Media Temple Review: 'Reliable Web Hosting'. Here's What You Don't Know.

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Our Verdict: #1 for Grid Hosting

Media Temple offers unique web hosting plans that combine the best features of shared and cloud hosting, called Grid hosting. They also provide automated backups on all plans and WordPress plans with staging servers.

You can save 20% on Media Temple plans when you use our special Media Temple discount links in combination with our promo code (WIHT20).


  • "Grid" hosting allows for advanced features on cheaper plans
  • Hosting for any size website, from personal to enterprise
  • Managed WordPress on a budget


  • Uptime guarantees vary by plan
  • Website builder lacks some common features

Media Temple scores 3.5 stars on over 65 user reviews, scoring highest for customer support and features like super-fast SSD storage drives.

Is Media Temple the Perfect Host for Your Website?

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Media Temple is known for its high-quality plans aimed at developers. But it offers a wide variety of hosting plans ranging from entry-level shared to WordPress, VPS and dedicated.

But how is their customer support? Has their acquisition by GoDaddy impacted their services?

Here's what we found out.

About MediaTemple.Net

Over its two decades of service Media Temple has gained more than 125,000 customers based in over 100 countries. The company states that it currently hosts over 1.5 million websites.

Media Temple was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California where it maintains offices.

Their clients base spans creative professionals and small business owners to well-known brands like CBS, Samsung, Starbucks, Adidas, and Toyota.

MediaTemple's shared hosting is called the "Grid."

GoDaddy Acquisition

In October 2013, Media Temple announced its acquisition by GoDaddy. The company stated that GoDaddy's brand relaunch, overseen by then-CEO Blake Irving, was instrumental in its decision to make and complete the deal.

An Independent Firm Targeting Web Developers

Media Temple, known as a provider of high-quality services and hosting plans targeting developers and web professionals, continues to operate independently of GoDaddy and with the same staff roster.

The exception was the exit of its founders, which had been pre-planned.

Co-founder Damien Sellfors told TechCrunch: "We've had our eye on an exit since we started 15 years ago. We regard ourselves as entrepreneurs first, even if on the way we accidentally built a phenomenal culture and a business that resounded with the marketplace"

Continued below user reviews.

Media Temple Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 68 Reviews by Media Temple Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

James Curran avatar
James Curran
Jan 16, 2013

I have been using Mediatemple for a few years. It is an exceptional hosting service, the best I have ever used. I host a number of websites on the business grade DV service.

DV is scalable, meaning resources can be increased as required. So as your sites grow and gain momentum, your existing server can easy be upgraded to handle it. It uses Plesk software which is great for server management and has benefits like easy WordPress installation and customer accounts.

The only thing I can think of that would improve the service is better tools for handling domain names, but that is a minor gripe when balance against the benefits. Of all the hosting platforms I have tried over the last decade, MT is by far the best

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Amal Murali avatar
Amal Murali
Sep 22, 2014

I've been using MediaTemple's gs package for an year and I consider it to be one of the best clustered hosting products around. MediaTemple is the best host I've used till now. You don't need to be a tech-geek to use their service.

They have a slick-end admin panel everything is easily accessible. The support staff are just amazing and are available 24/7 to resolve your queries. Their KB has most of the answers to your questions.

It's worth the money you spend. The only problems I've had was with uptime. It was sorted out quickly and I'm really comfortable with MediaTemple. I'd recommend their service to anyone who's serious about actually wanting a serious hosting with excellent support.

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Shivendu Madhava avatar
Shivendu Madhava
Nov 25, 2012

I run few high traffic websites and initially they were hosted at Media Temple starting out the things was easy and good to as I don't need to bother much just buy any of the suitable plan and start hosting the website don't need to contact them for creating DNS record and all as I was having dedicated server where many web host need to contact their support for creating DNS record whenever you are going to host a new domain to your dedicated server this is really frustrating so you don't need to bother about this with Media Temple. They provide us with a control panel where one can host unlimited domain access to their cPanel or Plesk whichever you would have opted and manage services, finance and support ticket as well. Their knowledge base is awesome most of the issues you can resolve on your own just stumble one to the knowledge base and most probably you would find a solution.

Support I think that's the best part of Media Temple they provide support through support tickets but if you are having some general issues you can just tweet to them and they will be generous enough to help you out if they don't need any special permission from you. Why I moved from them was downtime I think they promise to provide 99% uptime but I didn't got that its not due to them but it was me my sites started getting large amount of traffic and I need to upgrade my servers for that I need to pay and their plans are bit highly priced so I moved. I would suggest if your startup is backed with so VCs or you have enough funds to spend on hosting and need a very well web host then you must got with Media Temple.

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Media Temple Hosting Plans

Media Temple has a broad spread of Linux-based web hosting on offer, from website builders to enterprise AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions.

What follows is a brief summary of its consumer-level plans, but you can find information about its advanced services on its website.

Entry-Level Options

Customers who are looking to set up personal or small business websites will probably look at one of the following options first:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting
  3. Free Hosting
  4. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Hosting
  5. Website builder hosting

All of these packages offer affordable entry points for small websites, but they have different selling points.

Grid (Shared) Hosting

The cheapest shared plan includes 100 databases and 1 TB of scalable bandwidth.

Media Temple's shared hosting is called "Grid Hosting." The "Grid" name essentially points to a cloud infrastructure.

Currently, there are three different Grid Hosting plans. The packages vary in the number of sites you can build, the storage and database allocations, and the maximum bandwidth allocated to your account.

Premium offerings come with extras like CDNs (content delivery networks) and security tools.

Grid Features

Grid plans start at $20/month and come with features that are typically not included with entry-level hosting plans, such as:

  • SSD (solid-state drive) storage, which is faster and more reliable than HDD (hard disk drive) storage.
  • Scalability which enables your site to stay online when experiencing a traffic surge.
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and intrusion.

Grid plans come with 30 "managed apps," like WordPress and Drupal.

Video: The Media Temple WordPress channel features some tutorial videos like this one.

Customers benefit from automatic backups with a 30-day restore history. Upgrade to Grid Pro for more features, like a CDN (content delivery network.)

You don't get cPanel or Plesk with these plans, but you do have access to a control panel that was custom built in-house by Media Temple engineers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Media Temple is one of many well-known hosts to have sprouted specialized WordPress plans from shared hosting.

These WordPress plans are "managed," which means that the company tackles a fair amount of the maintenance required to keep your site running smoothly.

Managed WordPress hosting with includes:

  • Website optimizations
  • Updates to the WordPress core itself
  • 30 days' worth of backups
  • Security monitoring
  • Unlimited 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Other Benefits of Managed Hosting

Other benefits to Media Temple's plans include:

  • Not one, but two staging environments
  • Developer tools like Git (for version control), WP-CLI, SSH, SFTP, and phpMyAdmin
  • Customizable themes

Smart Pricing

Rather than being priced by bandwidth, Media Temple prices by storage space and visitor count, similar to WP Engine and other managed WordPress competitors.

Bonuses on more advanced plans include malware protection, G Suite logins, and SSL certificates. Again, the control panel is a Media Temple-designed product.

Free Trials

Similarly to many other hosts, Media Temple occasionally offers free hosting trials for new customers.

Be aware:

  • It's free, but there are limitations
  • Migrating can be a hassle

Website Builder Hosting: Virb

Media Temple partners with Virb, a provider of site builder services, for its site builder hosting packages.

Virb has been a part of the Media Temple catalog since 2012 and competes with branded builders like Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

With Virb, you can build an unlimited number of pages, host your site on the cloud, link custom domains, and build on top of a number of professionally-designed, mobile-friendly themes.

Outdated? The Media Temple page on Virb features, as an example site, the "Skull and Sparrow" blog. Oddly, that site has only 2 blog posts, both posted on Oct. 1, 2015.

Is Virb Stagnant?

Virb appears to be inactive compared to other site builders. For example the most recent tweet on the Virb channel was in 2016 - and it was the only tweet of the year.

Virb's most recent Facebook post was made 5 years ago - in 2014.

We did not find any signs that the builder is engaged in active development or improvement of its code base and features.

Advanced Hosting Options

Media Temple offers a variety of hosting options for those who have outgrown entry-level options.

They're known for their partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services). Media Temple handles all of the complex details of hosting with AWS. This enables non-geek customers to enjoy the many benefits of the advanced AWS platform.

Let's compare the three contenders side-by-side:

VPS Hosting Dedicated Server Cloud Hosting
Speed Fast Very Fast Fast
Resources Shared Private Shared
Security Moderately Secure Very Secure Low Security
Pricing Moderate Expensive Cheap

VPS Hosting

If you opt for Media Temple's VPS hosting, you can choose between managed and unmanaged options.

The self-managed VPS option is designed for advanced users comfortable with Linux and the command line.

You get a choice of operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS), full root access, and the ability to scale instantaneously if necessary.

The managed hosting options are control panel plans designed for intermediate or advanced users. You have to be comfortable with using a GUI-based control panel, but you are not relegated to command-line-only access.

Control Panels and Management

Your control panel will be either Plesk or cPanel/WHM.

Other benefits include performance and security scanning by Media Temple, as well as automatic backups.

For those who want the power of VPS hosting but are not interested in the system administration required, Media Temple offers a fully-managed VPS plan where they manage everything on behalf of the customer.

This is a great alternative for companies that would ordinarily employ someone to look after their servers.

Dedicated Servers

For those who need the best in speed, power, and space, Media Temple's dedicated servers are for you. You would get the entire box (server) to yourself.

Like most of Media Temple's offerings, you can choose from a dizzying array of customization and management options.

You can opt for a bare metal server (essentially, Media Temple provides you with the physical infrastructure and nothing else) to a fully-managed plan complete with white-glove service.

Performance, Storage, and Uptime Guarantee

Regardless of what option(s) you choose, all dedicated servers come with 128 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SSD storage, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

All dedicated server plans include 10 TB monthly bandwidth allowance, 1 TB SSD storage, and a selection of pre-installed software.

If you want additional software installed, you can do it yourself or have one of Media Temple's CloudTech engineers do it on your behalf.

Cloud Hosting

If you are interested in cloud-based hosting, Media Temple offers plans where your site is hosted using Amazon Web Services' infrastructure.

These options are fully managed and designed and optimized for your website.

Video: This promotional video provides a helpful overview of Media Temple's cloud hosting.

You will receive, at every point of the project, assistance from the Media Temple team in getting your site up and running.

Media Temple claims that you get from start to product within two weeks and that they will respond to critical failures on your site within fifteen minutes.

web hosting coupon

Looking for the right host?
Media Temple provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 expert support. Get special pricing by using this discount link.

Media Temple Infrastructure

VPS hosting offers a rare 99.999% guarantee on its "DV" hosting only. This includes certain VPS plans (but not all of them), as well as the company's dedicated hosting plans.

Uptime Guarantees

If downtime lasts longer than 20 minutes, you can request a 20% credit on your monthly fee for every subsequent 20 minutes of downtime, up to a maximum of 100% of your bill.

Media Temple needs to verify the downtime, and you'll need to put in a manual claim within 5 days to be eligible.

"Off-Peak" Hours are Based on Pacific Standard Time

Other products do not have an uptime guarantee attached. Media Temple says that its Grid infrastructure makes outages less common than they may otherwise be.

But if servers do need to be taken down, it says that the team will try to do this during "off-peak" hours.

Remember: Media Temple is based on the west coast of the United States, so its off-peak hours may not be the same as your own.

Media Temple Customer Support

Media Temple offers 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

Support Tickets and Live Chat

You can get help via live chat, Twitter, ticket, or phone.

Only one US phone number is provided; there are no local numbers for other countries.

Online Community and Premium Support

The company also has a knowledgebase and an active community forum for self-help.

In addition, it offers a premium support package called CloudTech, which you can purchase one-off support assistance or pay for assistance by subscription.

Money-Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

You have the option of canceling your purchase within 30 days and receiving a full refund. This is only for hosting, and excludes additional products, like domain names and service add-ons.

If you cancel a 12-month plan before the end of your contract, you may be granted a pro-rated refund.

However, Media Temple provides 2 months' free service when you sign up for 12 months, so if you cancel part-way through the year, that discount disappears, and your refund is calculated accordingly.

Other Hosts To Consider

So, since you got this far down the page, I take it you are slowly becoming a Media Temple fan. Here are a couple of hosting providers which may also be of interest.

WP Engine

If you have a WordPress site that sees sizable levels of traffic, you cannot go wrong with WP Engine, a provider of managed services.

The company is known for its technical expertise in the WordPress ecosystem and its top-notch customer service.


SiteGround is an excellent provider of a variety of hosting options aimed at the consumer and small business market.

Their specialties are security, customer service, and WordPress expertise.

web hosting tips

Interested in Media Temple?
Get the lowest possible price by using our special discount link. Includes 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 expert support.


Media Temple is one of the more established hosting companies, and its position as a prominent brand has been boosted by backing from GoDaddy.

It offers hosting for practically any purpose, with impressive features on its cheapest plans. An uptime guarantee for shared and WordPress hosting would probably give newcomers some reassurance, and the money-back clauses are slightly more complex than they need to be.

However, as a brand, Media Temple has long been known for quality, and the comprehensive support options will give most users the backing they need to get their site off the ground. For more information, visit Media Temple now.

Contributing writer: Katie Horne.
Contributing editors: Natalie Mootz, Marko Csokasi, and Sherrie Gossett

Grid Shared HostingManaged WordPressVPS - Developer
Disk Space20GB30GB30GB
Price $20 / mo
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$20 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$25 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
VPS - Cpanel or Plesk
20GB2TB $45.83 / mo Visit Host Now
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Media Temple Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a DV server?

    A "DV server" is a Media Temple VPS server. "DV" is Media Temple's brand name for its managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting. Their DV servers are classified as "high-performance" and feature up to 64 GB of RAM; up to 600 GB of storage; up to 8 TB of bandwidth; flash-backed write-cache; Apache 2.2 or 2.4; and a choice of MySQL or MariaDB.

  • Does Media Temple offer enterprise-grade hosting?

    Yes, Media Temple offers enterprise hosting suitable for medium-sized to large scale businesses and growth-oriented startups. These include Managed AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud packages and Dedicated VPS hosting. Managed WordPress plans are available using Media Temple's managed AWS services.

  • Does Media Temple provide Windows hosting?

    No, Media Temple offers Linux-based hosting only. They used to offer Windows hosting but in 2008 ceased offering their "Complex-Hosting" solutions based on Microsoft Windows server technology. Readers looking for Windows hosting should consider 1&1 IONOS, HostGator, or A2 Hosting for budget plans and Liquid Web for advanced needs.

  • Does Media Temple offer professional services?

    Yes, Media Temple offers many services like full migration assistance, security assistance/protection against malware and other types of attacks against websites, and server system administration. Depending the plan you select, these services may include things like installation of software; relaying feature requests, on your behalf, to WordPress; installing SSL certificates; creating backups; and control panel assistance.

  • What is Grid Hosting?

    Grid Hosting is Media Temple's brand name for its shared hosting services.

  • Is Media Temple run by a parent company or group?

    Media Temple is owned by GoDaddy but operates as a separate company with its own staff and management.

  • Do hosting plans come with a free domain?

    No. Media Temple does not provide free domains.

  • Will the renewal price be higher than the price I pay today?

    No. Media Temple offers a consistent pricing structure, so when your plan comes up for renewal, your prices will be the same.

  • Do technical staff provide help with transferring an existing site?

    Media Temple offers "Site Mover" - the name of its site migration services. There's a $150 fee per site. Those who use Media Temple's "premium" customer support can request "Move a Site" service. This migration service can be used to migrate a site to Media Temple's Grid (shared) or DV (VPS) hosting.

  • Does Media Temple have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. Media Temple has a 30-day money back guarantee on hosting services only.

  • Does Media Temple have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. Media Temple offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee, which is generous compared to comparable hosts.

    It will refund 20% of your monthly hosting fee for each 20 minutes of downtime in that month: a promise which it calls 20/20 Uptime.

  • Does Media Temple offer phone support?

    Yes. Live phone support is available 24/7 via the number on their site. You can also get help by using live chat, ticket, or by sending a message to @mediatemplehelp on Twitter.

  • Does Media Temple have software available to help me build a website?

    Yes. It has a separate Website Builder plan, which provides the Virb software for drag-and-drop website creation.

  • Where does it have its datacenters?

    The company uses two datacenters in the United States. One is in El Segundo, CA, and one in Ashton, VA. The El Segundo datacenter is one of the largest on the west coast.

  • Can I have more one website on a shared hosting account?

    Yes. Up to 100 websites can be run under one Grid Hosting account.

  • What technologies are supported on shared hosting accounts?

    Media Temple offers PHP, Perl, Python, Apache, MySQL, Git, and SVN.

  • Could I host an image-heavy site on a Grid Hosting account?

    Yes. This host does offer an unlimited bandwidth and disk space with its premium package, which would cover running an image intensive site such as a gallery.

    Providing you are not offering file downloads, it's unlikely that Media Temple would object to an image-heavy site.

  • Does it support Magento installations?

    Magento is provided as a one-click installer. However, no specific Magento packages or support exists.

  • Does it provide a control panel, and if so, which one?

    Media Temple provides a proprietary control panel on shared hosting accounts, which it calls the Grid Control Panel. VPS and dedicated servers come with a choice of Plesk or cPanel.

  • Are there any special security features?

    Media Temple provides SiteLock Security Services for an additional fee.

  • Does Media Temple offer CDN services on its platform?

    The SiteLock product comes with an optional CDN, TrueSpeed. There is an extra fee for SiteLock.

  • What one-click installers are provided?

    On VPS and dedicated servers, you can install WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, phpBB, and other applications with one click. This feature is available regardless of the control panel you choose.

    On Grid Hosting, MediaTemple offers 20 one-click scripts in its Managed App Catalog.

  • Is there a plan that is suitable for video streaming?

    Video streaming is most appropriately served by VPS services or dedicated servers.

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