1&1: Is This German Powerhouse A Winner Or An Expensive Mistake?

Find Out If 1&1 Hosting Is Right for You

This article will introduce you to the 1&1 IONIS web hosting services and help you to decide if it is the right host for your website.

Web Host Review 1&1

About 1&1

1&1 offers all kinds of hosting, but it is especially useful for low-cost hosting.

Low-Cost Hosting

If you’re looking for web hosting with extremely low prices and rich features, 1&1 should be at the top of your list.

New Website Creator

Perfect for the new website creator, 1&1’s hosting grows with you thanks to their new scalable shared servers.

Availility to Scale Up

They give you the power to increase your server resources instantly, whenever you want.

Like when you write that blog post that goes viral.

Hosting Made Easy

Plus, the 1&1 control panel is designed for those of you who are less experienced in web hosting. Meaning simple and painless hosting management for any user.

On the other hand, developers may miss out on some features with this simple design. (For more information, check out our control panel sneak peek below!)

Startup Features

Starting a website for the first time? You’ll find everything you need from 1&1, including…

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Site creation
  • Security necessities
  • Technical support.

Want to find out if 1&1 is right for your web project? This web hosting review will help you make your decision.

1&1 IONOS Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 325 Reviews by 1&1 IONOS Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Colton Colcleasure avatar
Colton Colcleasure zoeyb.com
May 08, 2014

Setup was very easy with 1&1. The price was right, as well. Furthermore; 1&1 has every feature that you could possibly need in a simple web hosting provider.

Unfortunately, after choosing to sign up with 1&1 instead of GoDaddy (my first time ever leaving GoDaddy), I found out that it will take days for me to be able to use my service because the domain isn’t instant. I called support and although the representative was very fluent in English and nice, all he could tell me was that the domain setup is in progress… exactly what it says in my control panel.

It only took a couple minutes to get connected to support, so that was positive. But this whole domain name waiting game turns me off of 1&1 already, within my first couple hours of being a customer. I always had instant domains and access to everything with GoDaddy.

This will most likely be the only domain I ever buy from 1&1. When I need a domain and decide to buy it, I’m ready to put it to work right then, not days later.

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Allan Revich avatar
Allan Revich blogsmeanbusiness.com
Jun 16, 2016

I have used 1&1 for web hosting for many years. They host 20 Domains for me, and are the registrar for about 14 of them. About half of my sites are WordPress, and of those most were installed using 1&1’s Web Apps installer, the others were uploaded and configured manually.

Uptime and reliability has been outstanding. Their pricing is very competitive, and when new pricing models were introduced, they always moved my package to new plans with no hassle and no extra charges. When support was needed it was always provided quickly.

Like many companies today, the first-line support people are not always able to deal with complicated technical issues, but when this was the case, my issue was always escalated and dealt with perfectly. I’m writing this review mostly because I find all the negative reviews of this company hard to believe. Over the years I have actually accomplished all of the so-called problem tasks, with zero problems.

I have cancelled domain. Cancelled entire packages (full refund). Moved domains from one package to another.

I suspect that because 1&1 advertises heavily to people new to hosting their own websites, many people are writing reviews, before they have any understanding whatsoever of the technical aspects of hosting a website. If you are complete noob, and you are reading my review, do yourself a huge favor, and read up on how to manage a website Before you sign up with Anyone! It isn’t that hard, but it definitely requires a basic understanding of how hosting works.

The only negative in my own experience has been the very limited customization options for Managed WordPress Hosting. The limited number of themes and plugins available make Managed WordPress almost useless. On the other hand, their unmanaged WordPress hosting is fantastic. Of course, an unmanaged WordPress installation means you need to log in to your blog often enough to make sure your theme and plug-ins are up to date.

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Ani Ahmetaj avatar
Ani Ahmetaj inai.eu
Jun 03, 2014

I have hosted a lot of websites with different web hosting companies, the last one was with 1and1 where I also got one domain from them (for another website hosted in one of my VPSs). It is a good service but not the best you can find. Compared to HostGator 1and1 support is no good.

I called their toll free number and they hang up on me after I made the question (only the first time, when I called later everything went ok) but after the second call I had another opinion on their support, their phone support was not the best, but better than most (I have experience with hosting providers that made me wait 30minutes to answer my call). The hosting plans are good since they offer 100GB web hosting for only 0.99$ the first year and 5.99$ after the first year. They also provide "Unlimited" web hosting but I have the 100GB plan and even the "Unlimited" plan will not offer me 100GB.

It is impossible to get unlimited disk space so be sure to read the TOS when ordering. They had a 90days money back guarantee but it doesn’t cover everything. When you want to change plans they have a messy procedure (that’s why I stayed with the 100GB plan and didn’t get another – I wanted another plan to get more features) and if you mess things up you will end up paying more than the webhosting cost for 1 year just because of some mistake.

When you send them an email you get this :"Thank you for your recent e-mail. We expect to answer your email within the next 12 to 24 hours." And trust me, they do take that much time. That’s why I would recommend phone support (use Skype if you are in an area with no toll free support) over email support when you get in trouble and need help.

I would recommend you to get hosting from 1and1 if you are making a small or medium website and I would also recommend the 100GB package over the others. Also note that they don’t use cpanel. So if you want to take all your stats from, let’s say awstats, and transfert them to them, you can’t (orif you are a hostgator customer and want to transfer your website thought backups) . They have their own panel that is good if you start a new website but that is not cPanel.

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Amy Letts avatar
Amy Letts amuletts.com
Mar 01, 2018

It seemed like a good place to register domain names at a low price but I found I was paying a lot every few months for ‘added extras’ that could not be removed without deleting the entire account. They made me leave them. My domain name cost £8.

Their ‘added extras’ cost £57. I was shocked.

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William Hunt avatar
William Hunt htmlglobal.com
Apr 09, 2017

1&1’s support is absolutely awful. I spent an hour on the phone with a CSR that clearly did not understand how DNS works. I have been doing this for 20 years at this point and fully understand how to write zone files and configure DNS.

I asked to speak to a supervisor who also didn’t understand, apparently no one there understands how anything works they can only follow a script. While on the phone a "subdomain" got "deleted" from the zone and they had no way of putting it back for 24-48 hours causing downtime. We finally gave up and changed the DNS to a Google Cloud instance and they won’t release the cache for 48 hours for that to update either.

This is totally and completely unacceptable, they don’t seem to care and I have never experienced a host or registrar that can’t update a DNS record on their own end within minutes. No one should be using this service.

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John Cowley avatar
John Cowley
Apr 02, 2017

I can only say that my experience with 1&1 was a complete nightmare! I had a problem with them debiting my account with something that I had not purchased. Spoke to then on the phone, via email and was told everything would be sorted out in the next 14 days, nothing was ever sorted out!

In the end I had to go through the Credit Card Company to get refunded, which in fact took months, and lots of information being sent to the Credit Card Company. If you want lots and lots of hassle, they put your website with 1&1. My advice is to leave well alone! You have been warned!

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rek elk avatar
rek elk farwall.com
Feb 03, 2017

I have used more than 8 hosting companies, shared and vps, however 1and1 is the worst among them whether it was a shared server or a vps because I used both. So careful guys go google and just check how people are always having troubles with emails getting sent from forms, it is super painful. They also claim that their vps is default, however many ports were blocked, while a default server doesn’t have these ports blocked, it is just super messy there is nothing you can do but bang your head against the walls, in simple words if I could I would sue them for the brain damage this hosting cause me.

The chat support barely know anything and they can not help and they will ask you to make a phone call or request one, then you call and the so-called expert is supposed to help you but guess what? he will just send you videos from youtube for newbies. Also once I talked to one of the support and he was super rude to me, I couldn’t help it but tell him thanks and bye, they really are not helpful at all. So be careful guys this host is not worth the headache or money at all.

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Maor Boublil avatar
Maor Boublil maorboublil.ml
Jul 19, 2018

I’ve had a domain and hosting from this site for about 1 year. I would like to say that my site Suffered a LOT of downtime, and when I contacted support they gave me a coupon
for a discount on hosting for a month. I Don’t Reccomend them, and if you already paid, contact support to get your money back asap!

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cyril Tudu avatar
cyril Tudu cyrilized.ml
Mar 24, 2018

1 & 1 has been an excellent domain service provider so far. In my experience it is one of the top ranking domain registrar. The support has been always quick and excellent with quality customer service.

They even provide you free .com domain for 1 year. Mail.com is also powered by 1&1 which is a free email service and I am thankful to 1&1 for such a professionalism.

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Sarthak Narain avatar
Sarthak Narain ghpindia.com
Jun 21, 2018

I started using 1&1’s web hosting service a year ago and I feel that they are a reliable hosting service and that they have great customer support (though I know some people may disagree) but they also pull a lot of sleezy antics. I have been hosting my business’s website on 1&1 for a year now, I opted for a ‘Managed WP Hosting’ package because I wanted to run a WP based website for my HR Consulting company. The Good:
To this day, I haven’t had any issues with the uptime of the website, it has never been DDoSed.

The only slight issue I faced was that I was having trouble setting up SSL for my website but the customer service on twitter were happy to help me. The pricing of the hosting (for the first year) was another good point about the hosting, the free SSL certificate and the domain was just a cherry on top. The bad:
I had a lot of trouble making backups of email addresses that I had set up on the service.

Another problem I had was that when I transferred my domain from one contract to another, without my knowledge it’s auto-renew function had been turned on. The worst part about this was that I found out about the change when the domain was domain was due to expire less than 24 hours later (ergo due to billing regulations I wouldn’t have been able to turn off auto renew) but again, 1&1’s Twitter help come to my rescue and cancelled auto renew for me.

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Scalable Shared Web Hosting Contracts for Customizable Power

When it comes to web hosting, 1&1 really simplifies your options for you.

All you have to do is decide if you want shared hosting, WordPress hosting, or managed cloud hosting.

Beyond Shared Hosting

They also have unmanaged cloud servers, VPS, and dedicated server options for those of you seeking more power and control.

Simplified Hosting Plans

If you1re going with their cheapest hosting on 1&11s shared host package, then you1ll just have to pick between three pricing tiers.

1&1's pricing tiers
1&1’s pricing tiers, via WhoIsHostingThis.

What’s Included in the Ultimate Pro Plan

Their highest-priced tier, the Unlimited Pro Contract, will provide the best performance for resource-intensive web projects. With this contract, you1ll get:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited databases as long as they fit on the 1GB SSD
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • One free domain for your first 12 months
  • An SSL certificate
  • CDN from Railgun
  • SiteLock Basic.

What’s a Hybrid Drive?

This host plan will provide you with some really fast page load speeds thanks to 1&11s hybrid technology and solid-state drives.

Hybrid technology refers to both web server and website storage being kept in the same hardware. This optimizes performance by reducing processing time for the server components.

1&1’s Game-Changer: On-Demand Scaling

You1ll also be able to scale your performance at any time from your control panel. Usually, this is only available on cloud hosting plans or VPS servers.

But 1&1 is changing the game by offering scalability on shared platforms.

How to Change Your 1&1 Hosting Performance Level

  1. Log into your 1&1 control panel.
  2. Click Performance Level from the left sidebar.
  3. Here you1ll see your current performance levels and a bar graph displaying how your website pages are loading at this level.
  4. If you need to upgrade your performance, simply scroll down to the next section on this page.
  5. Select a higher performance level. You1ll see the associated price increase per month for each level.
  6. Click Purchase and Activate, and you1re good to go!

Check your current performance level
Check your current performance level, via WhoIsHostingThis.

How to upscale your site's performance
How to upscale your site’s performance, via WhoIsHostingThis.

1&1’s Many Features and What They Mean for Your Website

1&1 offers many features that will help your website:

Feature Description
HTTP/2 Data encryption with faster transfer rates
Gzip Reduce data transfer by up to 70% for faster load times
CDN Distribute website content to servers around the world for faster global load times
SiteLock Protect your site from malware and other hacker threats
SSL certificate Ensure a safe exchange of information between visitors and your website
DDoS protection Guards against massive, targeted attacks

Endless Help Resources and Round-The-Clock Support

Any account holder can contact 1&1 customer support with a simple phone call, 24/7. You can also opt to contact the support team from your control panel if you prefer to receive online help.

1&1's support channels
1&1’s support channels, via WhoIsHostingThis.

If you’d rather find help on your own, you’ll love 1&11s Help Center.

They1ve organized it very nicely, with the most popular topics highly visible. You can search for your own help topics or narrow your questions using their simple categorization.

There1s even a 1&1 Cloud Community where you can find:

  • News
  • Updates
  • Tutorials
  • Or ask questions to other 1&1 users.
PROTIP: Any 1&1 customer can take advantage of phoning Customer Support, around the clock, regardless of how much your plan costs.

Behind the Scenes

When I logged into the 1&1 control panel for the first time, I was struck by the number of advertisements and upsells you are confronted by.

The ads muddle up the appearance of the control panel and make it more difficult to find the features you need to access.

1&1's dashboard
1&1’s dashboard, via WhoIsHostingThis.

If you1re used to using cPanel, the 1&1 control panel may take some getting used to.

You can tell that the panel is designed for people inexperienced in web hosting. Instead of making developer features prominent, it emphasizes features that the new website owner may want to take advantage of.

1&1's control panel
1&1’s control panel, via WhoIsHostingThis.

What You Can Do From the 1&1 Control Panel

Some of the main things you1ll be able to do from the 1&1 control panel are:

  • Activate SSL certificates easily
  • Set up Microsoft Office and Mail
  • Use 1&1 Ranking Coach to analyze your website for search optimization
  • View account settings and information
  • Access FTP and MySQL databases
  • Scale your bandwidth with one click.

Get Online Quickly with MyWebsite Site Builder

If you pay for the 1&1 MyWebsite site builder as well, you can also access this from your control panel.

1&1's MyWebsite site builder
1&1’s MyWebsite site builder, via WhoIsHostingThis.

When you create a website for the first time, you’ll be brought through a beautiful onboarding process.

You1ll be asked to choose a template out of many industry-specific designs. Once you1ve got a template, you can drag-and-drop elements onto it and move things around wherever you like.

For example, you can customize your site with…

  • Content
  • Images
  • Pages
  • Widgets
  • Your own photos or choose from 1&11s free photos.

If You Like 1&1, Check out These Hosts Too

If you like 1&1 but you just aren’t sure, here are some similar hosts that are worth taking a look at.


GoDaddy Datacenter, via WhoIsHostiThis.com
GoDaddy Datacenter, via WhoIsHostiThis.com

Like 1&1, GoDaddy also has some budget hosting options and includes on-demand resource scaling.

The difference is that Godaddy uses the popular cPanel control panel. This may allow you higher power and flexibility over your hosting than you1ll get with 1&11s custom control panel.


Bluehost Lost Cost and Comparison, via WhoIsHostingThis.com
Bluehost Lost Cost and Comparison, via WhoIsHostingThis.com

If it1s ultra-cheap shared hosting you like, take a look at Bluehost as well.

The company has some very competitive prices, but they also include SiteBackup Pro with some of their plans. This allows for automatic daily backups and simple site recovery in the event of data loss.

FAQs About 1&1

Here are some common questions about 1&1’s hosting:

1&11s Unlimited Storage Really Unlimited?

1&11s hosting packages that specify unlimited storage space will give you an initial amount of 50GB of storage space.

This initial available capacity is checked on a daily basis. If your usage approaches the limits of 50GB, then 1&1 will increase your available web space automatically by 20GB1s per day.

You will not be charged extra for this increase. However, 1&1 may move your website to a server that is more suitable for your disk usage. Moving your website may result in an outage for the period of the move.

A similar protocol is in place for unlimited e-mail space.

Can 1&1 Guarantee Server Resources on a Shared Hosting Contract?

Yes, when you make your choice of shared hosting contract, you can view the guaranteed bandwidth resources you’ll receive.

Additionally, you can also see the amount of bandwidth you can scale up to if you need additional power to handle more website visitors.

1&1's bandwidth guarantee
1&1’s bandwidth guarantee, via WhoIsHostingThis.

Does 1&1 Guarantee The Accessibility of Your Website Backups?

No. The company states that you are responsible for backing up your data to your own computer. 1&1 does not guarantee that the data you back up using their backup service will be retrievable.

It1s recommended that you backup your website data to your own computer or another secure location so you can retrieve it in the event of data loss.

What is 1&11s Uptime Guarantee?

1&1 has an amazing uptime guarantee of 99.99% thanks to their geo-redundant servers. You can receive a web hosting credit if 1&1 fails to provide this level of uptime for you.

This does not include downtime caused by:

  • You
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Interruptions to only e-mail or FTP access
  • Causes beyond the control of 1&1.

More Questions?

See below for more frequently asked questions and answers!

Uptime and Response Time

Not available yet.

1&1 Quick Overview

Here is a handy overview of 1&1 hosting that you can use when comparing it to other hosts.


  • 1&1 has some of the cheapest web hosting options around which makes it great for beginners
  • The web hosting company uses geo-redundancy on all hosting contracts (even shared host packages)
  • 1&1 is a really god web host option for growing websites because of their scalable performance features on all web hosting plans.

Migration Policy

1&1 does not provide full website migration services. But, they do provide a step-by-step guide which will walk you through the process of initiating a transfer.

You will be prompted to pay a small additional fee for the 1&1 team to complete the transfer for you.

Quality of Support Material


Control Panel

1&1 provides their very own, custom control panel for managing your hosting environment.


1&1 has seven datacenters in Europe and the USA. However, you won’t be able to choose your datacenter with a shared hosting plan.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can cancel your 1&1 hosting plan within your first 30 days for a 100% money-back guarantee.

Just call customer care and they’ll refund you, no questions asked.

1&1’s Lowest Priced Plan

$0.99/month for your first 12 months.

Backup Policy

1&1 allows you to create restore points for backups of 6 days of data which you can restore to at any time.

You can also backup your MySQL databases manually from your control panel or by using SSH, but this is not super user-friendly.

Site Builder Included?

1&1’s normal web hosting contract does not include access to their site builder.

But, they offer their own 1&1 MyWebsite site builder at an additional cost.

PCI Compliance

Yes, only on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers that have been customized to be PCI compliant. You will not be able to process credit cards on shared hosting packages and managed server plans.

Pros and Cons of 1&1

Like all hosts 1&1 has its good and bad aspects. I’ve listed the main ones here.

1&1 Pros

  • 1&1 has some amazing budget prices which makes it a risk-free solution to anyone starting a small personal website
  • The company’s web hosting contracts are all scaleable, which is rare on shared servers.

1&1 Cons

  • The 1&1 control panel is a little bit difficult to navigate. Though, it does provide all the features necessary for anyone on a hosting contract.
  • 1&1’s lack of automatic daily website backups may be a dealbreaker for folks with mission-critical projects.

Final Thoughts About 1&1 Hosting

I had a mostly positive experience with 1&1 Hosting. I’d recommend it if you’re starting a website for the first time or launching a new business venture.

It’s optimal for beginners and those who expect growing data needs. If you pay a bit extra, the MyWebsite site builder makes your life even easier.

However, if you’re a developer, 1&1 may not offer all the features you need – especially daily backups. In this case, you might want to look at GoDaddy or Bluehost instead.

Most Popular 1&1 IONOS Hosting Plans

Unlimited Windows Unlimited Managed WP Basic
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $0.99 / mo $0.99 / mo $0.99 / mo
Visit 1&1 IONOS Visit 1&1 IONOS Visit 1&1 IONOS
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Unlimited Plus
Unlimited Unlimited $4.99 / mo Visit Host
Windows Unlimited Plus
Unlimited Unlimited $4.99 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS M
50GB Unlimited $4.99 / mo Visit Host
Managed WP Plus
250GB Unlimited $5.99 / mo Visit Host
Unlimited Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $8.99 / mo Visit Host
Windows Unlimited Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $8.99 / mo Visit Host
Managed WP Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited $10.99 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS L
150GB Unlimited $16.66 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS XL
300GB Unlimited $19.99 / mo Visit Host
Linux Dedicated Server A8i
1000GB Unlimited $59.99 / mo Visit Host
Windows Dedicated Server A8i Windows
1000MB Unlimited $88.99 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

1&1 IONIS Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is 1&1 located?

    1&1 is a global company. It has offices in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Poland, Canada, Italy and Mexico. 1&1’s US headquarters are located in Chesterbrook, PA.

  • Does 1&1 offer Windows hosting?

    Yes. 1&1 provides a mixture of Windows and Linux hosting.

  • Does 1&1 offer managed hosting?

    Yes. Its cloud hosting is fully managed.

  • Does 1&1 offer VPS hosting?

    Yes. Its virtual private servers are provisioned using the cloud using VMWare virtualization technology.

  • Is an uptime guarantee provided?

    1&1 provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If uptime falls below this figure, you can request a credit proportional to the downtime you’ve experienced.

  • Can I host multiple sites or domains on my account?

    Yes. You can host unlimited websites on most general purpose 1&1 plans, but the number of databases may be limited, so this may affect the number of sites you can create.

    Its Managed WordPress plans are more restrictive; the cheaper plans limit customers to 1 or 5 instances.

  • What support options are provided?

    24/7 technical support is available via phone, live chat and email. 1&1 also offers GoToAssist, a form of remote assistance. If you want to use GoToAssist, you’ll need to install software on your computer and allow a 1&1 technician to control it.

  • What languages are technical support available in?

    Technical support is provided in English.

  • Where are the 1&1 data centers located?

    The company’s US data center is located in Lenexa, KS.

    The facility is a green facility and has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Partner.

    The data center includes backup generators, multiple hard drives, dual routers, cooling systems and gel battery power banks to provide redundancy to the 40,000 high-end servers.

    In the event the grid is down, five 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems.

    It utilizes data center facilities in 9 other countries, including the UK, Germany and Spain.

  • Can I get my money back if I don’t like the service?

    1&1 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, although not all cloud hosting is eligible.

  • Are one-click installers available?

    Linux hosting plans come with Click&Build, a one-click installer package with more than 120 scripts and web apps. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, TYPO3, phpBB and Moodle are included.

  • How do I migrate my existing website to 1&1?

    You will need to transfer your site yourself. 1&1 will not transfer your website from your old host for free. 

  • What payment options are supported?

    1&1 accepts payment using credit card or PayPal.

  • What is the minimum contract term?

    The minimum term is one month on most plans.

  • What is 1&1’s backup policy?

    1&1 has a paid backup service called 1&1 Professional Backup. Free backups are provided for WordPress plans, but backups are only taken once a month.

  • What control panel will I be given?

    Most plans come with 1&1’s own control panel. cPanel is provided only on cloud hosting plans, while Windows customers are provided with Plesk.

  • What development languages does 1&1 support?

    Amongst others: PHP, Perl, Python, CGI, ASP and ASP.NET.

  • Is 1&1 suitable for e-commerce websites?

    Yes. 1&1 has hosting plans tailored specifically for e-commerce websites, and offers e-commerce scripts and applications as part of its Click&Build package. It also sells SSL certificates.

  • Can I use 1&1 for image hosting and galleries?

    Yes. 1&1 offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth, and there are several photo gallery scripts in its Click&Build one-click installer package. Providing you don’t offer large files for download, there should be no issue.

  • Does 1&1 offer a CDN?

    Yes. 1&1 offers CloudFlare free with some hosting packages, including managed WordPress hosting. It comes with Mirage and Railgun. A pro CDN Plus package is also available.

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