Network Solutions Review: Nineties Hangover, Or Serious Choice? We Asked 107 Users

Network Solutions Introduction

Network Solutions is an American hosting company, but it started out in 1979 as an IT consultancy. For much of the 1990s, it dominated the sale of domain names, but lost its monopoly when ICANN was formed in 1998.

Over the last 20 years, it has been owned by a variety of companies, including Verisign and several private equity firms. After two high-profile security issues, Network Solutions was bought by in 2011 for $405 million. The company was then downsized considerably.

Network Solutions offers web hosting services aimed at small businesses, and some services are provided under the brand.

Network Solutions Hosting Plans

Network Solutions’ shared hosting is split into six plans. Three are provided under the shared hosting banner, while three are called Advanced Hosting. It has phased out its Windows plans; only Linux plans are on offer with these three plans. The most basic plan is limited in terms of disk space and email mailboxes, but the limits are set high enough for most purposes. Across all plans, the amount of data transfer allowance is not specified.

VPS hosting is available through two plans, Essential and Professional. Both offer 1GB RAM and one dedicated IP address. VPS hosting is offered using Plesk on CentOS servers.

Secure WordPress is Network Solutions’ managed WordPress solution, which includes automatic updates, malware scanning, backups, and SSL. Beginner WordPress support is free for the first 60 days.

Network Solutions Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 107 Reviews by Network Solutions Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Rakoto veve avatar
Rakoto veve
Jul 26, 2013

They are really professional, I’m a newbie in hosting stuff so I asked them so many questions on my hosting plan and how to set up those many features, they replied everything, sometimes in under 24 hour. So I’m a happy client.

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john ketley avatar
john ketley
Apr 23, 2018

I have been with Network Problems, as I like to think of them, for some years. By accident I will add, as I joined Wix and they stuck my domain into network p’. Ever since I paid my first basic premium,, network p’ have contrived to get my domain into problems, and then offer to fix it…

just upgrade they say..( that’s around $75 !!) I have reasoned with numerous of their Tecs,seo ‘s etc, and they then say, ok we will give an extra year, just upgrade ! I decline and I find no help at all. NOW I wonder just how much trouble they get me in after daring to criticize them .?

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Jon Briley avatar
Jon Briley
Apr 01, 2018

Company sucks. I transferred my domains registrar to them and a month later they started pulling money out for privacy settings. I was told it was free for the first year.

Open ticket asking why they did this, took them 4 days to answer and still didn’t get an answer. I’m working on 3 days now trying to get an authorization code and unlock my domains so I can transfer them to NameCheap. I should have done this in the beginning. Wish me luck!!!!

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Matthew Leffler avatar
Matthew Leffler
May 01, 2018

I took a gamble with them and ordered one domain to test out the experience. While trying to order I kept having issue after issue. Their cart would randomly it seemed change the price of the domains, add services and options I wasn’t interested in and just seemed really buggy.

After some effort I got close enough to what I was after and close enough to what was the advertised price. I thought this isn’t a good sign. After placing my order I didnt have access to the domain…I waited a day or so and still the domain wasn’t available in my account.

Thats when I began the really bad experience with their customer service. They close the ticket every time they reply. And they dont offer the ability to reply to their email.

They also have more than once repsonded with a form letter that didnt address my issue. For instance when I couldnt find my domain they replied back that they reset my challenge questions and that closed the issue and if I had another issue I needed to open a new ticket. The turn around is usually 48 to 72 hours per help desk ticket so for them to get it wrong means its about 6 days now before they get it right.

Two weeks ago I got an email that my DNS had changed back to their parked ones. And Network Solutions web site was down when I went to inquire … I couldnt email them cause their domain wasn’t working correctly.

A few days went by and their site began to work but mine remained parked. I opened a ticket over a week ago…and still my domain is not resolving to my site. I was told to confirm my email address….did that and the system still showed I needed to confirm my email address.

They closed the ticket with this …
"Thank you for contacting Network Solutions! We can definitely help you with this request! Please provide us the domain name and the name servers you need to have put in place.

If you have any other questions please visit our comprehensive support section at or contact our Support Center and refer to ticket ###### and a specialist will be happy to further assist you and ensure that we completely resolve your issue as quickly as possible. If you feel that your issue has not been thoroughly addressed, please open a new Support Request from your Help & Support section. Reopening or adding a note to this ticket can delay response or resolution time. "

Notice that they ask for more info but they also end with closing the ticket.

And I have only one domain with them…and I’m not asking them to set the DNS I just want to be able to set the DNS. They say that reopening the ticket could delay resolution time??? How could it when each time I open a new ticket over the same issue they lack the history of what has happened. I’ve honestly just written off the domain and will not use them in the future.

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Lesley Pedraza avatar
Lesley Pedraza
Nov 13, 2016

Network Solutions used to be great and their customer service was terrific. Since bought them I have had massive issues. They reloaded my emails at one point and lost 8000 emails.

I decided to leave to a new service and they have botched the transfer, leaving me without email service, wasting hours of my time and now charging me (although it will be refunded) for a service that I previously had. I don’t know if I will be able to access the 4500 emails that were in my email account. This is my business, my lifeline!

NS just cancels and messes around with accounts willy nilly, without thought to the consequences. Out of a number of customer services calls only one person was competent. The others didn’t know what they were doing and insisted on helping me, thus wasting my time on the call and in further customer service calls to fix even more problems.

Run, don’t walk away from Network Solutions. I would be surprised if they are in business another year.

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Thomas Cranston avatar
Thomas Cranston
Mar 31, 2016

I needed technical support for an urgent issue and opened a support ticket. What I got 24 hrs. Later was a canned response that didn’t come close to addressing my inquiry.

And, we paid extra for Gold VIP support. Ha ha ha. It’s as if no one even read my inquiry.

Their website is the worst maze of navigation known to mankind. The "support" seems like it has steadily gotten worse over the last 5 years and now I can’t imagine it being less helpful. I’ve never heard anything bad about GoDaddy so when it’s time to renew hosting it makes sense to move to another host.

For sure. Thumbs down on NetSol!

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Mike Vitamvas avatar
Mike Vitamvas
Mar 26, 2014

I used to have all my accounts with Network Solutions but have been moving them because of unresolved problems. I only have my ecommerce platform there now and I would move it if it did not require so much work. Here is an example that caused me to write this review.

For the shopping cart you cannot put anything into it if you are using Windows 8 and internet explorer. I called about it a month ago and understood it was being fixed. One month later I find out that there is still an issue and it is suppose to be fixed in April.

Come on. Most people use Windows and their default browser. How many lost sales have there been across all their shopping carts because of this problem that they cannot fix?

Seems like it should be an immediate problem but one waiting for next months patch. If I was looking again, they would not be a solutions provider I would consider.

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Nick Simpson avatar
Nick Simpson
Nov 13, 2013

Oh dear why did I register my domain with Network Solutions!! The domain expiration was coming up as their timely reminders told me, But I could not log in. Repeated requests for password reset have still not come through 14 days later.

The domain expires, I being stupid think never mind Nominet give 60 day recovery period. So get through on phone (14 minutes on hold) Speak to someone in a call center Lord only knows where.
"Your domain has expired sir! He says " "How much is it then?" I say
$37 " Wow I say but have no choice.

He then says "That does not include the admin fee! So they add another $25 my bill is now $63.98 to renew a .com for one year! Godaddy is $12.99 and there are other about who are cheaper.

What a Rip Off Network Solutions! Still waiting for my password to be reset so I can transfer out. Customer service is not something they offer. Stay away from them!

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rohit agarwal avatar
rohit agarwal
May 28, 2014

Network Solutions Hosting really rocks.Pricing are simply good.Control panel is quite simple to use. you can easily create a good website using their auto script installer. Lots many scripts are available to create blog, forum,community and even e-commerce website.

i have monitored uptime using pingdom and it was 100%. Response time is also very good. overall best hosting in budget.

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Peter Beddows avatar
Peter Beddows
Feb 28, 2012

Early days so far, having just moved our long standing Web Hosting from XO Communications to Network Solutions, so it is really too early to comment on things like up time. However features is a big plus: One reason for leaving XO after 15 years with them, has been our need for MySQL v5. XO is still running v4 with no published planes for updating.

We needed v5 to be able to support the latest version of WordPress and gain access to all of the features of v5 for our back end data management. We also need to have BlackBerry BES and MS Exchange 2010. While XO recently did upgrade their Exchange and BES services, they also changed our billing by 100% without notice or option. All that aside, perhaps the biggest standout in making this change has been the incredibly supportive tech support we’ve received from Network Solutions so far: Really good and greatly appreciated; made making the change relatively painless and quick..

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Network Solutions Uptime

Network Solutions has a 99.99% uptime guarantee for Linux customers and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for Windows customers. Dig into the Terms of Service, however, and you’ll find that the company doesn’t provide any details about the guarantee, so it isn’t clear whether it compensates customers for downtime anyway.

There’s no information at all about its datacenter facilities on its website.

Network Solutions Support

All plans come with basic support. Network Solutions offers a toll-free US phone number, and an international phone number for support. There doesn’t appear to be a live chat facility or ticketing system on the website.

For an additional fee, customers can purchase Premium Support. This covers help with site migration, SSL setup, email address creation, and file transfers. There’s also a paid support option on the WordPress plan, aimed at novice users.

Network Solutions Control Panel

On the service pages, there’s no information at all about the control panel used on shared hosting accounts. Digging into the Support area, I discovered that customers are provided with a custom control panel.

Looking at the images provided, the control panel is very basic, providing access to domain tools, FTP, email, script installs, stats and a site builder. There are nowhere near as many features as cPanel or Plesk.

On VPS accounts, Plesk is provided and the cost is included in the monthly subscription fee.

Network Solutions Extras

Customers on WordPress, VPS and shared hosting plans get one free domain name. VPS customers receive Parallels Virtuozzo and a free domain name.

Network Solutions Money-Back Guarantee

Network Solutions provides no money-back guarantee.

Network Solutions Summary

In its heyday, Network Solutions was a pioneering company and a world-renowned brand. Over time, controversy and hacks have taken their toll. It now offers fairly standard website hosting services, although its website is well-designed and appealing.

The lack of a good control panel, email support, or any money-back guarantee, will limit the appeal of its hosting packages. But Network Solutions is an established brand with the backing of, a huge organization, so it does have that in its favor.

Most Popular Network Solutions Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Secure WordPress Web Hosting Professional
Disk Space 300GB 50GB 500GB
Bandwidth 3000GB 500GB 5000GB
Price $9.96 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$15 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$15.78 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit Network Solutions Visit Network Solutions Visit Network Solutions
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
VPS Essential
10GB 500GB $55 / mo Visit Host
VPS Professional
50GB 2000GB $95 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

Network Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Network Solutions’ support phone number?

    Network solutions has a selection of support numbers depending upon your needs. Here are the most important numbers:

    • 866-391-4357 (web hosting)
    • 866-693-4435 (websites)
    • 888-793-7657 (email)
    • 888-642-0209 (domain names)
    • 866-222-5711 (e-commerce)
    • 877-228-1023 (SSL certificates)
    • 800-333-7680 (general)
  • Where is Network Solutions located?

    Network Solutions is based out of Jacksonville, Florida and is a subsidiary of

  • Does Network Solutions offer domain registration?

    Domain name services are offered at this site, although prices are on the high side. However, the company does offer discounts on multi-year registrations.

  • Does Network Solutions offer VPS and dedicated servers?

    VPS plans are available, but Network Solutions does not sell dedicated servers.

  • Do they have any reseller hosting options?

    No. Network Solutions does not sell hosting specifically aimed at resellers. 

  • Would my Network Solutions hosting plan come with a free domain?

    A number of select plans are available that come with an included domain. Network Solutions refers to this as a ‘free nsWebAddress’.

  • Will the price for renewal go up after the intro price has expired?

    Yes. Most prices will go up upon renewal, since the initial period is priced at a promotional rate.

  • Do I get a money-back guarantee with Network Solutions?

    For hosting services only, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Does the company offer unlimited bandwidth and space for my site?

    All plans include unlimited bandwidth, except in extreme cases where users are consuming an excessive amount of bandwidth. Disk space varies according to the plan.

  • Does Network Solutions offer phone support?

    Yes. There’s a dedicated support team that are able to answer questions online or by phone, 24/7. For premium support, you will need to pay for the Mytime service.

  • Where are Network Solutions’ datacenters?

    Network Solutions does not provide any information about its datacenters.

  • How often will I be billed?

    Monthly hosting packages are billed every four weeks.

  • Will Network Solutions help me to transfer my website?

    An optional, paid migration service called Mytime is available.

  • Can I host more than one domain per account on their services?

    Most plans limit customers to a maximum of 100 domains per package.

  • Will I have access to site building software so I can build a website easily?

    It offers a website building tool called nsWebsite, with two different pricing tiers.

  • What kind of control panel will I get?

    Shared hosting accounts come with a proprietary control panel. On VPS accounts, customers get Plesk.

  • What is the uptime guarantee for shared hosting?

    Network Solutions offers a 99.99% uptime guaranteed for Linux hosting, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for Windows hosting. Both are backed by service credits for excess downtime. Downtime is measured across all servers, not individual accounts.

  • What payment options does Network Solutions accept?

    Payments can be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

  • What is its backup policy?

    Network Solutions does not take backups of customer accounts. You can set up your own backups in its control panel.

  • How many email addresses can I create?

    Email accounts and email storage space is tiered, depending on your plan.

  • Does it offer a CDN?

    Some plans do include a CDN, but there are few details available.

  • Are there any discounts for non-profits?

    Yes. Network Solutions has a special plan for non-profit and community organizations.

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