eBoundHost Review: Live Support, But No Site Builder or Beginner Tools

eBoundHost.com Hosting Launched in 2000, eBoundHost.com has a long history of providing website hosting. They offer four types of hosting solutions. Since their launch, they’ve experienced an average of 15 minutes of downtime per month.


Technical assistance is based in the United States. You may access tech support via phone or email. Response time is guaranteed within 30 minutes.


Choose from four hosting plan types: Unlimited and Business Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Dedicated Server. Each includes a few universal features.
  • Migration assistance
  • CPanel
  • Carrier-neutral, Tier III data center
  • Secure data center, including but not limited to video surveillance, single entry point, and biometric hand scanning

Web Hosting Unlimited*

This low cost option is perfect for individuals and small businesses who want unlimited* resources.
  • Unlimited* websites
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • Unlimited* storage
  • Unlimited* domains and add-on domains
  • One-click script installer
  • Free new domain or transfer
  • Secure shell (SSH) access
  • Secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption
  • Unlimited* email addresses, aliases, and autoresponders
  • Webmail, Internet message access protocol (IMAP), and post office protocol (POP)
  • WebHost Manager (WHM) and cPanel
  • Backup and restore utility
  • Support for: Perl, PHP hypertext preprocessor (PHP), Python, and Ruby on Rails
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Unlimited* MySQL databases and users
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • AWStats
  • Crontab
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) access
  • Custom .htaccess and php.ini
  • Flash and Javascript

Business Web Hosting

An affordable option if you need fast site delivery for your clients
  • All the same features as Unlimited* plan
  • Servers limited to just 40 clients and 120 websites; no overloading
  • 99.97% uptime guarantee
  • Three domain names per account
  • Limit 25 email addresses per domain


If you need the power of a dedicated server, but you don’t have the budget, the VPS plans may be right for you.
  • Choice of two plans: VPS 100 or VPS 300
  • 100 GB or 300 GB disk space, respective to plan choice
  • 2 GB or 4 GB RAM, respective to plan choice
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • WHM and cPanel
  • 2 or 3 CPU cores, respective to plan choice
  • Choice of Linux distribution
  • Choice of control panel
  • Scale up or down in minutes
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Full root access
  • Two IPs
  • Remote reboot
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Dedicated Servers

Choose the best option for your needs from self-managed, fully managed, or storage servers.
  • Self-managed
    • Up to 6 CPU cores and 6 virtual, depending on server configuration chosen
    • Up to 24 GB RAM, depending on server configuration chosen
    • Up to four 2 TB hard drives, depending on server configuration chosen
    • 3 IPs
    • 1 Gbps
    • Unlimited* resource usage
  • Fully Managed
    • Monthly OS and kernel updates
    • Uptime monitoring
    • Setup and maintenance of server environment
    • Up to 4 hours monthly admin time, depending on server configuration chosen
    • Up to 8 CPU dedicated cores or 4 CPU and 4 virtual, depending on server configuration chosen
    • Up to two 1 TB hard drive mirror, depending on server configuration chosen
    • Up to 5 IP addresses, depending on server configuration chosen
    • 10 TB bandwidth
  • Storage Servers
    • Fully managed
    • Choose 2, 6, 12, or 20 TB
    • Network file system (NFS)
    • Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI)
    • Common Internet file system (CIFS)
    • Virtual private network (VPN)

Magento Cloud

If you want to speed up your Magento e-commerce site, this is for you.
  • Choice of single store, multiple store, or developer accounts
  • Up to 3 stores, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 3 free domain registrations, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 3 dedicated IPs and SSL certificates, depending on plan chosen
  • SSH access
  • Free Magento site transfer
  • Up to 150 GB disk storage, depending on plan chosen
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • 30-day money back guarantee

eBoundHost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 9 Reviews by eBoundHost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

John Carlson avatar
John Carlson 831web.com
Jun 09, 2014

831web.com / The Midweek Inc. has been using eboundhost.com services for quite a few years now. They are always helpful with support.

Mainly, I can call them and talk to someone. Their product pricing is also the best, another big reason we stick with them. Their staff is very knowledgeable of the software and hardware that they run in their machines. I give them an AAA+++
Thanks again eboundhost for keeping our customers and ourselves happy.

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kitty wong avatar
kitty wong aimwild.com
Jul 25, 2014

I love Tom at Ebound host. He is friendly knowledgeable and patient. The site is quick.

I mean super quick. I love there friendly service and speedy infrastructure. Will refer to them for sure.

You just can’t beat this kind of service. I was worried it would be slow because of the price but no worries for me anymore.

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Wendy Ang avatar
Wendy Ang
Jun 10, 2013

Eboundhost sucks. Nobody’s answering their support number. Nobody is replying to email.

My website has been down for more than 2 hours and nobody from their support is updating me. Whenever the website is down, and you send them an email they will reply once it is up again and tell you that it is working fine.

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R Gladwin avatar
R Gladwin rahulgladwin.com
Apr 23, 2012

I’ve been hosting on an Eboundhost VPS since Feb 2010 and have had a pleasant experience so far. I run a simple, static, low-maintenance, average-traffic website, and rarely needed any support. My server runs Plesk with full root access, and I have made some custom modifications to php, cache-control, etc.

My website has been running for over one year without needing any support; in fact, I even forgot where I was hosted! I only needed their tech support in the beginning and they patiently helped setup my VPS. I have graduated from medical school and extremely busy with residency – I’m glad my hosting issues are over phew.

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Gabriel Antal avatar
Gabriel Antal lottomatic.info
Jun 28, 2016

I’ve been hosting my websites with various hosting providers since 2003 when I developed and launched my very first website. For the first years I’ve been moving from one hosting company to another — for obvious reasons — until I got to eBouhdHost some years ago (2009 I believe). That’s when my search for the right hosting company stopped and I’ve been hosting my websites with them ever since, using VPS and dedicated servers.

In May 2016 one of my websites (LottoMatic.info) kind of went viral all of a sudden and is getting at the time of this writing even over 1000 visitors at the same time according to Google Analytics. The dedicated server and the infrastructure provided by eBoundHost handles this kind of traffic without a problem and I have all the reasons to expect this to stay as it is for the future when traffic will most likely increase based on the last month trends. eBoundHost support is fast and professional and if there is a problem they look deep into it, report back asap and fix it fast.

I don’t know how other web hosting companies do at this point in time as I didn’t host with anyone else for years but I know this much: eBoundHost is reliable and affordable web hosting company. If you’re looking to host a website with 10K+ unique visitors a day, I know for sure eBoundHost is one of the best options out there. Thank you eBoundHost!

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Mukesh  Patel avatar
Mukesh Patel lineworks.in
Apr 22, 2015

I have been eBound hosting customer for nearly a decade. While their services have been good overall their finance department sucks big time. Not only do they see nothing wrong of making unauthorized charges on my credit card details but they also refuse to remove credit card details.

The last time this happened they promised not to store my credit card data. Not only did they break this promise but made an unauthorized charge on my credit card (while we were seeking clarification of the invoice issues a couple of weeks before). Worse still it has taken many emails and phone calls to get back all of 69 USD refunded and I am still waiting on another 87 USD. Yes, not big amounts but that is why it sucks – I have not shift to an alternative hosting provider (which is more expensive but I hope also more ethical in its Business practices).

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Brad Hartman avatar
Brad Hartman onthebean.com
Jun 04, 2014

eBoundHost is by far the one of the best hosting providers out there. We were using another hosting company before switching and we could not be happier. Site speed had improved dramatically.

The sales and support team are great, very responsive. Emails are answered right away and anything regarding support is handled quickly and professionally. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone.

They made switching to them extremely easy. All and all a great company that is focused on service.

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konstantin burov avatar
konstantin burov divineoptics.com
May 27, 2014

eBoundHost is the best web host service I’ve had the pleasure of doing Business with. Great hands on customer support team that knows and understands hosting and wont waste your time when it comes to choosing the right plan. Great features and with reliable service. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for fast and reliable hosting solution.

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Rick Collins avatar
Rick Collins gnuarm.com
Jul 31, 2012

I have been with ebound for a number of years and have grown less and less satisfied. When I started with eboundhosting they had me up and running without too much trouble. From the beginning there have been intermittent outages that last for just minutes.

Mostly this shows up when my email program can’t access the server. There were times when I could not access web pages as well. Invariably if I contacted support about this by the time they responded the outage was gone and they said everything was working just fine.

So it was hard to get them to take this seriously. There have been a few outages that did require them to repair things. I could never get any indication of what had been wrong or what they had to do to fix it.

They would always reply they were working on it and when it was fixed they would tell me to "try it now". I never was given any info I could pass on to my customers to give them some feeling that this is not a regular occurance and that we knew what we were doing. This past year the outages have been more frequent, especially with the email and I am being told it is because I am on a Plesk server and that the Plesk software is "insecure" and unmanagable.

One more than one occasion the webmail interface and the Plesk control panel were shut down requiring us to use different ports to log in. There was no advance warning and I had to file a support ticket to find this out. I was told that sooner or later I would be required to switch over to a Cpanel server which "runs better".

They claim that the Cpanel software does everything the Plesk software does but it doesn’t really and the way you have to do things is rather different, not just for me but for my customers. This is turning out to be a Huge pain for everyone. I can’t believe that Plesk doesn’t provide adequate support and fix security issues unless a user doen’t have support or doesn’t know how to manage the updates.

I can’t say which is true for eboundhost, but right now I am very unhappy and I expect to leave soon… but not too soon. I don’t want to inconvenience all my customers again.

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  • Money back guarantee
  • Live support with any account
  • Unlimited* plan
  • U.S.-based support
*When hosts describe anything as “unlimited,” it is typically boundless except in cases of abuse. A user may be charged a penalty or be required to subscribe to a more robust package if they are overburdening the servers.


  • No self-help options
  • Some limits on management options
  • No search engine optimization tools

The Verdict

Plans from eBoundHost.com come in a wide range of costs and sizes. Individuals and businesses alike may find a suitable plan. However, this hosting doesn’t come with a site builder, templates, or really any beginner tools. The live support feature will come in very handy if you have minimal technical skills, because many of these plans will require some know-how.

Most Popular eBoundHost Hosting Plans

Unmetered Business VPS100
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $5 / mo $25 / mo $40 / mo
Visit eBoundHost Visit eBoundHost Visit eBoundHost
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
300GB Unlimited $60 / mo Visit Host
Atom Fully Managed
500GB 10TB $250 / mo Visit Host
Dual Fully Managed
1TB 10TB $350 / mo Visit Host
Quad Fully Managed
1TB 10TB $450 / mo Visit Host
Eight Fully Managed
1TB 10TB $550 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

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