000WebHost: Truly Free Web Hosting… But What’s The Downside? We Found Out

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Our Verdict: Outstanding Choice For Feature-Rich Free Hosting

Generally speaking, free web hosting is so limited in capabilities and features that users must pay to get what they need.

However, 000webhost is a free website hosting solution that provides an array of features, including a website builder, WordPress support, and no ads. Users can upgrade to a paid plan to get even more features and support, but based on our reviews, 000webhost is the best free web hosting solution for those who are truly on a budget. 

Read on for more details about what 000webhost offers, and how to get started.

When you click any of the special discount links in this review, you get massive savings on a premium 000webhost package.


  • Free hosting services come with rich feature set
  • Manage your account easily with the intuitive cPanel control panel
  • Even entry-level plans support PHP and MySQL


  • No email accounts with the free plan
  • Limited tech support

000webhost scores 3.5 out of 5 stars and customers have rated this host highly for quality, features, and value.

What are the best alternatives to 000webhost?

000webhost is an outstanding choice for free web hosting but if you’re looking for a more fully-featured offering at a budget price, we recommend Siteground. They’re an outstanding overall host with great technical support and are currently offering 70% off all plans.

Bluehost is another good alternative. They offer a free domain name when you sign up for hosting and are a great choice for beginners.

Is 000webhost Right for Your Website?

Want to read something specific? Jump to the most popular sections:

  • Expert review – read our thorough analysis by hosting specialist, Gary McGath
  • Customer reviews – see what actual 000webhost customers have to say
  • Plans – see what the differences between the free and premium plans are
  • FAQs – find answers to the most common questions about 000webhost

What is 000webhosting?

If you want completely free web hosting, you usually have to live with ads on your site.

With 000webhost, though, you can get a site which doesn’t cost you anything and won’t have any ads added by the host.

There are limits to what you get, of course, but it’s a viable way to create a site for an individual, club, or small business. You can even place your own ads on your site.

Free Plan Features

When you sign up for a free account, you can create a site using:

  • 000WebHost’s “Easy Website Builder”
  • WordPress
  • Or by directly uploading website files.

That’s an impressive range of options for a free site. Visit the 000webhost site to view all features.

You get 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth, which should be fine as long as you don’t have a lot of big image files.

000webhost homepage
Visit 000webhost to see the free and paid plans.

Some of the features include:

  1. 1 GB Disk Space
  2. 10 GB Bandwidth
  3. Free Domain Hosting
  4. WordPress Hosting Support
  5. cPanel Control Panel
  6. Free Website Builder
  7. PHP and MySQL


One of the most impressive features is that you can run PHP and MySQL from a free account.

This enables you to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, which is great for beginners. (Many popular website platforms — or “content management systems” — are written in PHP and MySQL.)

Control Panel

Users can manage their websites through the custom control panel. It allows management of databases, email, files, backups, and FTP accounts through a web page.

This is also where you’ll find the tools to create a new website. No technical knowledge is required.

Files are automatically backed up monthly, giving minimal protection, but you can initiate backups of the website and databases from the control panel.

Easy Website Builder

The Easy Website Builder is the simplest choice for someone with no technical knowledge.

Click on the red “Free Sign Up” button on the host’s homepage to test drive the builder.

Note: Once you login to use the site builder, you’ll be taken to a website called zyro.com. There’s no explanation when you’re redirected away from the 000WebHost website, but the zyro.com domain is legitimate.

zyro homepage
After you sign up for free, you’ll be redirected from 000webhost to this site.

How to Use Easy Website Builder

You start by choosing a template, which is a pre-built website design.

Then you’ll edit the ‘building blocks’ of your site, called components. You can edit these to customize how they look.

The 000WebHost YouTube channel has 3 video tutorials.

You can drag icons for “text,” “picture,” “YouTube,” and so on, into the page and then add content to them.

The template provides standard pages, and you can add more or delete existing ones.

CSS and Styling

While no technical knowledge is required, someone who understands the concepts of CSS will have an easier time of it. (CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, are instructions, in code, that govern the visual style of web pages.)

For example, you can’t directly change the font, size, and color of a text object. You have to select a style for it and then edit the style, using the less than obvious “Edit styles” item at the end of the menu. There appears to be no way to add to the handful of available styles.

Styles can have different renderings for different classes of devices, making it easier to set up a mobile-friendly site. You can even add raw HTML in a pane, so there are options for those who know how to code.

Unusual Behavior within Easy Website Builder

There are some oddities. Links are live in the editor, and clicking on them by accident can take you away from the page you’re editing.

Typos in the editorial pane detract from the overall impression. For example, the “Properties” dialog has an option for “Show in a specific pages,” and a label mentions “standart buttons.”

Continued below user reviews.

000webhost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 192 Reviews by 000webhost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Parikshit Singh avatar
Parikshit Singh mosrille.ml
Jul 31, 2015

I have used several hosts in the past few years, and used this as well. I find this a quite good hosting site. The limitations are however a bit of problem on free hosting.

They provide just 1500 MB for storage and they are less than the storage capacities I used before, I recommend to use this for blogs and use other free services for image hosting. The uptime they said is 99% on Free Hosting but I noticed more downtimes than other hosts I used. Premium Service is fantastic to use however.

The speed is a bit slow compared to other hosts and there is a box of advertisement on Websites on free hosting which can be annoying sometimes. The Website builder is good for new users, and the cpanel is also familiar to new users.

Visit Host Now →

Neil Venegas avatar
Neil Venegas crystreblerecords.com
Oct 10, 2015

I tried 000webhost for a few weeks and I was planning to try out the Live Media Share script with it, that being said, this plan obviously did not work very well and it was mostly just a failed experiment on my end. That experience aside, considering the fact that you get Free Hosting and many options for both building and uploading files to your website: it’s a pretty good alternative to paid hosting. While I wouldn’t personally recommend it for professional use, it can be very handy when you’re just starting out or just want to try out making your own website instead of using Weebly, Webs or subdomain hosting of that nature. Their support team was also very quick and helpful to respond to me when I had troubles.

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danish eqbal avatar
danish eqbal phptube.000webhostapp.com
Sep 28, 2018

000Webhost is Very good hosting for learner. where we can show our skills. it’s free.

and its support latest php. its support htaccess. and it is linux operated.

uptime is good enough. but only drawback is sleeptime which hybernate your website for 2 hour. but its on you to change the time of hybernation.

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Installing WordPress

Each free account comes with a control panel, which lets you edit your site without much technical knowledge.

It’s where you’ll:

  • Manage domains
  • View traffic levels
  • See how much space your site is using
  • Install WordPress so you can create a new WordPress site.
cpanel demo

You can also easily create sites using like Drupal, Joomla and other popular platforms.

No Technical Expertise Required

You don’t need to know how to set up databases or transfer files yourself to get a site up and running.

After WordPress is installed, you can add your choice of themes, plugins, and widgets.

Those who are technically inclined, will want to know that:

  • Free accounts are allowed two databases, without size limitations.
  • Management of the databases with phpMyAdmin is included.
  • You can use PHP to send out email automatically.

WordPress Limitations

The only real limitation that you face with WordPress on a free account is a potential space limitation.

You only have 1 GB of disk space, which is enough for a small free site, but if you publish a lot of pages or posts with large images, you can quickly reach that cap.

web hosting coupon

Looking for low-cost, powerful hosting?
Hostinger’s full-featured plans offer fast loading speeds. You can currently save up to 87% on Hostinger plans by using this special discount link.

Technical Support and Customer Service

While 000webhost doesn’t provide support to free users, it lets them post questions to a forum where other users may give helpful replies.

Community Forum

You can search the forum to see if there’s already an answer to your question.

The quality of the forum answers will vary. Older discussions may not reflect the current feature set of the site builder. Still, the forum is a good place to start.

If you’re willing to pay $0.80/month you’ll get fast hosting and more options.

Free vs. Premium Hosting: What’s the Difference?

While you’re working on your free site, you’ll see plenty of reminders that you could get more with a paid account.

The site is frank about the limitations of its free service.

Paid plans and contributions are what make the free sites possible.

So what are the main differences and are they worth the money?

Paid Plan Features

The paid plans — offered through parent company Hostinger — are still shared hosting plans, but with big extra features:

  • 10 times more disk space (let’s you store more files and create larger websites).
  • 10 times more bandwidth (supports more visitors). The top paid plan offers “unlimited” bandwidth.
  • More auto installer scripts (the paid plan supports other CMSs besides WordPress like Joomla and Drupal).
  • Weekly data backups
  • Access to an email account.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Free domain (on top paid plan, which is still cheap).
  • Private SSL certificates are available with paid accounts.

Free Plan Limitations

When you pay nothing, you don’t expect everything. Some omissions, though, could be serious concerns to many site owners.

No SSL on Free Plan

The most important absence is SSL support. This makes any site which accepts passwords or other confidential information a risky proposition.

With many people using unsecured Wi-Fi, interception of data is a very real danger. Running e-commerce without secure access would be a bad idea.

Monthly Backups

You need to remember to run backups periodically. The automatic monthly backup is just a safety net if you forget completely.

Points to Remember

  • If you’re running any sort of site for any reason other than learning purposes, you should at least get a cheap paid plan.
  • If you need more resources after that, or a faster website, you’ll need to migrate to hosts that focus more on performance over cost.

Pros and Cons

There are a number of positive and negative factors to using 000WebHost over rival hosting solutions.


Here are some of the advantages of using 000WebHost

  • It includes a free package
  • Ad-free hosting
  • Supports PHP and MySQL
  • User can place own ads on website


Here is a list of some of the disadvantages of using 000WebHost when compared with other hosting options.

  • Limited tech support
  • WordPress limitations
  • Earlier PHP versions on free accounts
  • No SSL support

Need More? Other Hosts to Consider

While 000webhost is a good place to start out, most website owners will eventually need something more powerful. Explore what InMotion Hosting offers in the way of low-cost plans.

Comparison Table: 000WebHost vs. Hostinger vs. InMotion Hosting

Here are the top ones I would consider and a comparison to 000WebHost:

Feature000WebHostHostingerInMotion Hosting



Up to Unlimited

Up to Unlimited
Bandwidth1gb / 10gbUp to UnlimitedUp to Unlimited
Free DomainNoYesYes
SupportNo / 24-724-724-7
  • Hostinger 000webhost is actually owned by Hostinger. So if you like 000webhost’s ease of use, visit Hostinger to explore paid plans. You’ll get more features, faster speed, and WordPress-optimized hosting.
  • InMotion Hosting Offers low cost shared hosting plans for WordPress that are much faster than 000webhost and support more visitors. Sites are still managed through cPanel. Their support team is available 24/7 and will help you migrate your site over. See our InMotion Hosting review for more.

Quick Overview

Here’s a wrap-up of what we’ve covered:

  • The resources you get on a free hosting plan are limited but adequate for a simple site, and being able to run PHP and MySQL is a strong positive for a free service, even if it isn’t always the latest version.
  • Realize that a site can temporarily go offline for exceeding limits, and accounts can be terminated without cause.
  • A free service must constantly cull spam accounts, and it’s easy to make a mistake. Files larger than 5 megabytes aren’t prohibited but may be deleted without notice if space is tight.
  • There have been security issues. In 2015, over 13 million passwords were stolen from 000webhost. Security experts concluded that the passwords had been stored as plain text, which is a substandard security practice.

web hosting deals

Not sure that a free plan will cut it?
Try a paid plan with Hostinger. Right now our readers can save 87% on Hostinger’s quality plans. See the deal.


If you’re willing to spend money on an account, there are better options.  Phone or email support is a necessity for a serious business, as is secure SSL access to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does 000Webhost offer free and premium web hosting packages?

    000Webhost is best known for their free web hosting plans, but also offers low-cost paid plans that have more disk space, more bandwidth, and live support.

  • Does 000webhost support WordPress?

    Yes, the free plan comes with an autoinstaller that makes it easy to install WordPress.

  • Does 000webhost support PHP?

    Yes, all their plans support PHP, but the PHP version can only be changed on paid plans.

  • Does 000webhost support Python?

    No 000webhost does not support Python.

  • Is 000webhost safe?

    When building and hosting a website, the safety of your data and that of your users is a valid concern. 000webhost did experience a data breach in 2015, in which hackers gained access to users’ passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and more. In response, 000webhost began using encrypted connections and email validation for client log-ins, and updated to more secure software for support forums. There have been no further data breaches since, and 000webhost customer’s report being satisfied with the company’s security.

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December 29, 2019

Is it free for lifetime ?


For specific time ?


Sandip Kalsariya

January 8, 2020

Does 000webhost support ASP.Net ?

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