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I/O Zoom Introduction

I/O Zoom is a web hosting company based in Houston, TX that is solely focused on providing VPS plans. The company claims to be much faster than other VPS providers. It caters to individuals and small businesses needing fast VPS hosting — offering surprisingly low prices.

Services and Specializations

I/O Zoom provides introductory as well as higher tiers of fast, reliable VPS plans to its customers. In addition to these plans, the company provides services for backups and server management.

Instead of offering many different types of hosting plans, I/O Zoom chooses to focus on VPS plans. Like most VPS providers, the company’s plans vary based on the amount of RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and number of cores. Customers needing security can rest assured that I/O Zoom includes DDoS protection. I/O Zoom’s VPS plans include a dedicated IPv4 address (IPv6 also available) as well as a choice of Linux distributions including CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. A SolusVM Control Panel is also included which allows customers to manage their VPS servers and supports actions such as remote reboot and shutdown. Since KVM virtualization is available, customers can run their own Linux versions or even a Windows image. Other than the standard offerings, no additional hardware customizations (expanding cores or RAM) are possible.

By default, customers ordering I/O Zoom’s plans will have to manage their VPS on their own. If customers decide to add cPanel, then I/O Zoom will include server management. Customers wanting 24/7 VPS monitoring will need to pay additional fees. Both tiers of management plans include support for a variety of items including cPanel, web servers, and migration. For complex items including kernel upgrades, security updates, and OS updates, the customer will need to send in a request. All management plans (including self managed plans) include initial OS install as well as management of network and hardware issues. In addition to VPS plans and server management, I/O Zoom offers on-site backup server plans which vary by the amount of disk space.

The company’s VPS plans include other add-ons. Customers needing single-click installs of common scripts such as WordPress and Joomla! can select Softaculous. In addition, customers can choose to install CloudLinux over the standard Linux distributions offered. Customers can also choose to use Lite Speed web servers instead of Apache. Clients requiring billing services may also find Blest and WHMCS billing software add-ons useful.


I/O Zoom’s infrastructure consists of hardware that uses Intel processors with DDR4 memory and solid state drives to enhance performance. Currently, the company’s datacenters are in a single US location with more to be added soon. I/O Zoom also features a robust network infrastructure with redundant communications and multiple service providers including Comcast and China Unicom.


I/O Zoom does not include backup services in its plans. Instead, customers will have to purchase backup services which the customer should select based on frequency of backups and how long the backups will be kept. If a customer does not select a backup plan, then he or she will have schedule backups via control panel or make their own local backups.

Support and Customer Service

Customers needing help can submit requests via a support ticket system. Since VPS plans are self-managed by default, the company only offers hardware and network support. Customers will have to purchase a cPanel add-on or Professional support plan to get additional support. However, customers needing help can also watch video tutorials for basic configuration and setup.

Uptime Guarantee

I/O Zoom guarantees a 100% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. Its datacenter location, redundant network connections, and high-speed network providers help satisfy this guarantee. If the guarantee is not met, the customer can receive a bill credit within one to two billing cycles. The company calculates the downtime from the time when the network is 100% unreachable to the time when it is reachable. If a certain threshold for network uptime is breached, the customer may be eligible for a full credit. To be eligible for a credit, the customer must report the downtime within the first 7 days of the following month.


I/O Zoom accepts monthly payments for all its plans and does not appear to offer discounts for paying up-front. The company charges extra for additional support and add-ons. The company accepts multiple payment forms including major credit cards such as MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.


I/O Zoom is a web hosting company that specializes in VPS plans. In addition, it provides backup and support services. The company features hardware exclusively using SSDs and Intel processors to ensure fast performance. It also has a support plan included with cPanel for customers who just want to focus on getting a website up without having to understand server maintenance. I/O Zoom’s plans are ideal for customers who want higher-level VPS hosting at bargain prices.

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