Arvixe In 2018: What Do Arvixe Client Reviews Say?

Arvixe Introduction

Arvixe is a web hosting company which offers a range of services from shared hosting through to dedicated hosting. It does not seem to specialize in just one area like many other companies do, preferring to keep its options open.

The company was formed in San Luis Obispo, USA in 2003. It is a privately held limited liability corporation and hosts a variety of websites from around the world, from personal sites through to sites for enterprise-sized businesses. Its mission is to serve as a complete hosting resource to clients and provide reliable and high-quality services and support.

Hosting Plans

Arvixe offers both Linux (CentOS) and ASP.Net (Windows) hosting for all of their hosting plans. Whilst they offer shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting, they do not yet offer a cloud hosting service.

Arvixe hosting plans are split into five classes, Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated.

  • The PersonalClass plan represents competitively-priced shared hosting. Customers can choose Linux hosting or pay slightly more for Windows hosting. These plans provide unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and up to 6 domains. The Windows hosting plan includes up to 6 dedicated application pools. The personal plans can also be upgraded to a Pro version, which allows for unlimited websites (and unlimited dedicated application pools for Windows hosting).
  • The BusinessClass plans are similar to the PersonalClass shared hosting plans, but include a dedicated IP. The servers are set up to contain fewer users on each server and therefore increase reliability and uptime.
  • Arvixe offers ResellerClass hosting plans based on the amount of disk space and bandwidth you need. Again, you can choose from Windows and Linux hosting and get up to 200 GB disk space, 2000 GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains.
  • The VPSClass Linux hosting plan offers 40 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1024 MB of dedicated memory, 2 cores and 2 IP addresses. You can upgrade to the pro version to get 80 GB of disk space, 2048 MB dedicated memory, 4 cores and up to 5 IP addresses.
  • The VPSClass Windows hosting plan comes with 40 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1536 MB of dedicated memory, 2 cores and 2 IP addresses, which can be upgraded to 80 GB of disk space, 3072 MB dedicated memory, 4 cores and 5 IP addresses.
  • The DedicatedClass hosting starts with a choice of single-processor or multi-processor servers. Each plan can then be customised to suit your individual business needs.

The plans also allow you to pay for additional services such as a dedicated IP address, Coldfusion (Windows) or MSSQL reporting service (Windows), depending on which plan you have signed up for.

Arvixe Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 400 Reviews by Arvixe Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Steve Ives avatar
Steve Ives
Mar 14, 2018

Been a customer for many years, and now I’m leaving. They used to be Great, but after a while you get stuck on old slow hardware, and their support is possibly the worst in the industry. I recently notified them that I intended to transfer my domains and hosting to a different vendor, and they Enabled domain privacy on all of my three domains to block the outbound transfer. Do yourself a favor, don’t go near them!

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Steve Winter avatar
Steve Winter
Apr 11, 2018

Arvixe used to be great but since they were purchased by another company they have really gone downhill. They even stopped honoring agreements. Arvixe is trash now.

I plan to look for an alternative. It is a shame to see a great company totally trashed by scum. The company that bought them has trashed several other companies.

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kim klopp avatar
kim klopp
Apr 15, 2018

there is no way to create a ticket by yourself except thru their chat system. All the chat agents based in India have little or no skills and no access to the system. They can fix nothing..arvixe…is a dead man walking…

avoid at all cost… else you will regret it.

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Softyoug Solutions avatar
Softyoug Solutions
Jul 24, 2018

Their support team has only one answer i.e No. Working server sudden down for an upgrade.
15 days my 90 websites down. Databases are restored 10 days old back up.

Upgraded Email services have no password change facility.
90% website smtp mail sending code stop working. because they only allow their email for sending email. so premium customer who is using gsuit won’t able to send email.

and their email has no guaranty to delivery because they are black listed on most of servers. Simply pathetic. Never buy this kind of hosting.

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Gregory Switzer avatar
Gregory Switzer
Jan 03, 2018

This site is catastrophic. Had a fully functioning website placed for about 1 year then overnight during systems/software upgrades my site was compromised and my database became corrupt. The site at first glance was visible then weird things began to happen not only to my site but to those who visited it.

Tech support…Success (not in the US and script reading is at it’s worst). Hard to retrieve backups and the list just goes on. Highly do not recommend this hosting service. The price is enticing but will Cost You headaches and unnecessary aggravation in the long run.

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Rodney Knaak avatar
Rodney Knaak
Apr 16, 2018

Arvixe used to have good customer service. I have been waiting now for nearly a week to get the hosting situation straightened out. The tech only responded once with a vague answer blaming me for their mistakes.

Stay away from this one!! They also have me with Windows nameservers on a Linux server.

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Galen Aoki avatar
Galen Aoki
Feb 28, 2017

Arvixe is a reasonable web hosting vendor if you know what you are doing. That is, they are bad if you know nothing and they are bad if you are so expert that you should yourself be a web hosting vendor. My experience is that their customer service could be better but is not that bad.

I had an experience where I paid an invoice but the service I paid for was not activated. When I called them, a lady answered the phone within about 3 minutes and was able to activate the service within about another 3 minutes. Of course I said that it was not her fault, but maybe they could think about activating services that are paid for.

She said that I had to turn on "auto-renewal". That is not her fault, but it is not a good reflection on the company. If they get the money, who cares whether auto-renewal is on or not, that is what I say.

But their current management thinks otherwise. In general, the web hosting is excellent. Good uptime, good response time, everything works. But you are dealing with a bargain provider so do not expect to be treated like royalty.

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Gordon Kushner avatar
Gordon Kushner
May 16, 2016

I was a happy GoDaddy customer. But a friend recommended Arvixe because of the great price for multiple websites. I currently host five sites on Arvixe.

The ASP.NET/SQL Server platform is perfect for the web sites I create. I like that the CLR and database versions are very close to current. The only issues I’ve had in five years was a brief problem with the domains not resolving.

It took about 20 minutes for support to find the problem and they fixed it promptly. I have occasional problems deleting a database, but support tickets get it cleared up quickly.

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Xavier MadMax avatar
Xavier MadMax
Apr 18, 2016

Five/six years ago Arvixe was a very nice service, from the last years has been falling down, very poor service, many hardware problems, many downtimes… It’s very unpleasant to be waiting for a support ticket more that 48h !! Arvixe has been, and seems that will not be. I’m migrating to another provider.

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Jamie Waese avatar
Jamie Waese
Mar 21, 2016

Arvixe used to be great. I was with them for about ten years and was generally impressed with their prices, uptime, and friendly service. About year ago, the uptime started to drop, and their service became Extremely slow.

It would take several days to respond to a help request, and that was just for a "Please send more information"-type of notice. Often they would send incorrect information and/or advise. It would take up to two weeks to actually fix a problem, which was usually something going wrong at their end.

They send a lot of survey requests to ask how they’re doing. But they don’t respond to negative feedback, and they make no effort to improve.

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Like many other web hosting companies, Arvixe offers a 99.9% site uptime guarantee, and it will refund you if the guarantee is broken in any given month. It also offers a 100% uptime guarantee for dedicated servers with pro-rata refund for any downtime. The Arvixe datacenters are located in Dallas and Houston. Each has a fully redundant power supply with backup generators and a UPS power control system. The datacenters are monitored 24/7 from the network operations center with state of the art monitoring systems. Both datacenters have Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 Type II certification. Servers are backed up daily and weekly for PersonalClass and ResellerClass accounts. For BusinessClass and EcommerceClass accounts, they are backed up hourly, daily and weekly. The backups are primarily for Arvixe in the event of a server going down. Arvixe advises customers to regularly backup their own data, but backups are made available to customers wherever possible.


Arvixe customers have access to 24/7/365 in-house US based phone support, live chat and email support. They can also discuss issues on a customer forum and have access to raise support tickets on the Arvixe help desk. The help desk software also provides access to a knowledge base and a news feed which Arvixe keep up-to-date with news articles and videos about the company. The Arvixe blog is very active and provides regular ‘how to’ articles as well as other bits and pieces of information. The Facebook page is not very active, but the Arvixe Twitter account is busy and the team promptly replies to customer queries. Staff post out regular tweets to news stories and useful blog posts. All in all, the Arvixe support service seems to be very proactive in getting information to customers on a regular basis.

Arvixe Control Panel

Arvixe provide cPanel with all of their Linux based web hosting plans. Resellers, VPS and dedicated server Linux based hosting customers also get WHM control panel. Both are fairly standard and will be familiar to experienced users. For Windows hosting, they use Plesk.


  • Arvixe offers a free domain name for life when you sign up; it will continue to renew your domain name whilst you are still paying for web hosting. If you move to another hosting company, you need to start paying for the domain name and transfer it away if you wish to.
  • Customers who have signed up for Linux hosting get RVSiteBuilder, as well as Fantastico and Softaculous one-click script installers. These support Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Zend and more.
  • Arvixe will transfer your website for no additional cost when you sign up. It also offers extra discounts for customers who purchase additional hosting accounts and a discount for linking to them from your own web site.
  • Finally, there’s an affiliates programme which gives rewards for customers you successfully refer.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Arvixe provides a commendable 60 day money-back guarantee, which is relatively generous for web hosting. Refunds do not include domain names, SSL certificates, dedicated servers and marketing accounts. Customers can cancel their account by emailing the sales department.


Arvixe stands up well when compared to most other web hosting companies. The sheer range of hosting types put them in a prime position and allows for easy upgrades as businesses grow. The support provision for Arvixe appears to be very proactive and the team are are keen to discuss different hosting options with customers.

Most Popular Arvixe Hosting Plans

Personal Class Personal Class ASP Personal Class Pro
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $3.27 / mo $5 / mo $7 / mo
Visit Arvixe Visit Arvixe Visit Arvixe
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Personal Class ASP Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $8 / mo Visit Host
Reseller Class
50GB 500GB $20 / mo Visit Host
VPS Class Lite
20GB Unlimited $20 / mo Visit Host
Business Class
Unlimited Unlimited $22 / mo Visit Host
Reseller Class ASP
50GB 500GB $25 / mo Visit Host
Business Class ASP
Unlimited Unlimited $30 / mo Visit Host
VPS Class ASP lite
30GB Unlimited $30 / mo Visit Host
Business Class Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $35 / mo Visit Host
VPS Class
50GB Unlimited $40 / mo Visit Host
Business Class ASP Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $43 / mo Visit Host
Reseller Class Pro
200GB 2000GB $50 / mo Visit Host
Reseller Class ASP Pro
200GB 2000GB $60 / mo Visit Host
50GB Unlimited $60 / mo Visit Host
VPS Class Pro
100GB Unlimited $70 / mo Visit Host
VPS Class ASP Pro
100GB Unlimited $100 / mo Visit Host
Dedicated Class
$105 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

Arvixe Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Arvixe based?

    Its headquarters are in Pleasanton, CA in the USA.

  • Where is Arvixe’s datacenter?

    Arvixe does not mention a specific location on its website, but it does say that its datacenter is in the USA.

  • Does Arvixe offer Windows hosting?

    Yes. It provides both Linux and Windows hosting. Windows plans are provisioned on Server 2012 R2.

  • Does it offer managed hosting?

    Yes. Management is available with dedicated servers, and some cloud hosting plans. It also provides the option of fully managed WordPress hosting. 

  • Does Arvixe offer any reseller hosting packages?

    Yes. You can buy a Windows or Linux reseller hosting plan. Linux plans come with cPanel and WHM, while Windows plans have Plesk panel.

  • Can I buy cloud hosting from Arvixe?

    Yes. Arvixe offers managed cloud hosting plans. Cloud hosting a scalable alternative to a dedicated server, and can be provisioned on Linux or Windows.

  • Does Arvixe offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. Arvixe provides a 60-day money-back guarantee on shared and reseller plans, so you can claim a refund if you aren’t totally satisfied. This only applies to new accounts, and does not apply if you choose to upgrade.

  • Can I use more than one domain with my account?

    Yes. Most plans allow unlimited domains to be used, apart from the basic Personal and Business plans. These limit customers to 6 domains.

  • Does Arvixe provide any software to help build a website?

    Yes. All customers can use Arvixe Builder, which is sometimes called Site.Pro in its support documentation.

  • What control panel will I use?

    On Linux hosting plans, cPanel, along with WHM where applicable. Windows users are provided with Plesk.

  • How can I access technical support?

    Arvixe has a ticket system for support requests, and a live chat feature on its homepage. You can also contact the technical support team by phone. Support is provided 24/7.

  • Is support available in languages other than English? 

    Arvixe’s technical support blog is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Turkish. It doesn’t specify which languages its technical support team speaks.

  • What is Priority Support?

    All customers benefit from standard technical support. When signing up, you can optionally pay to upgrade to Priority Support, which offers the best expertise and fastest response times.

  • Does Arvixe provide help migrating from another host?

    Arvixe offers a free migration service, providing you use cPanel on your own host. Your site must be less than 5 GB in size for a personal or reseller transfer, or less than 10 GB in size for a business plan transfer. It does not offer any kind of migration support for Windows users, or new customers moving from a non-cPanel host.

  • What forms of payment does Arvixe accept?

    Arvixe accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

  • Does Arvixe have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, there’s a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If it fails to meet that figure, it’ll provide a credit for one month’s hosting fees.

  • What programming languages does Arvixe support?

    It offers support for Perl, Python, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, and support for both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • How many email addresses can I create?

    You can create unlimited email addresses with all plans.

  • Is Arvixe bandwidth and space unlimited?

    Yes, although you’ll be expected to adhere to its fair use terms, which means that your website needs to be operating within a normal range. If your site uses an excessive amount of disk space or bandwidth, you may be asked to upgrade.

  • Do I get a free domain?

    Yes. Arvixe will give you a free domain when you purchase your hosting package. It will renew the domain free of charge ‘forever’, as long as you do not cancel your hosting.

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