PacificHost Review: Been in Business for Almost 20 Years, Right for You?

PacificHost Introduction

Since the company opened its doors for business back in 1999, PacificHost has been striving to provide its customers the “best-quality, most fully-featured” hosting plans at low prices. Customers selecting PacificHost can expect an “excellent hosting experience” from an award-winning host that will allow them to “harness the power of the internet.”

Services and Specializations

PacificHost offers its customers a wide variety of hosting plans to choose from so they can take advantage of what the world wide web has to offer. These include shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server plans. Through its hosting plans, the company not only targets individuals, they also have services suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

Customers needing to set up a basic website without much traffic should start with PacificHost’s shared hosting plans. Most of the company’s shared hosting plans feature unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains. Customers selecting the shared plans will also have access to an SSL certificate at no additional charge. Moreover, the company offers many other features including spam protection, cPanel, email, and ability to install popular scripts such as WordPress. Customers also have the option to improve their site’s speed and security through CloudFare CDN.

Besides shared hosting plans, customers have the option of selecting reseller plans which offer very similar features including unlimited bandwidth and domains. The reseller plans are mainly geared towards customers who either want to host multiple client websites and bill them separately or start their own hosting company. The company’s reseller plans are a white label solution which allows overselling.

Customers who need all the features of a shared plan plus additional features, resources, and control should select VPS plans from PacificHost. Not only will these plans give customers the control they need through full root access, they will also give focused resources including varying amounts of CPU cores, RAM, and disk space. This allows customers to build powerful websites that can handle much more traffic. The plans are also fully managed by PacificHost and include security features such as firewalls, virus protection, and DDoS protection. Customers who need even more resources should select from PacificHost’s dedicated server plans which offer much more bandwidth, disk space, and processing speed.

PacificHost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 10 Reviews by PacificHost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Dan O'Callaghan avatar
Dan O'Callaghan
Jan 17, 2013

I own several web design agencies and host over 1400 websites on 30 plus hosts around the globe, and have always favoured cpanel. At first glance I was impressed by their website and promises of uptime and superior customer service. How wrong could I have been, I moved 11 websites from my HostGator plan (same price and features) and as always tracked their uptime with uptime robot and webmaster tools (Google) over 5 months I had over 150 messages from Webmaster tools stating the Bot could not access my sites, a further 214 message from uptime robot telling me my sites were down (and sometimes not all at the same time??).

with a uptime score of 73%

There customer service is non existent, each time telling me to upgrade to a bigger more expensive package. You just have to look round the web on other review sites to realise what a bunch of cowboys this company really is. The final straw for me came when 10 of my sites had their Mysql databases deleted over night, and when I asked them to roll them back was informed that they did not have back ups (unlike every other host I have ever used).

also it took them 3 days to tell me this, after submitting 4 tickets. I have all the evidence from uptime robot and Google, and their Mickey Mouse Support system copied and will be documenting my whole nightmare on my blog, as well as launching a legal battle against them for false advertising and in my opinion fraud. I just hope this review (along with the 100 or so I have/am writing about them all over the web) will save other people from suffering as we did and the hands of these morons

Daniel O’Callaghan

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Bruno Sappadina avatar
Bruno Sappadina
Jan 16, 2012

It all looked good at first, even though the offered 7 day trial was no longer honored as advertised, I signed up and quickly realized that my site was loading a lot faster than at godaddy’s. Unfortunately, the honeymoon quickly turned into a nightmare. There was a 4-5 week offline disaster, a server they said failed and after many excruciating days waiting for news, updates and a final back up of all sites, all account were moved to another server.

But the new one was extremely slow. I asked for a transfer and that took another 2 weeks to accommodate. Now, another major screw up, my DNS records have been changed, by who, nobody tells, sure wasn’t me.

The result is complete failure of all sites of mine to load, can’t access emails, cpanel. I’m a bit upset with the service and also the support. Most of the time, the tech on the chat does not spell nor use grammar properly to the point that some sentences just don’t even make any sense.

They give you the run around first and only after insisting a lot do they look at other possible problems. First, it’s got to be your network, your proxy, finally is a problem from their end. Extremely frustrating dealing with these people!

hard to get resolve. Expect to wait on the chat for several minutes 15-20 min sometimes to get another word from them. If you just wait the chat will close itself.

Just awful! I’ll save you from the name calling list I went through every time I had to deal with them, and I have a list, enormous list of transcribed chat to prove my point. Never have I had to chat and email so much, Godaddy was too slow and kept getting malicious script injection no matter what I did, but never had my site offline nor do I have a list of emails to them like I do with Pacifichost. Discontent customer only 6 months and nothing but problems!

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Paul Caza avatar
Paul Caza
Jun 04, 2013

I am very surprised after reading these reviews but then again I became a customer in February of 2013 and they had just bought a new Operations Manager on, I think his name was John something or other. I have 3 VPS accounts and a dedicated server. Average uptime between them is 99.94%.

I have only used support 5 times and each time I have had my issue resolved in a few hours. It’s sad to see how the other guy was treated in his review but that sure isn’t the case now. All I can say is if you haven’t tried these guys, try them and if you have and have left, try again.

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Betty R. Cowles avatar
Betty R. Cowles
Dec 06, 2011

I’ve been using PacificHost for a while now, 1 year and I would never use anyone else. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine owns his own hosting site and said I could use his for free, but I declined and stayed with PacificHost! Their support is amazing, friendly, and never make you feel "stupid" like some others.

Even their tech support guys who are so brilliant and solves issues in a matter or time. Also the live chat and phone support are great. I have no complaints at all.

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Andreas S. Larsen avatar
Andreas S. Larsen
Jun 06, 2013

I have been using for over a month now with a shared hosting account. It gives good service at an affordable price, with multiple ways to pay, even Paypal, monthly too, and they don’t rip you off. Your in control of your service.

I am not a technical-minded person and they have walked me through everything I’ve needed to make my hosting experience with them a great experience. The sales and Technical are purely professional and timely. Thank them for being there.

I hope they will continue this way. The speeds I am experiencing are awesome! I got everything I need, set up correctly!

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Aline Fernandes Cunha  avatar
Aline Fernandes Cunha
May 22, 2013

Hey guys,

I signed up with pacifichost over 3 months ago. In my first week it wasn’t that great as my website was down for an hour but it apparently was due to the nic card needing to be replaced. With that aside, the support is always there, which is an issue I had at my last host.

Everytime I go on their website, and I’ve spammed their chats almost so they probably don’t like me very much lol. Everytime I start a chat though they answer within like a minute so I appreciate always having somebody I can talk to on the site. Sometimes though they would ask me to submit a ticket, but that was for a whmcs install and a nameserver issue – but they replied like an hour later and set it all up. I can’t say they have the fastest network, or the best nic cards but gawd darnit they have the best support.

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Matt S. avatar
Matt S.
Mar 15, 2013

Oh, where to begin… I signed up for one year of web hosting, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. I received a notice a few months in indicating I had 72 hours to delete files, or my hosting would be suspended.

I contacted customer service to figure out what was going on, and was told that the issue was that they did not adequately prepare for that much data on a shared platform. I figured that’s only fair, I wasn’t paying for long term storage, just web hosting. I deleted 80% of what I had uploaded just to be told a month later that I had 24 hours to delete files!

This time I was told that large files were the issue, and that the quantity didn’t matter! I had a 9 hour outage, and it was only corrected because I waited 45 minutes for a representative to help (which took an additional hour and a half)

The final straw was then the Automatic billing was done incorrectly. They attempted to charge me $200 for data overages.

On an unlimited plan. Save your money, and your patience for another host.

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Henry Sellers avatar
Henry Sellers
Oct 06, 2010

At first I was skeptical but I quickly realized that pacific host has the best features built in for a shared host, by far. They have ffmpeg and encoders and everything! The upload speeds are incredible through their file manager and they have tons of software in fantastico deluxe that you can install with just one click.

Aside from all of that I have to say pacific host’s support is simply ridiculous! I’ve sent support tickets at 4:00 am and gotten a response in around 30 minutes. During normal hours they respond in less than 30 minutes usually.

James is a really nice guy and has helped me through a lot of problems with scripts that I’ve tried to load and such. All in all, I’d recommend these guys to anyone looking for a solid hosting solution.

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peter  janson avatar
peter janson
Sep 15, 2015

This company hostings are terrible, always down I don’t recommend and all to any business, because services too bad It’s not worth at all, If you want to buy excellent hosting or server with lower cost and high performance service here is much more better

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Daniel O'Callaghan avatar
Daniel O'Callaghan
Jan 29, 2013

Further to my last review of Pacifichost we have moved all our websites to 123-reg hosting with exactly the same package features and also using cpanel. Our websites are now all loading immediately (with Pacifichost they would take between 5 seconds and 20 seconds to load and 50% of the time they would not load at all)

I have also spent 6 days re-building the 10 sites that using Os-class that had there databases deleted and whilst in conversation with 123-reg support realised without question what happened at pacific host. Basically a member of their technical team had rebuilt the Apache server and switched of the GD library plugin which was essential to the Os-classes ability to function, and in-turn ruined 6 months worth of hard development work, Search engine optimisation and customer engagement, as all sites had page one listing in very competitive niches, and as a direct result of poor load times, DNS errors and awful technical management all of the sites have now dropped from top 5 rankings to below page 10 rankings.

Although since moving the sites are gaining momentum again and heading up again. Even when I confronted Pacific host support with my finding and a link to this review, and why I was leaving them, they have not responded in any way shape or form. All I can say is Do not ever host your websites with them, and when I read positive reviews about them, I can only assume that their marketing team have written them in order to make honest like the mine and the hundreds around the web who have experienced similar issues to me look unfounded.

One issue that rings true for me with every hosting company I still use (Pacific Host is not the only host I have had issues with in the Past) is UK or US based support, or your country of residence. If a host’s support is farmed overseas, you will have a very tough time a 5 min conversation will turn in to and hour long marathon of phonetics and you will end up smashing you head against the phone, as I did with Pacifichost on several occasions, when each time they gave me a scripted response, and lie then a request to upgrade my package to a more expensive one. Although saying this I was paying for their top shared hosting package with unlimited space and bandwidth????

so upgrading would have been pointless

Anyway I wish you all luck in finding a reliable and honest host, and remember always read the review on great sites like this and try your best to read between the lines and the glowing reviews are sometimes written by these companies to hide the honest reviews, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is!! Daniel O’Callaghan
CEO/Seo Director

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Infrastructure and Uptime

PacificHost’s infrastructure consists of datacenters in various cities throughout the United States. The datacenters use top networking equipment from major vendors like Juniper and Cisco. They also have high speed connections, multiple communications providers, and Tier III connections. Overall, the company’s robust architecture enables it to have 99.9% uptime for all its plans.

Support and Customer Service

As a hosting provider dedicated to its customers, PacificHost provides a number of support options including email, live chat, support tickets, and phone. Customers should note that phone support is only available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3:30 pm PST.


PacificHost allows customers to pay for plans in many ways including PayPal and major credit cards. The company is also flexible in the fact that it allows monthly, annual, and semi-annual payment terms. Of course, the more the customer is willing to pay upfront, the less the cost.


Since its inception back in 1999, PacificHost has been offering its customers, individuals and businesses alike, various hosting plans including shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. The plans have many features and include a robust infrastructure resulting in fast and reliable services. Customers looking for a quality, award-winning host will find much to like about PacificHost.

Most Popular PacificHost Hosting Plans

Basic Advanced Ultra
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.99 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$8.99 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$12.99 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit PacificHost Visit PacificHost Visit PacificHost
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Economy Reseller Hosting
25GB Unlimited $13.99 / mo Visit Host
Signature Reseller Hosting
50GB Unlimited $19.99 / mo Visit Host
Premium Business Web Hosting
20GB 200GB $22.95 / mo Visit Host
Startup VPS
50GB Unlimited $33.99 / mo Visit Host
Advantage Reseller Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $36.99 / mo Visit Host
Advantage Business Web Hosting
40GB 400GB $42.95 / mo Visit Host
Enterprise Business Web Hosting
60GB 600GB $62.95 / mo Visit Host
Developer VPS
80GB Unlimited $63.99 / mo Visit Host
Executive VPS
120GB Unlimited $83.99 / mo Visit Host
Pinnacle VPS
160GB Unlimited $113.99 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

PacificHost Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main hosting plans from PacificHost?

    PacificHost offers a wide variety of hosting services that are mostly Linux based including shared, VPS, and dedicated server plans.

    The plans are unique since many of them have unlimited features including disk space and bandwidth.

  • Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

    There are no hidden fees as all the pricing information is clearly mentioned. Beware that selecting additional options for the hosting plans will result in extra fees.

  • What are PacificHost’s payment terms like?

    Depending on the hosting plan selected, customers can expect payment terms ranging from monthly to triennial plans.

    Multiple payment methods are accepted by the company including PayPal and major credit cards such as Discover and American Express.

  • Does PacificHost offer separate domain registration services?

    Yes, you are able to register multiple domains without ordering hosting.

    However, if you wish to order hosting, you will get a free domain if you sign up for a one year contract for plans other than the entry-level basic plan.

    With domain registration, customers also have the option to add whois privacy.

  • Can I host multiple websites on a single plan with PacificHost?

    Yes, it is possible to create multiple websites and host them on a single plan since the plans support multiple domains (unlimited in most cases) and feature several gigabytes of disk space.

  • Is a money back-guarantee available from PacificHost?

    The company offers a no questions asked 45-day money-back guarantee. The refund includes all plan charges excluding additional fees charged for domain registration and setup.

  • How is PacificHost’s customer service?

    Customers can get the help they need with their hosting plans through phone, live chat, and support tickets.

    The company offers both a toll free line for the US and Canada as well as an international support number. Customers can also take a look at the company’s knowledgebase which is full of articles.

    Service for live chat and support tickets are available 24/7 but the phone lines are only available from 7 am to 3 pm during the weekdays.

    Currently, customer service is only available in English.

  • Can I get help transferring domains and website content from my old host?

    Yes, PacificHost offers free migration assistance to move files and databases from an old host. However, certain restrictions will apply.

    For example, PacificHost won’t transfer more than 2 gigabytes of data and 5 SQL databases for shared plans. They also won’t support email migration, Windows hosting transfers, or ASP transfers.

  • Where are PacificHost’s datacenters?

    Headquartered in Orange, California, PacificHost has multiple datacenters throughout the US including locations in California, Nevada, and Colorado.

    The datacenters have many features including 24/7 monitoring and redundant power supplies along with high-speed connections from multiple communications providers.

  • What is PacificHost’s uptime guarantee?

    PacificHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its hosting plans. Though it promises quick response times, it does not mention any credits or refunds for customers experiencing downtime.

  • Is a CDN available through PacificHost?

    Yes, customers can enable CloudFare’s CDN.

  • What control panel does PacificHost use?

    PacificHost uses industry standard control panels for configuration and setup. They include cPanel for shared hosting and cPanel and WHM for VPS and dedicated server plans.

  • Does PacificHost offer backups?

    Yes, PacificHost makes free daily backups for its shared and business hosting plans. The company, however, does not mention if the customer has to make a request to access backups or if it is readily available through the cPanel.

  • What programming languages does PacificHost support?

    PacificHost supports a wide range of programming and scripting languages including PHP, Perl, CGI, Ruby on Rails, and Python. With this extensive selection, developers can create great websites in the language of their choice.

  • Does PacificHost have the tools necessary for beginners to setup websites?

    Customers have a number of tools at their disposal to easily set-up websites.

    They include single click installations of popular platforms such as WordPress, phpBB, and Joomla! through Softaculous. In addition, customers can use the GoMobi Website Builder to create websites suited for mobile devices.

    Also, customers who are not comfortable installing scripts can even get PacificHost staff to perform the installation at no extra charge.

  • Are additional security features present for PacificHost’s hosting services?

    PacificHost offers a number of security features through its ProGuard setup which include firewalls, DDoS protection, antivirus software, spam protection, and intrusion prevention.

    The company also regularly performs security audits and updates.

  • Am I able to setup an ecommerce site with PacificHost?

    Yes, it is possible for you to setup an online store with PacificHost since SSL certificates are supported and popular shopping cart platforms such as OpenCart are available for installation and configuration.

  • What email features are available on PacificHost?

    Many of PacificHost’s plans offer an unlimited number of POP3 email accounts that include features such as spam protection, email forwarding, aliases, and webmail interfaces.

  • Do PacificHost’s hosting plans support websites with a lot of images?

    Yes, you should have no problem hosting web pages that are image intensive since many plans have unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  • Does PacificHost have the ability to let me stream videos on my website?

    Yes, all of PacificHost’s hosting plans feature support for FFMPEG and Red5 which allows you to stream videos. For better response times and user experience, you may want to consider VPS and dedicated server plans.

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