FastHosts In 2019: What Do FastHosts Client Reviews Say?

FastHosts Introduction

FastHosts is a well-established web hosting company based in Gloucester, UK. The company was established in 1999, giving it over a decade’s worth of hosting experience. Like 1&1 Internet and, FastHosts is now a part of United Internet AG which is a large German internet services organisation. FastHosts offers a comprehensive range of services, from website hosting to broadband and cloud storage.

Domain name registration appears to be the main focus of FastHosts. In terms of hosting, the company doesn’t appear to have a speciality.

Many hosting companies boast a range of awards regarding their services. Whilst these awards are often easy to come by, some are worth noting. In 2011, FastHosts won the award for the Microsoft Global Hosting Solutions partner of the year, which I thought was worthy of a mention in this review.

FastHosts Hosting Plans

FastHosts provide its customers with four different shared hosting packages to choose from. Customers can also choose from either Linux or Windows operating systems for their hosting and can choose from plans up to three years in length to further reduce their cost.

  • The Personal package allows customers to host one website, with up to 50 subdomains, 50 starter mailboxes, 1 MySQL database and 5 FTP accounts. This package comes with 5 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • The Business Bronze package is a step up from the personal package with 50 GB disk space, 500 subdomains, 10 MySQL databases, 500 starter mailboxes and 50 FTP accounts.
  • The Business Silver package allows customers to host two websites and provides unlimited disk space, subdomains and starter mailboxes. This allows customers to host 100 MySQL databases with 100 FTP accounts.
  • The Business Gold web hosting plan adds unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts to the Silver plan. Customers can host up to 3 websites.

There are two reseller packages available through Fasthosts, should customers want to sell their own hosting space. There is a package for new resellers and one for companies with more advanced requirements. Starters get 20 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth whilst advanced resellers get unlimited space. Both Windows and Linux hosting is available to resell. Interestingly, advanced resellers are also able to resell broadband services to UK customers.

Both Linux and Windows-based VPS hosting is available through FastHosts. There is one Starter package available and two Professional packages. There is also a customisable advanced package, so customers can set up their VPS with a range of hardware capabilities. This starts at 512 MB RAM, 50 GB disk space and 1 processor and goes up to 16 GB RAM, 1 TB disk space and up to 4 processors. Each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.

For customers who are looking for a dedicated server, FastHosts provide 6 hardware options, ranging from a 2 core processor with 2 X 250 GB SATA disk space and 4 GB RAM up to 32 core processors, 2 X 120 GB SSD & 2 X 2 TB SATA disk space and 64 GB RAM. Customers can choose from a range of Linux and Windows-based operating systems and get unlimited bandwidth.

Cloud hosting is also available through FastHosts, but customers need to contact the sales team directly to discuss it, so I can’t cover it in any detail in this review.

FastHosts Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 30 Reviews by FastHosts Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

James Webster avatar
James Webster
Apr 27, 2015

Be warned, if you sign up with Fasthosts, read their T&Cs very carefully. It is extremely difficult to cancel any hosting as it must be done within a small time window. Miss that slot and they will pursue you relentlessly for 2 years payment in advance. Best bit is that you have missed your cancel slot and have to go through it all again in 2 years time……………

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Mike Beverley avatar
Mike Beverley
Jan 28, 2015

I can’t express just how awful this company is. I’ve been given a server that doesn’t work. And if I want it to work, I have to pay them extra to fix it.

This is on a server I’ve had for a grand total of 24 hours. Don’t let the website and the salesman on the phone tell you any different – this is like a no-frills airline where you see the cheap price … then have the holiday from hell.

And they tell you nothing about just how bare bones the service is upfront. The "support" staff are practically non-existent. What you do get, is a large number of people who will answer the phone or emails and repeat things that are written in the FAQs section.

They have no idea what it means. Even with basic server things, they have to go and ask a supervisor what answer they should give next.

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Craig Marsterson avatar
Craig Marsterson
Apr 20, 2015

We have been using FastHosts for quite some time, and have had a number of issues with downtime on the server side of things (both file server and database server). The support is sometimes very helpful, but at other times to avoid them sorting an issue – they instantly put the blame on the code, whereas the issue actually was with the server. They usually take quite a long time for an issue to be sorted, and take a large amount of time to get back to you with resolution of the issue.

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Jason Soraff avatar
Jason Soraff
Jan 09, 2015

Having used alternative Isp’s for several years I was unhappy with the level of support we received (we had 8 dedicated servers, spending approx £15k per annum). I set one up on fasthosts to test the water and have subsequently transferred in around 80 domains and set up several dedicated servers with them. The support is very good, a dedicated account manager has made a difference and the uptime has been 100% in 18 months.

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James Myers avatar
James Myers
Aug 24, 2013

I have a reseller account. Which means that I can host as many websites as I need and pay a one off monthly fee and then resell hosting packages to my clients. This is good if you are a Website Designer, Develeoper and want to make a bit of extra income by hosting websites that you have worked on and receive a recurring monthly income.

In terms of value for money, if you require hosting a decent amount of small websites in multiple languages such as ASP and PHP then it is good value. If you developing in just one language such as PHP then I wouldn’t go for this package. To be honest I am considering converting all of my old Classic ASP to PHP and setting up a Virtual Private Server.

Many of the problems associated with Fasthosts in terms of downtime or websites being slow are generally problems associated with Shared Hosting or this type of hosting and are not Fasthosts specific. Being that your website(s) are hosted on a shared server, this means that you could have a 100+ other websites receiving varying levels of traffic and developed from people with different coding abilities. So if one website is programmed badly or receives a significant amount of traffic, it could essentially cause a huge strain on the server which brings it to it’s knees.

Essentially this type of hosting is budget hosting not mission critical and should not be used for websites that receive a decent amount of traffic. Fasthosts support was really bad about 3-4 years ago however they have provided me with much better support over the last year or so. One annoyance I have had is that they disabled Gzip compression on a server that was hosting my website without forewarning me, which a website of mine relied upon for Compressing stylesheets. Also PHP error logging is disabled, whilst I agree that errors should not be displayed on a production server, you could still logs the errors to files which could easily be configured via the Vhosts files on a per site basis.

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Pat Winslow avatar
Pat Winslow
Aug 14, 2013

After months and months of unsatisfactory service from Fasthosts which included various technical issues around updating and editing my website, publishing, logging on and confusion about my email address, I terminated my account in February 2013. In July I received an email from Fasthosts to say that my domain renewal fee of £5.39 was due. I tried to log on to Fasthosts to query this, but of course neither my username nor my password were being recognised.

I assumed this was because I had closed the account. I tried several more times just to make sure, and each time I was unable to log on. I concluded from this that my account was well and truly closed the renewal payment would not be taken.

However, today I received an email saying that the domain renewal payment had been taken. Fasthosts refuses to reimburse me because I didn’t log on and cancel the domain renewal! My bank is in dispute with them now.

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manpreet singh avatar
manpreet singh
Apr 21, 2016

We are Hosting our many website domain & mail servers on Fasthosts for past many years. The uptime is very good. We will continue to host & maintain our service on this great platform.

Fair Customer service. Normal features…Scope for improvement. Good Support,Economical,Good uptime

Strongly Recommended because of Reliable service !!!

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charles crook avatar
charles crook
Jul 24, 2014

Do not expect discretion. I bought a years virtual server and did not log on once (my choice of course). No reminder of automatic renewal.

One day after that I asked for a cancellation. They insisted on charging for a further year (of non use). Not the most "supportive" of customer support. In fact deeply unsympathetic

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James Andrews avatar
James Andrews
Dec 15, 2012

Fasthosts are a complete waste of time, avoid at all costs. I asked them before I purchased if I could cancel if they didn’t meet the uptime guarantee, to which they replied yes. I had outages of ~5 hours and intermitted outages too.

They failed to diagnose the issue until I persisted and a ticket of mine got raised to a senior engineer, who finally admitted they had been having issues. They really didn’t want to admit they were having issues all along… Anyhow, I tried to cancel and then they changed their mind and said NO.

So I then tried to downgrade my hosting and they said NO. There isn’t anywhere on their website that says I am not allowed to downgrade – it might be in the T&C but the point is it wasn’t made very clear when I signed up. Avoid Fasthosts – bad ethics, terrible service, not customer focused.

You do NOT want to be in business with a company like this. Do not trust a company as bad as this with your own business.

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Roberto Bertuol avatar
Roberto Bertuol
Oct 16, 2012

Fasthosts customer support is slow and issues are never sorted out straight away, it needs at least a 3 or 4 rounds of emails. Worst thing when Fasthost deleted my account including all emails a few days before the end of my contract. All they could offer was an apology.

Apparently on shared servers they do not have a proper disaster recovery procedure for backups. Not very reassuring.

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FastHosts Uptime/Downtime

FastHosts does not make any boast about its server uptime, and it does not publish any uptime statistics. VPS and dedicated server hosting customers are provided with an SLA and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, allowing them to claim a days’ worth of free hosting for every hour of downtime.

FastHosts own its own data centre and do not rent space elsewhere. The server farm is located in Gloucester in the UK and is manned and monitored 24 hours a day. The data centres are fully secured and utilise backup power systems to keep them up and running in the event of a power failure.

FastHosts Support

There are a wide range of support options open to FastHosts customers. Support starts with live system status reports, where customers can check for any known issues. There’s also a knowledge base, a range of user guides, a domain health checker, a training center (which includes a number of webinars) and a blog.

FastHosts offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both online and on the phone. The company is also on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and the company actively encourages its customers to follow them. More importantly, the company does liaise with its customers through these channels should any support issues arise.

FastHosts in the News

FastHosts is a relatively large hosting company and has appeared in some prominent news sites, although none of the press I found relates to poor service or downtime.

FastHosts Control Panel

FastHosts’ shared hosting customers get a custom control panel to manage their websites. However, there is little available information regarding the control panel, so it is difficult to compare this to cPanel and Plesk.

VPS hosting customers are provided with Plesk.

FastHosts Extras

There are a whole host of extras and freebies bundled with FastHosts hosting plans, with a few extras that other hosts don’t provide. These include a free site builder, Google Adword credits, Bidvertiser credits and Mirago credits. A website statistics tool called MatrixStats comes with each hosting account and there is a free TrafficDriver SEO service for business hosting customers. Often SEO services are chargeable, so this is an interesting addition.

Shared hosting comes with a free one-click installer and supports range of applications such as PHP, Perl, Python, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more. Windows hosting customers who purchase Professional Mailbox as an add on also get Outlook 2010 for free.

FastHosts Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Unlike most other web hosting companies, FastHosts does not offer any kind of money back guarantee for its customers. However, there is a 30 day free trial of the website builder tool, so customers can to try this out before purchasing any hosting packages.

The FastHosts cancellation policy requires customers to provide 30 days notice. If the customer cancels before the end of the agreed term, they will remain liable for the remaining costs.

FastHosts Summary

FastHosts offer a distinctive range of hosting services, setting them apart from some of the run-of-the-mill hosts I’ve reviewed. The lack of a money-back guarantee may put some off, but then again, a Microsoft award goes a long way towards building confidence in the services FastHosts provides.

The location of the data centre will appeal to customers looking to ensure their website is hosted in the UK, and the massive range of services can only be matched by a few other companies. The level of support options provided by FastHosts is also a big plus, as is its adoption of modern support techniques through social media channels.

The huge array of web hosting options may put some people off, and I think it could be complicated for first timers to get to grips with what’s on offer.

Most Popular FastHosts Hosting Plans

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Price $7.22 / mo
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$7.22 / mo
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