Flat Design World Flag Icon Set

Most major countries of the world are represented in this set of 244 different flag icons, which are simply styled in a minimalist way. Flag icons are useful for indicating languages, locations, contact information, and more. Get them here, for free.

Preview: Flat Flag Icons

All 244 flag icons in 3 different sized sets; (96x96px, 48x48px, 24x24px PNG format)

gb flag icon

Flags included:

Free, Flat, Flags. Say that five times fast.

Usage and Attribution

You can use the icons for free for commercial and non-commercial projects alike, with one requirement: we ask for a credit in the form of a discreet "Flag icons by" link so that other webmasters can find and use the icons, too.

Here's the HTML you'll need - it works well on your "About" page:

Download World Flag Icons:

Download all 244 flag icons in 3 different sized sets; (96x96px, 48x48px, 24x24px PNG format) within this zip file: Flags-Icon-Set.zip

Flat Design — Nevers Goes Out of Style

There are a lot of fancy, complicated flag icon designs out there, from cute stickers, to 3d waving flags, even shiny buttons or pins.

But for icons that won't interfere or distract from your own website design, you need a more simple, minimalist look. These flag icons don't have any frills or special effects, and would look great with any web design.

Perfect for Multi-lingual Websites

The Internet is a multi-cultural, multi-language virtual world. Only about half of all webpages online are in English, and the number of pages in languages other than English is growing rapidly.

As a webmaster, you're communicating instantly with countries all across the world, from the United States, to the United Kingdom, to the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

When you're talking to a global audience, sometimes you'll have to clarify information or change your message depending on your reader's location or language. You may need to convey location-dependent information such as shipping rates or office locations, or even offer your website's content in multiple languages.

And when it comes to running a multi-language website, you know there's a ton of work involved. From getting your content translated, to technical issues like domain names and language codes, setting up a website for multiple languages is no easy task.

But you can make it a little simpler by using this free icon set.

Using icons to indicate information is often much more effective than just using text. People process information better and faster from images instead of text, and are more likely to remember information they learned visually.

Using flag icons to indicate languages makes it much faster and easier for your visitors to find their own native flag to switch to their language of choice.

Flag icons are a much more attractive design option than using a long list or a dropdown menu, keeping your site's design less cluttered, and more streamlined and visually interesting.