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We've put together guides, resources, how-tos, tutorials, tools, tips, and tricks to build you a one-stop repository for any and all internet questions. From our beginner's guide to HTML, all the way to what to do is you get penalized by Google, we've covered everything.

Plus there's some free stuff, just for you. Enjoy (and don't forget to share!)

Web Hosting 101

The back-end world of hosting a website can be a scary place. With dozens of companies, offering infinite combinations of products and services, cloaked in jargon like LAMP, SATA II HDD, GHz CPU clock speed, and RAID, how do you know you're getting what you really need?

To help you out, we've put together a couple of guides to help you get a handle on the web hosting world. We cover the basics of hosting and give you the tools so you know what to look for when you're finding a host — what benefits are worth it, what questions you should be asking, and how to recognize companies that are all talk and no follow through.

Guides and Tutorials for Webmasters has been in this business for a long time. And that means that we almost always have the answer to even the trickiest of questions. But we're not interested in hiding this knowledge.

That's why we've publish the answers to all the questions people have asked over the last decade. The questions span the entire field: what to do if your website gets hacked? How do you learn HTML? And how do you get started with web analytics?

Our tutorials are your one stop shop for thorny technical problems, research, and the business side of running a website. Odds are, if something's not working right online, our webmasters have encountered it, fixed it, and written a step-by-step guide so you can too.

Online Marketing and Social Media

Need more Facebook likes and Twitter followers? Want to know the secrets to a killer blog post that your visitors will want to share? Check out these tutorials to help grow your social media presence and tips on creating viral content.

Online Guides and Resources

We love a good how-to guide. So we unleashed our team of web experts to help you through online problems both big and small. Don't understand what your tech guy is talking about? We've even written a guide of internet jargon.

Looking for your great-great-great grandmother's birth certificate? We've got a guide for that too.

Internet Privacy and Safety

As helpful as the internet is, it is also dangerous. This is why we have created a growing collection of guides to help you navigate and understand important online safety issues. These will help you to avoid scams and protect yourself from hackers and other malicous online activity.

Student/Teacher Resources

The Internet has facilitated the dissemination of information on an unprecedented global scale. Its original intention was education, and that is still a huge part of what makes it so amazing.

It's increasingly the go-to tool for students and teachers alike. But it can be hard to find top quality educational resources among the truly staggering amount of information out there.

We aim to help teachers and students use the internet in ethical and legal ways, guiding them through copyright law, educational resources for kids, and how best to encourage digital literacy in and out of the classroom.

Companies regularly spend thousands to ensure that you're fully protected and in compliance with copyright law. Unfortunately, most everyday people don't have the luxury of a copyright lawyer on retainer. So we have put together some resources about the DMCA and digital copyright law, so you can make sure that you both respect the law and can enforce your rights under it.

Most copyright infringement is accidental rather than malicious — but that's no protection. Make sure you understand the letter of the law so you don't end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Design Tutorials and Assets

Every webmaster has to have at least a basic understanding of design. You want your site to look good and you want your users to have a positive experience. To achieve either of these goals, you need a solid grounding in design.

Fortunately, the internet is moving more and more towards stunning templated solutions for the non-designers among us. We've collected some of the best free assets from around the internet, including iconography and some beautiful stock images, for you to use to your heart's content.

Bitcoin for Webmasters

Bitcoin is the sharp end of the cryptocurrency spear, a spear that could potentially cause a fundamental shift in the global financial system by removing governments as the sole purveyor of currency. And a lot of webmasters are looking to jump on that trend, but just don't quite know how.

We've produced guides, resources, and research around Bitcoin to help webmasters get started and engage with the cryptocurrency in a safe and secure way.


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