BigRock reviews: Big In India, But Are They Right For You?

BigRock Introduction

BigRock Featured Image

BigRock is determined to overturn the stereotype of products from India being low quality. They have a great reputation for simple, low-cost shared hosting, and are a good choice for most hobbyists and small businesses.

Offering five different types of hosting, plus domain registration and website builder, BigRock covers most hosting needs.

Where Is BigRock Located?

BigRock is a hosting company based in India and is now part of Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG owns many hosting companies that provide low-cost shared hostings like HostGator and Bluehost.

Side note: BigRock has a “.com” website and a “.in” website, which are identical, except the prices on the “.in” website are in rupees. You can purchase services from either one, just keep the currency in mind when comparing prices with other hosting services.

BigRock Plans

Types of Hosting

BigRock offers five main types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting
  • Specialized hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller hosting

They have hosting servers in both the US and India, which you can choose from when you order. Choose the location closest to most of your visitors.

Shared Hosting

BigRock is one of the few shared hosts that offers both Linux and Windows hosting. Most hosts only offer Linux hosting, because that’s usually the best choice.

However, if your site is built in ASP or .NET, or with an MS SQL database, Windows hosting is a necessity.

The Windows plans are a bit more expensive than the Linux ones, which is normal, but the features are near identical on either operating system.

Types of Shared Hosting Plans

There are 4 shared hosting plans to choose from, with most plans offering:

  • Unlimited* space in all except Starter plan (10 GB).
  • Unlimited* transfer (bandwidth)
  • Unlimited* email in all except Starter plan (200 addresses).
  • cPanel (Linux) control panel or Plesk (Windows) control panel.

Remember that when hosts describe anything as “unlimited,” it is typically boundless except in cases of abuse. A user may be charged a penalty or be required to subscribe to a more robust package if they are overburdening the servers.

The cPanel control panel comes with Softaculous, a popular application that makes hundreds of open-source applications (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.) installable in just a few clicks.

BigRock cPanel
BigRock does in-fact offer cPanel with their plans.

Specialized Hosting

WordPress, CMS, and e-commerce hosting are the three types of specialized hosting BigRock offers.

These plans are identical to the shared hosting plans and are mainly there for marketing purposes.

Reseller Hosting

Like shared hosting, BigRock offers reseller hosting for both main operating systems (OSs).

These plans let you sell hosting services to others but use BigRock’s servers and services for a cut of the profit. Unless you’re starting a hosting business, you don’t need reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting for each OS has four pricing tiers with different options.

  1. Free WHMCS billing system, except Essential plan
  2. Unlimited* Plesk/cPanel panel accounts
  3. Unlimited* MySQL & MS-SQL databases
  4. Unlimited* domains, email and FTP accounts

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a little more powerful and reliable than shared hosting, but still not quite as expensive as VPS hosting.

Unlike shared hosting where you share resources with other sites, you are assigned your own dedicated resources from a cloud server.

Again, some plans here say they provide “unlimited” bandwidth, but your site will be slowed if you start using a lot. Cloud hosting on BigRock is intended for small sites with relatively low levels of traffic.

VPS Hosting

There are 4 VPS hosting plans on BigRock, all of which are relatively cheap.

All of these plans come with a specific amount of disk space and bandwidth that your site can utilize per month. It’s easy to upgrade if you find that you need more as your site grows.

Something important to note is that cPanel is offered but at an additional cost.

BigRock’s plans, in general, give you the basics, but if you’d like any modern features you’ll need to pay extra.

BigRock Features

BigRock Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 38 Reviews by BigRock Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Alkesh Miyani avatar
Alkesh Miyani
May 07, 2018

I asked in a support that why I need to pay for a backup but they are just forcing me to pay for backup. Not happy to explain, why that payment required? Very dangerous support service and they haven’t deal with softaclous auto installer as well to secure your auto installer before removing ‘public_html’ folder

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Suneil Singh avatar
Suneil Singh
Feb 09, 2018

I hosted my first site at Bigrock. Now, I have all my 12 websites hosted at Bigrock. Bigrock offer quality service at affordable price and apart from this their support is excellent. If you are beginners then you can start with just Rs. 59/month and you can get help from the support team to setup and publish your website.

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Dipankar Roy Chowdhury avatar
Dipankar Roy Chowdhury
May 22, 2018

Hopeless Support System, you won’t get any prompt response from their end the do not provide any telephonic support & you need to wait for more than 15 minutes for the support team to respond. I think I have wasted my time and money by investing in bigrock services waste of money and waste of time too.

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Dec 13, 2017

I am Using Bigrock last 3 to 4 years, I never faced much more problem with share hosting plan. support is good. easy to manage your sites.

I will suggest new customer go with bigrock for good hosting provider and support. and my old customer never had any complaint to me regarding hosting their site on my shared hosting on bigrock…

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Kirti Gohil avatar
Kirti Gohil
Apr 25, 2017

i have been using bigrock since last 3 years for my site. i have re-seller hosting from bigrock and never seen any difficulty and their customer support is really responsible. after food response now i have 6 websites hosted on bigrock.

truly recommend Bigrock for domain and hosting. Thanks
Kirtiraj Gohil

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Kranthi Kumar avatar
Kranthi Kumar
Feb 21, 2017

BigRock is the most reliable and best known for its low cost services, I have been using their services for over an year now and had no issues or downtime with their service. Best service provider in India. They have incredibly fast response time for emails and phone support. Love their service.

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Minakshi Agrawal avatar
Minakshi Agrawal
Feb 15, 2017

We are using bigrock last 2 years currently we are very disappointed with services from bigrock, last few month services are very poor, ticket support unable to reply on ticket, chat support gone off line and phone line waiting line minimum 30min ques. Please share escalation level or compression with godaddy provide call back in India.

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Arun Chaudhary avatar
Arun Chaudhary
Apr 12, 2015

Being a web developer I have played with quite many web hosts. My experience with BigRock is something like this. They offer great support I mean they talk well but sometimes they behave really dumb and annoying.

Talking about uptime I guarantee they offer about 99.8% uptime for sure. I have never suffered any issues with uptime. Lets talk features, their DIY website builder is really user friendly helps a lot to someone who is not much into programming.

All commonly used programming languages are supported like PHP,, perl, python, cgi and all one would use. Softaculous makes installing web scripts really easy and fast. I am using reseller hosting from bigrock for my clients and seriously its too cheap, fast and amazing.

In the closing end I would cover up all Pros and Cons below and yes Big Rock does rocks ;) . Pros:
DIY website builder

Dumb Support
India based servers (not con actually but)


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Perry Scardo avatar
Perry Scardo
Apr 21, 2016

Unfortunately BigRock is a huge disappointment. I really believed what I read on there site. There is no live support.

US or IN sites same results from my inquiries. The tickets I submitted where answered and closed. They did not answer my questions, where very short.

I took it as rude!! The only good thing they have is price. But You know what they say……..You get what you pay for, in this instance, It’s very true.

I will be transfering as soon as my 60 days are up. If you expect good, honest customer service, Do not deal with BigRock. Thank you for reading my review. Have a great day!!

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Ram Charan avatar
Ram Charan
Jun 04, 2015

First I joined BigRock when they started a free. Net domain campaign. I got one domain and I was so excited and started blogging.

Started my new life by blogging and it made me so happy. Got Adsense approved and when I received my first payout, I was so thrilled. Still moving on my blogging career with BigRock . Thanks for leading me to a new world

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Extra Features at Value

Many links to BigRock point to the “.in” version of their site. If you find yourself on that site, the prices might seem insane at first!

But the plans cost hundreds of rupees, not hundreds of dollars. The price in dollars will depend on the conversion rate at the time, but in general is pretty low. At this moment, 1 USD is equal to roughly 70 Rupees.

To give you a better idea, here is a breakdown of the fairly stable currency conversions for cost perspective:

Indian Rupees (INR) US Dollars (USD)
100 INR 1.47 USD
250 INR 3.67 USD
500 INR 7.36 USD
1000 INR 14.7 USD
5000 INR 73.45 USD

Notable Features

There are a few features that are available on most of BigRock’s hosting packages.

Here are 5 which are included:

  1. Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Redundancy
  3. SSL Certificates
  4. Dedicated IP Addresses
  5. Easy-Installs and App Support

Money-Back Guarantee

BigRock offers a 100% risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee on all plans, even VPS hosting. Most other hosts don’t offer refunds on VPS plans.


On Cloud and VPS hosting, there’s a high degree of redundancy.

BigRock Rupees
BigRock Rupee pricing.

In plain English, BigRock stores multiple copies of your website data on separate storage devices so that there’s essentially zero risks of ever losing it.

SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP Addresses

SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address are available on the cloud and VPS hosting plans, but you’ll need to pay an extra cost.

Most businesses should have these, so factor the price of them into your purchasing decision.

One nice aspect of BigRock’s SSL certificates is that their support team will install it for you, instead of you having to figure out how to configure it on your own.

Easy-Installs and App Support

Plenty of applications are included with most packages, along with control panels which allow simple installation. Having these is a great perk for anyone without significant development knowledge.

Apps range from easy-to-use file managers to handy resource analysis tools.

BigRock Support

Customer Support

BigRock has a fully accessible knowledge base where users can quickly find answers to common issues.

The customer support phone line and live chat options are available 24/7.

Keep in mind that all EIG companies share the same support staff, so they typically don’t have specialized knowledge of BigRock, which can make for some frustrating experiences.

Knowledge Base and Resources

There’s also a basic knowledgebase available with hosting tutorials. It’s a bit tough to navigate, but the articles themselves are reasonably well written.

Anyhow, look at the bright side. Once you use your initiative to research something, it’s bound to stick with you. As comfortable as direct support can be, being resourceful grows you as a webmaster.

BigRock Uptime and Payments

Uptime Guarantee and Payments

BigRock offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is standard for low-cost hosts.

It means that your site could be down for up to 44 minutes per month. If that would cost you a significant amount of money, you should probably move to a more expensive and reliable host.

Payment and Billing

BigRock accepts a wide range of payment options. They take all major credit cards, PayPal, and even wire transfer for most countries.

You can choose to pay every 1, 2, 3, 5, or even 10 years. I’ve never seen another host that lets you pay for more than 3 years up front.

The reason you might want to choose a longer billing period is that the introductory rate (the cheap prices you see when you first sign up) only apply to the first billing period. Then the prices go up to “regular” rates.

Similar Hosting Providers

Some other hosting providers which could interest use are as follows.


SiteGround offers affordable hosting plans but has more advanced servers and features available. All plans come with free SSD space, CDN, and automatic backups. Plus their VPS and dedicated servers are great for medium to larger sites.

They also have their own trained staff for 24/7 customer support. You can see a detailed SiteGround review here.

WP Engine

A good alternative if all you’re looking for is a simple way to get a fast and reliable WordPress site running. All plans are managed, meaning they take care of the setup and maintenance for you.

The one big disadvantage is that it costs significantly more than BigRock. Here’s a look at WP Engine in more detail.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting focuses on affordable hosting plans, best for small businesses based in the US. Their shared hosting plans come with many freebies, including SSDs, SSL certificates, a free domain, and cPanel.

If that sounds interesting, take a closer look at this InMotion Hosting review.

BigRock Overview

Pros and Cons of BigRock Hosting

BigRock does some things really well but has a few weaknesses as well.

Here are the biggest pros and cons in my opinion.


  • Solid money-back guarantee: you have 30 days risk-free to try out BigRock on any plan.
  • Many payment options: BigRock is one of the few hosts to accept wire transfers, and they also accept PayPal.
  • 24-hour tech support: while the support may not be the highest quality always, it’s always available and can be a lifesaver.
  • Affordable: BigRock’s plans are about as cheap as you’ll find when it comes to shared hosting and basic cloud hosting plans.


  • The plans are bare bones: the reasons the prices are low is because you’re only paying for the essentials. Advanced features are either unavailable or an extra paid add-on (like SSL certificates).
  • No modern speed features: no option for SSD disk space on shared or cloud plans. No CDN or other speed features available either.
  • Some software is out of date: at the time of writing this, PHP 7.0 is the latest and recommended version for WordPress. BigRock offers PHP 5.4 on their specialized WordPress plan.

The Verdict

BigRock is among the class of hosts that offer basic needs for a low price. It’s great for hobby sites and can be good for small business sites as well.

If your biggest concern is affordability, BigRock should make the list.

If you need simple web building tools, they may miss the mark. Likewise, serious webmasters or companies with huge amounts of traffic may need to keep shopping.

Additional material by WhoIsHostingThis Team.

Most Popular BigRock Hosting Plans

Starter WordPress Starter Ecommerce Starter Linux Hosting
Disk Space 10GB 10GB 10TB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.29 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$2.29 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$2.39 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit BigRock Visit BigRock Visit BigRock
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Advanced Ecommerce
Unlimited Unlimited $4.09 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Linux Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $4.29 / mo Visit Host
Business Linux Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $6.09 / mo Visit Host
Pro WordPress
Unlimited Unlimited $8.19 / mo Visit Host
Pro Linux Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $8.59 / mo Visit Host
Pro Windows Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $8.59 / mo Visit Host
Essential Windows Reseller
10GB 200GB $21.69 / mo Visit Host
Essential Linux Reseller
40GB 800GB $23.09 / mo Visit Host
Economy Windows Reseller
25GB 500GB $23.69 / mo Visit Host
Economy Linux Reseller
50GB 1000GB $24.69 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

BigRock Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of plans are offered?

    A wide range of hosting products are offered. Shared hosting accounts are the most affordable and popular. Reseller accounts are also available. In addition, specialized hosting is offered for WordPress and other content management systems, as well as e-commerce specific hosting. Finally, if your needs exceed the resources offered by shared hosting, you can also upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS). In addition, standalone domain registration and email services are offered.

  • What types of servers are offered?

    If you select shared hosting you have the option of either a Linux server running CentOS or Windows servers powered by Windows Server 2008. VPS accounts include Linux servers with several OS options.

  • What control panel is included with shared hosting accounts?

    Linux server accounts include the popular cPanel control panel while Windows server accounts include Plesk.

  • What programming languages can I use with my shared hosting account?

    If you select a Linux server you can use PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and CGI. If you select a Windows server you can use PHP, ASP Classic, and ASP.NET.

  • What type of relational database management system is supported?

    All hosting accounts support MySQL databases. Windows hosting accounts can also optionally support MSSQL databases.

  • Are unlimited bandwidth and disk space included?

    With all but the most inexpensive plans, bandwidth and disk space are unlimited. However, keep in mind that this assumes normal usage. If you’re using more resources than BigRock thinks you should be you may find yourself running afoul of the terms of service and required to move to an upgraded plan, VPS, or another provider.

  • Are email accounts included with a shared hosting account?

    All shared hosting accounts include at least 200 email accounts. Upgraded accounts include unlimited email accounts. You can also purchase standalone email addresses without a hosting account using a domain name you own.

  • Can I host more than one website from my hosting account?

    Several different hosting plans are offered that support a different number of websites. With the most basic plan, you have the ability to host one website, and the top-tier plan supports unlimited websites. If you know you plan to host multiple sites be sure to select a plan that supports the number of sites you anticipate hosting.

  • What one-click installation scripts are provided?

    A robust commercial script library is included with every shared hosting account. On a Linux server you get Softaculous, and on a Windows server you get Application Marketplace. Both offer easy one-click installation of over 300 popular applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many more.

  • What type of customer support is included?

    Phone, chat, and e-mail support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The geographic location of the support team is not listed online, but BigRock does say that it is “local”. If the issue cannot be resolved quickly a support ticket will be created and future action will be taken through the support ticketing and email system.

  • Is a money back guarantee offered?

    Yes, a 30-day money back guarantee is included with every new shared hosting account. However, we could not locate the details of this guarantee in the customer master agreement so if it’s an important factor for you be sure to contact customer service before making a purchase.

  • Is BigRock an independent hosting provider?

    BigRock is part of Directi, an Indian hosting organization. Directi was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2014, a large hosting organization that includes well-known brands such as BlueHost, HostGator, iPage, Mojo Marketplace, and more.

  • Is an easy website builder offered?

    Yes, but it’s not included by default in shared web hosting accounts. Instead, if you want to use the DIY Website Builder you need to select a Website plan. The DIY Website Builder includes over 175 templates and an easy drag-and-drop builder tool that will enable a beginner to build a website quickly.

  • Can I use the DIY Website Builder plan to build a blog?

    Yes, the DIY Website Builder does include an integrated blogging platform. While not as feature-rich and powerful as industry leaders such as WordPress and Drupal, it is nonetheless a serviceable blogging platform that will get you up and running quickly.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards are accepted. PayPal is also accepted. Direct bank transfers and bank debit cards are accepted from many Indian banks as well. In addition, wire transfers are accepted.

  • Can I get an SSL certificate for my site?

    Three different secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate’s are offered through BigRock. In addition, a link is provided that walks you through the steps necessary to implement the certificate.

  • Are automatic backups provided with my shared hosting account?

    Manual backups using a backup wizard can be completed through your hosting account control panel. If you want automatic backups those are available as an add-on service from CodeGuard who will store backups of your website in the cloud.

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