MochaHost Review: Dirt Cheap Hosting, We See If They Deliver on Quality

MochaHost Introduction

MochaHost was founded in 2002 and is registered in San Jose, California, although it also appears to have a base in Bulgaria since many of its staff are located there. The company provides customers with a wide range of hosting services, with packages to suit most budgets – from shared hosting to dedicated cloud servers.

Hosting is available on both Windows and Linux platforms across all categories, but Linux (with cPanel) is the focal point. MochaHost is keen to stress its 100% uptime promise.

MochaHost Hosting Plans

MochaHost offers a massive range of packages, so it’s best to check out the website for full details. This list is just a quick summary of what’s on offer.

Shared hosting is available on Windows and Linux, and there are multiple packages on offer. The lowest cost service, Soho, is designed for people who want to host one site, whereas the Mocha service is fully-featured, includes support for Subversion and Magento and provides the client with one static IP.

All reseller hosting plans include unlimited bandwidth, although disk space is limited. Reseller hosting is offered on a shared, VPS and dedicated basis, so users effectively have a choice of nine Windows reseller services and nine on Windows.

MochaHost’s dedicated servers are provisioned in the cloud for more resources, less downtime and no ceiling on the resources customers can utilise. MochaHost offers six Linux dedicated server packages and six on Windows, which is fewer than many hosts provide, but likely to be enough to offer most customers adequate choice.

There are six Windows VPS hosting packages and six Linux packages. All include unlimited bandwidth; the most affordable plans don’t include a control panel, whereas the others include cPanel (Linux only) or Plesk (costs extra on Windows).

MochaHost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 58 Reviews by MochaHost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Jeremy Krasucki avatar
Jeremy Krasucki
Feb 04, 2018

Generally good, but not what i expected. Their big problem is cPanel and problems caused by no configuration… I think that i would stay if not my problem with MySQL db cause of huge bot attack on my site. They gave me money back 2 days after cancel request.

~ ErtYwek :D

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Randy Dunbar avatar
Randy Dunbar
Sep 14, 2018

How to explain downtime every day, albeit momentarily on some occasions? MochaHost explains it like this: it’s all your fault, it’s in the plugins—disable all of them, still happening—apparently, not the plugins, try another excuse. This like The Myth of Sisyphus (roll the rock up, again and again) is the perpetual circle of enduring annoyance from this host.

The best offer from them was—"hire someone to fix it", just what a new customer wants to hear. All in all, with the exception of daily downtime, this is a great host, full of knowledgeable people running support. I’m kidding.

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Tina D'Souza avatar
Tina D'Souza
Feb 27, 2017

I’ve been a subscriber of MochaHost since 2005 and I’ve had a number of domains and hosting packages with them. Way back in the "old" days, they were pretty good, but their service has declined in recent years. The biggest issue I’ve had with them is that twice they took down my site for non-payment, even though I paid my invoice well before the end of the billing cycle.

They eventually brought my site back up, but in the process, my stats were deleted and they couldn’t get them back. All they said was "oops, sorry" with not so much as even a small credit to my account for Their error. Customer support used to be very good, but that, too, has gone downhill in recent years.

The support folks seem to be reading from a script and I felt they were anxious to get rid of me. If you’re considering them as a first time customer, I would say beware. The prices that they advertise on their site are only for newbies and once they have you sucked in, the prices get higher.

They must realize that it’s a real hassle to move your website to another hosting company, so they do not care if you’ve been a loyal customer. The Only reason I’m still a customer is because I’m too lazy to move my site to another hosting company, but I consider doing so every year.

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Carl Johnson avatar
Carl Johnson
Jul 02, 2013

These guys are absolutely clueless. Do not expect any sort of customer support… you might wait nine hours for a reply if your issue is complex.Do not even attempt online chat support unless you have a simple question, and they Never ever respond to the phone support.

They are totally incompetent, and refuse to even meet you half way, choosing instead to ignore service requests. I have records I will be happy to share to prove my allegations – do NOT do business wit them

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Igor Kitsula avatar
Igor Kitsula
Oct 04, 2012

The support is terrible-terrible-terrible and the up time is not even close to the claimed 99.9%….maybe 95% which is bad if you are trying to run a business and need e-mail.

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Jitendra Rathore avatar
Jitendra Rathore
Mar 19, 2016

Support is Great but beside that what we need is facility . servers are the worst in business plan. Never buy hosting from here if you are going to built huge traffic site like ecommerce store.

Kris,Steven and sam are the best support executives. But worst hosting servers. Godaddy is the best

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Vincent Leyson avatar
Vincent Leyson
Jul 10, 2014

I was hired by our local church to build a website on our school. i didn’t want it hosted under the same account as our church’s site (for administrative and technical reasons) so I shopped around for a budget host. I came across Mocha Host and because of the price and value that it offered – went for it.

The first few months was ok. After 6 months we started having problems. Site was down several times, servers were very slow.

Customer service though is great – response time was fast. But… Servers are still slow.

I guess you can’t expect much. You get what you paid for!

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danny doley avatar
danny doley
Mar 21, 2014

worst webhosting ever they are just after money first they told me they allow mp3 sites and after taking money $35 for few months and when I am starting getting traffic they shut down my websites disabled my hosting I contacted them and it’s been more than a day no reply. Stay away from them horrible.

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Mar 15, 2014

I started working with Mochahost since the 2009, it was the best web hosting service I had after trying about 7 differents. I liked it, and I hope I can continue using it. It is super fast and reliable, the web hosting is never a problem in my business thanks to them.

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Mohammed Ariful Islam avatar
Mohammed Ariful Islam
Jun 08, 2017

It is my 3rd year with mochahost. I have been using shared hosting plan. And this year I have decided to leave them.

It was good earlier but now this is one of the Worst hosting service. The uptime is so bad. I have 3 site there and last month all of sudden the hosted sites just vanished.

And they couldn’t do anything. I had some backup though but It was not up to date. This is one of my site

They offered me 3 months free extension after the billing cycle, which is just a big Joke to me. I am definitely leaving them.

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MochaHost Uptime/Downtime

MochaHost proudly advertises its 100% uptime guarantee; this is undoubtedly easier for the company to achieve because its dedicated servers are set up in the cloud. Regardless, the uptime guarantee does cover all products, including shared hosting. Uptime is measured monthly.

If the company fails to meet its SLA, users can manually claim fairly modest account credits: 3% of the monthly fee for the first 3 hours, then 5% thereafter. Bear in mind that the host’s packages start at a few dollars a month, so these credits are likely to be of limited value to customers on low-cost plans.

Despite its server status page, the company does not publish or archive detailed uptime figures.

MochaHost uses data center facilities in Chicago, IL. The buildings are equipped with backup power and generators, tape libraries and biometric security equipment. There’s nothing that confirms the exact number of data centers or their precise locations, so it’s hard to say exactly.

Data backups are taken, but these are not for customers’ use. MochaHost says it only uses them if there is an emergency.

MochaHost Support

Like many hosts, MochaHost offers customers 24-hour support every day of the year. Customers can contact technical support staff using live chat or using the ticketing system; there’s also a toll-free US number for support contact. In addition, customers can access a knowledgebase, and there are a range of forms to help with account administration.

The company website doesn’t clearly state where staff are located. However, after researching online, it appears that the majority of staff in the technical support department are located in Bulgaria.

MochaHost Control Panel

MochaHost offers the broadest range of control panel applications I’ve come across in quite some time, although these are not necessarily free on all plans.

On Linux, clients can use cPanel/ WHM and Easy Web Panel (for VPS), with Plesk available on dedicated servers.

On Windows, customers are offered WebsitePanel and/or Plesk.

MochaHost Extras

MochaHost offers plenty of freebies to entice new users. Selected customers get a free domain for life as long as the hosting package stays active; this doesn’t apply to all plans, nor is it offered for three-year subscriptions.

In terms of scripts, it provides the usual array of one-click installers, including WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, phpBB, Piwik and Subtext. It also offers a site builder tool with 500 templates to choose from; this appears to be free on shared hosting plans.

Depending on the value of your hosting package, you’ll get a certain amount of a Google AdWords credit providing you’re based in the USA or Canada. Customers in other countries aren’t eligible.

MochaHost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Before you sign up for a plan with MochaHost, examine the terms of the ‘risk free’ guarantee as this isn’t a 180-day money-back guarantee.

MochaHost does offer a money-back guarantee policy, but it’s shorter. Customers can claim a full refund if they cancel within 30 days; it’s advisable to contact a technician on live chat for more details.

In addition, the host offers a 180-day ‘risk free’ policy, which essentially means customers can cancel in the first 180 days and receive a pro-rata refund for the rest of the term they paid for. There are no refunds for months already used up.

Customers who want to cancel their hosting plan after the first 180-days aren’t eligible for any refunds at all. As is typical, refunds exclude fees paid for domain names, SSL certificates and other services.

MochaHost Summary

If you’re the kind of customer who likes to know exactly what you’re getting from your hosting provider, MochaHost won’t disappoint; its plans are described in granular detail, right down to the version of Python offered, or the maximum number of IPs each host can theoretically sustain.

It’s not clear who founded the company, where the staff are located or how many data centers are in use, which is a shame. The level of technical detail is really impressive, but it would be nice to see a little more background information about the company to inspire more trust.

Most Popular MochaHost Hosting Plans

Windows Soho Linux Soho Linux Business
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.33 / mo $2.77 / mo $3.43 / mo
Visit MochaHost Visit MochaHost Visit MochaHost
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Windows Business
Unlimited Unlimited $5.57 / mo Visit Host
Linux Mocha
Unlimited Unlimited $7.25 / mo Visit Host
Windows Mocha
Unlimited Unlimited $10.16 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

MochaHost Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is MochaHost’s headquarters?

    The company is based in the city of San Jose, CA in the United States.

  • Where is MochaHost’s datacenter?

    It uses multiple datacenters located in Chicago, IL in the United States. 

  • Does MochaHost sell dedicated servers?

    Yes. The company offers three dedicated server hosting packages with Linux, and three with Windows. These are fully managed products that use a cloud infrastructure.

  • Do hosting plans come with a free domain?

    On some shared web hosting plans, you will get a free domain which will be renewed ‘for life’, as long as you are a MochaHost customer. Check the fine print to ensure this is included with the plan you select. 

  • Does MochaHost offer phone support?

    Support is available through the 24/7 phone number, a ticket system, and a live chat service.

  • Does MochaHost offer reseller hosting packages?

    MochaHost has a reseller portfolio that features three Linux plans and three on Windows. 

  • Will its techincal support team help me to transfer my website from my old host?

    Free migration is included with some VPS and dedicated hosting plans. This is only valid for cPanel-to-cPanel migration, or Plesk-to-Plesk on Windows.

    On shared hosting, free migration is only offered for Linux customers moving from a cPanel host.

  • What one-click installers are offered?

    MochaHost offers 180 one-click installers on Linux hosting plans, and 36 on Windows hosting plans.

  • What is the backup policy at MochaHost?

    It states that clients are solely responsible for making their own backups. In other words, MochaHost does not make its own backups available to clients.

  • Could I host high-resolution images on its shared hosting services?

    Yes. Unlimited disk and bandwidth plans should cope with an average traffic, image-heavy site without any issues. If your site uses extreme amounts of space or bandwidth, you may be asked to upgrade.

  • Does MochaHost support Magento?

    The company supports and provides Magento on specially designed e-commerce plans.

  • Does the company provide a control panel, and if so which one?

    cPanel is provided on shared Linux packages, along with WHM on more advanced plans. Windows plans come with WebsitePanel.

  • What payment options does MochaHost accept?

    It accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Skrill.

  • Does MochaHost have an uptime guarantee?

    The provide a 100% service uptime guarantee. Customers are credited for any downtime that’s eligible under its terms, from 3%-5% per hour of downtime.

    This guarantee does not apply to VPS or dedicated servers, who benefit from a 100% network uptime guarantee without credits.

  • Does it offer an integrated CDN?

    The company does not offer a CDN that’s integrated with its plans, but its hosting is compatible with third party CDN services.

  • Does MochaHost offer monthly billing cycles, or is there a long minimum contract?

    You can pay monthly, or over a longer term. Some plans are priced at a lower rate for longer commitment.

  • Do I get unlimited bandwidth and space?

    All shared hosting plans offer unlimited space and monthly traffic. It reserves the right to limit service if there is extreme use of resource.

  • Will I pay more when it’s time to renew?

    It depends which plan you choose, and the length of billing cycle you select.

    On many plans, MochaHost offers a Lifetime Discount Guarantee, which ensures that you will never pay more than the initial price providing you pay for 2-3 years’ service at renewal.

  • How many email addresses do I get?

    The company allows unlimited email accounts on shared hosting accounts.

  • Can I set up a video streaming site on MochaHost’s servers?

    Video streaming can be set up on VPS or dedicated servers, not shared web hosting plans. You can configure some plans for ffmpeg, if you choose to use it.

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