Daily Razor In 2021: What Do Daily Razor Client Reviews Say?

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Daily Razor Hosting Introduction:

For those looking for low cost shared or VPS hosting options, Daily Razor is among the cheapest hosting available. With over 12 years in business, a multitude of plans, features, and at a lower than average price point, this may have what you are looking for.

The company has over 30,000 sites online, offers web hosting and SEO services, and supports a multitude of different technologies. In addition to low cost basic website hosting, Daily Razor offers specialized hosting plans with options in a number of areas, such as common proprietary and open source technology / programming/ database platforms.

Plans and Specializations:

Instead of serving a niche market, Daily Razor is more of a general hosting option than a specialized option with many different technology options, platforms, and features available.

If you have a specific type of plan in mind due to knowledge in that area or just a preference for a specific technology, there are many options to choose from, such as: Java & JSP, Tomcat, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails Hosting, VPS hosting packages, and more. Daily Razor also offers reseller plans as well as access to a number of popular scripts.

Premium Hosting:

The premium hosting plan’s features include:

  • Choice of Linux or Windows
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email
  • 1-click installer for hundreds of app choices
  • All plans include 24/7/support and money back guarantee for 30 days along with guarantees of 99.9% uptime.
  • Free website builder, blogging tools, e-commerce tools, and additional tools included.

Specialized Plans:

Each plan has a multitude of features, but here are a few:

Java & JSP:

  • Choose from Private or JBoss/Shared Tomcat plans
  • Plans support a multitude of frameworks that implement J2EE, J2SE, and J2ME specs.


  • .Net Starter, Edge, Fusion, Matrix, and Reloaded plan options
  • Award winning hosting from a host with over a decade of experience in this space

ColdFusion Hosting:

  • Highly affordable options
  • 12+ years of ColdFusion hosting experience

PHP/MySQL Hosting:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email, FTP, domains, SQL databases, etc…
  • MySQL database storage

Ruby on Rails Hosting:

  • 5 to unlimited MySQL databases
  • Runs on Linux with Apache Server
  • Free site builders

Reseller Hosting Packages:

  • Create your own custom packages for use on Linux OR Windows
  • Google AdWords Credit on this plan (and several others)
  • Parallel Plesk control panel OR WHM / cPanel
  • All tech support handled by Daily Razor!

VPS Hosting:

  • Runs on virtuoso containers
  • Free setup and a multitude of maintenance activities performed
  • Parallel Plesk control panel OR WHM / cPanel


Daily Razor has data centers in Texas and New York with high quality equipment and state of the art security and fire protection features.

Daily Razor Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 7 Reviews by Daily Razor Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Nils Nehrenheim avatar
Nils Nehrenheim thecomputerchief.net
Oct 25, 2014

I had to self-manage my own site(s). Every one, Every day or other day went down and the services had to be restarted. It was so bad that I just opened up tickets as soon as they closed one, just because I knew the site would go down.

My main site went down, while I was showing it off to clients. On a Live site. I became SO frustrated that I just left with out even caring about the up front money I spent.

Calling them to get a refund was a nightmare. Firstly, they wouldn't accept an email or support request to close the account and get a refund. I had to call them, on their US number, that was routed to India. "George" requested me to write them in person to cancel the account, but ohh wait, you've had the account for two months, you don't get a refund.

When I kindly let him know that your services were down more than up, I still needed to make a written request. After spending hours dealing with the issues, I just threw the money away. Forget it.

But wait there's more! I tried to transfer a domain away from them, which failed many times (they gave me the wrong domain key) the domain became registered to someone else. So now, I need pay $275 to get the back the domain.

Horrible customer Service, Even worse services. Stay away!!!!

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Khaled Ahmad Al Kofahi avatar
Khaled Ahmad Al Kofahi shayakti.com
Jan 22, 2014

i hate when it down and sometimes it takes too long to get up again one time it go down for a week o.O

and when i try to figure out when it will come back customer serves told me that they don't know exactly or at least estimation time to re-lunch server again !!!

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Victor Nelson avatar
Victor Nelson didjeet.com
May 01, 2012

Daily Razor service is terrific. I got immediate response from their support team. They had my site up and running in one day in spite of my dumb mistake.

I had to upload my database in chunks rather than one huge mega dump. I hit my deadline. My clients are happy.

I am happy. Thank you Daily Razor

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Support and Customer Service

Support is available 24/7/365 and Daily Razor supports Microsoft ASP.net, Java, Windows, Python, Linux, Parallels Virtuoso, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Adobe ColdFusion, Tomcat, and JBoss technologies.

Billing & Payment Policies

Payments are accepted by Daily Razor via major credit cards as well as PayPal. Cancelations need to occur before the 20th of the month to avoid being billed for the subsequent month except in the case of dedicated server plans, which need to be canceled by the 10th of the month. Fees could change with 30 days advanced notice.

Hosting Uptime Guarantee

Daily Razor promises uptime levels of 99.9% and offers a money back guarantee within 30 days.

Server Monitoring / Backups

See individual plans for available services as it varies based on plan chosen. While full backups are done frequently, in most plans it’s recommended that you schedule your own backups. Latest backup copies are available at no charge.

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Using Daily Razor:

  • Multiple database / open source options
  • Low cost
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good support track record
  • 99.9% uptime guarantees
  • Many plans to choose from
  • Numerous free tools available to help build and manage your website
  • Extensive history in web hosting industry

Potential Cons of Dealing with Daily Razor:

  • Although the promise is listed at 99.9% uptime there are some negative reports about longer periods of site outages
  • It’s important to understand the cancelation policies to avoid additional billing if you opt to move to another web host.

If you want a number of choices and competitive pricing, Daily Razor’s longevity in the industry and their 30 day money back guarantee could make this an attractive option.

.NET STARTERPersonal Windows WebPersonal Linux Web
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Price $3.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$4.42 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$4.45 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
Visit Daily Razor NowVisit Daily Razor NowVisit Daily Razor Now
PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
CF Starter 9 Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $6.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $6.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Professional Linux Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $7 / mo Visit Host Now
Professional Windows Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $7 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $7.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $9.95 / mo Visit Host Now
CF Edge 9 Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $10.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $10.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Enterprise Linux Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $11.65 / mo Visit Host Now
Enterprise Windows Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $11.65 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $12.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $12.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Linux Reseller
25GB250GB $12.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $15.95 / mo Visit Host Now
CF Impact 9 Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $17.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $17.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $21.95 / mo Visit Host Now
CF Matrix 9 Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $26.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $27.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $30.95 / mo Visit Host Now
UnlimitedUnlimited $34.95 / mo Visit Host Now
CF Reloaded 9 Web
UnlimitedUnlimited $35.95 / mo Visit Host Now
VPS Ultra
25GB500GB $47.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Java VPS X20
25GB250GB $57.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Java VPS X50
50GB500GB $77.95 / mo Visit Host Now
More Plans +

Daily Razor Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does DailyRazor specialize in Linux or Windows hosting?

    DailyRazor specializes in both Linux and Windows hosting.

    They also offer a number of specialized types of hosting, including Java/JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP/MySQL, and Ruby on Rails hosting.

  • What space and data transfer limitations are there?

    DailyRazor offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth on hosting plans and Linux reseller plans.

    Windows reseller plans and VPS plans are limited by the disk size and bandwidth of the specific plan.

  • Is a domain included with the purchase of a hosting plan?

    A free domain name is included when you pay at least one year in advance.

  • What satisfaction guarantee is offered?

    The company offers a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Does DailyRazor offer VPS hosting?

    The company has a number of VPS plans, including two aimed at customers who need resource-intensive Java hosting.

    DailyRazor emphasizes that their VPS servers come preloaded with the software and functionality you need, rather than up-charging you to add basic functionality.

    Although VPS plans are self-managed, DailyRazor still performs kernel upgrades, reboots, OS reinstalls, control panel reinstalls, as well as hardware and network management.

    They also do IP address provisioning, reverse DNS pointerchanges, firewall management, as well as DNS management if the customer uses their DNS servers.

  • What support options are provided?

    Technical support is offered 24/7 via phone, live chat, online form, and email. Support is only available in English.

  • Where is DailyRazor located?

    DailyRazor is headquartered in Lanham, MD. They have two datacenters, one located in Houston, TX and the other in Manhattan.

  • What development languages does DailyRazor support?

    Depending on the type of hosting you choose, DailyRazor offers many choices: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, JBoss, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, MySQL, MS-SQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, and more.

  • Will DailyRazor help me transfer my existing website?

    DailyRazor will transfer your website for a fee. Alternately, they provide comprehensive walk-throughs to help guide you through the process.

  • Can I host multiple sites or domains on my account?

    The company's hosting plans support unlimited sub-domains, unlimited parked domains, and are advertised as being well-suited to hosting multiple sites.

  • What services are offered for non-technical customers?

    Hosting plans come with Softaculous, an automatic script library that lets you install some of the most popular web applications with a single click. Plans also come with Site Builder, complete with 500+ professional templates.

  • What security measures are offered?

    Servers are protected with a network firewall and intrusion detection system.

  • Is DailyRazor suitable for ecommerce websites?

    Yes. DailyRazor has hosting plans tailored specifically for ecommerce websites, hosted on either Linux or Windows servers. There are several industry-standard shopping carts to choose from.

  • Can I use DailyRazor for image hosting and galleries?

    With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as support for leading image gallery applications, DailyRazor is an excellent choice for image and gallery hosting.

  • What control panels are offered?

    Linux and VPS plans come with cPanel/WHM. Windows plans come with Plesk installed. VPS customers who prefer Plesk can have it installed.

  • What payment options are supported?

    In addition to major credit cards, customers can pay via PayPal.

  • What uptime guarantee is provided?

    DailyRazor provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • What is the minimum contract term?

    The minimum term is three months. Customers can choose to pay as much as three years in advance.

  • What is DailyRazor's backup policy?

    The company performs full backups weekly and incremental backups daily. Restores are done at the customer's request. Customers can also perform backups via the control panel.

  • How many email addresses are provided and how much space is available?

    All hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts and disk space. VPS plans are only limited by the disk size of the specific plan.

  • Can I stream video and audio from my website?

    Streaming is only supported on VPS plans.

  • Is there an affiliate program available?

    Yes, there is a two-tier affiliate program that pays a sales commission.

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