XSL / XSLT Intro and Resources

XSL ( Extensible Stylesheet Language ) is a styling language for XML documents. Most often when someone is referring to XSL, they are referring to XSLT or XSL-FO.

XSLT stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, and is a part of XSL — along with  XSL-FO, XPath, and XQuery

The purpose of XSLT is to provide a language that can specify how to transform an XML document into another document. XSLT can be used to transform XML into another XML with a different document type definition or schema.

It can also be used to transform XML into HTML or into an XML Formatting Objects document.

General XSL / XML Guides and Tutorials

XSLT Tutorials

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If you work with XML documents, and need a way to translate in and out of multiple formats, you should spend some time learning the ins and outs of XSL & XSLT.

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