Dot5Hosting In 2021: What Do Dot5Hosting Client Reviews Say?

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Dot5 Hosting Introduction

Dot5 Hosting is a small web hosting company with a decade of hosting experience. The company is focused on shared web hosting "at an affordable price," and it promises "a friendly and high-quality level of technical support."

Dot5 Hosting Plans

Dot5 Hosting only offers Linux-based shared web hosting. It only offers one plan.

The Dot5 Hosting plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and allows for unlimited hosted domains. Customers can choose from a one-year hosting plan or a discounted two-year plan.

Dot5 Hosting also has an affiliate programme, a reseller programme and a referral program for its customers to take advantage of. Customers can also buy additional products such as site backups, SiteLock, an SSL certificate and a professional SEO makeover.

Dot5 Hosting Uptime/Downtime

Dot5 Hosting does not provide any assurances or guarantees about uptime. Their servers are based on a pooled network at two datacenters in Boston in the US which have 24/7 security, but other than that, there's not much information to go on.

Dot5 Hosting Support

Dot5 Hosting customers have access to an online support console to raise support tickets. They are also provided with support 24 hours a day and a telephone and live chat tools are available. Unfortunately, Dot5 Hosting does not provide details of where its support personnel are based.

Dot5 Hosting customers have access to a range of self-help tools including a knowledge base, plus various user guides and tutorials. There is a Dot5 Hosting Twitter feed, but at the time of writing this review, there had not been any posts at all. There doesn't appear to be a customer forum or a Facebook page either, so it's probably safe to assume that no help is provided by these alternative channels.

Dot5 Hosting in the News

As Dot5 Hosting is a relatively small hosting company, they have not attracted any attention in the media despite being around for 10 years. The lack of news, either good or bad, suggests that they provide a relatively stable service.

Dot5 Hosting Control Panel

The control panel offered to Dot5 Hosting customers is the vDeck control panel. Most customers will be familiar with cPanel when it comes to web hosting; vDeck is commonly seen on shared hosts, but I find it less aesthetically pleasing. Whilst it may be unfamiliar to many people, it may be worth getting to know since many companies do use it, including many of the low-cost hosts I've reviewed. If you're used to using cPanel or Plesk, it will probably feel like a step down in terms of its functionality.

Dot5 Hosting Extras

Dot5 Hosting customers receive a generous wad of Google Adword credits, Yahoo credits, and Facebook credits to help sweeten the deal when signing up. Customers also get access to free shopping carts, website templates, search engine tools and a website builder.

CGI, Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP, and MySQL are all supported, and customers also get free Joomla, WordPress, Gallery2 and more scripts which are easy install through vDeck.

Dot5 Hosting Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Dot5 Hosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee should any customer be unsatisfied with its services. This guarantee does not include the cost of domain name registrations, nor will the company refund other setup fees. Note that the guarantee is only applicable to customers who pay by credit card.

As a customer, you can give 30-day written notice to cancel your account at any time, but you will incur a charge if you terminate your account early (assuming it's after the first 30-day guarantee period has passed).

Dot5 Hosting Summary

When compared to many other web hosting companies, Dot5 Hosting does not offer as much variation or innovation when it comes to its web hosting plans. Simplicity appears to be the main point of the company; this will make it appeal to customers who are new to web hosting and who do not want to be dazzled by a range of hosting options. If you just want a simple hosting plan to enable you to get started, they will undoubtedly provide that.

Dot5Hosting Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 10 Reviews by Dot5Hosting Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Keith Messinger avatar
Keith Messinger
Aug 02, 2013

I am fairly computer literate. I have no problems working in WordPress or MySQL.But it wasn't always like this. I have been with Dot5Hosting since 2006, when I knew very little about WordPress, and have been very satisfied.

Support has always been quick and helpful. I have not used all the features they offer but Dot5 looks to be a solution for new and old alike. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

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Anthony Juan Bautista avatar
Anthony Juan Bautista
Jun 20, 2015

They disabled my (extremely low traffic) account twice within a 6 month period-once for using too much bandwidth re a 20KB pdf file they claim was "crashing other users" and once for malicious files related to wordpress where they told me someone "someone must have hacked your ftp". They made me remove 50 files identified in a cryptic txt file; then it took them two days to re-enable my site. Don't use this host, they treat their customers like dirt.

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brian mclaughlin avatar
brian mclaughlin
Jan 18, 2014

Been using dot 5 for several years. Very user friendly, good prices, and great tech support. Very happy with dot 5.

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Dot5Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Dot5Hosting specialize in Linux or Windows hosting?

    Dot5Hosting currently only offers a shared hosting plan that are based on Linux.

  • Do I have to be concerned about any hidden fees?

    Although all the fees are clearly stated on Dot5Hosting's website, customers should be aware that there may be fees for domain registration services and other products purchased.

    Also, the renewal rate will be substantially higher than the promotional rate advertised.

  • What payment options does Dot5Hosting support?

    Dot5Hosting provides you the choice of either a 1 or 2 year plan (the 2 year plan will be cheaper month to month).

    A few payment methods are accepted including major credit cards such as Discover and American Express along with PayPal.

  • Is standalone domain registration offered by Dot5Hosting?

    No, the company does not allow customers to register for a domain without purchasing a hosting plan. Customers can, however, get a free domain if they register for a 1 or 2 year plan.

  • Will the company help me transfer a website and domain from a former host?

    Unlike other hosting companies, Dot5Hosting does not mention that they will assist or actually perform the migration process. However, they have compiled step-by-step guides and videos describing how to transfer domains.

  • Can I support multiple sites from a single plan?

    Yes, it is possible to host more than one website on a single plan.

  • Does Dot5Hosting offer its customers a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee for its hosting plans.

    All hosting plan charges will be refunded excluding fees for domain registration, setup, or other services purchased within the first 30 days.

    If the customer wishes to cancel hosting after the guarantee period, a written notice must be provided.

  • How can I contact support when I have issues?

    You can contact support 24/7 to help resolve your issues through phone, email, and live chat all of which is currently offered in English.

    It is also possible to consult the knowledgebase which includes step-by-step articles and videos for solving various technical issues.

  • What control panels are supported by Dot5Hosting?

    Dot5Hosting only features its own proprietary control panel called vDeck which allows customers to perform administrative tasks such as managing domains, subdomains, and MySQL databases.

  • What are Dot5Hosting's datacenters like?

    The company has 2 datacenters in Boston, MA close to its headquarters in Burlington, MA.

    The datacenters use pooled server technology which means that any server is able to access website files. This configuration allows the first available server to complete requests resulting in faster page loads.

    Besides the advanced server infrastructure, the datacenters feature redundant power supplies and Dell equipment.

  • Does Dot5Hosting offer an uptime guarantee?

    No, Dot5Hosting does not mention its uptime anywhere despite the fact that the company has a robust infrastructure.

  • Does Dot5Hosting use a CDN?

    If SiteLock is chosen as an option, then it is possible to use SiteLock's own CDN.

  • What development languages does Dot5Hosting support?

    Dot5Hosting supports a number of software development languages including PHP, Python, Javascript, and Perl. These languages can be used to create dynamic websites that visitors will enjoy.

  • How many email addresses can I get with Dot5Hosting's shared hosting plan?

    There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can get with the shared hosting plan.

    Besides having an unlimited amount of addresses, other email features include unlimited email forwards, autoresponders, and spam protection.

  • What tools are available to help non-technical people create professional websites?

    Dot5Hosting helps beginners setup professional websites through the ability to install and configure popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Coppermine, and phpBB.

    Customers interested in WordPress may consider the company's WordPress Essential package optimized towards the platform.

    Besides widely used platforms, the company offers its customers a Site Builder tool which allows them to build websites using a wizard-based interface.

  • What does Dot5Hosting provide in terms of backups?

    When placing an order for hosting, customers have the option to select a daily backup plan for a small fee. When this option is selected, Dot5Hosting creates copies of your website that can be restored any time and provides version control and archiving.

  • What security features does Dot5Hosting have?

    For a small fee, customers can select Dot5Hosting's SiteLock feature which protects websites from harmful malware and helps block malicious traffic.

    It also protects websites from being blacklisted by search engines. Besides SiteLock, Dot5Hosting features anti-spam protection and physical server protection.

  • Am I able to host an ecommerce site with Dot5Hosting?

    Dot5Hosting includes a number of features to help you run an online store and these include an SSL Secure Server, password protected directories, and support for multiple online shopping platforms such as osCommerce and Agora.

  • Is it possible to host image galleries with Dot5Hosting?

    Yes, it is possible to host image galleries since unlimited bandwidth and space are available and all plans support Gallery2, a leading image gallery application.

  • Are there any plan discounts available?

    Besides the introductory pricing offered, there are no other discounts.

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July 30, 2019

I have been a customer of Dot5 Hosting for 10+ years and we’ve always gotten along…no complaints. I use the ftp service tons! As of late I can’t use ftp over tsl – I am not able to log onto my ftp via a client without an error message. Now I would like help from Dot5 and no matter which browser I use, I get an error message about their certificate being out of date. I can’t reach Chat or any help at all. The knowledge base is useless.

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