Starting a blog is a fantastic way to add value to your website and provide useful information and advice to your readers. It also helps you attract new customers and build your relationships with existing ones. Companies who blog regularly attract up to 88% more leads each month compared to those who don’t, and a whopping 92% of companies who posted to their blog multiple times a day have landed a new customer through their blog.

But your blog is only as strong as its posts—after all, a blog that doesn’t catch or sustain reader interest is unlikely to add value to their time on your site. In order to keep readers involved and reading, you need to create killer blog posts, i.e., posts that are intriguing, informative, and imaginative.

The first, and perhaps most important, part of your blog post is the title. Given that 80% of readers will read the title, but only 20% will go on to read the article itself, the title of your post is your best shot at capturing sufficient interest to keep the reader’s eyes traveling down the page. In order to spark some interest, your title should be clear, clever, and concise.

These “three c’s” give your title enough information content to give the reader an idea of what the piece is about, while also ensuring their curiosity or interest in the topic is piqued. Keeping it short and snappy is especially important, since an estimated 38% of users bounce to another website within a second or two of landing on a given page.

Assuming you’ve drawn in the reader with your title, you can help keep them involved with your post providing content that’s well-sourced, actionable, and relevant. Some of the best ways to accomplish this is with content that creates a sense of urgency, asks questions of the reader, or provides easy-to-digest lists of tips the reader can use immediately (e.g., reviews, how-to, etc.).

Crafting a truly effective blog post doesn’t have to be a chore. By taking the time to write a snappy and compelling headline and focusing on quality content that’s both relevant and useful to your reader, you’ll be well on your way to blogging success.

How to Write a Killer Blog Post

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Secrets of a Killer Blog Post: How to Write the Ultimate Headline

The most successful bloggers know that a critical component of their posts is not just the post idea, but how they execute it. What separates successful bloggers from the average ones is their ability to catch and hold the reader’s attention throughout a piece. Find out how you can improve your blogging skills to keep your audience coming back for more.

Catch Their Attention

Your readers cannot pay attention to everything – the mind is not wired that way. To get their attention, readers must be given a reason to focus on what you want, instead of paying attention to everything else.

Your Post Title Matters

The only part of a blog post your reader is guaranteed to see is the title, so make it stand out.

Types of Titles

Here are eight of the many ways you can create a creative title that stands out:

Ways to Grab Your Readers’ Attention

Pull Your Readers In

After the title, the opening sentence is the second most important part of a blog post. Use the following to pull your readers in and get them to keep reading.

Keep Your Reader’s Attention

Grabbing your reader’s attention doesn’t matter if you don’t keep it. Even after that first sentence, there is always a chance your reader will leave your site.