Lunarpages: What Coupons Are Available for Apr 2019?

Lunarpages hosting is aimed at business users, and it pushes premium plans like dedicated hosting first and foremost. From its base in Anaheim, California in the US, it serves around 150,000 customers and operates several data centres across the country. Lunarpages was founded in 1998 as Add2Net, and one of the two founders, Ron Riddle, is still its CEO.

Lunarpages doesn’t focus much on shared hosting, and the best value is found in its more advanced plans. For novice users, the technical language could be confusing; business users will want a reassurance of top-class performance and reliability. No matter what your needs, check out our independent Lunarpages reviews written by real users. Don’t make that purchase without finding out what genuine customers think.

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How to Use Our Lunarpages Coupon

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Lunar Pages Coupon and Ordering FAQs

Is domain registration free?

Yes, for most plans. The Starter hosting plan does not come with a free domain name.

What forms of payment does Lunar Pages accept?

Lunar Pages accepts check, money order, PayPal or credit card.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. All Lunar Pages hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Will my price go up when plans renew?

Probably. Many plans include domain registration for free, but you have to pay for renewal in following years. Domain renewal can add $10 to $20 per year to plan costs. Also, there is no guarantee that individual plans might not go up in price at renewal.

Can I choose month to month billing?

That depends. Larger plans allow for month-to-month billing. Shared hosting plans must be purchased for at least a year at a time.

What billing cycles are offered?

This depends on the plan. The larger the plan, the more options. Dedicated plans have billing cycle options of 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. Shared hosting plans can only be purchased for 1 or 2 years.

Should I buy the Premium Restore Service feature?

Probably. The Premium Restore Service provides an essential function: nightly backups and an ability to restore them easily. It is only a few dollars a month and is a good deal.

On shared hosting plans, should I buy Managed Hosting services?

Probably not. Typically, the kinds of things you’ll be doing on a shared hosting (running a small blog or an organization’s website) won’t need hosting management.

What happens if I exceed my Managed Hosting monthly hours allotment?

Managed Hosting plans from Lunar Pages are not full-service management plans. They simply provide a set number of pre-paid hours. If you exceed these hours, you have to pay a (comparably high) hourly rate.

Do I need a dedicated IP address?

Only if you also need to buy an SSL certificate?

Do I need to buy an SSL certificate?

Only if you plan to run an ecommerce site or otherwise collect sensitive user data.

Should I pay for Shell Access?

That depends on you. Shell Access is like the command line on your computer. If you’ve never used the Command Line, you probably won’t start using for your hosting plan.

Should I get Linux or Windows hosting?

For most people, Linux is the right choice. It is a good general-purpose server Operating System. You only need Windows if you have a specific software requirement for it, such as the need to run a Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint server.

Lunar Pages has a number of different hosting plan options to fit different needs.

– Basic hosting, which is a shared hosting plan, is a good fit for entry-level bloggers, small businesses, and smaller non-tech organizations like clubs and churches.

– Windows hosting is a good option for small offices that want to run a Microsoft Exchange server.

– Business Hosting, which comes in several tiers, is a useful for medium-sized businesses. 

– VPS and Dedicated server plans are often a good choice for app developers, publishers of high-traffic sites, or medium to large businesses with major internal Enterprise computing needs.

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