iPower In 2019: What Do iPower Client Reviews Say?

iPower Introduction

In terms of its target market, iPower is fairly evenly split. Its services are aimed at both business and personal users, although the low cost, the emphasis on site building tools, and lack of large capacity plans suggests that their customer base is primarily made up of personal sites and small businesses.

The company was founded in 2001 and currently has more than 700,000 customers. CEO Thomas Gorny was born in Poland and also runs a private investment company. As of 2007, iPower has been controlled through the Endurance International Group after a 2011 valuation of a reported $1 billion. In an unusual move for an EIG host, Gorny’s picture and name still appear prominently on the site.

According to the company’s Jobs pages, it has four US offices spanning four US states.

iPower Hosting Plans

For the purposes of easy comparison, I’ve split iPower’s plans into three sections.

Shared hosting comes in the form of three plans: Starter, Pro and Pro Plus. All three appear to be Linux-based, although it’s not specifically mentioned. Starter is a limited plan with no free domain name. Pro and Pro Plus include one and three dree domains respectively, unlimited domain hosting, 25 databases and different ShopSite capabilities, depending on the plan you choose. Across the board, Pro is more restricted than Pro Plus and that is also reflected in the pricing. The monthly cost drops slightly over longer contract terms of 24 months or 36 months.

Windows users can choose Windows Pro Hosting, a low-cost hosting plan with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Generally, any limits that are set are high enough not to inconvenience a small business user. There’s a small price advantage when signing up for 24 months rather than 12 months.

Finally, iPower offers two VPS plans, 20 GB and 60 GB. Data transfer and memory are higher on the 60 GB plan, as you’d expect. Again, the price drops if you choose to take out a longer contract.

iPower Uptime/Downtime

No claims are made about uptime on the iPower website, so it’s difficult to say whether they offer an uptime guarantee. If they do, it’s not obvious. Customers can choose to use SubmitNet’s Uptime Monitoring tool to check that their site is online.

Its data centers are equipped with 24/7 security monitoring tools, CCTV, secure entry systems and more. Customers are provided with daily NetApp Snapshot backups, and backup power is provided via UPS and diesel generators. This information appears to have be unchanged since the merger/ acquisition by EIG. There’s no indication of where the data centers are located.

The company’s plan pages do specify that the company offsets its data center power consumption through wind power credits.

iPower Support

On the iPower website, users are provided with a knowledgebase, user guide, tutorials and support channels. Most of the documentation is geared towards beginners and people who are new to site building and hosting.

Support is provided via an online ticketing system, live chat and email forms, plus US-only telephone numbers. Although these numbers are toll-free, there’s no international alternative offered. The support department is open round-the-clock on a daily basis, but it’s not clear where their support teams are based.

iPower in the News

While looking for press on iPower, I didn’t find anything significant that would suggest a high-profile problem with the service, such as downtime or hacking.

iPower Control Panel

The control panel iPower uses is vDeck. It’s a custom control panel which will take some getting used to if you’ve previously been provided with Cpanel. The interface is functional but reasonably basic; unfortunately there’s no demo that you can try out before you buy.

iPower Extras

New iPower customers receive a mixture of free gifts, including a drag and drop site builder tool, $50 in Facebook ad credits, $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising and $100 in Google ad credits. It’s also possible to sign up for a free listing on YP.com and claim a toll-free number via Nextiva.

In addition, there’s a Marketplace where customers can buy top-up services to enhance their plans, such as SSL certificates, SEO services and online backup tools. In terms of scripts, only one is offered: EmailBrain, a mailing list application.

New customers also receive one free domain name on some plans. This is topped up to three domain names on the more expensive plans.

iPower Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

There’s no money back guarantee with iPower. If you want to cancel the service, you’ll need to give one month’s notice and pay a $35 minimum cancellation fee. If you do happen to sign up for a plan with a 30-day money back guarantee, the cancellation fee won’t be applied, but you’ll need to pay your subscription via credit card to be eligible.

Any costs associated with free domain names will be applied and/or deducted from the refund, unless you want to surrender the name, in which case iPower won’t charge you for it. This is an unusual clause which is worth noting.

iPower Summary

As with many Endurance International Group hosting providers, it’s difficult to find a distinction between iPower and other shared hosting providers. The custom control panel will be a downside for many people, and the lack of international phone numbers could also be a concern for customers outside the US. Pricing is competitive, particularly over longer terms, but the cancellation fee for early termination could make any savings negligible. However, iPower is backed by an enormous hosting provider, so the chance of having a truly serious issue is likely to be slim, and 24/7 live chat support is definitely a good option to have if things do go wrong.

iPower Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 43 Reviews by iPower Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Joe Baye avatar
Joe Baye joebaye.com
Oct 03, 2018

I have had nothing but issues with iPower. They bill me for domains I haven’t owned in years, they keep charging me domain privacy after I’ve canceled or transferred the domain out, they delete domains I own and won’t allow me to remove domains that I transferred out months ago. 2 more domains left to transfer and I’m done! Do NOT use iPower!!

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Amie Oliver avatar
Amie Oliver amieoliver.com
Jan 10, 2018

Ipower was once a reliable, customer oriented web host. I chose to give them my business after the webhost I had used for several years went out of business, taking my site down with them. Ipower had history and their customer service was genuine at the time.

Now, close to 8 years later I find everything I liked about them has soured. Their customer service has declined to the point I will soon exit. I have been repeatedly charged for services after I canceled them and now a domain I have had registered with them for nearly 10 years is in verification limbo because I updated my email address. I am done with them, to say the least.

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Adrian Cahill avatar
Adrian Cahill adriancahill.com
Jan 04, 2018

They took down my site because I wouldn’t buy a security add on they recommended. (Instead I used wordfence and my IT guy said we had more than normal protection). Have been using them since 2012. Thought they were relatively ok until this bs. Funny thing was, when I asked them for a further explanation they couldn’t give one.

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Stephen Jones avatar
Stephen Jones gulfofficetech.com
Jun 02, 2018

. I wanted to use their htaccess redirect tool. It would not work and the link to its help page wouldn’t either.

I asked a simple question to 4 different reps and got 4 different answers. This place used to be ok but has gone downhill the past year. Please fix this customer service disaster.

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Dan Waserman avatar
Dan Waserman tropicalhomeandgardenpestcontrol.com
Jan 31, 2018

This company is the terrible. My website has been down for 2 weeks and no matter how many phone calls and doing all the things they have asked. They still can not give me any answers.

They don’t follow through with any of the promises they make. I am now talking to my attorney to see if I can pursue legal actions against them. Do Not Use There Services You Will Regret It. There are 36 reviews here and almost all of them are bad.

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Nick Lipida avatar
Nick Lipida rangepro.com
Aug 03, 2018

10 + years ago they were a great company………….Now they are really hard to deal with, horrible service, extremely slow to fix issues, one of the slowest servers out there. The Customer service is terrible now, from people who do not understand English so they do not understand what is happening with the site or server ****The Only thing they do is put in a ticket to someone else!!!**** Worst service in the world. I am still moving all of our sites and domain names to other service, I will NOT give them one more penny and trust me they are not worth it anymore.

They lost hundreds of our domain names over 20 or so separate accounts! And they didn’t even care to fix ONE issue so they would not lose all the accounts! WOW, that is customer service!

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Donna Merrill avatar
Donna Merrill businessuntangled.com
Jan 31, 2018

I have used IPower for about 15 years. I have always had a wonderful experience and terrific support. In the past year, their customer support has taken a major nosedive – it is now Awful!

The people answering the phone speak very broken English and do not understand what I communicate to them. They do not do what they say they are going to do; then you call back and the second rep now tells you something entirely different. Then this repeats with each time I have to call back which is typically 5-6 times or more per incident. So sad to see such a good company degraded to crap!

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Orlando Cruz avatar
Orlando Cruz incywincies.com
Jan 31, 2018

There was a time when you could say, "Whoa!" nice service. Unfortunately, that was eons ago. Now, it’s more like "@&%#!" what service.

I’m anxiously waiting for my ONE website to come back live from what seems to be an impending death so I can migrate somewhere else. First of all, 1st level or Tier 1 support (if you can call it that) will drive you nuts with, "sorry for the inconvenience", or "may I put you on hold." And that’s only after asking you the same questions over and over and over again. And then there’s the inept and unreachable Tier 3 support.

I just want to throw up in my mouth. Problem tickets, closed before you have a chance to reply. Promised Update Emails, "fogetaboutit!" Reliable 1st time fix, no such animal.

Stick a fork in me…I’m done! IPower should be renamed to IPowerless. Stay as far away from them as possible.

My guess is that they’ll soon be filing chapter 6 and likely disintegrate your database. And btw, I worked at IBM as a Senior Support Specialist, so believe me when I tell you they made a fatal error when they decided to vendor out support.

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Dan Lin avatar
Dan Lin newtoneering.com
Jan 17, 2018

I would give 0 star if there is such a choice. My domain was suspended due to verification process because my old email address expired. I contacted them and follow the process to upload the required documentation.

I was told it will take 24~72 hours for the domain to be up and running. 72 hours later and after several calls and eventually talking to the supervisor, he guaranteed that the domain will be up in 2 hours and he will personally supervise it. Now another 24 hours past, no one has given me any updates and the domain is still not up.

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Gene Krachenfels avatar
Gene Krachenfels tbcsarasota.org
Apr 06, 2018

We have been with iPower for several years now but their quality of service has declined beyond reason. After contacting them about transferring our domain ownership to another company they told us it would be an easy process and would be done immediately. That was 3 months ago.

After nearly 20 calls and speaking with more than a dozen different people (including supervisors) they still have not allowed the transfer to take place. It doesn’t seem to matter who we speak with or what method we use (chat, tech support agents or supervisors, business consultants, or email) nothing works. The company we are transferring our domain to has made 5 attempts to complete this process but their attempts to do so has been blocked every time.

The tech team is either blatantly incompetent or the company has instructed their employees to take whatever measures are necessary to keep from losing customers. If you want poor service and enjoy being repeated lied to, by all means use this company. If not, find someone else to do business with.

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Most Popular iPower Hosting Plans

Starter Pro Windows Pro Plan
Disk Space 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 250GB Unlimited Unlimited
Price $3.25 / mo
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$4.95 / mo
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$6.95 / mo
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Visit iPower Visit iPower Visit iPower
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Pro Plus
Unlimited Unlimited $12.99 / mo Visit Host
Basic VPS Plan
40GB 1TB $17.99 / mo Visit Host
Business VPS Plan
90GB 3TB $43.19 / mo Visit Host
Optimum VPS Plan
120GB 4TB $71.99 / mo Visit Host
Standard Dedicated Plan
500GB 5TB $111.99 / mo Visit Host
Enhanced Dedicated Plan
1000GB 10TB $143.99 / mo Visit Host
Premium Dedicated Plan
1000GB 15TB $175.99 / mo Visit Host
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iPower Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does iPower offer Windows or Linux hosting?

    iPower provides both Linux and Windows hosting plans.

  • Does iPower offer pricing discounts for new signups?

    Select hosting plans are offered at a slightly discounted rate for the first term only. Plans renew at the regular rate.

  • Does iPower have managed dedicated servers? What about VPS?

    They offer three-tiered dedicated and VPS hosting plans.

  • Do iPower hosting plans come with a free domain?

    The company’s Pro and Pro Plus shared web hosting plans, along with dedicated and VPS plans come with a free domain which renews at the regular rate after the first year.

  • Does iPower provide domain registration services?

    Domain registration services are available on their site and provides customers with access to a variety of popular top level domain (TLD) names. Additionally, you can add a WHOIS privacy for a small fee.

  • Where is iPower located?

    They are based in the United States out of Phoenix, Arizona. Their datacenters are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • What programming languages are supported?

    They support PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, ASP, and ASP.NET.

  • Does iPower offer free website migration service?

    No, however, they do offer a paid service. This includes migrating websites on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other CMSs.

  • Does iPower include site builders or one click installers?

    Their plans include Website Creator, as well as one click installers for most popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magneto, and more.

  • Does iPower offer any ecommerce tools?

    They provide a set of ecommerce tools such as shopping cart, PayPal payments, inventory control, and SSL certificates.

    They also offer a number of one-click installers for most popular ecommerce software including OpenCart, Magento, and others.

  • What control panels does iPower offer?

    They offer a proprietary VDeck control panel as well as cPanel.

  • Can I host an image-heavy site on their services?

    An image-heavy site is best suited for one of their higher tier plans which offer unlimited storage space and scalable bandwidth.

  • Can I stream video or audio?

    For websites streaming audio or video, you should use one of their dedicated or VPS plans.

  • Will iPower backup my site for me?

    iPower takes regular backups for their own purposes and advises clients to take their own backups using the tools provided with each plan.

  • Can I host multiple websites? What about email accounts?

    Yes, their Pro and Pro Plus plans allow customers to host an unlimited number of websites. The number of email accounts depends on your selected plans and ranges from 1 to unlimited.

  • Does iPower offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

    Their higher tier plans offer unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth. Their other plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but this is contingent upon modest use of server resources.

  • What payment options does iPower accept?

    iPower accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Monthly, yearly, and multi-year contracts are available, depending on the needs of the customer.

  • Does iPower have a money back guarantee?

    The company features traditional 30-day as well as “anytime” money back guarantees on their hosting products.

  • What types of support are available?

    iPower provides 24/7 phone and LiveChat support as well as email support. Support is only available in English.

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