Squarespace In 2021: What Do Squarespace Client Reviews Say?

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Our Verdict: #1 For Website Builder Designs

Squarespace offers hosting plans that come with a website builder, gorgeous design templates, and great customer support. Choose from hundreds of templates, including online stores and blogs. Squarespace manages all the technical details for you behind the scenes.

Get a Squarespace hosting plan for $5 per month by clicking any of our discount links in this review.


  • Gorgeous design templates that are easy for anyone to use
  • No tech knowledge required
  • 14-day free trial


  • Email not included
  • Some hosts are cheaper

Squarespace has earned 4.5 stars out of 5 in our user reviews, getting highest marks for customer support and quality.

Is Squarespace the Perfect Host For Your Site?

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Squarespace is well-known for its "all-in-one" website builder and impressive visual designs. But is it easy to use? And how good is their customer support?

You may be wondering, "Is WordPress better?" What about other website builders like Wix or Weebly?

I launched a small business with Squarespace. In this review, I share my experience with the platform and some important facts you need to know before signing up.

Squarespace Home Page

What is Squarespace?

Like most other all-in-one website solutions, Squarespace provides everything you need to create a website and get it online.

Squarespace also includes security features, 24/7 technical support, and all the training you need to use the platform successfully.

Best of all, no technical knowledge is required.

Squarespace's platform comes with professionally-designed templates. (You can use these templates so that you're not building your site from scratch.)

All templates are "responsive." This means they're designed to look good on all device types including smartphones.

Why Squarespace?

Squarespace provides 24/7 customer support.

There are a lot of all-in-one website building tools. How does Squarespace stand out?

  • It's a turnkey solution that includes 24/7 technical support, security, e-commerce (depending on plan) and analytics.

  • You can choose from dozens of professionally designed "templates." These are pre-built designs that give you an impressive website out of the box.

  • It's easy to use. No technical knowledge is required.

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Squarespace Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 2 Reviews by Squarespace Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Katie Horne avatar
Katie Horne 23spoons.com
Jul 24, 2019

First, Squarespace is relatively expensive, especially if you're a small Business/self-employed. The prices listed on the site aren't bad, but when you factor in email and domain renewals, you have a solid line item in your budget. I mention this because I think this influences my opinion of Squarespace quite a bit.

I've been with Squarespace since 2016 when they were running those ad campaigns on pretty much every podcast (or so it seemed). Getting set up wasn't difficult at all, but I did have a hard time getting my site to look the way I wanted it to. The themes are all great.

I thought I'd try customizing it to be unique. I was unable to do that - that might be my limited design chops, though. The editor was fairly simplistic, yet I didn't feel it was super easy to use.

In the end, I just put up a super simple site. It's got no-frills, but it's a way for people to get in touch. It works for me, but if you want more, know that you'll be putting in the work.

I've never contacted customer support, so I don't know how that is. Their reference docs are pretty good, and I've been able to figure out everything I need from the knowledge base. I don't monitor downtime carefully (bad, I know), but I've only noticed one instance of downtime.

Would I keep using Squarespace? Well, I do, because it's just easier to keep on keeping on, but I can't help but wonder if I would get the same thing for less money if I put in a bit of time with a free CMS and cheaper hosting. To be clear, I have a developer background, and while I have the skills to do something like this, I don't necessarily have the time to do so. If you want easy to use, Squarespace fits.

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Paul Hill avatar
Paul Hill insidermedia.com.au
Oct 27, 2015


We are a boutique web development agency Insider Media Group based in Melbourne ,Australia that builds sites and stores for Ecommerce and small business. We specialise in Shopify, WordPress and Squarespace. Up until recently we have switched alot of our small business sites to Squarespace due to the sheer speed in getting the sites developed which in turn has meant much cheaper sites for our customers.

Squarespace has some very good themes but we do some tweaking to improve some of the look and feel. They are fully responsive but without minor tweaking some font sizes can look a tad odd on mobiles. Have a look at www.insidermedia.com.au for more inspiration on what you can do with Squarespace.

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Squarespace Web Hosting

To get your website online, you need web hosting. All Squarespace sites come with the web hosting services needed to ensure that the site is available to the internet.

Unless you are running a very small shop, you will likely want to upgrade to either of the fully-fledged, full-featured e-commerce plans.

Squarespace keeps things simple and offering only a few packages.

Personal Plan

The Personal plan is a good option for a personal website or a small business services website.

The hosting is similar to a shared hosting plan.


The Business plan is faster and more performant than the personal plan.

You'll get e-commerce functionality, pop-ups, and some other useful features like an optional announcement bar that displays across the top of your site.

expensify squarespace
Expensify is a business site using Squarespace.


The Business plan comes with basic e-commerce functionality. Unless you are running a very small shop you will likely want to upgrade to one of the e-commerce plans.

Know that the Advanced e-commerce plan is capable of supporting a fairly large online business.

Website TypePlan NamePriceDescription
WebsitesPersonal$16Everything you need to build a single website
WebsitesBusiness$26Good for businesses; includes basic ecommerce and marketing benefits and increased customization features
Online StoresBasic$30Allows for the sale of an unlimited number of products
Online StoresAdvanced$46Sell as much as you want without transactions fees; includes additional inventory and store management features and functionality

What Doesn't Come with Squarespace Plans?

Read the Squarespace product and plan descriptions carefully before signing up for a Squarespace account. You want to be sure you're getting the particular features you want.

Domain Names

Squarespace plans come with a domain name free of charge for the first year. Renewal fees, as well as any additional domain names, are your responsibility.


If you want email accounts using the same domain as your website, you'll need to purchase this functionality separately. During the checkout process, you have the option of paying for a G Suite package, which gets you a professional Gmail account (using your domain name, of course), as well as productivity tools like Google Calendar, Drive, and so on.

Transaction Fees

If you do sell online with the Business plan, Squarespace assesses a 3% transaction fees (note that neither of the dedicated e-commerce plans charge transaction fees on the orders you handle).

How to Use Squarespace

The following sections will give you a high-level overview of how to use Squarespace.

Logging In

Website and Domain Management Page

Immediately after logging in to your Squarespace account, you'll see an overview of the sites associated with your account, as well as any domain names you own.

You manage each website individually. You can access the administrative areas by clicking on the icon representing the site you want to edit.

Managing Your Website

If you click on the icon representing your website in your Account Dashboard, you will immediately be redirected to the Squarespace site builder for your website.

As you hover your cursor over the different parts of your website, you will see the individual content blocks used to create your site.

For example, you'll have a content block for your header, a content block for your main text, a content block for your links, and so on. In addition to being able to add or delete as many blocks as you like, you can drag and drop to rearrange your site.

Intuitive Website Builder

Squarespace's intuitive, WYSIWG website builder makes it easy to create new content types for your website, including pages.

Adding content blocks means that you can quickly and easily integrate new features like, such as photo galleries, videos or pull-quotes.

Bonus: as a WYSIWG editor, you can see the changes you have made immediately.

Squarespace Site Editor

More specifically, there are six links on the sidebar of the website builder, each of which is designed to handle a different aspect of your website:

  • Pages: The pages area is where you create new pages for your website. Squarespace has several templates that you can use to get started with designing new pages. Having pre-built designs to choose from makes everything easier.

  • Design: The area where you can change the way your website looks. Here you can change fonts, colors, and even (on some templates) blog layout.

  • Commerce: If you have purchased and have access to e-commerce related functionality, this is where you would go to manage your website. You can view inventory, set prices, and configure checkouts.

  • Analytics: Data that Squarespace has gathered about the visitors to your website, including where they are from, what devices they are using to view your website, the pages they are seeing, and more.

  • Settings: The Settings page is where you handle all of the back-end and administrative tasks related to your website, including payments and billing, search engine optimization (SEO) settings, your personal information (such as address and email), and so on. These features are easy to use.

  • Help: A link to the Squarespace documentation site.


Account Dashboard: Pages

The Pages area is where you go to create the individual pages that, together, make up your website.

Rather than forcing you to come up with something from scratch, Squarespace comes with built-in templates so that you can build the following items with ease:

  • Page

  • Products (for e-commerce)

  • Cover Page

  • Folder

  • Album

  • Index

  • Blog

  • Gallery

  • Events

  • Link.

The pages area is also where you control your site's navigation, as well as hide/show things that you don't want deleted (yet shouldn't be public-facing).


The Design tab allows you to change your theme and customize the theme template you've chosen. Rather than throwing all of your options together into one big design panel, the Design tab allows you to work on individual parts of your site, including:

  • Logo and Title

  • Lock Screen

  • Announcement Bar

  • Mobile Information Bar.

There is also the option to use custom CSS if you would like.

Squarespace Templates

Squarespace templates are as good as any available


If you are using Squarespace for e-commerce, you'll get the following built-in features:

  • Order Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Management

  • Discount Management.


Though you can always integrate a more robust analytics tool, Squarespace does include some basic data and analytics tools. You'll get information about:

  • Traffic sources

  • Content that is popular

  • Geographic information about your users

  • What people are searching for on your site

  • RSS subscribers

  • Search engine queries leading to your website.


The Settings area contains everything you would expect to see in your web hosting control panel, including:

  • Your personal information

  • Billing and payment options

  • Domain name management

  • Email account management

  • Marketing and SEO tools

  • Security and SSL settings

  • Commerce-related functionality, such as shipping and tax calculators.

My Experience with Squarespace

Squarespace Home Page

Exactly one year ago, I launched my own small business. Since my area of expertise was in technology, I felt that having my own website was a non-negotiable part of getting up and running.

Squarespace comes with everything you could possibly need to launch a website.

However, given the sheer number of things that needed to be done before I could truly launch, I knew that I would need more than a little bit of help with my website — despite the fact that I am a perfectly competent software developer.

There just wasn't enough time for me to craft a website from scratch given everything else on my to-do list.

Enter Squarespace.

Signing up for a Squarespace account was a breeze, and just a short while later, I had a beautiful business website with little hassle.

My website was reachable via the custom domain that came free of charge with my one-year Squarespace subscription.

I opted to add the G Suite of tools to my plan so I could receive e-mail at my domain as well.

One Year Later

I just received notifications that the following items were renewing:

  • My Squarespace subscription

  • My custom domain name (Squarespace only covers your domain registration fees for the first year)

  • My G Suite plan.

My Verdict . . .

Was it expensive, especially compared to the dirt-cheap shared hosting plans that could be purchased elsewhere? Yes.

Would I do it again and choose Squarespace, despite the hit to my wallet (remember, I am a small business owner)? Absolutely.

This, despite the fact that I am a software engineer by trade and am perfectly capable of building my own website from scratch.

web hosting coupon

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24/7 Customer Support: It's Excellent

Customer Support is one of the areas where Squarespace shines.

A Managed Platform: Technical Details Are Handled For You

In addition to the personalized support available to you 24/7 via live chat or email, you get managed system administration.

This means that you are not responsible for the work required to ensure the infrastructure supporting your site stays online.

Do note, however, that Squarespace does not offer phone support.

Though these features do have a cost (as you can see from the higher fees Squarespace charges compared to other web hosts), they may be well-worth it if you can get customer service without jumping through needless hoops.

squarespace restaurant template
It takes seconds to launch a draft a Squarespace website like this one.

Get a Free Trial

Squarespace offers all new customers a free trial lasting 14 days. Other than the free trial, Squarespace does not offer any type of free services or a money-back guarantee on monthly plans or renewal payments.

You can handle everything related to payments and billing in the Settings portion of your Squarespace Account Dashboard.

Personal websites cost $16 per month, but you can pay annually and receive a discount that lowers your monthly cost to $12.

Backup Policies

Squarespace automatically backs up everything that exists on their servers to ensure that you will never lose all of your work.

Squarespace automatically backs up everything that exists on their servers to ensure that you will never lose all of your work in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

In addition, this allows Squarespace to switch servers in the event that the primary ones are, for whatever reason, unavailable.

You are welcome to make backups of some of your site at any time. Squarespace does not provide a backup process, to backup your site, you will need to:

  • Export your Squarespace site (remember, not everything can be exported — only certain content can be exported) in an XML file

  • Save anything that isn't included in the export manually and then upload these files to a secure location of your choosing.

If you ever find yourself needing help as you build your website, you can click on the Help link located in your Account Dashboard. This will take you directly to Squarespace's documentation pages.

squarespace portfolio
Many Squarespace templates highlight photography.

Quality Support Material

Squarespace is known for its excellent customer service, and its support material (knowledgebase) is no exception.

Squarespace offers a comprehensive knowledgebase.

Comprehensive How-Tos

In addition to the usual help articles that show you (in detail) how to accomplish a task, there are:

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners
  • Guides on how to execute a multi-step process
  • Videos that show you how to do something quickly and easily
  • And webinars designed to help you build your brand.

All aspects of Squarespace's knowledgebase are in-depth and well-done.

It is unlikely you will find yourself unable to do something and unable to find the appropriate documentation (or one-on-one assistance) that you would find helpful.

Squarespace Knowledgebase
Squarespace offers a great knowledgebase in addition to support

Other Squarespace Features

There is a lot more to know about Squarespace. Here are some other issues that you should know about.

Migration Policy

When it comes to migrating existing websites to the Squarespace platform or exporting your Squarespace content, you are on your own (though the technical support team is available to help if you have any questions or run into any issues).


Squarespace supports third-party integrations.

The list of supported integrations is lengthy, but they include options like Dropbox for file storage and login and MailChimp for email marketing.

Squarespace currently supports content imports from Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace 5, and WordPress, and the support pages have detailed guides you can follow to complete the process.

If your Squarespace site is on an e-commerce plan, you can import your product information from Big Cartel, Etsy, Shopify, or a .csv file.

You can export some of the content from your Squarespace site into an XML file, which is useful if you will be importing that data into a platform like WordPress at a later date.

However, not everything will be exportable, since many of Squarespace's features rely on the JavaScript and CSS functionality running on its platform. Squarespace maintains a full list of content that will export, as well as content that won't.

Squarespace E-Commerce Apps
Squarespace provides everything you need to create, launch, and market a website or online store.

Control Panel

Squarespace isn't like a traditional web host with a control panel. You get use of a proprietary UI (user interface) that includes functionality other web hosts have on a control panel, as well as all the website building features.

Servers and Datacenters

Squarespace manages its own private cloud, where it hosts all Squarespace sites.

Squarespace does not provide any specific information about where its datacenters are located, and you do not get to choose where your site is hosted.

Squarespace Alternatives

There are a number of Squarespace alternatives. I'll discuss and compare the primary ones below.

Lowest Price$29$16FreeFree
Ease of UseMediumEasyVery EasyMedium
Product FocusE-commerceE-commerceGeneralGeneral
Community InvolvementLowLowLowHigh


Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform. Like Squarespace, you get a website builder and the web hosting you need to get online.

Where Shopify really shines, however, is in its e-commerce functionality. If Squarespace's commerce functionality doesn't quite meet your needs, take a look at Shopify.


Wix is an all-in-one website builder that is very similar to Squarespace, but it is simpler and easier to use. Wix is also free (unless you choose to upgrade to a premium option that offers extended features).


WordPress is used by a sizable portion of the internet's sites, and there's a good reason for that. WordPress itself as an open-source content management system (CMS) that is easy to use and infinitely customizable.

You can easily serve up a WordPress site on your own, but you can also sign up for an account with WordPress.com for a cloud-based, all-in-one website/blogging product.


Weebly is an alternative to Wix. The two products offer very similar feature sets - if Wix isn't to your liking (e.g., the UI isn't as intuitive for you to use), you might consider Weebly.

Squarespace Quick Overview

This reference will help you when you are comparing Squarespace website builder plans with other providers.


  • All-in-one platform

  • Impressive visual designs

IT Assistance and Round-the-Clock Technical Support

The platform comes with everything you could possibly need to launch a website. You get IT assistance and around-the-clock (personalized!) technical support via email or live chat.

Unlimited Hosting

In addition, you get unlimited hosting on enterprise-grade infrastructure, top-of-the-line security, and robust analytic tools, as well as the option to add e-commerce features and functionality to your site.

Professionally Designed Templates

Templates make it easy for you to design the most beautiful website you can without necessitating a designer and knowledge of web development — many web hosts offer well-designed templates, but few match the aesthetic appeal of Squarespace's templates.

Plans starting at...

$16 per month ($12 if you sign up for a year).

Customer Service


Sitebuilder included?

Yes - all Squarespace plans include the use of a sitebuilder featuring some of the most well-designed templates in the web hosting business. Squarespace builds their own sitebuilder and aims to make it as easy to use as possible.

Is Squarespace PCI Compliant?

Yes, all of Squarespace's built-in Commerce tools (the e-commerce add-on you can opt for) are PCI compliant.

Well-Known Brands Using Squarespace

Tony Hawk, Rodarte, Lyft, V Magazine, Airwalk, and many others.

Pros and Cons

All hosts have their good and bad points. These are the main ones for Squarespace.


  • One-stop shop for everything you need to get up and running with a well-designed website.

  • Managed hosting included, so if you're not interested in system administration or you want to minimize the amount of time you spend on managing your website, Squarespace is for you.

  • No technical knowledge required.

  • 24/7 customer support and all training materials included.


  • Fairly expensive for what is essentially a shared hosting plan.

  • Does not offer any service level agreements, so don't expect compensation for service outages.

web hosting tips

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Squarespace is a solid provider of all-in-one hosting packages for those looking to get up and running with a website with as little hassle as possible. You get everything you need (sans email), and in no time, you'll have a beautiful website created.

In addition to its excellent customer service, Squarespace is known for the aesthetic appeal of its templates. They provide solid web hosting and the ability to build a beautiful site without the assistance of a designer.

Sound good? Visit Squarespace.com now.

Contributing writers and editors: Brenda Barron, Frank Moraes, and Natalie Mootz.

Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Price $12 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$18 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Squarespace Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy a domain through Squarespace?

    You can purchase a domain through Squarespace if you sign up for one of their website plans. Customers who sign up for any of their annual plans are entitled to one free domain.

  • Can I use an existing domain with Squarespace?

    Yes, you can connect your Squarespace website to a third-party domain.

  • Can I transfer my existing website to Squarespace?

    At this time it's not possible to transfer an existing website over to Squarespace. The only content that can be imported is blog content from platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr or products from Shopify and Big Cartel.

  • Who is Squarespace for?

    Squarespace can be used by individuals just getting started, as well as larger businesses doing a high volume of transactions. Squarespace is very flexible, and its more premium offerings ensure that you have the resources you need to support the site you want.

  • Does Squarespace come with everything I need to launch a website?

    Strictly speaking, yes. You get a sitebuilder, web hosting, and (if you opt for an extended contract) a domain name, but you have to purchase email as an add-on. Because other (more inexpensive options) bundle email with their plans, this is definitely a black mark against Squarespace.

  • Are there situations where Squarespace might not be right for me?

    If you run a really large website or are the owner of a thriving e-commerce site with multiple layers of complexity, Squarespace might not be sufficient to power your website and ensure the uptime you might expect from your web host.

  • Can I host an email account with Squarespace?

    Squarespace doesn't provide email hosting but you can sign up for G Suite (formerly Google Apps) using their platform. Customers who purchase Website Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce plans are eligible for a free year of G Suite apps for one user.

  • What ecommerce features does Squarespace support?

    Their ecommerce features include inventory tracking, order management, tax, shipping, coupon controls, and more. You can accept payments through Stripe and PayPal and you can also accept credit card payments directly to your bank account.

  • Can I upload a third-party design to Squarespace?

    Squarespace doesn't allow uploading third-party templates to websites hosted on their platform. You can, however, activate the Developer's platform to get full access to the template's code which you can modify if you have coding knowledge.

  • Is Squarespace free?

    No, Squarespace's services are not free, but their cheapest plans are reasonably priced.

  • What payment options does Squarespace accept?

    They accept all major credit cards. Monthly and annual plans are available and you get a small discount if you sign up for an annual plan.

  • Does Squarespace` offer a money-back guarantee?

    If you sign up for an annual plan, you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. Monthly plans aren't eligible for a refund.

  • Does Squarespace offer an uptime guarantee?

    There is no specific mention of an uptime guarantee, however the company claims to use a high-availability and high-capacity infrastructure.

  • Can I download Squarespace and host it somewhere else?

    No, Squarespace is a fully hosted platform.

  • Does Squarespace provide an SSL certificate?

    Yes, each plan includes a free SSL certificate.

  • Does Squarespace allow unlimited storage and bandwidth?

    Yes, all Squarespace plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth.

  • Can I host audio and video on my Squarespace account?

    You can upload and host audio files directly on your website. Videos have to be embedded from a video hosting website like YouTube or Vimeo.

  • How do I change my Squarespace domain?

    You can change the primary domain associated with your account at any time once you've registered it. Simply log into your Squarespace account, add the domain in the Domains screen, select it, and select the option to make it the primary domain. Once that's done, Squarespace will show that domain as the main domain for your site. You can leave your old domain as a custom domain, and visitors will be redirected to the new primary domain, or you can remove it if you prefer.

  • How many times can you extend a Squarespace trial?

    Trials can be extended at the discretion of customer services. After your first 14-day trial is over, one extension of 7 days is allowed. You can extend your trial by clicking the link in the email notification when your original 14-day trial expires.

  • How much does SquareSpace charge for each transaction?

    Transactions fees vary between zero and 3%, depending on the Squarespace plan you've chosen. You'll find a full guide to transaction fees on the Squarespace website.

  • How do I cancel my Squarespace account?

    In your Squarespace Settings, locate the Billing & Account screen. Click Cancel Trial. Or, if you want to cancel a paid account, select Subscriptions, then Website, and select the one you want to cancel from the list. Squarespace does not provide refunds for cancelled accounts after the first 14 days of paid service.

Katie Horne

About Katie Horne

Katie is a C# developer who became a technical writer. She is a lifelong bookworm and all-around nerd with a soft spot for gimmicks and packaging. She judges books by the cover, and she's not sorry about it. In her spare time, she likes to swim, knit, and do the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

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August 23, 2019

Squarespace is a solid option for getting a professional site design template. That said, you can customize it extensively, and put as much work into that as you like.

A minor downside to customizing the CSS is that the classes and ids tend to have very long names. Identifying and working with these in Chrome Developer Tools can be a pain.

Part of your customization can include integrating third-party tools like marketing automation, heat maps, and customer feedback tools. I’ve set up these types of integrations and they worked perfectly smoothly with Squarespace and extend the functionality of a site considerably.

Note: It’s possible to take speed optimization steps for your Squarespace site prior to launch to get loading times (specifically, time to full interactive) below 3 seconds. I’ve done it – you can too. Focus on image optimization for big speed gains.

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