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Adobe Spark Introduction

Adobe Spark is a cross-platform web app containing a suite of content creation tools catering to people of all budgets and skill levels. Never compromising on functionality, design, or ease-of-use, Adobe Spark lets web and mobile users create and share stunning visual content across many platforms, including social media.

Providing business owners, students, bloggers, and marketers with a great way to create web graphics, video, and web pages for sharing their stories, Adobe Spark serves to stand in for or complement your website.

Perfect for non-designers, Adobe Spark lets you create content in minutes and share it instantly with your target audience, without needing to be a professional designer — though developers can make use of it, too.

Special Features

Adobe Spark is comprised of three separate apps that can work together or independently, depending on your needs. Though accessible for people with advanced skills, the ultimate goal of Adobe Spark is to give everyone the opportunity to share their stories, regardless of previous design experience.

In addition, each tool is simple to use and posts to social media platforms instantly. Being able to create a visually appealing story and share it quickly is one of the best ways to stay ahead of their competition.

Spark Post

Great for things like social media posts, inspirational quotes, memes, and announcements, Spark Post makes creating professional looking, visual graphics easy. And, if you are in need of a little inspiration, Adobe Spark suggests categories such as Brand Yourself, Promote Something, or Tell a Story, to get you started.

Editing tools that resemble Adobe’s popular Photoshop software are apparent in the post-making section. Change shapes, colors, fonts, spacing, opacity, and even alignments until you achieve your desired look. Plus, you can add images to complement your message.

In addition, if you want to post to a specific social media platform like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, Spark Post has templates that meet each platform’s layout specifications.

Lastly, if you prefer to create something fully customized, forego the templates and start a post from scratch. Once finished with your post, choose a category, publish it, create a shareable link, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or even through email. You can also choose to share it with the Adobe Spark community, thus expanding your brand’s reach even further.

Spark Page

Spark Page is a blogging tool focused on helping you create written content. Create magazine-style stories, online newsletters, photo albums, and more. All pages are fully responsive so any device or screen size will render your content perfectly.

Choose from a variety of professional themes and customize them to meet your needs with text, photos, and video. From there, create what Adobe Spark calls a Glideshow. Mimicking one-page websites, Glideshows showcase all of your content blocks, complete with any images and video you may have added, as users scroll down. You can link to external websites within this tool as well.

Additionally, choose an image focal point for users accessing your page on a small device, create an embed link for adding your Spark Posts to your official website (if you have one), and as always, share with the Adobe Spark community for increased brand exposure.

Spark Video

As a way to engage better on social media, garner a larger following, or just share stories in a unique way, Spark Video lets you choose a template or start from scratch, pick a theme, add multiple video clips, record your own voice, and even add music.

Preview your video at any point during the editing process and add text as well. From there, use the embed link and place it on your official website, share across social media or with fellow Adobe Spark users, and even send via email as part of your marketing campaign.

Support and Documentation

To get the most out of Adobe Spark, access the comprehensive knowledgebase and learn all about the creating and editing process. Plus, get help publishing and sharing your content, as well as find answers to general technical questions.

If you are new to designing, educate yourself by checking the updated blog. Get inspiration, learn new techniques, and find ways to work smarter using the Adobe Spark tools.

Lastly, find real-life examples of posts, pages, and videos created using Adobe Spark to see just how it can make a difference in your blogging, marketing, and brand exposure efforts.

Pricing Options

Adobe Spark is free at its most basic level and gives users all three Adobe Spark content creation tools, the ability to work on desktops or mobile devices, and syncing capability across all devices.

That said, there is also a premium plan available that takes your blogging and marketing efforts one step further. Replace Adobe’s logo with your own, receive access to more personalized brand templates, and even receive live phone and chat support.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Adobe Spark is an exceptional suite of web design tools helping those who haven’t had a lick of design experience create visually stunning content that can be shared with their target audience without an official website.

In addition, this useful set of web tools can complement your existing business website and make sharing information about your brand simple and fast.

Lastly, during a time where social media reigns supreme, and information changes minute to minute, utilizing a quick and easy set of tools such as Adobe Spark gives everyone the chance to instantly brand themselves and share information with their target audience on various social media platforms. And, for those lacking large marketing budgets, Adobe Spark offers an ideal marketing solution, whether you have an official business website or not.

Last updated: 2018-04-19

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