Host Metro In 2018: What Do Host Metro Client Reviews Say?

Host Metro Introduction

Host Metro is a privately owned and managed web hosting company. The business was launched in 2003 and the management team have a combined total of over 50 years experience in the web hosting industry.

Host Metro is specialized in shared web hosting only. It has a decade of experience in this niche, so we can assume customers are in safe hands.

Host Metro Hosting Plans

The shared hosting plans from Host Metro are easy to understand. There are just two options, the Mega Max Hosting plan and the Business Max Hosting plan. The longer the length of your contract, the cheaper the monthly fee.

On both plans, customers get ‘maximum’ disk space and bandwidth. This is a bit of a strange clause. It actually means customers are set a quota, and Host Metro says that the quotas are enough to satisfy 95% of their customers’ needs. Customers can request more space if they need it, but they will be turned down if 15% of the existing space is taken up by files that aren’t used to build the website. This is all rather vague; it’s designed to prevent customers from using the service as a file storage facility, but some people won’t feel comfortable without figures to rely on.

Both hosting plans include unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases, weekly backups, and site builders. Customers can use unlimited domains and set up unlimited email accounts. The Business Max Hosting plan comes with an SSL, dedicated IP and a few other minor bonuses.

Host Metro Uptime/Downtime

Host Metro’s hosting plans are covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but it has an important get-out clause for the host. It will compensate customers if uptime falls below 99.9% over the period of a year – not a month. In this situation, customers are given an extra month of hosting for free, but it’s highly unlikely that any period of downtime would trigger the guarantee in the first place. If it did, would you remember to claim?

There is little information regarding the Host Metro datacenter on its website. The company says that its facility is one of the most efficient in the world; perhaps this is because of its odd approach to resource allocation. I managed to deduce that the datacenters are redundantly powered and networked. There also feature security, fire suppression, HVAC conditioning units and backup power.

Host Metro Support

Host Metro’s support options include US-based 24/7 live chat, email and telephone channels. There is also a knowledgebase for self help purposes, and it includes articles, guides and frequently asked question lists.

Customers can follow the Host Metro Facebook page and Twitter account. While the Twitter feed is lively, the Facebook page is barely used.

Host Metro in the News

Host Metro is a relatively small hosting company, so its lack of press is unsurprising – and a good sign.

Host Metro Control Panel

cPanel is offered across all Host Metro plans, which is always a plus point. As there are no advanced hosting options, cPanel is the one and only option here.

Host Metro Extras

Host Metro offers a range of freebies and extras to tempt customers to sign up. These include a free domain name, free access to SSL certificates and a Google adwords coupon worth $100.

The host supports a range of e-commerce features including Google checkout, PayPal, Zen Cart and OSCommerce. Softaculous is also installed as you’d expect.

Host Metro Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

It’s good to see that there is a 45 day money back guarantee available for anyone who signs up for a Host Metro plan. This is slightly longer than the average money back guarantee on shared hosting generally. The guarantee does not cover add-on services (such as the cost of registering domain name or an SSL certificate). It’s also only available to genuine, new customers, although there is a 5 day guarantee which covers any future renewals.

Host Metro Summary

Host Metro is no-fuss shared hosting company. It’s clear that the plans are designed to be as straightforward as possible, although that has its drawbacks.

Whilst many companies offer unlimited space and bandwidth with strings attached, Host Metro only offers customers the space they need. This may be great for anyone getting started on the web, but if you need more space it can be restrictive, especially if you sign up for a three year term. Who’s to say your site won’t breach the rules in future? We prefer to see terms set in stone. But despite our scepticism, there is something to be said for a low cost hosting provider that doesn’t blind its customers with technical jargon.

Host Metro Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 29 Reviews by Host Metro Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Matt Hill avatar
Matt Hill
Oct 02, 2018

I have been with Hostmetro for 4 years. Nobody can beat their value for money. This doesn’t mean they have cut corners to provide such a great rate.

When the 3 times I have had issues they have been very helpful in bringing a resolution to the matter not within days but within minutes

I have been with the larger hosts such as the main ones who target $1 domains but wrap their own versions of Microsoft cluttering up ones system, Hostmetro is a DIY offering made so simple even the non tech people like myself can find all you need to know in their huge knowledge database or a few clicks for live chat with a helpful customer service attendant like Brian. I would recommend Hostmetro (and I do) to any small business owner wanting a simple and efficient hosting solution. Three words. Fast , Simple, Affordable!

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Darren Jones avatar
Darren Jones
Jul 02, 2018

My experience while using HostMetro was not bad. It’s a budget host and that’s about what to expect. Their customer care is abysmal!

I transferred my domain to another company and canceled the auto renew on my Hostmetro account. They sent several emails about it being time to renew but I disregarded them until the last minute. When I finally did log in I didn’t see anything about an "auto" renew and their chat for Billing Dept was down.

I called the phone number and there was a message about it being renovated and not working. The following Monday I receive an emailed receipt for 3 years more hosting. I tried to chat and phone again with the same response so I sent and email to customer support.

They promptly responded with "Sorry no refund. That’s our policy, you should have canceled." I tried a number of times to explain my mistake and lack of ability to contact them but they keep saying "Sorry, that’s our policy". So on the first business day after being charged for 3 years of hosting they refuse to refund my money.

That’s just bad business, policy or not, they could have made the refund and acknowledged I just made a mistake. Be warned, they don’t care about their customer base.

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Randy  Odland avatar
Randy Odland
Aug 30, 2015

No rating they are totaly useless they are not worth it everything they advertise is BS. They say 99% uptime well that should be the other way around. I’ve been suspended 3 times now and I’m getting sick and tiered of what they say is happening.

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Akshay Kr avatar
Akshay Kr
Mar 22, 2014

We have been with HostMetro for about a year now. We are frustrated with the level of support and downtimes. Some of the issues we have faced, resulting in lost business and advertising dollars:

1) Email’s don’t work consistently, the Smtp is almost always unavailable.
2) IP gets blocked, this has caused most of the downtime.
3) Customer Support is tardy
4) The $100 Google Adwords credit, is a farce, its only available if you first spend $25

After this horrid experience we are now moving to a bigger hosting provider, with perhaps more resources to help perform consistently. Hope this helps,

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Kelvin Lee avatar
Kelvin Lee
Oct 08, 2014

this company sucks big time. Cancel my account despite I had already prepaid for two years of hosting. Emailed but no reply.

Technical support is the worst I have ever come across. Pls avoid this company.

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Jerwin Tabor avatar
Jerwin Tabor
Jul 08, 2014

I’ve dealt with several hosting sites before from small hosting companies to major ones like Godaddy, by far and I say this without hesitation, Hostmetro is the best! From the price to the key features to the customer support, it totally Rocks!!! I had over 1gb of data to transfer from my old host to Hostmetro.

And they not only transferred everything single page and picture over for me, but they had it up and running within the hour. Accessing their cpanel and using Filezilla was a breeze. I contacted customer support twice to ask a question and assistance on uploading files and I got a reply within the hour.

And at 11pm at night? That is top-notch in my book. I can’t speak for anyone else’s review, but Hostmetro is up there in price, value, customer service and functionality.

There’s really a lot more to say about Hostmetro, but on a personal level. I would rank them as a hosting site that I would not regret. They say that 1st impressions are lasting impressions, so from the 1st time I signed up with them, since the very last time I made contact with them, it has been a 5 star superior experience.

As most people these days research, read and compare price, functionality and reliability, just as I did before choosing Hostmetro, I have to say that the time, money and effort I have made in choosing them is well worth every single penny. It’s not just what they deliver…. but how the overall experience in their deliver is what sets them apart!

Keep up the great work, Hostmetro. You guys and gals Rock!!!!! Here’s my two sites:

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Gary Johnson avatar
Gary Johnson
Mar 23, 2016

I have been with Host Metro for just over two years. I was hosting a small business website and a WordPress website. The reason I changed to them was because of price.

It would be hard to beat their pricing. However, you do get what you pay for. I recently began hosting with them a third WordPress website that was a bit more extensive than the first one I had.

It was more complicated, but not all that many pages. Apparently, their hosting is not all that compatible with WordPress because I have had nothing but problems. Pages were loading so slowly that I had them move me to another server.

That didn’t work. I had problems getting past their Captcha security on pages that were password protected. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t.

Their Captch password protection did not work with iPads or iPhones so those users were locked out of certain pages. I was also locked out of my website a number of times because they said I had too many login attempts. This happened even when I wasn’t logging in.

Although they were always quick to respond to tickets, they often were not all that helpful. It had become so frustrating trying to deal with the continuing problems that I finally had to go to another ISP. If you have a basic website and want cheap, give them a try, but don’t too expect much in the way of performance.

If you want to host a WordPress site with them, use caution. The problems and frustration may not be worth the cheap price.

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David  Johnson avatar
David Johnson
Mar 10, 2016

In the past, I’ve set up a few non-profits on this site, because of low prices, etc. Service is okay, not on the par with iPage or InMotion, but it’s price point is compelling. So this evening, I start to set up a friend’s site- poetry, light weight, he’ll use WP.

I go in and use the Softaculous Installer and it says install is successful. Go to the admin page and all I get is a 404. Give it some more time, same 404s.

So I try to get into the account page- not possible. Says the correct password is incorrect. I’m just using what was sent- so it’s a cut & paste.

So I call them up because they advertise 24/7 Support. An automated message says phones are down due to renovation? What?

But not to worry, I can use their chat function. So I do. Because they have 24/7 support.

After filling out everything and giving a precise snapshot of the problem, this is the message I get: "Unfortunately, agents are unavailable at this time. Please leave a message with a valid email address and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you." So NO.

NO HostMetro does NOT offer 24/7 support. And the meeting I was going to have today is shot- because I cannot get a hold of them to problem solve what has to be one of the simplest installs out there. So on this account?

What’s good? Low price. What’s bad? Everything else, because I have a problem that keeps me from setting up a simple web site.

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joel Davidsohn avatar
joel Davidsohn
Feb 24, 2015

I was at first happy to have found Host metro especially when I saw their price I was more then trilled to apply. But I was a total fool, you buy cheap you get cheap performance!!!. Their support is OK, but they don’t know more then using when there is a problem.

My website is very slow and I spent day and hours trying in many other ways to resolve the issue,

till I realized that the problem was on there end. What ca I say, lost 66$ for the 3 years that I signed up. I am looking for another alternative and
this one I will use for testing purposes.

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Shoaib Ahmed avatar
Shoaib Ahmed
Jan 27, 2015

They are superb in reviews and customer help and information they deserve 5 star from my side, 99.9% uptime and nice quick support 24/7

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Most Popular Host Metro Hosting Plans

Mega Max Hosting Business Max Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.45 / mo $6.95 / mo
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Host Metro Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will HostMetro help transfer my site?

    Yes. HostMetro offers free site transfer for all new customers.

    However, you can only transfer one account for free and it must be done within 30 days of signing with HostMetro. Also, your site can’t be bigger than 3 GB, and you need access to the old site.

    Additional sites can be transferred for a fee.

  • Does HostMetro offer unlimited bandwidth and hosting space?

    Sort of. Their plans are limited but the limit is set so high that 95% of accounts never reach it.

    If you do get close to the limit (you’re using 90% of the capacity) and you haven’t violated the terms of service, then they will allot more capacity to your account.

    The result is that bandwidth and storage, providing you haven’t done anything you’re not supposed to do, will never be the limiting reagent for your website. Contact support staff for more information.

  • What support does HostMetro provide?

    HostMetro offers customer support via a knowledge center, a 24/7 phone line, and live chat. All their support is based out of Illinois.

  • What is HostMetro’s fee structure and how can I pay?

    HostMetro charges per month with discounts for a two or three year contract. Discounts range from 10% to 40%.

    They also offer a price fix promise, which means that whatever price you sign up at is the price you pay for life.

    They accept payment via PayPal or any major credit card.

  • What programming languages does HostMetro support?

    HostMetro supports PHP 5.6, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6, and Ruby on Rails 1.8.

  • What services does HostMetro offer?

    HostMetro offers shared hosting with two tiers. They’re higher tier plan includes an SSL certificate and SiteLock Security Seal. They do not offer reseller, VPS, or dedicated hosting.

  • Where are HostMetro’s datacenters?

    The HostMetro has a datacenter in Elk Grove Village, IL. The company is based out of Arlington Heights, IL.

  • Does HostMetro have Windows hosting?

    No. HostMetro only offers Linux-based hosting with CentOS.

  • Does HostMetro have a money back guarantee?

    HostMetro has a 30 day money back guarantee for any new account.

  • What applications can I easily install?

    HostMetro uses Softaculous to provide access to over 100 popular applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and popular ecommerce shopping carts.

  • Does HostMetro include domain registration?

    Yes. Every account includes free domain registration for one domain for one year. Each domain after that will be charged normally. The initial domain registration does not include domain privacy.

  • How many domains can be registered to one account?

    HostMetro has unlimited domains on all their accounts, including parked domains and subdomains.

  • Does HostMetro have free backups?

    Yes. They back up their shared servers accounts every week. But they do recommend that you have your own backups just in case, and only back up sites that are smaller than 1 GB.

  • What site security does HostMetro provide?

    The top tier plan comes with free access to SiteLock Security Seal, which scans daily for security problems. The top tier plan also includes an SSL certificate. The lower tier plan can add these services for a nominal fee.

  • Does HostMetro include site building software?

    Yes. They provide free access to RVSite Builder on all accounts.

  • Do they provide a control panel?

    Yes. HostMetro provides free access to cPanel for all accounts.

  • Do they have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. They guarantee 99.99% uptime over 12 months, and credit customers with one month of free service if they do not meet that target.

    However, they exclude any downtime that was caused by things that they don’t influence. Examples of such things are DDoS attacks, backbone power provider failure, and DNS issues.

  • Do they have CDN services available?

    Yes. They offer CDN services through CloudFlare for free for all customers.

  • Are there any restrictions on what I use my site for?

    Yes. Customers are not allowed to run video streaming sites, use their sites as a backup, run image hosting sites, or do anything illegal.

    They are also not allowed to sell controlled substances or run gambling websites. Contact HostMetro for more information.

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