Aspiration Hosting In 2021: What Do Aspiration Hosting Client Reviews Say?

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Aspiration Hosting Introduction

PHP-based Content management systems, especially Magento, are Aspiration Hosting's main focus. Founded in 2008, it offers site and domain hosting on cloud servers to businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore.

Hosting services

Clients can choose a shared cloud hosting plan or request a dedicated cloud server. All plans include a good set of features. Data storage is on fast SSD drives, and bandwidth is unlimited. Clients can buy as many websites and domains as they like, including subdomains.

The software for managing the site includes cPanel to manage the site through a GUI, as well as the Installatron and Softaculous application installers. On the backend, standard features include:

  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Percona SQL server
  • SSH and FTP access
  • Source control with Git and SVN
  • PHP support, versions 5.4 through 7.

Support is strong. Help is available 24 hours a day by helpdesk and live chat. New clients get a free transfer of their previous website. Their website and database is backed up daily.

Higher-end plans include some additional features, such as CDN access and 24-hour phone support. These features are usually available at extra cost with the other plans.

The Aspiration CDN covers all the inhabited continents. It's available with all plans, usually at no extra cost. This helps to ensure fast page loading and refresh, no matter where customers are.

The servers support HTTP/2 throughout. This modern version of HTTP provides better throughput than the old version. However, IPv6 addresses aren't available.

Clients can either get a domain through the service or reassign existing domains. Each domain has its price; none of the plans include a free one. Privacy protection is available for free. The online forms allow only about 20 TLDs, whether requesting a new domain or assigning an existing one. Note, however, that that the list is missing many country-based TLDs.

The Anycast DNS service uses redundant servers with the same IP address. This provides increased reliability and helps mitigate DDoS attacks. It's included with domain registrations and transfers and with dedicated cloud servers.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are available, though Aspiration Hosting acknowledges they provide weak brand recognition. OV and EV certificates, which command greater trust, are available at an annual price. Auto-installation of certificates is provided.

Aspiration Hosting Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 9 Reviews by Aspiration Hosting Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

brad kort avatar
brad kort
May 19, 2018

Expert support way above and beyond other hosts we've used. They have a team of Magento ecommerce experts on staff that tune performance and support other Magento questions. The cloud system and excellent hardware make for the most stable, scalable and secure environment.

There are many budget hosts. But for a real business, a few extra dollars is well worth it. Also, your pricing is out of date. Plans start at $3.99/mo.

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jeissler avatar
Sep 04, 2009

Aspiration Hosting has fulfilled all my requirements with flying colors. I needed a fast Magento host that offered a reseller account with good support. This was harder than I thought it would be to find, but AH has some great shared WHM packages for little guys and heavy hitters all at reasonable prices.

I also like how they don't oversell their services or put unreasonable restrictions on accounts. Most providers will "offer" you unlimited everything and then make sure you'll never be able to use it. Perhaps best of all is AH's knowledgeable support staff has continually gone above and beyond to help me understand things and fix problems.

Fix problems that were my own doing at no cost even. I would recommend AH to anyone! Round the clock support, US datacenter, competitive pricing.

What more could I ask for? I am a picky eater and have dropped 4 hosts in the last 4 months, but can't find any reason to look any further than AH. If you go with AH don't even ask if they will take your gratuity for providing such stellar support because they won't. I already tried.

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Edward Rodriguez avatar
Edward Rodriguez
Mar 23, 2012

Aspiration hosting is the best hosting company I have ever been with. Their prices are awesome but the best thing about the company is their customer support. They actually help you with any problem you may have and won't stop until they find it. The response time is usually within 1-3 hours, not days, which is great when you need support fast.

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Dedicated servers

Clients who want to pay for the best performance should consider the dedicated cloud servers. The servers are fully redundant to reduce downtime and use SSD storage for speed. Aspiration Hosting manages the servers, taking care of software upgrades and backups. Clients aren't allowed root access for security reasons but can request that the support staff take root actions if it's necessary.

All dedicated server accounts come with 24-hour support by helpdesk, live chat, and phone.

CMS support

Aspiration Hosting states that its main focus is on Magento hosting and other PHP applications, including SimpleMachines Forum (SMF), WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The servers are optimized for Magento 1 and 2. The database server is Percona, which is highly compatible with MySQL. A site can set up any number of databases.

Clients can install any of those applications from cPanel. The auto-installer also supports uninstalling, upgrading, cloning, and backup. LiteMage Cache enhances Magento performance, and LiteSpeed Cache provides a similar boost for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Patchman provides enhanced security for all the supported CMSs. It detects and quarantines malicious scripts and backports security fixes from new releases to existing installations of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Site owners can view Patchman's reports through cPanel.

Web development support is free to all customers. It includes site performance auditing, application support, code troubleshooting, and installation of plugins and themes. The support is on a best-effort basis, and clients may be charged for complex issues. It's not intended as a substitute for development or regular maintenance.


Aspiration Hosting offers three tiers of shared cloud hosting and three tiers of dedicated servers. The dedicated server plans are very customizable; a calculator on the website lets the client choose the quantity of RAM, CPU cores, and SSD storage, and get a price immediately.

Many features are included in the more expensive tiers but are optional at extra cost in the lower-priced ones. Domain registration and SSL certificates (except for the free Let's Encrypt certificates) always require separate payment. Features such as CDN access and 24-hour phone support are extra for the lowest-priced plans.

Pros and cons

The service offers a nice set of features to businesses that want to control their own website while enjoying the benefits of managed cloud services. With PHP support and a large CDN, site owners can expect reliable and consistent service without having to manage every detail.

Command-line access gives clients detailed control over their sites. They can run any PHP-based software they like as long as it doesn't require root access.

PHP is the only supported language. Those who want to run web applications based on other languages may or may not be able to do what they need.

Prospective clients should look at all the features they need and identify the ones that cost extra. At the low end especially, many desirable features come a la carte. It may be more cost-effective to choose a higher tier and get more resources.

The choice of TLDs is apparently limited. Companies that want to register a lot of national domains may be able to get around this by hosting stubs with another service and having them redirect to the primary domain on Aspiration Hosting.


Aspiration Hosting can be a good choice for a business looking to put up a Magento, WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal site. It will give the site owner a large measure of control while saving them from the more tedious aspects of site management.

PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
50GB500GB $90.92 / mo Visit Host Now
300MB10000GB $499.99 / mo Visit Host Now
300GB10000GB $799.99 / mo Visit Host Now
300GB10000GB $1,099.99 / mo Visit Host Now
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Aspiration Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of hosting plans does Aspiration Hosting offer?

    Aspiration Hosting specializes in cloud-based Linux shared and VPS hosting plans.

  • Where are Aspiration Hosting's servers?

    Though based in Tampa, Florida, Aspiration Hosting has servers in locations around the world including New York, California, Singapore, London, and Sydney.

  • What payment terms are available with Aspiration Hosting?

    Aspiration Hosting provides its customers with several payment terms ranging from monthly plans to triennial plans. Customers selecting longer term plans will save more.

    Multiple payment methods are accepted including major credit cards and PayPal.

  • Do I have to worry about hidden fees with Aspiration Hosting?

    Aspiration Hosting does not indicate any hidden fees on their website.

    However, customers should be aware that the company reserves the right to change SSL certificate prices at any time without informing the customer.

    Also, customers should know that promotional prices will not be valid upon renewal.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer any money-back guarantees?

    Yes, Aspiration Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its products. A customer canceling service within the first 30 days is entitled to a full refund minus extra fees charged for services such as domain registration.

  • What uptime guarantee does Aspiration Hosting offer?

    Aspiration Hosting offers its customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its shared and VPS hosting plans. Customers experiencing downtime are eligible for a 50% minimum service credit if they submit a request within 72 hours of the incident.

  • What support does Aspiration Hosting provide?

    They provides a wide range of support options including email, live chat, and phone — all available 24/7.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting provide website migration assistance?

    Yes, the company provides help with website transfers. Customers should open up a support ticket and provide relevant information such as their cPanel username and password on their old server.

  • Can you order a domain without getting hosting?

    Yes, Aspiration Hosting offers standalone domain registration services.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting use a CDN?

    Yes, customers have the ability to use Aspiration Hosting's own CDN that is included with the hosting plans and is spread across 50 cities around the globe.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer support for multiple websites on a single plan?

    Since the hosting plans support unlimited domains, have unlimited bandwidth, and feature ample disk space, it is possible to host multiple websites from a single plan.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer backups?

    Yes, Aspiration Hosting offers free daily backups of website files and MySQL databases.

    Files are retained for 7-10 days while database backups are kept for up to 30 days. You can restore files using cPanel but you will need to contact the company to get databases restored.

  • Do the hosting plans from Aspiration Hosting offer any unlimited features?

    All the cloud hosting and VPS plans offer unlimited bandwidth and a fixed amount disk space. However, customers should be aware that excessive bandwidth usage is not tolerated and that the company reserves the right to charge extra fees.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer any security features?

    Yes, the company offers a few security features including anti-virus protection, malware detection, vulnerability protection, and security enhancements for old versions of PHP.

  • Can I host an ecommerce store with Aspiration Hosting?

    Because the company supports SSL certificates along with popular online store platforms such as Magento or X-Cart hosting, it is possible to host an ecommerce store.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer any assistance with setting up websites?

    Yes, the company has its own in-house web developer that will offer support for theme installation, plugin setup, troubleshooting code, and version upgrades.

    For complex issues, there may be a fee, but Aspiration Hosting will let you know in advance.

  • Does Aspiration Hosting offer any promotions or coupons?

    Yes, throughout the year, the company offers various discount codes that takes a certain percentage off hosting fees. Customers should keep in mind that the discounts are one-time only and do not apply when renewing.

  • How can I participate in Aspiration Hosting's affiliate program?

    You can participate in the company's program as long as you have an active hosting plan and register for an affiliate account.

    Commissions of 15% can be earned for sales of hosting products and SSL certificates. You can get paid once your balance reaches at least $50 through PayPal or as a credit to your account.

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