Knownhost In 2018: What Do Knownhost Client Reviews Say?

KnownHost Introduction

Based near Washington, DC in the USA, KnownHost is a privately-owned web hosting company. It claims to have 15 years’ experience in the industry and its CEO, Justin Sauers, oversees several related companies.

As a hosting provider, KnownHost focuses almost totally on managed VPS and managed dedicated hosting. Sister company RocketVPS provides unmanaged VPS hosting, and recently-acquired Uberhost focuses on its shared hosting packages. The three brands therefore cover all of the hosting services you’d normally expect one brand to offer.

Although KnownHost is an American company, its support staff are spread around the globe.

KnownHost Hosting Plans

KnownHost promotes two types of hosting plans, managed VPS and managed dedicated. All are Linux-only.

  • Managed VPS hosting is aimed at users who are outgrowing shared hosting and may be looking to upgrade to the next level of power and performance. There are seven different managed VPS hosting plans on offer and these can be customized with a range of upgrades and add-ons. For example, users can purchase additional RAM or disk space, order extra bandwidth or purchase additional IP addresses. Note: software such as cPanel, WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk, and Softaculous is optional and offered only as a paid upgrade.
  • KnownHost’s dedicated servers are located in its Texas data center and are provided on a fully managed basis, so they’re ideal for newcomers and less technical users. There are currently three different servers on the site, and these can be upgraded with extra RAM, extra bandwidth or additional drive space. On these plans, cPanel is included in the price.
  • Additionally, KnownHost offers shared hosting packages, but you’ll have to scour the site to actually get to the fine print. There are two plans, WebOne and WebTwo, and they seem to exist mainly as a stopgap for clients who are looking to move to a VPS. Shared hosting clearly isn’t a priority for KnownHost, so it’s not worth focusing on these in any detail.

KnownHost Uptime/Downtime

KnownHost offers a 99.995% uptime guarantee; this is quite difficult to quantify at-a-glance, but it represents about half an hour of downtime every year. The company doesn’t keep its own stats, but it does provide a link to the HyperSpin website where its uptime is tracked and rated across 16 of its servers. (In total, the company has 200 servers, so this uptime figure can only really be used as a guide).

The main KnownHost data center appears to be Colo4Dallas. It also uses a facility in Los Angeles, California and rents space at the Net2EZ data center in New Jersey. Test downloads are provided for all three data centers so that customers can decide which one is right for them; it’s worth doing this if you’re outside the US. All facilities are equipped with backup power, 24/7 security, and CCTV.

I couldn’t find any up-to-date information about backups, although the website says backups are included on VPS hosting plans. It doesn’t specify anything about the backup service, though. An old help topic suggests that VPS accounts may be backed up every other night, but this post dated back to 2006, so it may be wise to check with KnownHost if you’re looking for a provider that will automatically back up your account. Manual backups are available providing you have paid for control panel software on your VPS or server.

KnownHost Support

KnownHost customers are provided with a very thorough knowledgebase and a download library full of useful manuals and software. Customers can contact support staff 24/7 through the ticketing system on the website or via email.

There is no telephone or live chat support.

KnownHost’s technical advisors are not necessarily based on-site. The company’s CEO has stated that support staff are located in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia “and a few other locations”, meaning that customers may be connected to an advisor in a different continent.

KnownHost in the News

I didn’t find any negative press relating to KnownHost, and it appears that the company has not been the victim of any major hacks.

KnownHost Control Panel

At KnownHost, a variety of control panels are available on VPS hosting plans, including cPanel and Plesk. These are not free and must be paid for on a monthly basis.

On dedicated server plans, cPanel is included in the price.

KnownHost Extras

KnownHost doesn’t offer any freebies to tempt new customers to sign up. The Fantastico one-click installer application is included on dedicated server plans, and that includes easy installs of software like WordPress. However, on VPS plans, Fantastico is an optional, paid extra. There’s nothing else on offer to tempt you to sign up.

KnownHost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

All VPS hosting customers benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing they’ve not purchased anything from the company before. Customers who exceed their monthly bandwidth limit within the first 30 days cannot claim anything under this guarantee.

There’s no money-back guarantee for dedicated server customers.

Additionally, there are no refunds for mid-term cancellations on any plan.

KnownHost Summary

KnownHost is a specialized brand that caters for people who want to make the jump from shared hosting to something more robust. As such, it has a narrow focus and a particular type of user in mind.

If you’re ready to sign up for this kind of hosting, KnownHost certainly seem to have the necessary expertise, and the 30-day money-back guarantee offers reassurance too. Bear in mind the location of the support staff, and the lack of a support telephone number, if you’re likely to need help getting started.

Knownhost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 16 Reviews by Knownhost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Kevin Quinlan avatar
Kevin Quinlan
Mar 12, 2014

Very happy so far with Knownhost. I have only been with them for a few weeks, but while getting my site up and running and getting my speed to where I want it, the support has been amazing. They have email only support, and they are very responsive.

Once you send them a question they typically take a matter of minutes to respond. The best part of their support is the quality, and the depth of knowledge of the support team working there. I have contacted them dozens of times, and my questions are always quickly answered by people who know what they are doing.

Coming from a shared hosting environment to a VPS, that support is extremely important. I also love the speed, and consistency of speed my sites have now. With shared hosting, my site load times were typically 2 to 3x slower during the day.

With the knownhost vps, speed is quicker, and stays that way all the time. With Knownhost I am using one of their new Ssd-1 package with CPanel added on. Very impressed so far :)

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Zaid Markabi avatar
Zaid Markabi
Mar 17, 2017

i’m using KnownHost for almost 10 months till now. i tried them with 3 Dedicated servers and 5+ VPS. their prices are some higher than other hosting providers, but they have very good and quick technical support team.

im good customer at KnownHost spending $600+ monthly

but what i hate in KnownHost, is that they are saying 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for VPS plans, but this is Not real. one of my websites on their VPS went under attack, they asked me to move it to a Dedicated server, and i did what they asked for. but they rejected to refund credits for this VPS after renewal by 10 days, i asked to refund such as 60% to cover 20 days not used yet but they rejected.

remember im very good customer spending $600/mo with them, having many Dedicated servers and VPSs. another case i have when i ordered new VPS + new Dedicated server, after 12 hours i asked them to cancel the VPS but they again rejected to refund (even i did not setup any website on the VPS, and only some hours passed after order)

i can say, Health of their servers are Good, and they have good technical support. but their Billing support is some bad, they may ask you to leave their servers if you have a lot of traffic or if you got attacked in a day.

and they will Not refund any money. something else, they does not accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

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Shiva Chettri avatar
Shiva Chettri
Dec 09, 2011

One of the best VPS web host out there, specially and mainly because of its rock solid uptime and customer support. Even if your website or server goes down (which is highly unlikely), you just need to open a ticket and Your Site will be up in no time. The only thing is that they do not have chat support but still their ticket support is as fast other web hosts chat support so hardly makes a difference. Have been hosting my website for the past 1 year without any complaint.

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Octa Rendra avatar
Octa Rendra
Aug 28, 2014

I really enjoy my stay at knownhost, they really awesome hosting provider with top notch support and always respond my ticket under 7 minutes! before knownhost my old webhost is also reputable with lot of good review. I decided to moved to knownhost because:
1.My old provider raising up the cost and support keep getting slower
2.Besides more cheap Knownhost support is more awesome than my old hosting
So after search in webhostingtalk and after read countless review I decided to moved my websites to KH and they even provide me free migration and they also do it without any downtime! Everything so smooth since I joined Knownhost
I believe it is my last resort if they keep the level of support like this

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Glenn Cooley avatar
Glenn Cooley
Jun 30, 2014

I wish I had the same experience as the others who reviewed this web host, but I did not. I had a managed VPS account with Knownhost. I thought I was setting up an ideal situation, a smaller provider would mean personalized service, and the company has (or had rather) a data center close to our customer base.

Personalized service was never a problem. Getting technical support to make the right changes or talk to each other or read a support log before answering a question on an ongoing issue was. From the time we setup the domain on the VPS through the closing of our account 9 months later was an absolute nightmare.

From the very beginning. Their tech support messed up the DNS on our maintained server which left us with no email for a week. And to top it off, after their technician admitted that this was their fault and that we definitely should have been refunded a month’s worth of service (under $30), the support manager reviewed the ticket (I guess they do read them after all) and said that their tech support couldn’t be responsible for changes they made on a maintained server. At that point I wanted to drop them and honestly I should have because it didn’t get any better for the remainder of the time we had the account active.

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Andrew Polanski avatar
Andrew Polanski
Mar 15, 2013

I just switched to KnownHost after being a long-time customer of HostGator. WOW, I am amazed at how amazing KnownHost is. First of all, they helped me with the whole migration process.

Continually updated me every step of the way, and everything went smoothly. The VPS that I have with KnownHost was nearly 2x better than what I was getting at HostGator, for almost 30% less than what HostGator was charging. Besides the amazing prices and the migration assistance, KnownHost has some Awesome support.

When I put in a support ticket, it only takes them about 10 to 15 minutes to get back to me. That’s some fast support! Overall, I am very happy with KnownHost and will continue to use them for many years to come.

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P Chandra avatar
P Chandra
Nov 07, 2012

We have been on Knownhost for the last few years. Excellent uptime and intelligent speedy tech support is the biggest plus. You can even see our 2 year review post for more information.

Not so popular and most people might not know about it, but the fact that we host a heavy traffic top tech blog on it speaks for itself. We recommend it, and there is no affiliate interest here.

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Mano Hamdy avatar
Mano Hamdy
Jun 11, 2016

They have great support that responds very rapidly but rarely fix problems. They have also a great sales team that is very polite, with job of getting as much money out of your pocket even if the service won’t be of any use for you. They don’t take the time to give you real guidance. You have been warned.

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Pavel Dolzhenko avatar
Pavel Dolzhenko
Mar 04, 2013

By far the best webhosting service I have ever used. The support they provided to me was the best customer service I’ve received from any company in the past 5 years. They went to nth degree to help me move my website.

They were very quick with their response as well. I’m not well versed in programming or server setup and they took care of everything I needed done. Would recommend to all my friends.

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Ash Tym avatar
Ash Tym
Feb 11, 2014

I have dealt with KnownHost for several years and I can honestly say that you will find no better hosting company anywhere (I have used most of the major hosting companies over the last ten years so I know what I’m talking about). Their level of support is unmatched in both efficacy and accommodation of their customers’ and their uptime is second-to-none. I honestly have no idea how KnownHost provides the level of support and service that they do at such a competitive price. Other hosting companies could learn a lot from this outfit.

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Most Popular Knownhost Hosting Plans

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Bandwidth 1500GB 2000GB 2500GB
Price $23.75 / mo $33.25 / mo $33.33 / mo
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65GB 3500MB $42.50 / mo Visit Host
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Knownhost Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting products does KnownHost offer?

    KnownHost offers VPS, SSD VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers at various pricing tiers. All their products are managed servers, and all servers are run on Linux operating systems.

    Shared hosting is not available with KnownHost.

  • What is an SSD VPS?

    SSD VPS is the same as VPS except built on solid state drives. It’s simply a faster VPS.

  • What support does KnownHost offer?

    They have phone, live chat, email and a helpdesk available 24/7. They also have a wiki and a customer forum.

  • Does KnownHost have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. They guarantee 99.9% uptime in any given month. If they fail to achieve that, then for every 0.1% drop in uptime, customers are credited 10% of the cost.

    There are a few exceptions to this guarantee like customer controlled downtime or things beyond KnownHost’s control. See their SLA for full details.

  • Does KnownHost offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all services except dedicated servers. To get your money back, you have to be a new customer.

  • What domain services are available from KnownHost?

    None. KnownHost does not have any domain registration or transfer services available.

  • What backup options are available?

    Each plan comes with full image backups for disaster recovery.

  • What security options are available?

    All plans come with DDoS protection included, and each plan comes with proprietary firewalls and other security software.

  • Where are KnownHost’s datacenters?

    KnownHost runs three datacenters stateside: in Texas, Washington, and Maryland. They also have one in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

  • What programming languages can I use with KnownHost?

    KnownHost offers the latest in programming languages. Currently they support PHP, Perl, and Python. Older versions are supported as well.

  • What applications can I use?

    Softaculous comes pre-installed on all VPS and dedicated servers, but only the free version which does not include the most popular apps.

    For WordPress and other CMSs as well as Magento and a huge range of others, you’ll need to spend an additional monthly fee for an improved license. Luckily, Softaculous is extremely cheap.

  • What control panel access does KnownHost support?

    They offer both cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin on all their VPS servers for an additional monthly charge. Their dedicated servers only use cPanel and it’s included in the monthly price.

  • Will KnownHost help migrate my site?

    Yes. If the control panel you’re migrating from is the same as the one you’re going to, then their migration team will do the whole thing for you.

  • What billing cycle does KnownHost use?

    Their dedicated servers are run on a monthly pricing model with a small one-time setup fee. Their VPS servers are billed either monthly, quarterly, or annually. They do not have a setup fee.

  • Are there discounts available for a longer contract?

    Yes, if you pay upfront. However, this only applies to VPS hosting, not dedicated server hosting.

  • Does KnownHost include a CDN?

    No, a CDN is not included. However, it is relatively easy for customers to add in a third party CDN like Cloudflare.

  • Does KnownHost use introductory pricing?

    Not at all. They do offer discount codes that you’ll want to watch for. These provide temporary discounts. Thus, the price will go up when the plan renews. Otherwise, there’s little in their plans which will change in price from year to year.

  • Does KnownHost have an affiliates program?

    Yes. They pay a commission for each sale from your website via tracked link. Payments are made monthly.

  • Does KnownHost offer any website building tools?

    No. They cater to a more advanced audience with more powerful tools than most hosting companies, so do not offer much in the way of beginning website support.

  • Does KnownHost offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth?

    No. All of their plans have caps on them, and every plan can be increased as you need it if you find yourself running out of resources.

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