Mirrors for Open Source Projects

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As part of our mission to provide you with top-notch reviews, information, and tools to assist you in choosing a host and establishing your online presence, we've created a software mirror directory of free, open-source utilities and applications.

We're big believers in collaborative tech and development, and hosting a mirror directory is just one small way we can help give back to the open-source community.

What is a mirror?

Demand for the most popular downloads can sometimes exceed the capabilities of a single website or server. That's where mirroring projects come in. Mirrors are sites that either replicate the content of another website completely, or (more commonly for software) provide duplicate copies of files for download.

Mirrors are often created within the open-source community in order to provide easier access to popular applications, games, utilities, and operating systems. They also support the ideals of the open-source community as a whole by encouraging sharing and collaboration while reducing resource consumption and server strain on the main websites of the projects themselves.

For example, let's say you're looking for a particular utility package. When you visit the project's homepage, you'll likely be presented with not only a link to the installation package hosted by the site itself, but copies of the file located on other websites and servers across the Internet.

Instead of one server having to bear the brunt of hosting and serving all these files, they are instead spread out, minimizing resource consumption while still providing access to content.

We've provided a directory containing mirrors for open-source applications and utilities. To download and install your new software, just locate the file you need, and click on the package name.


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