Easily UK Review: Their Website Gives Few Clues. We Decided To Test Out THis Host.

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Easily.co.uk Introduction

Easily.co.uk is a trading name of Easily Ltd, which is part of the NetNames group. Easily Ltd started out as EasyWebNames in 1999, and the company pioneered the concept of low-cost domains in the UK. It still prioritizes the sale of domain names on its website, and now offers a range of new gTLDs alongside the established .uk domains.

Today, Easily.co.uk has more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries. It still focuses on low-cost services, and emphasizes its UK presence in its marketing material. Its packages are aimed at personal and small business customers, and it focuses on simplicity and speed.

Easily.co.uk Hosting Plans

Easily.co.uk focuses on shared hosting, sitebuilders, and domain name registration. It offers little for medium or large businesses.

Three Linux shared hosting plans are available, alongside three Windows plans. All have caps on web space usage, but include unlimited bandwidth. The brand of control panel is not specified on its website hosting page.

WordPress is available on the Linux plans as a one-click installer package, but there are no dedicated WordPress plans. There are also no advertised VPS, cloud, or dedicated server packages.

Other web services include its E-shop Creator, and its search engine submission service.

Easily.co.uk Infrastructure

Easily.co.uk does not advertise the location of its datacenters. It does not provide any information about the facilities it uses, its networks, or its server hardware.

Easily.co.uk's parent company, NetNames, does use a UK datacenter. However, there's no information about whether this UK datacenter is the one where Easily.co.uk customers' data is stored.

Easily.co.uk Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 32 Reviews by Easily.co.uk Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Derek Tarrant avatar
Derek Tarrant chilternhundredsmorris.co.uk
Nov 14, 2018

Whoever has taken over the running of easily has totally destroyed it, websites suspended due to DNS total failure and no plan or timescale to resolve, despite intermittent email and phone responses after 1 month at least of being down. How does one of the most successful companies from late 1990's get it swrong, thehe new web portal is also an unworkable disaster. Such a shame.

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Alan Dowling avatar
Alan Dowling amdow.com
Sep 25, 2018

The old Easily control panel was easy to use with lots of features. Since the 'upgrade' to the new control panel it is terrible. Half the functionality has gone; password changes fail to work and old passwords no longer work.

On-line support is non-existent. The 'lost password' should send an email but this never arrives. UK pricing for renewals is in US dollars and not GB pounds. If I knew how to, I would move all my domain names and email addresses to another provider but I think that would be too complicated.

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John De Quincey avatar
John De Quincey dequincey.co.uk
May 18, 2018

I have been with Easily for many years, the service was good and simple to use. Then came the new portal, and my domain has gone missing! 6 weeks without email or website, 2 tickets raised for the error to be fixed, and nothing. The new easily website is not easy to use, and does not work properly.

Some features do not work in Chrome but do in Explorer. If they are now incapable of producing a working website for themselves what hope do we have of our websites being hosted properly. Like others I have waited on the phone for over an hour and gave up. Time to move elsewhere.

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Easily.co.uk Support

Customers of Easily.co.uk can access 24/7 help via email. Phone lines are only open between 9am and 5.30pm, and on weekdays only. There is a small amount of help material on its website, and an online ticketing system where customers can raise queries.

Easily.co.uk Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Easily.co.uk offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on new purchases of shared hosting, E-shop, and its Website Creator plan. The guarantee is called the Easily 30-Day Promise, and it does not apply to renewals or upgrade orders.

You also cannot claim a refund for any domain names or search engine submissions.

If you cancel after the first 30 days have passed, you won't be entitled to a refund. It's still important to cancel your service if you don't want it to renew.

Easily.co.uk Summary

Easily.co.uk is a well-established UK hosting company, but its range of packages is fairly narrow, and there's little information about its infrastructure. UK customers are likely to be keen to know precisely where their data is stored, so it's quite surprising that this information doesn't seem to be provided.

If you want a shared hosting package or website builder, and you're happy to use email support outside working hours, Easily.co.uk could be the right choice. For WordPress, there are probably better hosts that have more comprehensive features on offer.

Linux BeginnerWindows BeginnerLinux Advanced
Disk Space1GB1GB5GB
Price $3.50 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$5.04 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$7 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
Visit Easily.co.uk NowVisit Easily.co.uk NowVisit Easily.co.uk Now
PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Windows Advanced
5GBUnlimited $7 / mo Visit Host Now
Linux Professional
20GBUnlimited $12.60 / mo Visit Host Now
Windows Professional
20GBUnlimited $14 / mo Visit Host Now
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Easily.co.uk Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting products does Easily support?

    Easily offers shared hosting only. They split this into email hosting, a few tiers of shared hosting, and some ecommerce-specific plans.

  • What sort of email solutions does Easily offer?

    They offer a range of email hosting solutions to cover everyone from an individual who just wants a personal email address all the way up to covering a small team. Their email plans work within email clients like MS Outlook.

  • Does Easily offer Windows and Linux hosting?

    Yes, all their shared plans are offered on both Windows and Linux servers.

  • What programming languages does Easily support?

    Their Linux servers support PHP and Perl. Their Windows servers also support APS, .NET framework, and Flash.

  • Does Easily support common applications like WordPress and shopping carts?

    It depends. All their Linux shared hosting plans come with one-click installs for WordPress , Joomla, and Drupal, but not a full suite of applications like those provided by Softaculous.

    Their Windows servers do not include any one-click installs.

  • Can I buy an SSL certificate through Easily?

    Yes. They offer the Geotrust Quick SSL for an additional cost.

  • Are backups available from Easily?

    Yes. They have daily backups included on all their shared hosting plans.

  • Does Easily offer an uptime guarantee?

    No they do not. Their terms of service make no mention of uptime, only stating that Easily will do their best to keep all sites up and running as much as possible.

  • Does Easily offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee where they'll refund the cost of your purchase in the first 30 days.

  • Will my renewal price spike with Easily?

    Not really. There will be a small increase as a result of the cost of the domain name but that's it.

  • What sort of billing cycle does Easily use? How can I pay?

    They bill annually for all their policies and customers can pay with major credit cards only.

  • Does Easily offer discounts for extended contracts?

    No. Their prices are the same and they only offer annual terms; there is no option to sign anything more than a 12 month contract.

  • What sort of support does Easily offer?

    They have UK-based phone, live chat, and email support. This is only provided during business hours though, not 24/7. They also have a knowledgebase and ticketing system.

  • What sort of control panel access does Easily offer?

    They offer control panel access but they're not clear about how. Contact customer service for more information.

  • Will Easily help my migrate my site and my domain?

    Yes. They have a domain migration tool that will help you move from your current domain.

    Although they don't offer any support for website migration, they may offer cpanel to cpanel migration help. Contact customer support for more information.

  • What domain services are available with Easily?

    They offer domain registration and subdomain management and will transfer you for free. They'll also cover you for any time left on your existing domain before you clock over to registering with them. They also offer lots of gTLDs.

  • What are gTLDs?

    gTLDs are generic Top Level Domains, which go far beyond more common gTLDs like .com and .org. Easily has lots of gTLDs available including .London, .website, .international, and .xzy.

  • Does Easily have a website builder?

    Yes they do. They offer a range of shared hosting packages that include their proprietary website builder and templates, along with other beginner website builder tools.

  • What does Easily mean by unlimited bandwidth?

    While their storage for all plans is capped, Easily does offer unlimited bandwidth. However, like other companies' "unlimited" offering, it's not truly unlimited.

    If you violate their acceptable use policy, then your site will be cut off. Then, if your site legitimately starts using high levels of bandwidth legally, Easily still reserves the right to cut you off or charge you for the additional usage.

    However, the limit is so high that it is a struggle to get there legitimately, so for most users it is effectively unlimited.

  • Does Easily offer any marketing support?

    Yes, some. Customers can opt to have their site submitted automatically to 400+ search engines for the SEO benefit. Easily charges an additional fee for this service. They also offer marketing ad credits with some shared hosting and ecommerce plans.

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