What Is HostXNow?

Originally launched in 2009, HostXNow is a website hosting provider based in the United Kingdom. They offer a variety of web hosting services tailored the meet the needs of individuals and businesses of varying sizes and strive to provide the fastest servers and best uptime for their customers whether they are local or abroad.

Services and Specializations

HostXNow provides a variety of hosting plans designed for websites of all shapes and sizes. These begin with small shared hosting packages and grow to include virtual private server hosting and even reseller hosting for those who want to start their own hosting business. 

All of their packages come with the features you need to properly host your website and feature one click installations of many of the most popular web applications currently in use today such as WordPress, Joomla!, and more.

Shared Hosting

HostXNow offers several shared web hosting plans that are divided in such a way to give all website owners the features that want and need while not costing them a fortune. Each of their plans come with unlimited MySQL databases, email and FTP accounts and all of the plans provide users with the ability to host more than one website from their account.

VPS Hosting

Designed for users who need a little more power out of their hosting or those who simply want to control the server where their websites are hosted themselves, HostXNow provides both managed and unmanaged virtual private server hosting. The unmanaged plans mean that you will be taking care of the server yourself, although they will still be there to help if you experience any major problems. The managed plans allow you to gain the control you need while still keeping a little extra support to help you accomplish your goals much faster, making them perfect for website owners that aren’t too familiar with the server side of web hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Created for users who want to start their own hosting business in order to host their clients’ websites or just make a little extra money each month, HostXNow provides a variety of reseller plans designed to fit the needs of every up and coming web hosting manager. All of these plans offer unlimited domains, subdomains and addon domains, and feature the same unlimited restrictions as the shared plans on databases, email and FTP accounts.

Backup Hosting

Another unique feature of this hosting provider, the backup hosting package is designed for individuals or small businesses who want a safe and reliable way to back up their valuable data to the cloud so it is stored offsite in a secure location. Like the other plans, there are several tiers of plans designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

HostXNow Reviews by Our Community

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Gallard Norrell avatar
Gallard Norrell vicehosting.net
Jul 15, 2017

HostXNow is overall one of my favorite hosting providers out there. Their pricing is brilliant for the features you get and the reliability is outstanding. Customer service could be a bit better.

Each time I contacted support via live chat, I was told to open a ticket so that someone may look at it, leading me to believe the live chat agents (for the most part) either don’t have much knowledge of the inquiry. Ticket support, on the other hand, is ridiculously fast and resolved in just a few hours. Overall I would definitely recommend this host, and I’ll probably be sticking with them for years to come!

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Datacenters and Network

Although the company is based in the UK, they maintain datacenters in both the United Kingdom and the United States. This allows them to better service their international as well as their local customers as they can provide a center to store their customers data that is closer to home, thus providing faster data speeds to their customers.

Uptime Guarantee

HostXNow guarantees that your website will be online and available for your visitors 99.9 percent of each month. These times do not include any necessary server maintenance or any times that there may be a problem due to an error in your code when setting up or editing your website.

Customer Service and Support

HostXNow provides support for all of their hosting packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, unlike some providers, you can only request help by filing a ticket through their website. 

HostXNow currently doesn’t provide email or phone support for any of their products. However, the ticket support is very responsive and easy to use as they give you the ability to divide your trouble into separate categories in order for you to receive the help you need much faster. 

They also maintain a large knowledgebase on their site that covers almost every aspect of their hosting so you can try to find the answers yourself before you submit a new ticket.

Billing and Payment Policies

HostXNow offers both monthly billing and annual billing rates for all of their plans. While you will get the best rates if you sign up for a year at a time, sometimes that is a big commitment for website owners to make. While you will pay a little more for the monthly plans, this keeps you from being locked into one hosting provider if they are not providing the service that you require for your sites.

HostXNow also offers a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of their plans, whether you choose the smallest shared hosting plan or opt for their highest tiered VPS plan. This guarantee doesn’t include any extra fees you may incur when setting up your site and it won’t include the domain name registration fees if you cancel your account, although the domain name will remain yours to keep.


The UK based HostXNow offers a wide range of plans for website owners who are starting small and even larger businesses that need a little more power for the added traffic on their website. 

Their plans are competitively priced and the services are easy to use making HostXNow a perfect option for UK residents and international website owners alike who are looking for a hosting provider that is safe, fast and reliable.

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