Contabo In 2020: What Do Contabo Client Reviews Say?

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Our Verdict: #1 for Colocation

Contabo offers web hosting with dedicated servers, colocation, and VPS hosting plans. Their datacenters are located in Germany and they offer both Windows and Linux servers.

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  • One of few web hosts to offer colocation services
  • Easy scaling
  • Wide range of products


  • Can't purchase domains without hosting
  • Only datacenters are in Germany

Read reviews from Contabo customers and, if they're not right for you, check out our best web hosts page to find a good alternative.

Is Contabo the Perfect Host for Your Website?

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Contabo is a web hosting provider that focuses on attracting business with attractive packages and low prices. Along with it's shared, VPS, dedicated and Colocation hosting services, Contabo focuses on meeting clients' expectations with quality customer support.

In 2003, Michael Herpick and Michael Bölke founded a German-based web hosting company called Giga-International.

Since then, the company has grown to boast two data centers (one in Munich and one in Nuremberg) and has been rebranded as Contabo.

Following Contabo's expansion with a second datacenter, it also provides colocation hosting. To find out more about what's on offer, dig into our Contabo review below.

Services and Specializations

Contabo offers several hosting packages designed to meet the needs of websites both small and large.

Contabo Dedicated Servers

Contabo offers six dedicated server options from which you can choose.

Dedicated servers can be customized prior to ordering, with basic specifications listed on the order page. Both Linux and Windows operating systems are available with RAID storage as standard, and all users benefit from root access.

Contabo Dedicated Hosting

Each user gets one IPv4 address, plus 65,535 free IPv6 IP addresses.

Servers plans also get you protection against DDoS attacks, as well as access to GUI management tools in addition to command-line tools

VPS Hosting

There are two types of VPS hosting: one type offers traditional hard disk with SSD boost, while the other offers SSD drives strictly. The conventional hard disk option gets you a lot of storage space at a budget-friendly price, but the SSD boost gets you faster read and write speeds.

You'll also have to choose your specific plan, and the option that's best for you depends on how many CPU cores, RAM, storage space, and bandwidth you need for your site.

What Do All Contabo VPS Plans Include?

Regardless of which disk storage option you choose, you can run either Linux or Windows on your VPS environment.

All plans come with:

  • Root access
  • Web interface reboot capability
  • Access to OS installation and management
  • VNC access
  • 1 dedicated IP address
  • DNS management
  • Unlimited number of domains

Webspace Packages

Shared hosting is available from Contabo, under the name of webspace packages.

Disk space, MySQL databases, and email addresses are limited, but not to a degree that clients should hit limits.

Contabo Website Builder
All Contabo Webspace plans come with a free website builder.

Some plans are limited on certain features, such as support for CGI or SSL, and the most basic plan does not allow the user to install blogging software.

Webspace Packages also support the use of SSL certificates, PHP, CMS options WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, and Magento, and a one-click installer featuring 300+ web applications. You'll also receive protection against DDoS attacks.

Cheap Shared Hosting With Contabo

Here are all four shared hosting plans and their variable features compared side-by-side:

StorageMySQL DatabasesDomainsEmail AddressesFTP UsersCost
Webspace M50 GB20110001000€2.99/mn
Webspace L100 GB50120002000€4.99/mn
Webspace XL250 GB100250005000€7.99/mn
Webspace XXL500 GBUnlimited3UnlimitedUnlimited€9.99/mn

Note: Contabo's pricing is only displayed in Euros (EUR).

Colocation Services

Contabo's colocation services are an option for those who own their own servers but need a physical location to host these.

By doing this, Contabo will be responsible to make sure that your server stays running - they secure the facility, make sure that it remains available and connected to the internet.

Contabo Colocation Services

Colocation packages are scalable. Colocation plans can be tailored online, while cost and pricing terms are updated on the go. Users can even choose their billing structure for power at the point of order by:

  • Fixed price per month for average usage
  • Priced by kWh
  • Priced per 16A outlet

Contabo Features

In addition to web hosting, Contabo offers the following website-related features.

Webmaster Features

Are you a webmaster or aspiring to be one? The following Contabo features will be of interest to you.

Domain Names

Contabo is a domain name registrar, so you can register a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name to the company (though you must be a Contabo customer to take advantage of the company's domain name services). Currently, Contabo offers over 300 domain extensions.

All domains registered with Contabo come with a customer control panel that makes it simple for you to create and update your different DNS records with ease.

Game Servers

Aside from domain names, there's just one other thing on offer: game servers. Contabo offers various Linux game server plans for specific multiplayer games, including a Minecraft game server option.

Plans are priced according to the number of slots, and voice communication can be added as an option. For a fee, users can even remove the Contabo branding. All game servers are located in its Munich datacenter.

Security Features

To help you keep your site safe and secure, Contabo offers you the following security features.


Contabo offers a backup bolt-on that gives users the ability to save encrypted backups via FTP. There's also another service, 100% Auto Backup, that provides automatic and regular backups for the entire contents of a web hosting account.

With this add-on, backups are taken daily, weekly and monthly. In order to retrieve a backup, clients have to contact support to request the files.

There does not appear to be a free backup solution included with any plans.

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Contabo Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 5 Reviews by Contabo Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Han Van avatar
Han Van
May 28, 2018

I tried changing VPS and they left me in the cold without my websites asking to transfer 100 euro to one of their bank accounts before they would help while they promised all my websites would be back on the new server. horrible! it is strange because they have a good product. But that's not enough.

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chandra kant avatar
chandra kant
May 20, 2018

Please please please avoid contabo just the money eater company. I have Worst experience with contabo. I am using contabo services after impressive advice and reviews of the user but i realized may be it was paid review.

I purchased VPS and after a month contabo start showing real face. VPS is down and since no chat option for support they will reply after 8-12 hrs. some times no any reply.

SO definately one can not wait for the reply. I just used to restart the vps. It started happening on daily basis i have to write email about the vps down and since no reply after restart they coming with story see vps is working why you restarted we do not have any logs and bla bla... Advice: please please please do not go for contabo.

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Jan 23, 2018

At first, I used them for development projects; now I have live websites and projects hosted by them. Support via email can be a little slow, but I have never had an actual issue to report to them about the operation of my machines. I've never needed technical support from them because things Just work. :)

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Contabo offers lots of information about its infrastructure, so how firm does the company stand?

Where Are Contabo's Datacenters Located?

Contabo won the German Data Center Award in both 2017 and 2018.

It has servers in two datacenters in Germany, which also serve as its headquarters and offices.

Contabo has been at its Munich datacenter since 2009. It provides 300 square meters of space, with a capacity for 4,000 Contabo servers.

Contabo also has its own datacenter in Nuremberg, which offers additional capacity for servers, and the ability to offer colocation services to its clients.

The Nuremberg facility provides a 1,700 square meter data hall with the capacity for 10,000 servers, as well as 700 square meters dedicated to office space.

Hardware Security

These two facilities are geographically separate and benefit from different power suppliers, meaning that it's less likely that a provider outage could take out both facilities at once.

Both have n+1 cooling and climate cabinets and make use of free cooling technology. They are carrier-neutral, with multiple fiber connections coming into the facility and multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks providing plenty of capacity.

Contabo Datacenter Cooling
Screenshot from Contabo's Website

Power is supplied via an on-site substation and is backed up with multiple uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Staff are present 24/7, and all sites are secured via:

  • ID cards
  • Alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Individually lockable racks

Billing And Guarantees

It is good to know your data is left in safe hands - let's see how Contabo fares with their backup and guarantee features in place.

Billing and Payment

Payment is taken via bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and Western Union. Payments can be initiated via the user control panel once you have your login details from Contabo.

Uptime Guarantee

Contabo does not appear to offer an uptime guarantee on its web hosting plans.

Support and Customer Service

Contabo provides telephone support from 8 am until 11 pm, in its local time zone (UTC+2), 365 days a year. It also offers support via email, although it's not specific about the opening and response times.

Self-Help Resources

For those who are interested in self-help resources, the company provides an online FAQ and free tutorials on server management.

The FAQ page is divided into the following categories:

  • General Questions
  • Web hosting Package-Specific Questions
  • Server-Specific Questions
  • Colocation- and Bandwidth-Specific Questions
  • IPv6-Specific Questions


The tutorials are ideal for users who are new to managing their own server and will be useful for anyone who isn't a trained system administrator. Those who are advanced users will still find these resources useful as a refresher.

Contabo Tutorials
Contabo provides searchable tutorials on their website.

The topics you'll find include how to manage your server's operating system updates, troubleshoot connection issues, configuring additional IP addresses, and more.

You also have access to an online FAQ and free tutorials on server management. The tutorials are ideal for users who are new to managing their own server and will be useful for anyone who isn't a trained system administrator.

Server Status

You can check the status of Contabo at any time by visiting

Pros and Cons

Now that we have taken a close look at all that is offered by Contabo, what are the pros and cons of this web hosting company?


  • Contabo offers a wide range of hosting plans that are capable of meeting the needs of a variety of users
  • Easy up and downscaling
  • Contabo is one of the few web hosts that offers colocation services


  • The company's German-based data centers might be problematic for those who do not make use of content delivery networks (CDNs) - you will generally see better performance if you opt for a data center that is close to your primary user base
  • Domain name services are only available to those who have purchased web hosting services from Contabo

web hosting tips

Interested in Contabo?
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Contabo is a professional host that has particular appeal for customers in Germany and central Europe. The fact that it owns and operates its own datacenters will be a plus for customers that want solid, long-term service and fast response to technical problems.

Although both of its facilities are staffed around the clock, it appears that support isn't provided overnight, which is the one area we would highlight for improvement.

In all other respects, Contabo has a strong legacy and a comprehensive set of hosting plans for businesses and gamers alike.

If you're interested in the products offered by Contabo, but the company isn't the right one for you, you might consider some of the popular alternatives above.

Other Alternatives

The following hosts are worth considering too:

  • If you want premium web hosting options, but you want managed services to help you with things like setup, configuration, and server system administration, consider Liquid Web. LiquidWeb's prices on VPS hosting and dedicated servers are more expensive than Contabo's, but you get much more in terms of professional assistance.
  • If you want a great entry-level host offering solid shared hosting plans, consider SiteGround. It isn't the fastest host around, but SiteGround offers good customer service and fair pricing.
  • For an option that's in-between these two, consider A2 Hosting. The company offers a range of plans at all price points, and the features offered lie somewhere in between a wholly DIY option and a managed option. A2 Hosting is also one of the fastest shared hosting options around, and the customers support offered by the company is excellent.
Webspace MDedicated Server
Disk Space50GB2TB
Price $3.35 / mo
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$53.60 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Contabo Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you install scripts in Contabo?

    Contabo offers a one-click installer that allows you to choose from over 300 web applications and install them with ease.

  • How do I migrate a website to Contabo?

    Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information about migration tools or services offered by Contabo. As such, it appears that the only way to migrate an existing website to Contabo is to download all of your files from your current web host and upload them to Contabo via FTP.

  • Why is Contabo so cheap?

    Contabo is a larger hosting company (the company's Munich data center features over 4000 servers alone), so it is able to distribute its operating costs among many users, leading to lower prices for each individual user.

  • What payment options does Contabo offer?

    When purchasing hosting from Contabo, you can pay for your order via PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers, or bank transfer. Do note that all prices listed are denominated in EUR.

  • How long to domain orders take with Contabo?

    If you order a domain name through Contabo, you can expect it to be set up within 12 to 24 hours (though the company may occasionally be done within a few hours). Domain name transfers, however, typically take between one to three days to take effect.

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