Adobe Spark Review: Create a Website For Free. We Find Out If It's Worth It.

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Our Verdict: Outstanding Choice For Visual Design Software

Adobe Spark is a web application that makes it easy for anyone to create impressive social media graphics, promotional videos, and single-page websites. You get 3 apps in one: Spark Post, Spark Video, and Spark Pages.

Sign up today and you can be creating designs in minutes.


  • Comes with desktop version and mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Creative Cloud membership not required
  • Intuitive: almost zero learning curve


  • No e-commerce options for web pages
  • Video length limited to 30 seconds

Is Adobe Spark the Right Graphics Solution For You?

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Adobe specializes in visual design and marketing software. But most of their products are aimed at professionals and have steep learning curves.

That's not the case with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use online tool that allows non-designers to create professional quality graphics, short promotional videos, and impressive single-page web "stories."

For those looking for a beginner-level tool that produces beautiful visuals, Adobe Spark might be the right fit.

Those who need a multi-page website, or a single-page website on a custom domain, will want to choose a different option.

Adobe claims that anyone can use Spark to create impactful content in just minutes. Is that true?

I've used all of the Spark products - both professionally and for my own personal use - and here's what I found out.

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a web-based application that provides 3 tools: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. Each tool has its own mobile app, so you can create on the go with your smartphone if you like.

Spark is easy for beginners and non-designers to use.

  • Spark Page, for the creation of one-page websites where all of the content is accessible via scrolling. This app grew out of Adobe Slate, a text and photo-based story app for the iPad.

  • Spark Post, for the creation of graphics feature texts and photos and overlaid with design filters (a la Instagram).

  • Spark Video, for the creation of simple animated videos - you can edit your videos, add images and icons, user voiceovers, add music background tracks, and more. Its origins are with Adobe Voice, a video animation app for the iPad launched by Adobe in 2014.

Video: A short glimpse of Spark features.

Web-Based App Plus Mobile Apps

Adobe Spark is a suite of apps. You can use the web-based app on a desktop or tablet.

Three iOS Mobile Apps

There are also 3 mobile apps.

On iOS devices, such as iPhones, you can access the three apps individually (Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Post, and Adobe Spark Video).

One Android App

If you're on a device running Android, you can use Adobe Spark Post app.

adobe spark homepage

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Adobe Spark Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 1 Reviews by Adobe Spark Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Renee Jenkins avatar
Renee Jenkins
Jun 26, 2018

Adobe Spark definitely Rocks (Pinky and index finger pointed up high with the proverbial head nod ensuing)! Firstly, it's really user friendly. While many apps claim the aforementioned, Adobe Spark makes creating, uploading, sharing,and copying a breeze.

Further, Editing content is simplified and you can store content easily for now or later posting/publishing. In final thought, it makes you feel like an expert! In a world of multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, it is easy for a small business owner/entrepreneur to create eye catching tech-based content.

Adobe Spark alleviates this worry and literally in minutes; can allow you to display the creativeness that can lead to increased revenue. I love it!

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What Can You Do with Adobe Spark?

We've mentioned that Adobe Spark is geared toward the creation of websites, graphics, and animated videos. Let's take a closer look at each of these.

Creating with Spark Post

Adobe Spark makes it easy to create websites, graphics, and animated videos.

Post allows you to create custom graphics for use on websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

This is an easy way to create professional-quality images with or without text overlay.

Creating with Spark Video

Spark Video enables you to quickly create simple promotional videos. You supply images and text.

You can also use images provided by Spark. And you can choose a background music track in Spark.

Creating with Spark Page

Most people today are accessing the internet using a mobile device, so creating a single-page website where all of its content can be accessed by scrolling is a smart decision.

Video: A glimpse of how Adobe Spark Page works.

This type of website is also popular with some startups, product launches, and events. However, you cannot use a custom domain with Adobe Spark so commercial uses seem limited.

Adobe is rolling out some new features and updates however this year (2019) so soon we'll know whether custom domains will be offered. Spark Page makes it easy to produce a website that's visually impressive, quickly. You can also use your finished project as a presentation.

Overview: Projects You Can Use Spark For

Here's a simple overview table of what you can do with Adobe Spark. However, this is not a comprehensive list. I recommend you check out the Adobe Spark website to find additional uses.

Graphics (Spark Post)Websites (Spark Page)Videos (Spark Video)
Social media bannersPresentationsEvent announcements
Images for postsTravel journalPromo videos
Product imagesHistory storiesDIY classroom projects
PostcardsReal estate salesSales videos
BrochuresArt presentationsProduct feature videos
FlyersEvent reportsHow-to videos
Event banners for social mediaPhotography sitesFacebook ads
Instagram and Facebook adsPortfoliosTestimonials

Getting Started with Adobe Spark

Adobe has made it easy for you to get started with Spark. You can sign up for a new Adobe Spark account using your Google, Facebook, or Adobe ID credentials, as well as an email/password combo.

Once you're signed up and logged in (total time required: less than three minutes), you're ready to start creating.

Adobe Spark Page

Spark Pages' name refers to the term "magazine page" - Adobe Spark's origins was to help users create digital equivalents to magazine pages: visually beautiful with lush, immersive layouts.

Spark also refers to a page as a "story," since (ideally) all of your text and images combine to create a cohesive story for the viewer.

adobe spark page interface
This is the Adobe Spark page interface.

Adding Content

You begin the page creation process by providing

  • A title

  • Subtitle

  • A header image.

You can then add additional sections to your page.

Each section can include things like photos, texts, buttons, videos, and photo grids. You can also animate your images or split a section into subsections.

adobe spark page example
I created this top area of a web page in seconds. Spark Page is impressively easy to use.

Design and Display Options

If you need help designing your page, you can opt to start with a predesigned theme, rather than selecting options on an ad hoc, individual basis.

You can, at any time, toggle over to a live preview of what you've created. When you're done, you can share with ease.

Note that, unless you've opted for a premium subscription, your page will display the Adobe Spark logo.

adobe spark page interface
The process of adding content makes it easy to create stories. The focus is on images.

Adding Images

With Spark, you have access to a large library of free Adobe photos. In keeping with their brand image, these photos are of excellent quality.

Uploading Your Own Photos

You can upload your own photos to a Spark project. You can upload directly from your device.

Or, you can use the convenient built-in integrations with:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Dropbox

  • Google Photos.

What About Hosting?

You don't need web hosting for your Adobe Spark Page: it's hosted by Adobe on Adobe servers. You'll get a URL to share when you're done.

That URL will begin with and be followed by several letters and numbers.

Domain Considerations

As of February 2019, Adobe Spark does not allow you to use a custom domain (ie, a domain of your choosing).

You can embed your final creation in another website page, but the final result will necessarily be narrowed down from the original wide-screen format.

Alternative Single-Page Site Builders

While Adobe Spark Page is well-regarded (the mobile version available on the App Store has an average rating of 4.5 stars with over 9,000 users providing a rating), it is not the only easy-to-use option when it comes to single-page websites.

Wix and Weebly both offer free plans with single-page templates, while WordPress offers single-page themes as well.

Starting with a template can speed up your image creation process.

Adobe Spark Post

Need custom images for social media? Spark Post makes creation of such images easy.


When working with Spark Post, you can choose a starting template based on your project (eg, business, crafts, infographic, food), and what platform you'll use to share your final product (Instagram, Instagram Story, Facebook, and so on).

Starting with a template can speed up your image creation process. You can just change the wording and the image and you're good to go. The templates are in keeping with Adobe's reputation for visual excellence.

adobe spark post template
This is an example of a "template" or pre-designed image. You click on the text to edit it. At right (see our red box) you can change the font via the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can start from scratch and build a Spark Post from the ground up. You simply need to:

  • Select the size of your final product

  • Upload your photos (or choose from the integrated stock image libraries - you have access to thousands of images from this source)

  • Add your brand

  • Overlay your text.

adobe spark post interface
The Spark Post interface is uncluttered and intuitive.

That's it - you're ready to share.

Unfortunately, Spark Post doesn't have any direct publishing features, but the tool does make it very easy to download the images you create for later uploading.

adobe spark post sharing
Adobe Spark Post offers an easy way to share a link to your image, but doesn't offer a way to publish to your social media accounts.

Other Social Media Graphics Tools

When it comes to social media image creation, you've probably heard of Spark Post's competitors, Canva and Pablo by Buffer.

You can't go wrong with any of these options, but in our opinion:

  • Canva offers you greater flexibility (while still being easy to use) and

  • Pablo by Buffer makes it easy to edit and share directly to the social network of your choice.

Adobe Spark Video

Creating videos can be complicated. Adobe Spark Video makes it easy to create a simple, short promotional video.

How to Create an Adobe Spark Video

To create an Adobe Spark Video:

  1. Provide an idea or a title for your video

  2. Pick a story template (or start from scratch)

  3. Create your video. You'll work on individual segments of the video, and for each segment, Spark Video prompts you for the appropriate content. You can record a voiceover, add text, choose an image or icon to display or upload a video clip.

Video: Spark Video automatically resizes your videos for sites like Instagram.

Other built-in features include the ability to adjust the video size, add captions, and set the title and text.

You can share videos via custom hyperlink or by downloading the video and uploading it to the site of your choice.

Video: I created this with Adobe Spark in a few minutes.

Resolution: Limited to 720px

The maximum resolution of your videos are 720 pixels, and while the quality isn't super great, it is sufficient for most user's purposes. In some cases, such as viewing on mobile devices, this might be a perk due to faster download times.

Be aware though that a 720px video viewed on, say, a MacBook Pro Retina screen, is going to lack that visual crispness that Apple users are accustomed to.

How Long Is an Adobe Spark Video?

Adobe Spark videos can be up to 30 seconds in length. Since they're designed to be promotional videos, the short length is appropriate.

How Much Does Adobe Spark Cost?

Adobe Spark is 100% free to use.

Video: A marketing student explains how she used Adobe Spark.

On paid plans, the Adobe Spark logo is removed from your projects.

However, there are premium features available to those with an Adobe Creative Cloud plan or by subscription.

Subscriptions to Spark are $9.99/month or $99.99 annually. (You can pay monthly or you can pay upfront for a year and receive a discount equivalent to two months' fees).

One premium feature is that with a paid subscription the Adobe Spark logo will be removed from your Adobe Spark Page website projects.

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to add your logo to any Spark project

  • The ability to use the exact colors and fonts to match your brand

  • Live phone and chat support

  • Make alterations to your brand in one place and have all your projects update simultaneously

  • Ready-to-go themes and templates that are matched to your brand's fonts and colors.

How is Adobe Spark Being Used in Education?

Adobe Spark has proven to be a popular teaching tool in the classroom, leading Adobe to create some educator-specific tutorials and videos.

Part of its popularity is that it's easy and intuitive to use.

Video: A teacher shares why she uses Adobe Spark.

Here are some ways Spark is being used in the classroom:

  • Learning the basics of creating a website

  • Class presentation projects (group or individual)

  • Reporting on field trips

  • Projects where students create a fictional business along with a website and promotional graphics

  • Interactive book and history reports

  • Newsletters for sports teams or classrooms

  • Creative writing projects

  • Spoken word stories using Adobe Spark Video

  • Creating class projects that can easily be shared with parents and friends outside the classroom.

adobe spark brochure
Step-by-step instructions: In the footer of the Adobe Spark homepage you'll find a long list of projects you can create. Clicking on one - such as "brochure" - will send you to a page like the one pictured, with simple instructions.

Creative Brainstorming: Examples of Spark Projects

Here's a list of projects you can complete easily thanks to instructions provided by Adobe Spark.

  1. Flyers

  2. Invitations

  3. Brochures

  4. Menus

  5. Posters

  6. Social media banners (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Tumblr)

  7. Cards - including postcards, greeting cards and business cards

  8. Newsletters

  9. Presentations

  10. Business collateral: letterheads, logos, press kits

  11. Coupons, name tags, gift tags

  12. Wedding programs

  13. Covers: album covers, book and magazine covers, Wattpad covers.


Adobe Spark is a powerful tool for creating single-page websites and social media content. If you want professional quality images, but you don't have the budget to pay a designer, Adobe Spark will fit the bill. Not sure? Spark is free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Edited by Sherrie Gossett and fact-checked by Frank Moraes.

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Adobe Spark Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Adobe Spark save automatically?
    Yes, Adobe Spark autosaves your changes so you don't have to worry about losing your edits. This is part of their focus on simplicity and ease of use.
  • Can you add fonts to Adobe Spark?

    Yes, you can add licensed fonts to Adobe Spark via the web app. First, click on "Manage brand," then click on the "Aa" box representing fonts, then click on the "+" sign underneath "Add additional fonts." After uploading, your fonts will be available on the 3 Spark mobile apps as well. You must be a premium user in order to upload fonts.

    add fonts to adobe spark
  • Can you print the content you create with Adobe Spark?
    Yes; if you're creating static images, you can easily print the content you create using the print feature located within the editor.
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Sherrie Gossett

July 24, 2019

I think it would be worth reviewing Adobe Portfolio as well. That’s a hosted solution too. Unlike Adobe Spark, it provides for multiple pages. I use it. It’s easy and quick to set up. Portfolio gets fairly high scores on Google Page Speed Insights (93 for mobile, 99 for desktop), but to improve your mobile Time to Interactive you’ll have to optimize your images. (I don’t think you can use Cloudinary or ImageKit with Portfolio, unfortunately.)



September 30, 2019

ADOBE SPARK IS HORRID. do NOT USE!!!! it glitches every 14 seconds and gives you very limited options for customization 1/10



February 23, 2020

THIS WEBSITE SUCKS. DO NOT USE IT. I’m working on a presentation for school and it is SO UNBELIEVABLY SLOWWWW. It’s crashed at least 20 times today, and takes forever to reload. There are very minimal choices for pictures, and the text takes forever to set up. I don’t know why, but it won’t copy down my citations. It will only do two. I COPIED ALL OF THEM, NOT TWO! Now, I don’t know how their other ones work, but save yourself time and money and DO NOT use the video presentation. Adobe Spark video presentation is TRASH. I’m sticking with Google Slides, and if you want to save yourself hours of frustration, you will too.

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