Heart Internet Review: They Love Resller Hosting. We Find Out If You'll Love Them.

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Heart Internet Introduction

Heart Internet is a UK based web hosting company focused on reseller hosting. In fact, their founders claim to be one of the first people to pioneer the reseller package in 1998 (as a part of Webfusion).

Heart Internet also offers a wide range of other web hosting plans including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Heart Internet was founded in 2004, after its founders left Webfusion. Now, like Webfusion and other hosting companies such as 123-Reg, they are a part of the Host Europe Group which claims to be one of the largest privately owned hosting companies in the EU.

Heart Internet says it's the largest reseller hosting company in the UK, offering a level of flexibility "unlike anything any other hosting company offers."

Heart Internet Hosting Plans

Heart Internet offer Linux-based shared hosting under three different plans, all which also allow for some customization.

  • The Starter web hosting plan is designed for small websites. It provides 5,000 MB of web space, 30,000 MB bandwidth and allows for one website. It attracts a setup fee, though. For an additional fee you can get larger mailboxes, a virus scanner, a mobile website builder, StopTheHacker website security, multiple domain mappings and so on.
  • The Home Pro web hosting plan is designed for websites that also need blogging, database and ecommerce functionality. It provides unlimited web space and bandwidth and allows for one website only. You can also purchase add-ons, as above, if you want to beef up the plan.
  • The Business Pro web hosting plan is designed for larger organizations and small businesses. It provides unlimited web space and bandwidth and allows for three websites. You can purchase add-ons, but a virus scanner and other bits and pieces are included.

Reseller hosting through Heart Internet can be either Windows or Linux-based. It provides unlimited space and bandwidth and allows for unlimited domains. You can also purchase advanced search engine submission, larger mailboxes and an email virus scanner if you wish.

Heart Internet have three VPS plans. Each is customizable, and the company allows you to purchase up to 12 cores, 500 GB of hard drive space and 32 GB of RAM. You can also choose from a variety of Windows or Linux based operating systems.

  • The Base plan provides 1 core, 50 GB disk space and 1 GB RAM.
  • The Plus plan provides 2 cores, 100 GB disk space and 3 GB RAM.
  • The Pro plan provides 4 cores, 150 GB disk space and 6 GB RAM.

There are five types of dedicated servers to choose from with Heart Internet. Each provides unlimited bandwidth and a 100 Mbps connection. The servers range from a 2.33 Ghz dual-core processor with 4 GB RAM up to a 2.8 GHz processor and 32 GB RAM. Again, you can choose from Windows and Linux based operating systems.

Heart Internet Uptime/Downtime

The Heart Internet data center is based in the UK and is manned by the team round the clock. It's also monitored by CCTV at all times. The server farm also has backup power systems should the main power fail.

Heart Internet doesn't make any uptime promises on its shared web hosting plans, but the VPS hosting product comes with a 99.99% SLA and dedicated hosting comes with a 99.9% SLA. The company will credit your account with one free day of service for every additional hour of downtime beyond four hours.

Heart Internet Support

Heart Internet has a UK-based support team providing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However, there is no phone support. Technical support is provided through an online customer service system only.

Heart Internet has a customer charter outlining the service you should expect from their staff. They don't make any promises regarding support response time, but they aim to respond to support requests within minutes of them being raised.

The Heart Internet Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages are very active and the team take time to interact with their customers. However, customers looking for support appear to be directed to the online ticketing system, so there are no short-cuts if you choose to contact them via social media.

Heart Internet in the News

There have not been any obvious scandals surrounding Heart Internet in the news. We can only assume that they provide a fairly stable and reliable service.

Heart Internet Control Panel

Heart Internet provides its own in-house control panel, eXtend, for their shared hosting and reseller plans. The bespoke control panel has a neat and tidy look and isn't too dissimilar to cPanel at first glance. The company does provide access to a useful demo through their website for prospective customers to try before they buy, which is always a good sign. Heart Internet's eXtend also provides customers with a useful iPhone or Android app, providing access to website control panels whilst on the move.

VPS hosting allows for a choice of cPanel or Plesk to administer your site. Dedicated hosting allows for a choice of cPanel or WebMin.

Heart Internet Extras

Heart Internet's plans come with 'one-click' installs for WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5, Drupal, Nucleus CMS and more, all installed through its eXtend control panel. PrestaShop, OpenCart, ZenCart and more eCommerce tools are also available, along with phpBB, BuddyPress and Vanilla forums and AWStats, OpenX, Open Web Analytics tools to see who's been visiting your site. Heart Internet also provides Ruby on Rails hosting.

Web hosting and reseller accounts are also provided with a Google Adwords voucher to sweeten the deal.

The company are keen to highlight their green credentials on the site. It operates a paperless office, and is also committed to carbon offsetting through the planting of trees and sponsorship of the International Tree Foundation. Its data centers have a cold aisle containment system to improve cooling efficiency, plus a managed power system to help minimize power consumption across the facility.

Heart Internet Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Heart Internet offers a 30-day 'no fuss' money-back guarantee for customers dissatisfied with its service. This doesn't include the cost of any domain names that you have purchased through them, although you still retain the rights to these. The refund policy does not cover any add-ons that you may have purchased in addition to your basic hosting plan.

Heart Internet Summary

Heart Internet's focus on reseller hosting will appeal to customers who need to provide space to clients who are located in the UK. The eco-friendly efforts made by the company are commendable, and the company will appeal to those who prefer to know exactly where their site is hosted.

Customers who are keen to stick with cPanel may not see Heart Internet as a good choice. However, the bespoke control panel they offer appears slick, user-friendly and reasonably good at what it needs to do.

All in all, Heart Internet compares quite favourably against many other web hosting companies. Its services are fairly comprehensive, and the ability to customise most of the plans to your liking is a bonus that is not often available at the low-cost end of the market.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is fairly standard for web hosting and provides peace of mind. If you're not sure about using a custom control panel, this offers a risk-free way to give it a try without commitment.

Heart Internet Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 50 Reviews by Heart Internet Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Ben Newton avatar
Ben Newton bnewton.co.uk
Sep 24, 2013

Heart Internet have been my go to partner for all my personal, and client hosting needs. I've been with them now for over 7 years and can hand on heart say their customer service is something to be admired. When I look around and see bad reviews it makes me think there's something more ambiguous going on- because I've never even had a run-in with their customer service that I'd class as even nearly satisfactory.

All have excelled my expectations and over the course of this time I've learned their support is second to none. That's not just in the web industry. I genuinely believe a lot of companies could take a leaf from Heart Internets book and do customer service in the UK how it should be.

I never hesitate to recommend heart to friends, family or work colleagues. They're good enough for me, and I hope you take the chance on them too- cos you won't regret it. You need a host that cares.

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Garry Gibson avatar
Garry Gibson 2gcreative.com
Jul 18, 2013

Ok, this'll sound like I'm being paid to write this, but I can honestly say that Heart Internet seem to do everything right. Their features are spot on, pricing is about right for the quality of service and their support is outstanding. On the odd occasion where there's been a technical wobble (as all hosting companies have but few admit to) they're up front about it and it's usually sorted before I've noticed.

I use them both personally and for my clients as a reseller - so I'd say I trust them! I've no hesitation in recommending them.

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Preston  Jose avatar
Preston Jose prestonjose.tk
May 19, 2014

This Webhost is very good. It has uptime up to 99%. I have used this host and it made my website very faster than my previous free hosting- Hostinger.

I liked their services and the plans and pricing is very good. They provide high performance servers and the loading time is amazing. They provide PHP, MySQL, Apache etc.

which is awesome. I rated the good webhost as this.

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Heart Internet Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are Heart Internet's offices located?

    The company is based in the UK, out of Nottingham.

  • Where are its servers located?

    The company used to colocate in a datacenter in Derby, in the UK. It moved to a facility in Leeds in 2014, which is still occupies.

  • Does Heart Internet offer dedicated and VPS hosting?

    Yes. Choose from Windows or Linux operating systems.

  • Does Heart Internet offer unlimited bandwidth and space?

    Yes, on shared hosting only. Its top packages offer unlimited disk and bandwidth for normal use, as defined in its terms of service document. The majority of ordinary websites will not cause a problem.

  • If I signup with Heart Internet now, will the price increase when I go to renew?

    Pricing is consistent, even at renewal. However, you may be able to secure a discount for choosing a longer term.

  • Does the company offer phone support?

    No. The company only provides support by email.

  • Does Heart Internet have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, but only on shared hosting plans. Heart Internet offers customers a 30-day money back guarantee. There is no money-back guarantee period for VPS or dedicated hosting customers.

  • Do I get a free domain name with signup?

    No. Free domain names are not offered as a perk for signing up.

  • Does Heart Internet offer any discounts or special pricing for non-profits?

    No. There are no discount programs for non-profits.

  • Does it have an uptime guarantee, and will I get credit for downtime?

    Heart Internet offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It credits 1 day for every 30 minutes of outage experienced, up to a maximum of 30 days per month.

  • Can the technical team help me to migrate from my old host?

    No. The company does not offer any form of migration or transfer support.

  • What language does the support team speak?

    The support team provides support in English only.

  • Does Heart Internet provide a drag-and-drop sitebuilder?

    Yes, but it is not free. It offers two pricing tiers for SiteDesigner, and both include the cost of hosting. Each SiteDesigner account allows for one website to be built.

  • Are there any special security features?

    Stopthehacker and Siteguard are available. These services cost extra.

  • Can I buy an SSL certificate with my hosting plan?

    E-commerce site deployments are supported and SSL certificates can be purchased for an additional fee.

  • Does the host support Magento?

    Yes. Magento installations are supported on premium, VPS, and dedicated accounts.

  • What control panel does Heart Internet offer?

    It has a proprietary control panel called eXtend on shared and reseller accounts. Dedicated and VPS customers can use Plesk or cPanel.

  • What payment options does Heart Internet accept?

    Payment options include all major credit cards, UK debit cards, and paperless direct debit. Some services can be paid for using PayPal.

  • Does it provide a CDN?

    No. You can integrate a third party CDN, if you wish.

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