accompanied by mouthwatering photos.
  • Cuenca Eats: if you're lacking culinary skills, this website is for you. The blog features various restaurants and places to eat in Cuenca, as well as places where you can go and experience happy hour, Ecuadorian style.


  • Ecuador Travel: the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, this website covers everything you need to know from places to visit, attractions to see, and food you simply must try. On top of a plethora of useful information, you can also read their blog to get an even better feel for the country through their fun writing and photography.
  • Activities in Ecuador: if you want a thorough overview of various tourist activities in Ecuador, this website should be your first stop. You can browse activities and find more information its regions and major cities through concise and straight-to-the-point writing.
  • This Is Ecuador: this website has a strong focus on visuals and offers an in-depth overview of the country's attractions and crucial tourist information such as visa requirements, taxi rates, and more. You can even find maps for every major location as well as a list of recommended hotels and tour guides.
  • Ecuador Explorer: a trusted guide since 1997, this website is updated on a daily basis with new information about places to visit, things to see, and other travel information, including things to do before moving to Ecuador. It is one of the must-visit websites for anyone planning to visit or move to the country.
  • Your Escape to Ecuador: contains information on moving and retiring in the country along with reviews of its best of the best. From 5-star resorts to world-class cuisine and the best tour operators, this blog covers it all.
  • Ecuador Tours: don't miss this website if you want to find information on the best tours of Ecuador as well as useful travel information. Their blog features some of the most famous attractions and festivities in the country, offering anyone a deep insight into everything Ecuador has to offer.
  • Prefetching Self: if you can't get enough of Ecuador's natural beauty, pay a visit to Michael's blog. He posts about his adventures along with an interesting perspective on everyday life. All of this is complimented by plenty of photos that will make you want to pack your bags and book a flight immediately.
  • Janis and Gary's Excellent Adventures: Janis and Gary live in Ecuador and each month they take a week off to explore everything this country has to offer. Through their informative videos, they offer plenty of information for anyone wanting to learn more about the life in the country.


  • Not Your Average American: covers every region of Ecuador. Each of her posts is accompanied by beautiful photos of nature so anyone interested in the wild-life of the region will not be disappointed. You will also find recipes and guides to famous tourist attractions, which often share historical information as well.
  • Andy in The Andes: offers a unique perspective on life in Ecuador. It offers glimpses into the not so glamorous parts and the ways she adjusted herself to a completely different culture and way of life.
  • Ecuador Times: if you want to stay up-to-date with the most recent events in Ecuador, this is your go-to site. Covering everything from politics to culture to sports.

Will Ecuador Be Your Next Destination?

While Ecuador may not be your first choice for a travel adventure, there is no doubt that this small country hides plenty of beautiful attractions as well as a rich culture. Take a tour through Ecuador and immerse yourself in its beauty by browsing through the websites on our list. Who knows, you might find that Ecuador is everything you ever dreamed of.

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