JaguarPC In 2021: What Do JaguarPC Client Reviews Say?

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JaguarPC Introduction

JaguarPC is a privately owned web hosting company based in Colorado, USA. The company was founded in 1998 and grew to include subsidiary businesses such as Aletia Hosting, Devpond Software, and, although it is not clear whether these businesses are still in operation. (A quick glance at Google suggests they may not be).

With over a decade of hosting experience under its belt, JaguarPC is able to offer a variety of hosting services suitable to businesses of all size.

JaguarPC Hosting Plans

JaguarPC provide three options for Linux based shared hosting: the web hosting plan, a semi-dedicated plan and a separate plan for resellers. Each plan allows customers to host unlimited domains, MySQL accounts and FTP accounts.

Each plan can be customizable with a range of add-ons, including additional IP addresses, SSL certificates and other items, such as software and scripts. Customers can choose to pay monthly, yearly, 2-yearly or 3-yearly. The longer the agreed term, the lower the cost of the hosting.

  • The Web Hosting plan is the low-cost option from JaguarPC and allows for unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • The Semi-Dedicated plan is similar to the web hosting plan, but provides 600% more server resources.
  • The Reseller hosting plan limits disk space to 50 GB and bandwidth to 10 TB, but provides a brandable control panel to customers.

JaguarPC offers both Linux and Windows based VPS hosting plans. There are four plans available and customers can scale their package from 25 GB disk space, 3,000 GB bandwidth and 512 MB RAM (burstable up to 2048 MB) up to 150 GB disk space, 5,000 GB bandwidth, and 3072 MB RAM (burstable up to 6144 MB). The VPS plans can be customized with additional RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. Customers can also purchase additional IP addresses, an SSL certificate and a range of control panel and software add-ons.

There is a hybrid server plan available which combines traditional dedicated servers with VPS technology. This plan is only available for Linux-based operating systems includes a fully managed service. This hybrid option provides customers with 4 GB RAM, 10 TB bandwidth and 200 GB disk space. Customers can also purchase a range of add-ons, similar to the VPS hosting plans.

For customers who want a dedicated server there are three options based on the processor chip in the dedicated server. Like VPS hosting, the dedicated server plans are customizable with a range of add-ons including Windows hosting and Virtuozzo add-ons.

  • A server with an Intel i5-2500 quad-core processor get 8 GB RAM, 1 TB disk space and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Servers with an Intel Xeon E3-1230 quad-core processor come with 4 GB RAM, 2 X 500 GB disk space and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • A server with 2 Intel Xeon E5606 quad-core processors have 16 GB RAM, 4 X 1 TB disk space and 10 TB bandwidth.

There is also an affiliate program for any JaguarPC customer who wants to earn money through referrals.

JaguarPC Uptime/Downtime

There are no uptime statistics available on the JaguarPC site, but its hosting plans are advertised with a 100% network uptime guarantee. This guarantee will compensate customers with 10 hours of hosting for every hour of network downtime outside of planned maintenance (up to a maximum of 100% of the customer's bill). This guarantee does not cover services, daemons, server software, and server hardware failure, however.

There is also a hardware guarantee for dedicated server hosting customers. This guarantees that if there is any hardware fault on a dedicated server, the item in question will be replaced within 2 hours. This rewards customers in the same way as the network uptime guarantee: 10 hours worth of credit for every hour of downtime over the first 2 hours, up to a maximum of 100% of the customer's invoice amount.

Its worth noting that these SLAs are only available if the customer's account with JaguarPC is in good standing.

JaguarPC's servers are located in 6 data centres, 5 in the USA and 1 in the UK. These feature round-the-clock security and network monitoring, UPS and power backup systems. Additional monitoring ensures that the host's equipment is kept up and running at all times.

JaguarPC Support

JaguarPC customers are supported through a range of self help and technical support channels. There is a knowledge base with a range of articles, video tutorials and user guides. There is also a company blog, a live network status page and a community forum where customers can share information. Technical support teams are available 24 hours a day via a live chat facility, toll-free US phone line and a ticketing system.

JaguarPC has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The company actively encourages its customers to follow them. Importantly, it also appears willing to interact with customers through these social media channels should any issues arise.

JaguarPC in the News

Despite being in the web hosting business for nearly 15 years, JaguarPC has not made waves in the technical media. There are no available stories or articles, good or bad, in sites such as Zdnet, ARSTechnica or Cnet. I can only assume that the services provided by JaguarPC are relatively stable and secure.

JaguarPC Control Panel

Web Hosting with JaguarPC comes with the cPanel control panel, a familiar tool. There are some screenshots available on the JaguarPC website. Hybrid servers and VPS hosting comes with cPanel/WHM, although customers can purchase Interworx and DirectAdmin if they want to use a different control panel.

JaguarPC Extras

All of JaguarPC's web hosting plans come with a free shared SSL certificate, a free website builder, free project management software and Softaculous 'one-click' installer supporting a wide range of applications. The project management offering is an unusual freebie.

Ruby on Rails hosting is supported as is PHP, Python, Perl and more.

VPS and dedicated server hosting both come with free client billing software, 3 IP addresses and a free Enom domain reseller account.

JaguarPC Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

To cancel a JaguarPC account, customers must complete a cancellation form in the control panel and they will not be refunded any fees prior to the cancellation date. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee which will refund any customer's charges if they cancel within the first 30 days. Domain name registrations and other add on fees are exempt from this refund policy, which is fairly standard.

JaguarPC Summary

JaguarPC compare quite favourably against the majority of other hosting companies. They offer a range of the usual hosting options, but the Hybrid plan points to a level of innovation beyond the scope of its competitors.

Whilst the 30-day money-back guarantee is fairly standard for hosting packages, the level of support is impressive. The customer forum and social media channels are an indication that the company is keen to interact with its customers to help them get the best out of their hosting.

JaguarPC Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 20 Reviews by JaguarPC Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Ryan Knol avatar
Ryan Knol
Nov 06, 2014

Ive been with JaguarPC almost 9 years. Now Im slowly moving to a new hosting company. It started off great, but now they overcharge, and they have crap for support.

Ive had to open 15 tickets over the last 8 months. Their chat support is from India or something and they only know how to copy and paste generic script. The website is constantly down.

Im surprised the servers are even fast enough to run WordPress let alone any full size eCommerce script or anything. Half the features in Cpanel or WHM do not work. Ive lost over 25 hosting clients (im a reseller) because of the downtime ive had from these guys. I would advise anyone thinking about jaguarPC to run in the opposite direction.

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Md Ershad Hossain avatar
Md Ershad Hossain
Jun 16, 2014

1. Support :

They have 24/7 live chat. Live chat is not helpful.

he just can give copy / paste info. If you open ticket they will reply after 15 hrs - 20 hrs.

2. Uptime :

Haha ...

last 2months i used jauguarpc and i had to open 17 tickets as well as i knocked live chat almost 30+ times for different types of problems. last week almost three days their server was totally off. :/

Server load is average 8-15 always.

3. Features :

They have so many features. but you will not satisfy with any features with overloaded server.

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john avatar
Jul 14, 2012

I would star far away from these guys. If you ever have a problem it will take days to get it fixed. Every ticket we have opened with them has taken multiples of hours for them to look at.

Their support telephone number does not work and their sales number goes straight to voicemail most of the time. Also note they responded faster to facebook posts than they have support tickets.

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JaguarPC Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting products does JaguarPC offer?

    They offer the full suite of hosting products: shared, VPS, and cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

    They offer both managed and unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers, and offer Linux and Windows hosting solutions.

  • What support does JaguarPC offer?

    They have 24/7 live chat, phone support, and ticketing system available to all plans.

    They also have a blog and community forums for self-help as well as "getting started" support like a cPanel demonstration and video tutorials.

  • Will JaguarPC help me migrate my site?

    Yes. JaguarPC offers both a site migration service and a domain migration service included on all their plans.

  • Does JaguarPC have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. They offer a 45 day money-back guarantee on all their shared hosting plans. As usual, this guarantee excludes any additional services like domain registrations you might have purchased.

  • Does JaguarPC have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, they have a 100% uptime guarantee per month barring a variety of excluded circumstances. In the event that they do not deliver on the 100% guarantee, they credit each account 10 times the outage.

    So, if a site is down for an hour, it will get 10 hours of credited hosting time. See JaguarPC's Service Level Agreement for more details.

  • Is there anything I can't do on JaguarPC?

    Not really. In general, you can do what you want. Like most other hosting companies, JaguarPC bans illegal activity and spamming in their Terms of Service, but it does allow adult content (unlike many other hosts) on their dedicated and VPS servers.

    They also allow bitcoin on dedicated servers. See Terms of Service for more details.

  • Does JaguarPC have a website builder?

    Yes. JaguarPC includes RvSiteBuilder on all their plans.

  • Does JaguarPC offer any digital marketing help for me?

    Not really. They don't offer ad credits, nor do they have SEO or website and ecommerce store development help.

  • What applications can I run with JaguarPC?

    With Softaculous, customers have access to one-click installs for over 300 applications, including CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, shopping carts like Magento, forums, and wikis.

  • What control panel access does JaguarPC offer?

    Control panel access is granted on all plans via cPanel and WHM (when applicable). They also offer cPanel support and sell additional cPanel licenses.

  • What backup options does JaguarPC have?

    Each shared plan comes with daily, downloadable backups and DataLockBox continuous data backups.

    Their reseller and VPS plans both have daily backups provided by R1Soft and Idera, respectively.

    For their dedicated servers, backup space can be added to any plan for an additional cost.

  • What security does JaguarPC have?

    They offer physical security for their datacenters with 24/7 monitoring and multiple redundancies.

    For software security, they have a firewall powered by Cisco and HP.

    Their shared plans all include a shared SSL with higher tier plans including a premium rapid SSL certificate as well.

  • Where are JaguarPC's datacenters?

    They run datacenters in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Colorado.

  • Does JaguarPC have an affiliates program?

    Yes. They have a tiered referrals system, so the more referrals you provide the more you get paid per referral.

  • Will my price jump a lot when I come up for renewal?

    Not really. There are some costs which will come up in year two compared to year one like domain registration costs, which are included on some plans for the first year.

    But in general, no — JaguarPC doesn't use introductory pricing schemes.

  • What programming languages are supported by JaguarPC?

    They offer the full range of languages including Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python.

  • What does JaguarPC mean by "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth?

    While some shared plans do say "unlimited," there are restrictions on the number of inodes outlined in the Terms of Service and JaguarPC's SLA.

    In the Terms of Service, there's also a restriction on how much server resource a single customer can use at one time. If that percentage is exceeded, JaguarPC reserves the right to throttle accounts.

  • What is JaguarPC's billing cycle like?

    Their billing cycles are generally very flexible, with customers able to buy anything on a cycle of three months to 36 months of hosting.

  • Are there discounts available for longer contracts?

    Yes. The longer you sign up for, the less you pay.

  • Does JaguarPC include a CDN?

    Yes. All their shared hosting plans include CloudFlare.

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