FatCow.com Review: Cute Logo – How’s The Web Hosting?

Is FatCow the Right Hosting Company for You?

FatCow is a common hosting recommendation for beginners and small businesses looking for cheap web hosting.

FatCow Review

It’s a strange company name, but a well-known one that’s been around for a long time.

I’ve spent a great deal of time testing out and researching what FatCow has to offer in order to write this review. There’s good and bad parts to their services, and I break down the most important parts in simple terms throughout this review.

A Brief Introduction to FatCow

FatCow has been around since 1998, essentially the very start.

It’s grown over time by focusing on one thing: simplicity.


FatCow doesn’t have the most modern site, or cutting edge hosting technology. However, their plans are simple to understand and choose from, and you get inexpensive, relatively easy to use hosting.

All these things together make it well suited for simple websites. That’s why FatCow specifically targets small businesses and beginner web developers in their messaging.


FatCow offers most of the standard hosting features. But here are some of the most important ones:

FatCow Feature Description
Green datacenter Reduced energy usage
Backups Can be used to restore site in case of problem
Control panel Used to manage website
sitebuilder Create websites without coding
E-commerce Buy and sell products on your website

Green Hosting, Kinda

You might not be aware of it, but the datacenters that hosting companies use consume an immense amount of energy.

They’re filled with racks and racks of servers running continuously.

Wind Energy, Kinda

FatCow is one of the few growing number of companies that has taken steps to reduce their impact on their environment.

This followed suggestions by their own employees, which reflects on their company culture.

FatCow is 100% wind energy powered.

Energy Certificates

This doesn’t mean they have wind turbines that supply their power.

FatCow green website badges

Instead, it means that they purchase Renewable Energy Certificates with the intent to offset their energy usage.

It’s a nice thing they’ve done, that puts them ahead of most other hosting companies. They haven’t gone quite as far as a select few companies who have upgraded to energy-saving equipment and business practices, but it’s a good start.

Green Site Badge

If being environmentally friendly is relevant to your business, you can put a small green badge somewhere on your website if you host it on FatCow.

Fat Cow.com Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 142 Reviews by Fat Cow.com Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins avatar
Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins
Mar 20, 2014

I’ve now hosted over several years with 5 different hosting companies as I had yet to find a hosting company that cares enough to update continuously. FatCow is my last and final hosting company and I YES would recommend Fatcow to anyone who is looking for an affordable, progressive up-to-date host.

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Linda Torgerson avatar
Linda Torgerson torgslabs.com
Jan 17, 2014

We have been with FatCow.com quite a few years now. The cost is one of the cheapest in the industries. They have been very supportive, available at all times.

We have recommended FatCow.com numerous times to friends and family. They are one of the only sites that continue to supported my outdated Frontpage extensions. We have been very happy with FatCow.com.

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Aaron Banikiotes avatar
Aaron Banikiotes herndoncuisine.com
Feb 10, 2018

FatCow.com once was a great company when they had technical service in Canada. Now it is in the Philippines. They once advertised in Wired magazine, I don’t think they do anymore.

I started with FatCow in 2006 when the service was decent. I knew to call late at night rather than in the daytime. Now the calls are routed to the Philippines where the service staff are rude, and today I asked the same question 8 times before I received an answer.

The current front page shows a 50% off first timers charge of $4.08 per month however there is no plan that is double that fee. The ‘full price‘ fee is $179 per year. A month before the payment is due they message you stating you are $466.20 past due (the three year fee) although you aren’t really past due but your control panel won’t show that you have to call in to get that sort of information.

I previously paid for more than 3 years so my new fee had jumped more than $100 yearly. I assumed I was upgraded to a different plan accidentally and requested the lower plan. They emailed back the yearly fee would be $83.40, but I still was unable to locate that fee in the control panel. It doesn’t actually exist, I was told today this is my special rate only good for one year.

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Leon Clark avatar
Leon Clark thegoodneighborsociety.com
Mar 04, 2018

I contracted with Fat Cow in 2016 for a domain plus some support services. The cost for all of this was about $150 plus about $20 per month for one year. They refused to end my subscriptions after one year despite the fact that I opted out of automatic renewal.

Now they’ve started on the third year of charges despite my protests. Today I saw a charge from Fat Cow for $452 on my card. I have not requested services from them since 2016.

I have tried to end all automatic renewals. I plan to contest this with my card vendor. If that doesn’t work I will be hiring an attorney.

Find another host or swim at your own risk. You have been warned.

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Steve Pedigo avatar
Steve Pedigo
Dec 26, 2017

My review focuses on the policy of support for Fatcow. They outsource to the Philippines for support so hmm, say when something happens to delete some files on Your Site and you try to find out why, you will have to be authenticated each time you try to Chat with someone or call in. You can not just ask a general question to their Chat advisors.

You Must give a username and domain that you have with them. SO if you head to work, and try to pull up a chat session while you have some free time on your hands and you do NOT have credit card info or the security question answer, you are in for a LOT of head banging against the wall. But it gets better, because Once you are authenticated, you will find that after a certain amount of time, they will start repeating themselves with their copy and paste scripts that they are giving you for answers.

When you try to ask certain questions, they do not understand, so they see a key word and latch onto it and then They will try to steer the question and answer in that direction. It all makes for a Very frustrating experience if things go wrong. I know what you are thinking, YOU the reader will simply ask for a supervisor or a level 2.

Well you are Wrong! You can ask for a supervisor or level 2 but those are Specialists and supervisors are somehow, Always on the phone or in a meeting and they are not available to assist you. Specialists only seem to live in e-mail and chat, but not chat with customers.

Specialists will apparently chat Only with the level 1 tech support people. Specialists will NOT contact outside customers, only internal chatting… Go ahead and try to get a supervisor on the phone.

You will be placed on hold several times and then it seems that at least for me, Twice I was told that a supervisor would call me back. Currently, I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back, but the first time no supervisor called me. Personally speaking, I hate it when you can not speak to an American about a problem.

When you are looking for answers you will have to settle for getting answers that are kind of similar to maybe what you asked. But you will have no choice but to settle for those inaccurate answers if you go with Fat cow. My overall opinion of this company after dealing with their support they get 2 stars out of 5. I would have given them a 1 star if their software interface really sucked and 0 stars if I ended up slamming down the phone at any time, which I almost did, but those people on the other end of the phone, they Really want their jobs because they will take a large amount of heat and not flinch at all.

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Bianca Goolsby avatar
Bianca Goolsby firetechstudios.com
Oct 18, 2014

FatCow is great for small low budget projects that no one needs to look at. Maybe acceptable for a landing page. Using FatCow on WordPress is a utterly nightmare.

The server response time is so slow in comparison to other top hosting providers. After careful research (which I should have done in the beginning), I see that Fawcow oversells the server to maximize profits. That’s great they are making money, however; it is utterly disturbing.

If you have an online based business, RUN! This will interfere with your money.

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Holly Ellis  avatar
Holly Ellis ellisdesignonline.com
Mar 20, 2014

I have had nothing but excellent service from FatCow. Any time I have needed help, even with the most idiotic user errors, I have been treated with the utmost respect and have always had the issue resolved. That said, FatCow is wonderful for those who may not be the most adept at websites.

I originally signed on because 1) the price was amazing 2) I think using wind power is terrific and 3) I just could not bear the thought of working with GoDaddy (sorry T&A just does not sell me). As a Mac user I was surprised to find their built in tools for site design were not so Mac friendly, but I easily found an alternative. I always recommend FatCow when people ask. I now have several domains hosted by them.

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Luthien Dulk avatar
Luthien Dulk parendili.org
Dec 01, 2012

Fatcow leaves me with very mixed feelings. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. Positive:
– little downtime
– enough features (bandwith, disk space, databases etc.)

– support persistently misunderstands simple questions
– support persistently treats me like I’m dumb, after I told them I’m a programmer with 15+ years of experience
– support persistently takes the wrong action, i.e.

not what I ask them to do, but "snatch it from my hands"
– they Never answer feedback
– there is no email address to send support to, only a web-form that, for all I know, is hooked up straight to /dev/null
– their "Live Chat" support is plain scary: it’s a scripted bot service that presents itself as a human. It’s "uncanny valley" to the max. This should really be outlawed.

It’s awful..
– their pricing schema is opaque. Initially they seem quite cheap, but in the second year you are presented with quite a formidable bill
– and the one that today made me decide to leave them: they use scare tactics (including spam mail) to make you purchase additional security options. I’ve really had it with them.

They present themselves as an environmentally-aware friendly company, but they are in fact a very unfriendly, über-commercial outfit that really leaves you with a feeling of being s***wed. I’ve completely had it with them.

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WhatswithJeff avatar
WhatswithJeff whatswithjeff.com
Sep 24, 2012

I first encountered FatCow on some advertisement on a web site. They were offering a huge discount for a 1 year plan so I grab the opportunity thinking that FatCow was a better web host than my previous. For the first few months, things were going smoothly, but as my blog’s traffic was increasing (around 1,000-2,000 visits per day) I started to encounter problems.

I have three major issues with FatCow, first was their server’s uptime. Most of the time I caught my site displaying "web page could not be loaded" or error loading page. Not only did I loose potential visitors/earnings, but also Google has deindexed some of my pages as well (since they don’t like inaccessible sites.)

Second, although their support answers fast, and I can reach them through chat, their technical support could not address or fix the problems that I encounter.

Most of the time, it’s me who fixed the problem instead of their technical support. Third, security. My site experienced an SQL injection attack.

I was wondering why my site load’s very slow. When I checked the codes, there were commands injected. Their technical support could not help me with this.

Thus I was forced to transfer to a better, worry free, hassle free hosting instead. It’s true that they offer cheap hosting solution, and I’m now paying more for my current web hosting. But like they saying goes, "what you pay is what you get".

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Ben Johnson avatar
Ben Johnson seaorair.com
Jun 17, 2011

I’m using fatcow to host my second site and I wish I had gone elsewhere. I’ve had so much downtime it’s unbelievable. Speaking with customer support is like running in circles "I’ve recreated the problem and will create a ticket" – this has happened three times this week! Eeeeshh….stay away from fatcow.

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Load More

Tailored for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

If you’ve looked at any hosting sites and immediately got overwhelmed because they have so many plans with different names, you’ll have a bit more luck with FatCow.

While they have added a few higher end plans, the core hosting services are still simple.

Besides simplicity, there’re a few other features that FatCow offers on all their plans that make it well suited for small and even medium sized businesses.

Backing Up Your Site

Making changes or upgrades to websites can be scary. It’s possible to take your site offline or even destroy it with a single click.

That’s why backups are a must for all sites but especially business websites; where going down can cost you revenue.

Backup and Restore Is Easy at FatCow

On all FatCow plans, you get free, automatic daily server backups. If something goes wrong, you contact support and ask them to fix it for you.

But there is one important thing to remember: restoring the state of a server will roll back all your sites on that server, not just the one affected by your change. Also, if you have a very busy site, you will lose the material you added since the backup.

Manual Backups

Using your control panel, you can also manually create backups with just a few clicks. You should do this once in a while to have a local copy of your website.

What’s more, if you are doing something complicated, like adding an e-commerce part to your site, it’s a good idea to make your own backup right before you do.

“Pro” Backup Plan

Finally, if your website changes a lot throughout the day for whatever reason, you might want to invest in a better backup service.

You can purchase an inexpensive “pro” backup plan, which gives you more frequent automatic backups.

Free daily backups are generated on all plans. You can also manually create backups and restore them through your control panel. You can purchase an inexpensive pro plan for more frequent automatic backups for each of your sites individually.

Sell Products With E-Commerce Features

Creating your own e-commerce store would be extremely time consuming, even if you were an uber-coder. And time is money. That time can be be much better spent.

FatCow’s E-Commerce Solution

FatCow provides all the essential features you need, for a low cost or free. This includes:

  1. Adding a shopping cart to your site
  2. Accepting payment through PayPal
  3. Creating coupon codes
  4. Accepting credit cards
  5. Creating “catalog” pages with your products.

FatCow’s Two E-Commerce Applications

In particular, there are two complete e-commerce applications that you can install on any of your sites from your control panel.


The first is Ecwid which you can demo it.

It can be installed on any site by inserting a small piece of code. There are plugins to make it even easier (no need to touch code) for all the major content management systems (CMSs).

Ecwid has a ton of features, including all those listed above.

FatCow Ecwid
FatCow Ecwid screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

You can use it to create product pages, shopping carts, accept payments, and more.


Alternatively, you can use ShopSite, which is a very similar service.

You can demo ShopSite it too.

Either E-Commerce System Should Work Well for You

It doesn’t matter which one you pick, they’ll both work well for selling products. Expect to spend a small amount of time learning the system if you do install either.

Note that these are applications that integrate with your FatCow website. They aren’t full standalone products.

FatCow Can Build Your Site As Well As Host It

While budget is a common reason for choosing FatCow, it may not be an issue for you.

If so, know that you can get help from professional developers and designers that are associated with FatCow.

They can do anything from setting up your online store, to designing your logo, to maintaining your website.

If you need the help, ask them about it when you are signing up for hosting. Just a warning, this sort of work is never cheap, which is why most FatCow customers won’t use it except as a last resort.

The Website Builder Provided by FatCow

If you want to get a website up and running, and make it as easy as possible, use a sitebuilder.

What Is a Sitebuilder?

A sitebuilder is a simple drag and drop editor that lets you make edits to your website’s content just like you would in a text document. No coding is ever needed, and little technical skills are required.

FatCow Has Two Sitebuilders

There are actually two sitebuilders provided in every FatCow account.

One was developed by FatCow themselves, while the other is an integration of a third-party sitebuilder (Weebly).

Details About the in-House Sitebuilder

There’s a few things about the sitebuilder developed by FatCow that you should know:

  • You’ll need to pay an extra fee for e-commerce functionality
  • It comes with a variety of mobile-friendly themes
  • You can create a blog with it.


If you’re planning to create a blog with many posts, or just long posts, you’re almost always better off going with a CMS like WordPress. This advice applies to all sitebuilders that I’ve seen, not just this one.

Weebly vs FatCow

I would not recommend using the FatCow sitebuilder. Instead, I’d recommend using the Weebly sitebuilder that you can also access in your control panel.

The FatCow sitebuilder isn’t bad, but it’s a secondary product for them. They focus almost all their time and energy on their hosting services.

But Weebly is a sitebuilder, it’s what they focus all their time on. I’ve used the Weebly sitebuilder extensively, and it’s great. It comes with more features built-in for free, has a better UI, and more themes available.

FatCow Edit Weebly Text
FatCow editing Weebly text screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

So it’s not that FatCow’s sitebuilder is bad, Weebly’s is just one of the best there is anywhere.

FatCow Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is what FatCow is known for.

It’s cheap because you share the cost (and resources) of a server with many other customers.

The Two Shared Plans

On the website, there are 2 names for shared hosting plans:

  • The Original FatCow Plan
  • WP Hosting.

The Original FatCow Plan

The original FatCow plan comes with a wide variety of features.

Most notably, you are given unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains.

Before you get too excited, this doesn’t mean that you can host a million large sites on a single FatCow web host plan.


When a host says “unlimited” resources, it really means “a reasonable amount that is more than most sites will need.”

If you’re just building a handful of simple sites, you aren’t likely to have an issue.

However, if you’re building several large sites on one of these hosting plans, your sites will either load very slowly, or not at all in some cases.

The original FatCow plan also comes with other perks that I’ll get to later.

WP Hosting

You can create WordPress sites using the original FatCow plan.

However, there are 2 other plans under “WordPress hosting” that are specifically designed to help WordPress users. Depending on the one you pick, it can be even cheaper than the plan above.

You get all the same basics: unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains.

Plan Differences

There’s a few important differences between the plans:

  • Customized control panel
  • Pre-installed themes and plugins
  • “Super speed”
  • Security features
  • Specialized Support.

Customized control panel

Your options will all be WordPress specific now.

So if you only want part of your website to be WordPress, stick with the FatCow plan.

Pre-installed themes and plugins

W3 Total Cache and Jetpack come installed in any new site for convenience.

Since these are plugins that pretty much all WordPress users depend on, this is really helpful.

“Super speed”

Your sites are placed on servers with more space.

In addition, you get access to a content delivery network (CDN), and extra caching for more speed

Security Features

This feature is only available on the higher tier plan, but given its importance, it’s worth paying for.

Your site will be monitored for security issues (which WordPress is hardly immune to). Additionally, a firewall protects your sites from most spam and other security issues

Specialized Support

This also only comes with the higher tier plan.

You get access to a specific support team that specialize in WordPress hosting on FatCow. You’re likely to find this extremely helpful.

There’s No Question if WordPress Is Your Thing

If you know all your sites are going to be WordPress sites, it makes sense to pick one of these 2 plans.

What If Your Website Needs More Power?

I mentioned above that if your sites need too much bandwidth or disk space, they’ll slow down or not load at all. That’s a big problem.

Old Options

In the past, FatCow only had shared hosting plans, so you’d have to buy more hosting accounts or migrate to a different host.

More Plans

Now, FatCow has a few higher tiered plans with more power.

They are significantly more expensive than the shared plans, but still cheaper compared to most similar plans that competitors offer.

I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll give you a quick overview.

VPS Plans

There are two options, the first of which is virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Dedicated Resources

You’re still sharing a server with other customers, but you have a large amount of space and resources partitioned off just for your sites.

Managed Support

On top of more power, you also get fully managed support. This means that FatCow’s support team will help ensure that your site is protected from security threats, and that you’ll get faster help with any website issues.

Dedicated Server Plans

If your site gets really big, you might need even more power and control over your resources. That’s when you’d upgrade to the second option, a dedicated server hosting account.

Dedicated hosting gives you your own private servers that you have nearly full control of. The vast majority of sites will never need this.

The Central Control Panel

No matter which hosting account you sign up on, you’ll get access to a customized vDeck control panel.

It’s a simple hosting control panel, but has all the essentials you need.

There are a few main sections of tools and options.

Website Tools

The website tools section allows you to pick how you’ll build your website(s).

First, there are the two sitebuilders. The FatCow sitebuilder is called “WebsiteBuilder,” while Weebly is the other option.

Both e-commerce store options, Ecwid and ShopSite are also available.

Mojo Marketplace

If you’d like to install a CMS (other than WordPress) or forum, you’ll need to use the link to Mojo Marketplace.

Mojo Marketplace includes simple installation scripts for a ton of popular software.

FatCow One click installs
FatCow one click installs screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

You pick a CMS, select the site on your hosting account to install it on, and you’re done.

Email Service

Each host package comes with FatCow email.

You can create custom email addresses to any of your domains (e.g. name@domainname.com).

Then, you can login to any individual account, which is powered by Roundcube.

FatCow Roundcube email
Roundcube email screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

Roundcube is an open source email client with a simple, but modern design.

Google Integrations

There’s a small section just for Google tools.

FatCow Google integrations
FatCow Google integrations screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

First, you can easily link up your hosting account with your Google Analytics account.

Google Apps

You can also purchase integrations for most Google tools. The most popular one is Gmail, which allows you to access your email accounts through your regular Gmail account.

Whether or not the monthly fee is worth it is up to you.

Customer Support

All customers receive support from the “Moo Crew,” available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can get support through phone or live chat.

Quality Support

Every time I’ve used either option, someone quickly responds, and answers have been useful. While your experience may vary, I don’t have any complaints there, and the availability is great.

FatCow Documentation

The other side of support is documentation.

FatCow splits this into two main sections.


The main one is the knowledgebase, which is quite good overall. It’s well organized, and support guides have clear steps, and often images. I do think it could use more guides in certain topics, but it’s a solid foundation as it is.

FatCow knowledgebase
FatCow Knowledgebase screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

User Guide

The other help section is the “user guide.” This contains some video tutorials on how accomplish different objectives using your control panel. There’s quite a bit of overlap, and also many links to just the homepage of the knowledgebase.

I think they could be combined into one single knowledgebase, and it’d be more useful.

Is Uptime Important to You?

Uptime is a measurement of what percent of time a host’s websites have been available during any time period.

It’s pretty important that your site is up and running as much as possible.

Uptime Guarantee

The minimum “standard” in the industry is 99.9%. That sounds really high, but an uptime of 99.9% for a month still results in 43 minutes and 12 seconds downtime. The best high performance hosts have uptimes of over 99.99%.

Something that’s concerning is that FatCow has no uptime guarantee, and barely any mention of uptime on their website. I’ve researched many businesses for host reviews, and this does not happen often because uptime is important.


We’ve measured our own uptime results on FatCow using Pingdom to get a sense of what to expect.

The results so far have showed that the uptime was above 99.9%. The uptime is about as good as you’d hope for on a low cost host like FatCow, so no complaints here.

FatCow’s Main Appeal — Pricing

As I’ve casually mentioned, FatCow is one of the cheapest hosts you’ll find on the web.

Introductory Rate

On the shared hosting plans, you can get a introductory rate that is absurdly cheap. This can be misleading, because it’s only for the first term.

After this first term, the plan will be renewed at a standard rate. It’s still affordable and competitive, but not incredibly cheap anymore.

There are a few other perks that FatCow gives new customers that help offset any increased costs down the line.

Get a Free Domain Name

You can register domain names right through your control panel.

The “domain central” section of your cPanel allows you to both manage your current domain names, and add new ones.

FatCow Domain Central
FatCow domain central screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

All hosting plans come with one free domain name. Of course, this has to be a domain name that is available.

Get Free Advertising Credits

This really ties in with the small business focus that FatCow has.

Again in your control panel, you can access the following small business perks:

  • $100 in advertising credits for Google Adwords
  • $100 in advertising credits for Bing
  • A free yellowpages.com listing
  • A free toll-free phone number if you’re in the U.S.

If you visit FatCow using our special coupon, you’ll ensure that you get the lowest prices on every plan possible.

Is FatCow the Best Web Hosting For You?

Putting all this information together, I think FatCow is a good hosting option for small businesses and beginners with small, simple sites.

The low cost, free perks, and simple plans make FatCow easy to use even if you don’t have much experience with hosting websites.

If you want to build larger sites, or have a lot of traffic, I’d suggest going with a more reliable and higher performance host.

Behind The Scenes

Even though a CMS is often enough by itself to manage all the content in your hosting account, sometimes you need to upload or download a custom file.

You can either login through an FTP client, but it’s simpler to just use the “file manager” that’s included in your control panel’s website tools section.

When you click that, you’ll see a small browser window show up on the page:

FatCow File Manager
FatCow file manager screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis

It looks similar to a folder that you’d browse normally on your computer.

You can click folders to navigate inside them, and click on any individual file to have the option to copy or download them.

Customer Support

I’ve mainly used the live chat support on FatCow. Someone has always answered the chat within a few minutes at the most, and responses are all quick and clear.

If You Like This Host…

If you’re looking for other hosting options aimed specifically at small businesses, give Yahoo Small Businesshosting a consideration.

If you’re looking for a little more hands-on support and more support documentation, check out InMotion Hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FatCow offer SSL certificates for websites?

SSL certificates are not included as a default features. However, you can purchase them.

Considering that many hosts offer SSL certificates for free (using Let’s Encrypt), an expensive yearly fee is a significant drawback to FatCow.

I’ve heard that FatCow and iPage are the same host, is that true?

FatCow and iPage are two of the many hosting businesses owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).

There’s nothing else connecting them other than that. They have their own unique services and infrastructure.

Uptime and Response Time

According to Pingdom, FatCow had a response time of 100% and an average response time of 387 milliseconds for the month of November, 2017, the earliest stats we have available.

FatCow Quick Overview

This overview of FatCow offerings will make it easy to compare them with other hosts.


  1. Built for beginners
  2. Price.

Because FatCow is built for beginners, you won’t get overwhelmed by too many choices or technical language. There’s a core set of features to help you build any type of simple site you want.

The pricing is competitive with any other host. What’s more, the introductory rate for the first year is as cheap as you’ll find anywhere.

Migration Policy

No migration policy

Quality of Support Material

Good. Well organized, and decent number of articles in each category, with clear steps and often images.

Control Panel

Custom control panel built on vDeck.

Available Datacenters

Two datacenters both located in the Boston, MA area. No choice in datacenter.

Money-back Guarantee Or Trial Period

30-day money back guarantee.

Lowest Price For Shared Hosting Or Other Cheapest Plan

$3.75/month for introductory pricing period on WP Starter plan.

Backup Policy

Free daily backups are generated on all plans. You can also manually create backups and restore them through your control panel. You can purchase inexpensive pro plan for more frequent automatic backups.

Sitebuilder Included?

Weebly sitebuilder is built-in.

PCI Compliant?

All SSL Certificate plans (separate fee from hosting) are fully PCI compliant.

Most Popular Fat Cow.com Hosting Plans

FatCow Plan Basic VPS Hosting Business VPS Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited 40GB 90GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1TB 3TB
Price $3.15 / mo $19.99 / mo $47.99 / mo
Visit Fat Cow.com Visit Fat Cow.com Visit Fat Cow.com
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Optimum VPS Hosting
120GB 4TB $79.99 / mo Visit Host
Startup Dedicated Hosting
500GB 5TB $119.99 / mo Visit Host
Professional Dedicated Hosting
1000GB 10TB $151.99 / mo Visit Host
Enterprise Dedicated Hosting
1000GB 15TB $191.99 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

Fat Cow.com Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Fat Cow?

    FatCow is a hosting company that provides shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting for small businesses. It also has a managed WordPress hosting plan. Fat Cow is based in the United States and is part of the Endurance International Group.

  • Where is FatCow’s office located?

    FatCow’s corporate headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Does FatCow offer any Windows hosting plans?

    No. All hosting plans available from FatCow are provisioned using the Linux operating system.

  • Can I buy dedicated server hosting or managed server solutions?

    FatCow offers three dedicated server hosting options – Startup, Professional, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with cPanel, CentOS, and a free domain name included. RAM, storage, bandwidth, and IP addresses vary as you go up each level.

    Fully managed server support is also included.

  • Will I be able to claim a free domain?

    Yes. All plans include a free domain name.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. FatCow offers all of its new hosting customers a 30-day money back guarantee, as long as you pay for your hosting using a credit card.

  • Are VPS hosting services available?

    Yes. FatCow VPS hosting is available in three different package plans, Basic, Business, and Optimum. Each comes with a free domain, CentOS, and cPanel. Plans vary based on the amount of CPUs, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and IPs you require.

  • What type of support options does FatCow provide?

    FatCow offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, live chat, and email. Dedicated and VPS hosting plans include managed support for the server installations.

  • Does FatCow offer customer service in languages other than English?

    FatCow offers US-based support in English only.

  • Where are FatCow’s datacenters?

    FatCow provides shared web hosting from two datacenters located in the Boston, Massachusetts area. VPS and dedicated hosting services operate out of a datacenter in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • What programming and scripting languages are supported?

    FatCow can also support CGI, SSI, JSP, Perl, PHP, and Ruby On Rails.

  • Does FatCow have a hosting reseller program?

    Yes. FatCow offers a reseller program that provides hosting, domain registrations, search engine submissions, and other services.

  • Does FatCow offer website migration assistance?

    No. FatCow does not offer site migration assistance to customers that need to move their website or domain from one hosting provider to another.

  • Can I host multiple websites on one account?

    Yes. FatCow permits its customers to host an unlimited amount of domains inside their hosting accounts.

  • Is a sitebuilder included?

    FatCow provides a sitebuilder with a simple drag and drop interface.

  • Can I buy an SSL certificate?

    Yes. Shared SSL certificates are available to all FatCow customers as a standard part of their hosting packages.

  • Does FatCow offer cPanel with its hosting packages? What other control panels are available?

    Yes, cPanel is included with all dedicated and VPS hosting packages. For its other hosting solutions, FatCow Control Panel is available to manage your hosting needs.

  • What payments options are available?

    FatCow accepts payments via PayPal and credit card.

  • Do they have any uptime guarantees?

    No. FatCow does not offer an uptime guarantee.

  • What type of security features does FatCow.com provide its customers?

    FatCow provides a variety of security features for its hosting customers, based on need. For websites selling products, they offer Shared SSL. For customers using their email services, they provide spam filtering.

    They also run daily server backups and have facility monitoring at each of their data centers.

  • Does FatCow.com store backups of my site? Do they have a specific backup policy?

    FatCow takes backups for its own use. If you want a more accessible backup service, you can pay for an add-on to your hosting plan.

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