Hawk Host In 2020: What Do Hawk Host Client Reviews Say?

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HawkHost Introduction

HawkHost's original brand name, Devoted Host, began operating in 2004. It had already been rebranded following the departure of one of the company founders; it then picked up the HawkHost name in 2008. This means that HawkHost have amassed nearly a decade's worth of experience in the business of web hosting, although you'd be forgiven for thinking it was far younger.Six months after the company's most recent rebranding, it became a Canadian corporation with the remaining founding member in place as its CEO.Despite its complex history, HawkHost is a fairly standard provider. The primary focus of its service catalog appears to be shared web hosting. It also offers reseller, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting on the side.

HawkHost Hosting Plans

HawkHost has four shared hosting plans for customers to choose from. Each plan is priced on a sliding scale, with monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly payment options.
  • Shared hosting plans work their way up from 3,000 MB disk space and 45 GB monthly bandwidth (Basic plan) up to 24,000 MB disk space and 360 GB monthly bandwidth (Super). All shared hosting plans allow for unlimited email accounts, domains and MySQL databases, and all can be ordered with CloudLinux or LiteSpeed (an alternative to Apache).
  • HawkHost's Reseller plans are structured in a similar way to the shared hosting plans. There are four options, starting with 15 GB disk space, 300 GB monthly bandwidth and a maximum of 50 control panel accounts, scaling up to 60 GB disk space, 1,200 GB monthly bandwidth and a maximum of 200 control panel accounts.
  • Again, there are four semi-dedicated hosting plans for customers who want more power without the expense of dedicated servers. Plans start with 20,000 MB disk space and 350 GB monthly bandwidth and scale up to 50,000 MB disk space and 1,200 GB monthly bandwidth.
  • There are four VPS hosting plans at HawkHost. The Basic plan provides 10 GB disk space and 250 GB monthly bandwidth. Customers are guaranteed 384 MB RAM, burstable up to 768 MB. CPU power is shared equally amongst all VPS accounts on the host server. The plans scale up to the Super plan which provides 40 GB disk space, 550 GB bandwidth and 2048 MB RAM, burstable up to 3048 MB.
There is also an affiliate program that HawkHost's customers can use to generate referral payments.

HawkHost Uptime/Downtime

HawkHost publishes a 99.9% uptime guarantee to back up its shared and reseller hosting plans. The uptime guarantee is outlined in the SLA provided to HawkHost customers. It compensates customers if server uptime drops below 99.9% in any given billing month. The amount paid out starts at 10% of the monthly charge and increases to 100% if uptime falls below 99%. Customers can claim at any time by opening an SLA ticket.HawkHost uses 6 data centers around the world. Four data centres are strategically spread across the USA, one data centre is located in Singapore and the final one is located in Amsterdam. Each data centres utilise tier 1 and 2 transit providers and feature Cisco and Juniper network hardware. UPS systems and diesel backup generators are in place to ensure that power to the data centre is maintained.Although uptime statistics are not published, users can view maintenance data on each data centre along with its technical specifications. Customers can also perform a speedtest on each data centre to see which is quickest for them, and they can also test the download speed with different sized test files.

HawkHost Support

HawkHost states that its servers automatically repair themselves should any problems arise. However, despite this level of automation, support is provided in the form of a ticketing system which is available at all times. There is also a phone line.HawkHost has a blog, knowledgebase and status page for news, articles and alerts. Customers can also interact and seek guidance through a forum.There are active Google+ and Facebook pages for HawkHost, but any support requests are steered back to the ticketing system. There are two Twitter accounts, one where customers can interact with HawkHost and one which tweets out live server updates.

HawkHost in the News

HawkHost has not made any appearances in technical news sites, either good or bad.

HawkHost Control Panel

The well known cPanel control panel is offered for most site management needs. Customers can also select a multilingual cPanel skin if they prefer. Experienced hosting customers will be familiar with cPanel, and resellers will feel comfortable with its companion tool, WHM.VPS customers are provisioned with a customised control panel, although they can pay extra for cPanel, which is a nice touch. The custom panel looks to be relatively well designed anyway and will satisfy most VPS customers' needs on a basic level.

HawkHost Extras

HawkHost offers both Fantastico and Softaculous one-click installers and includes 7 day backups in the price. Its hosting supports PHP, Pear, Zend, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and more.There are no obvious freebies and extras included with the HawkHost plans, but there is a page for any available special offers. Zen Cart, Cube Cart and OS Commerce are all offered toclients looking to sell through their website.

HawkHost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and reseller accounts all come with a 30-day money back guarantee (unless the customer breaches the terms and conditions). Full details are available in the Terms of Service document.<h2HawkHost SummaryHawkHost compares relatively well against other web hosting companies within this price band. The options and packages offer a clear progression, from customers getting started and growing their business to a step up to VPS, and then through to semi-dedicated hosting. It may lack a killer selling point, but it still seems to be a solid choice.

Hawk Host Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 7 Reviews by Hawk Host Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Charles Mosteller avatar
Charles Mosteller playbymail.net
Sep 15, 2018

I've been using Hawk Host as my web hosting company of choice for several years now, with my first invoice with the company dated 10/30/2009. My current websites with the company can be found at http://grimfinger.net/ and http://www.playbymail.net/. During that span of time, which stretches back almost nine years, I have found both the customer service and the reliability of hosting to be top notch.

This past week, I decided to do some upgrades of some MediaWiki installations on my web hosting account, and ended up screwing something up. It had to do with which version of PHP to run. To make a long story short, the screw up was on my end, and it resulted in taking down two separate installations of MediaWiki and two separate installations of MyBB forum software.

I tried fixing the problem myself - to not avail. Enter Hawk Host's technical support. The problem was resolved swiftly, effectively, and completely.

The real test of technical support for a web hosting is, I feel, the ability and the willingness of a technical support team to dig the web hosting customer out of problems that occur, self-inflicted or otherwise, and to do so in a very timely manner when actual problems rear their ugly heads. My websites are basically extensions of hobby interests that I have. Yet, they are important to me, and whenever I encounter a problem with them - even if it is months or years between problems, it is always reassuring to know that Hawk Host has my back.

This most recent episode of Hawk Host's technical support team saving the day for me and my websites confirmed to me, yet again, why I have stuck with Hawk Host for the better part of a decade, now. There's plenty of web hosting companies out there that are more than willing to take my money, but not all of them can or will deliver the peace of mind that Hawk Host has proven itself ready, willing, and able to deliver, time after time after time. In a nutshell, Hawk Host has proven itself to be a rock solid web hosting company.

I have no regrets in transitioning to them years ago, and recent events have only proven my decision of all those years ago to have been the correct one, after all. It is with both energy and enthusiasm that I can - and do - recommend hawk Host as a web hosting company to anyone out there on the Internet interested in finding a good and reliable web hosting company to host their website with. Save yourself headaches, by going with Hawk Host!

You'll be glad that you did. I certainly am!

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Mabel  Gyan avatar
Mabel Gyan mykabenlah.com
Jun 13, 2018

I was searching for web hosting with unlimited everything for just a small fee. I searched online for a very long time until I saw Hawk Host in a post. I decided to check it out and of course it is better than all the big names in hosting.

I will always recommend it for others. Hawk Host really rocks.

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kamel lakrem avatar
kamel lakrem androidmarket.co
May 30, 2016

i see on top only one review and it's by the owner of hawkhost!!! pointed my first site from Dreamhost lake of money (card expired) was out,searched an budget host,till i found hawkhost whith promo,so tested my first site
from my experience whith support (about 3 months now) No matter the problem if I submitted a support ticket,they responded very quickly towards my queries they'd have the problem fixed
Im very satisfied with this company and it's prices,right now I'm hosting 4 websites and they all run perfect and up

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Hawk Host Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Hawk Host allow you to choose Windows hosting?

    All the hosting plans run on CloudLinux. Some plans such as VPS allow customers to select specific Linux distributions including CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

  • What control panel can the customer use to manage their sites?

    The company uses cPanel for its shared hosting. This is also true for its shared and semi-dedicated hosting. Its reseller plans also include WHM for administering their sites.

  • Does Hawk Host provide a dedicated hosting plan?

    The company does not offer dedicated servers to its customers. However, it does offer a semi-dedicated plan that is similar to VPS but allows customers to have 2 dedicated CPUs along with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  • What are Hawk Host's payment terms?

    When you order hosting, it is possible to pay monthly, yearly, or every two years. If you are willing to pay at least a year upfront, you can get a discount.

    There are multiple options for payment including PayPal, AliPay, major credit cards, and Bitcoin.

  • If I don't like my service, am I able to get my money back?

    Yes. Hawk Host provides a 30 day money-back guarantee but only for the hosting plans. All other services such as SSL certificates and domain registration are not eligible for a refund.

  • How does Hawk Host use my personal information?

    Hawk Host will collect information such as your name, address, and credit card details.

    The company will use the information to process payments, provide support, provide special deals, and make improvements to the service.

    Personal information is not provided to anyone excluding entities such as law enforcement or those who acquire the business.

  • What access level do I have with the semi-dedicated plans?

    With the semi-dedicated plans from Hawk Host, you are able to customize your virtual servers fully since you have complete root access.

  • Are the semi-dedicated plans fully managed?

    No, these plans are semi-managed with staff that is well-versed in various Linux distributions and offers constant 24/7 support.

  • Can I get additional disk space with the semi-dedicated plans?

    Yes. It is possible to get more SSD space but you will have to pay an extra monthly fee.

  • With the reseller hosting, can I use my own brand?

    Yes. Hawk Host provides a complete white label solution that includes branding as well as anonymous domains and nameservers.

  • Can I have an unlimited number of accounts with reseller hosting?

    No. All the reseller plans place limits on the number cPanel accounts you can have. At the moment, you can have at most 200 accounts with the highest tier plan.

  • Can I easily transfer my existing website to Hawk Host?

    Yes. For all its plans, Hawk Host provides free migration support. This includes domain name and website content transfers to Hawk Host's servers.

  • What types of apps can I install on my website with Hawk Host?

    Through its single click installs using Softaculous, even complete beginners can get a website up and running. They can choose from a wide variety of platforms including WordPress for blogs, phpBB for forums, and Moodle for LMSs.

  • Am I able to set up an unlimited number of email accounts?

    With Hawk Host's hosting plans, there are no limits to the number of email accounts you can configure. You can also send and receive an unlimited number of email messages and choose what type of mail server you want to use.

  • Do the email accounts provide protection against spam?

    HawkHost uses SpamExperts to provide protection against spam. Some of the features include the ability to whitelist or blacklist certain domains, recipients, and addresses; features to create and search logs; and the ability to teach the system to recognize spam.

  • Where are the Hawk Host's datacenters?

    Though the company's main offices are in Canada, it has datacenters located all over the globe including Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

    All the datacenters feature power backup units, generators, physical security systems, and high-speed networks provided by multiple telecom providers.

    The datacenters are also optimized with the CloudFare CDN.

  • Is it possible to choose a hosting location for my server?

    Yes. For all plans it is possible to choose a datacenter where your websites will be hosted.

  • What is Hawk Host's uptime guarantee?

    The company has a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all its plans.

    If this threshold is not met, the customer must contact the company within 7 days of the occurrence and provide a description and logs if possible. Up to two weeks may be needed to process a claim.

  • What form does Hawk Host's provide customer service in?

    To get help with issues or if you have questions about the plans you can submit a message through the contact form, send an email, get help through the forums, or consult the company's knowledgebase.

  • Do the plans include features that support running an online store?

    Yes. It is possible to create a ecommerce site with the company's plans since they have the option of adding an SSL certificate. The plans also have many online store platforms including OpenCart and Magento.

  • What scripting and programming languages does Hawk Host support?

    Hawk Host supports a wide variety of languages including multiple versions of PHP along with Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Does Hawk Host have an affiliate program I can sign up for?

    Yes. Hawk Host has a program that provides its affiliates up to 40% in commissions. Even if you just sign up, you are eligible to get $15.

    The company provides artwork for advertising and does not place limits on what you can earn. The minimum payment amount is $100.

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