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What Is OVH?

OVH is a leading French-based hosting provider that provides a full range of web hosting and server hosting designed to fit a variety of clients from small website owners all the way to large businesses seeking the latest cloud infrastructure solutions for their business. OVH, though originally begun in France, currently offers services to businesses and individuals worldwide spanning multiple continents and is one of the largest hosting providers in the world.

History of OVH

OVH was originally founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba in Lille, France. In the following years, OVH began to grow and expand its services across France and the rest of Europe in 2006 when it opened its first subsidiaries in Poland, Spain and Senegal. 

Today, it is the largest hosting provider across all of Europe. Just a few years later, the company began to expand into Africa and eventually into the United States and Canada making it a worldwide player in the hosting server market. OVH plays host to as many as 18 million websites and current has almost 3 million domain names registered through their service.


OVH offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of website owners and businesses. Some of their most commonly used services are:

VPS Hosting – OVH offers several different VPS hosting plans that allow you to control your own little corner of the web. Using this server, you will have full control over your portion of the server and are free to use it any way you need without any interference from OVH.

Dedicated Servers – If you or your business needs a little more power or needs to host an Exchange server or various cloud services, OVH offers several different dedicated server options that are broken up by speed, size and bandwidth. This allows you to save money while choosing the exact type of server that meets the needs of your business.

Cloud – The cloud is here and more and more businesses are converting their local file servers and applications into cloud based services that can be accessed anywhere. If you want to do this, you need to find a service that can provide safe and reliable cloud services. OVH offers a variety of cloud based plans perfect for anyone looking to create their own cloud on the Internet. Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 13 Reviews by Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Arno Pakarinen avatar
Arno Pakarinen
Nov 30, 2018

Nice and cheap but I would not use this to any critical servers. We had our production servers here and they were offline 11h. We did not get any updates about situation and I noticed myself that they were back online after normal automated email from our server.

I would not recommend this to anyone who want to host any servers that are in production. For personal sites. Good value!

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Meena MURMU avatar
Nov 04, 2018

I am having the worst experience with OVH. I tried to migrate my site from SiteGround (had perfect services) to ovh because of this very cheap 3 Euros/month hosting offer but this was a terrible mistake. OVH is definitely the worst hosting that I used.

Because of their employers inefficiently, my site ( is offline. I have paid the bill, and have been writing emails after emails, have called several times but they respond to the emails neither to the emails. As a result, my site if offline, and I have lost my money.

Since OVH is not responding at all, I don’t know what wrong with my site and how to correct it. My advice to new or existing website owner, avoid this hosting at all costs.

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Cedes Familia avatar
Cedes Familia
Oct 03, 2018

LAN is not working for a week! Server is not reachable for a week! Support always responds in several days even in server down case, always says "We truly apologize for the excessive delay of our answer. We are receiving
more tickets and calls than usual and this situation prevents us from replying

They should add this message in email signature!

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Dmitriy Ovhater avatar
Dmitriy Ovhater
Aug 01, 2018

Main dissapointing thing is support. They do what they want, when they want. If they want, they close support ticket with formal answer or even without it, just many days have passed what to do, need to close.

Billing not working, not a problem. Can’t return dedicated server because of http error 403 in confirmation page – ok, then pay forever, no answer in support as usual for many days. Created the ticker with question – how much time do you need for answering one ticket?

Four days ago they decided to answer so difficult question with the usual beginning ‘sorry so much tickets..’ Maybe try to hire some more people to support?! Or what do they think at least, it will be allowed to close or delay everything in their business?

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Anis ARAB avatar
Jun 14, 2018

I have used OVH twice to host my sites. The first time was for a student project, the second was for a business that I launched. Both times I used the basic offers and also ordered the domain names through their service.

In both cases, I found the service to be professional, adequate and working perfectly. I never really experienced a problem using their services. If I had to indicate a downside concerning this service, it is the interface of the dashboard, even if it does the job and is quite complete, I found it quite austere and had an old UI/design.

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Tony Ricardo avatar
Tony Ricardo
Feb 28, 2018

i was looking for a good prices and good service, my friend already told me about the ovh and i come to check so, im happy for now, good services, good prices , i’ve SP-32 dedicated Server and my very satisfied. i see just bad reviews about ovh but they are just bad experiencies. u guys can for sure go on with ovh !

The only thing that i miss sometimes is support, when i ask something they only send ‘tutorials links’ ok but sometimes the awsner are not in the tutorials so i need more ‘deep’ support. but its ok ! Thanks!

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Vincent Poirier avatar
Vincent Poirier
Oct 18, 2016

We’ve been a client of OVH for many years and we’ve never had solid support. Everytime we ask a question, we’re always replied to with a vague link to some documentation or worse; that they can’t help with the problem even though it’s obviously about the hosting itself. You get what you pay for…

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Vaggelis Alibertis avatar
Vaggelis Alibertis
Jun 01, 2016

OVH offers a great Manager panel in order to manage your VPS and/or dedicated servers. The main problem is the downtimes. These are disasters.

Some downtimes are caused from unserious reasons. But the main problem is their response. I am using OVH for 2 months, I have faced 3 downtimes and their response is average 4 hours.

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Byron D avatar
Byron D
Jun 16, 2017

OVH are probably one of the best hosting providers in the world. Their admin interface is something to behold and offers configuration of pretty much everything you could ever ask for. Their up times are solid when you factor in things such as them getting hit with one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded and their upload download speeds are sky high, plus, for the quality of the service being offered the price is phenomenal.

There is of course one caveat to this. If you are a newby who doesn’t understand networking infrastructure or the client server modal and the software running these machines etc then you should not use them. They expect you to be an expert before you use their services.

If you call them up and ask how you can correctly configure your WHM install then you will be, quite rightly, laughed off the phone instead of hand-held through the process. Personally, as a professional that is exactly how I like things to be. I do not enjoy having to call up hosts because I do not have sudo on my virtual machine, I don’t like hosts configuring my boxes for me and I do not like hosts that rollout forced updates etc.

My whole job is to make sure that our servers are singing sweetly together, this is what I do, and it works really well with OVH. If you are just getting started or you are in over you head then go to GoDaddy.

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Rob van den Bosch avatar
Rob van den Bosch
Nov 22, 2016

Works very good and reliable. If you know how it works this is according me the best deal you can get. If you need support (and you can’t find it on the internet) than go to another provider.

A lot of info is in French and feedback upon support requests is slow. For me it is a perfect provider (also the solution for diskcapacity via – also OHV – works perfect and fast)

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Network Infrastructures and Datacenters

At the time of this writing, OVH currently supports a total of 15 data centers located around the world including data centers in Paris, Toronto, New York and more. OVH supports and maintains their own data centers, instead of leasing equipment from other companies as many providers. The company also provides some of the fastest available speeds in the business giving their customers a minimum of 1 Gbps all the way up to 40 Gbps for the larger customers who require more bandwidth.

Customer Support and Service

OVH provides customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but their solutions are not designed for IT newbies. Most of their solutions provide you the framework to do what you want but you will have to configure those options for yourself. While you can get the help you need if something doesn’t work as intended, you may find yourself having to wait. OVH believes you are the expert and gives you the freedom to run your server how you want without interference from them.

Security and Uptime

Like many providers, OVH boasts an uptime of above 99% and delivers on that promise. This figure, of course, doesn’t include any maintenance that must be performed on the server to ensure its continued security and viability moving forward.

OVH offers some of the best security options in the business as well. As you can probably imagine, if you are hosting an Exchange email server or a cloud based file server for your company, you want to make sure your sensitive data is protected. OVH runs hardware based firewalls to shield your server from attack. OVH also employs DDoS security to discourage and prevent denial of service attacks on your server.

Billing Policies and Procedures

OVH offers competitive prices on all their many different server options and most are billed on a monthly basis. Some of their larger packages including dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions also have setup fees associated with it. 

Unlike other companies, OVH does not offer any refunds on their servers meaning if you aren’t happy, you will be out the money including any setup fees. However, OVH does offer an interesting payment extension policy that will allow you to delay billing for up to 5 days if you need a little extra time to pay your bill. This isn’t free time, however, and you will be charged for the additional 5 days when you are billed.


Despite a somewhat rough history with their service, OVH offers a wide variety of features and services designed for a wide range of customers both small and large. Their systems are setup to expand easily so you can easily add services when necessary as your needs or the needs of your business expand. If you are in search of a one-stop solution to host all your needs including cloud solutions, email and web hosting, OVH is a company you should consider.

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