27 Great Time-Saving Pattern Generators For Designers

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Patterns are one of the most used assets in web design. They are an important visual element that can greatly influence a visitor's user experience.

But, as most designers will tell you, creating patterns from scratch can be a time-consuming process, especially if your goal is to create a seamless pattern. Luckily, the web offers plenty of resources to come to your aid and save you time on design projects.

Today, we've rounded up the best free pattern generators for designers. Let's check them out:

Top 27 Free Pattern Generators

  1. Patternify: use Patternify to generate seamless patterns pixel by pixel. The tool supports color and transparency options and comes with a small set of premade patterns that you can customize to your liking. You can download the finished pattern as a PNG or in Base64 format along with the appropriate CSS code.
  2. Gesternizer: this tool lets you create patterns based on geometric shapes. You can choose between a circle, a square, or a triangle. The options allow you to adjust the opacity, the number of lines, their thickness and curvature. The final pattern can be saved and downloaded in SVG format.
  3. Tartanmaker: Tartanmaker helps you generate patterns that look like tartan. Select your colors, adjust the yarn thickness, and you're good to go. You can also browse their gallery for some inspiration or just download a pattern if you're in a hurry.
  4. Stripe Generator: if you prefer stripes, then Stripe Generator is the tool for you. You can modify the stripe size, colors, spacing, background color, and more before downloading the finished pattern in PNG format.
  5. ColourLover Seamless: ColourLover's website is most famous for its stunning color palettes but you can also use it to generate beautiful seamless patterns. The toolbar on the left lets you pick a shape or a line and you can rotate, resize, and rearrange the shapes until you create the perfect pattern for your design.
  6. Patternizer: this pattern generator allows you to pick the colors for your stripes and adjust the opacity, width, gap, and offset. Once you're done, click on the code tab to get the CSS code for your website.
  7. GeoPattern: this is, perhaps, one of the coolest pattern generators on the list. All you have to do is start typing random words and the tool will generate a pattern based on pattern types like octagons, overlapping circles, plus signs, sine waves, hexagons, and more.
  8. PlaidMaker: PlaidMaker will generate a unique plaid pattern. Choose your color then create the horizontal patterns and vertical patterns separately. Alternatively, browse their gallery to see pre-made designs and download them in PNG format.
  9. Noise Texture Generator: if you love noise patterns, don't forget to bookmark this site. Making your own pattern is as simple as selecting the color and adjusting the level of noise.
  10. bgMaker: while the interface looks a bit dated, this pattern generator still packs a punch. You can create pixel-perfect patterns or browse their gallery for pre-made designs.
  11. PatternCooler: this pattern generator starts you off with a pre-made pattern which you can then customize to suit your needs. Customize the colors, the texture, or randomly generate colors to add a unique twist on a pre-designed pattern. Their library is rather big and you can download the pattern in a JPG or PNG format.
  12. Plain Pattern: Plain Pattern lets you create patterns in SVG format based on different shapes. You can adjust the size and the background color as well as the rotation, scale, and the color of the shape. You can even upload your own SVGs.
  13. StripeMania: another stripe pattern generator that allows you to define the stripe width, spacing, orientation, and the colors. They also have a gallery of pre-designed patterns which you can edit and then download.
  14. StripedBackgrounds: stripes generated with this tool come in a vertical format and you can choose up to five different colors.
  15. Repper Patterns: this tool turns your images into eye-catching patterns. You can select different parts of the image for a different pattern and adjust the size. The tool is available for free online but there is also an option to download a paid version for Windows and Mac.
  16. Patternico: use FontAwesome icons to create seamless patterns and adjust the size of the pattern, transparency, and background color. You can also upload your own background before downloading the finished pattern in PNG format. The site also has a fun option to create emoji patterns.
  17. Background Image Generator: this tool lets you select the background color for your pattern and one of many pre-made patterns. Then you can modify the intensity of the pattern, the noise level, the blend mode, and you can also invert the pattern. The result is a subtle yet interesting effect.
  18. PatternNinja: use images from their free library or upload your own to create a high resolution pattern which can be used for both printing and the web. Adjust the colors, rotation, add images, resize them, and much more.
  19. Japonizer: when a project calls for Japanese patterns, Japonizer will come in handy. You can create your own pattern from scratch or use one of the pre-made patterns from their gallery.
  20. HalftonePro: this tool lets you use one of their images to generate a pattern and export it in PNG format. You can choose between images, shapes, or patterns and adjust the color and the size. There is also a paid version which allows you to upload your own images and download the patterns in SVG format.
  21. Modular Grid Pattern: grids are always useful when it comes to web and graphic design. This app lets you generate modular grids which you can download for use in Photoshop or as a PNG pattern. You can control the number of modules, gutter width, module width and height, baseline size, and the size of the canvas.
  22. Trianglify Generator: this tool can be used to create low-poly backgrounds with attractive gradients and pre-selected colors. You can adjust the width, height, and the variance and cell size. The final pattern can be downloaded in both PNG and SVG format.
  23. Trianglify Background Generator: another low-poly background generator with more options than the previous one. It uses several hundred color palettes from ColourLovers and ColorBrewer as a starting point. Additional settings such as the type of gradient and cell padding are also available.
  24. Flat Surface Shader: this tool uses a more dynamic approach to generate background patterns. It looks similar to the above mentioned triangle background generators, however the light source never stops moving which gives the background a more dynamic look. It's worth mentioning that the speed of the light movement can be set to 0 for a diminished effect.
  25. Smoky Backgrounds Generator: smoky backgrounds can add an interesting effect and this tool lets you generate your own version. The controls allow you to set the colors for the smoke and the background as well as the opacity, line width, and the number of smoke clouds.
  26. PolyGen App: if you simply cannot resist patterns even while you're on the go, then you have to check out this app, available for both Android and iOS. You can create abstract wallpapers and photo-based crystal patterns whenever you want.

Generate Your Own Pattern In Minutes

Patterns are fun to use and can instantly increase the visual appeal of a website. With the tools mentioned above, you have plenty of resources to generate unique patterns for years to come. You can use them not only as backgrounds for websites and blogs but for social media covers as well. Use our list to find the best pattern generator for your project and save time on creating seamless designs. Now, get to it!

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Bardia Khosravi

June 11, 2019


I have been developing kandinsky.io an AI based image generator. It generates an image at random, you are then able to generate more like it and customize the color palette. Will be adding a lot more features soon.

Would be great if you can add Kandinsky.io to your list.