PowWeb In 2019: What Do PowWeb Client Reviews Say?

PowWeb Introduction

PowWeb was founded in 1999, but like many similar companies, it has now been acquired by the Endurance International Group – the same company that run iPage, iPower and many other shared web hosting companies. According to the PowWeb Migration website, the acquisition appears to have taken place in early 2006.

Currently the company offers one shared hosting plan and appears to be US-based. Much of the site is very similar in look and feel to other EIG-owned hosting company sites, with small businesses and individuals being their primary target market. Pricing is competitive, with a couple of caveats.

PowWeb Hosting Plans

The only web hosting plan PowWeb offers is a simple unlimited shared hosting plan on the company’s Linux server farm. According to old company help documentation, they once used RedHat, but it’s not clear if this is still the case.

The plan includes a free domain name with the ability to host unlimited domains, plus support for MySQL, PHP, SSL, CGI and more features. All are fairly standard at this price point.

No advanced products, such as VPS or dedicated hosting, appear to be offered via the PowWeb site. The company does provide hosted Exchange email and some other bolt-on tools which I’ll run through in the Extras section.

PowWeb Uptime/Downtime

PowWeb don’t mention any uptime guarantees, which is fairly typical for hosts owned by this group. There’s no data about their uptime history on the site either.

According to the ageing migration website, the company’s data centre is located in Waltham, MA in the US. That may not be the case now, though. Other than that, there’s not a lot of information to go on. The site states that PowWeb use Tier 1 backbones and clustered RAID technology together with Dell servers.

PowWeb Support

The PowWeb forums are used to communicate announcements and provide user-to-user support. These forums are active, but staff announcements are rare, with the most recent pinned post dating from 2006. Staff appear to post every three to four months in the announcements section.

The support portal is identical to many other Endurance International Group web hosting companies’ support pages. Fairly good documentation is provided for users to help themselves, and this is presented with a link through to the support ticket system and a 24/7 live chat tool. Just like their sibling host, iPower, PowWeb offers a US toll-free support number; this number is the same regardless of the country you choose from the site drop-down list, and there’s no international alternative given.

PowWeb in the News

Other than anecdotal blog posts and forum discussions, there’s no big news in the archives that relates to PowWeb. The service appears to be free of any major billing or availability scandals.

PowWeb Control Panel

There’s no mention of Cpanel or Plesk on the PowWeb website. It appears that the company offers a custom control panel, vDeck. Again, this is a common feature offered by its sibling companies. Although vDeck is capable enough, it’s not as user-friendly or attractive as some other solutions.

PowWeb Extras

New PoweWeb users receive a free domain name, plus Google, Yahoo!/Bing and Facebook advertising credits. The company offers a generous referral programme for clients. For less experienced website owners, PowWeb also offers an easy-to-use site builder tool to get a website up and running as quickly as possible.

In terms of free applications, PowWeb offer around 25 scripts which can be installed from the user control panel. These scripts include Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, osCommerce and various guestbook, chat and gallery tools.

PowWeb Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

PowWeb’s money back guarantee is limited to 30 days. If you cancel outside of this initial 30-day term, you’ll be hit with a cancellation fee of at least $35, and you’ll also need to give a month’s notice to end your agreement. Note that the 30-day guarantee only applies to customers who pay via credit card.

PowWeb Summary

PowWeb are a fairly standard web host with one fairly standard package, and many of the features and terms are interchangeable with other hosting companies owned by EIG. The lack of an international contact number is a negative, but the one thing PowWeb have in their favour is the amount of information left over from before the migration when the company was taken over. Some of this is out of date, but there’s still quite a lot of documentation to be found if you dig deep enough. Whether it’s still relevant or not is another matter. Note when signing up that the price they advertise only applies for the initial contract term. If you want to lock in the saving, you’ll need to commit to a two-year contract.

PowWeb Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 19 Reviews by PowWeb Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

L.G Baines avatar
L.G Baines smallbiztoolbag.com
Mar 16, 2013

I don’t know what those othe folks have experienced but I’ve had only one problem with my support service between 2003 and 2013. In fact, if I think about my support questions before I "call" (I mostly use their Chat support,) my problems are usually taken care of on the first call. They’re good about bumping things up to higher levels and the responses are handled quickly.

They’re Never down the hosting is Unlimited everything and the rates are good. I’ve got no beefs at all with these people. I have four sites of my own and manage 8 sites for clients.

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Dan Brennan avatar
Dan Brennan laplataumc.org
Jun 01, 2015

I have been a PowWeb customer for over 5 years. I currently have 5 sites hosted by this company. Let’s start with the basics of why I think they are among the best hosting services out there.


Virtually no down time. I cannot recall an instance of downtime with any of the sites they host for me in the 5 years I have been a customer.
2. Their Chat support feature is outstanding.

I do not understand the reviews that suggest their support is substandard. Wait time for a chat support person is normally very brief, and I have found their reps to be knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and in virtually all instances able to resolve my problem. Where they could not, a support ticket was created and the response time, again, was quick and efficient.

Their email support and features are on a par with almost anyone else, and have been more than sufficient for my needs.
4. Their community forums are full of valuable information, and they offer many "tutorials" to help with setup and design.
4. Price – they are consistently among the best value in hosting.

Currently, a new site can be had for up to 3 years at about $3.33 a month. I did notice that some of the reviews critical of PowWeb were several years old. Their current operations are worthy of serious consideration if you are looking for a hosting provider.

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Ed Wilkes avatar
Ed Wilkes gearsetmedia.com
Oct 02, 2018

I’ve had all of my own websites (8 or 9 over the years, 5 currently) and many of my client sites (currently 16) hosted with PowWeb for over 10 years and while I once thought they were great, I have witnessed their decline over the years to the point that I am now moving my own sites and recommending to my clients that they do the same.

Support is a joke. I’ve used their (now disabled) ticket system, phone support, and Live Chat support. The agents are obviously using call trees and are following scripts which, with someone who knows what they’re doing, would be ok but I can’t seem to get anyone who knows what they’re doing.

I get answers completely unrelated to the questions I have asked and will often get a different answer to the same question not only between different agents but many times with the same agent in the same support session. They used to let you view and update your own support ticket so you could check status but that system is now disabled and they tell you they will email you with a resolution to your case. I have had over a dozen support tickets and not a single one resulted in my getting an email letting me know disposition.

I’ve had to follow up with them every single time, each time with them telling me that they’d email me.

Their initial pricing is low. Which, I imagine, is what draws most people to them in the first place. I know that’s why I originally chose them.

They nearly triple their costs after your initial period is up. They’ll also change costs without any notice or even mention of it on their website. My most recent problem was with SSL certificates.

In one place on their website the certificate is listed at $31.99, another page lists it at $35.99. The only page they have that shows the renewal rate shows it as $35.99 but when the certificate renewed earlier this month…it was $59.99. When I asked them about it they said simply "we raised the prices" and admitted that it wasn’t posted anywhere.

So now I’m paying almost double what their site says I will but they offer no apology, clarification, or explanation when I ask why there’s no mention of it anywhere and why their website clearly shows a renewal price of $35.99. That particular ticket, even though it’s basically just a question, has been open for 4 days with no activity.

The sites themselves go down fairly infrequently and not for very long when they do. The longest I’ve ever had a site down in over a decade is a day.

I have, however, had (and continue to have) numerous and relatively frequent problems with email. Sometimes emails just won’t send. Sometimes we won’t receive.

This has happened across all of my clients sites as well as my own. They can never offer an explanation and it usually takes a couple of days to resolve the issue while never really explaining what happened. These issues are definitely a deal-killer with me.

I’ve had multiple instances of numerous clients upset that their businesses can neither send or receive emails for days at a time.

I think PowWeb would be just fine for someone hosting a low-traffic personal site or, perhaps, even a blog (depending on traffic) but I definitely would not recommend that you host your business website with them. The uptime issues aren’t what would kill it for me per se,nor the lack of support, but the email issues alone are enough for me to recommend other options to my clients. I am in the process of finding another hosting company and will be moving my sites and, based on client feedback, their sites as well as soon as possible.

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Gunnar Andreassen avatar
Gunnar Andreassen fontdaddy.com
Nov 15, 2015

PowWeb is a hosting provider nightmare. Seriously. I have had lots of websites for many years on numerous hosting providers, all have been ok.

Except PowWeb.com. Lots of downtime, slow servers, bad service and worst of all: PowWeb have even destroyed basic functions on my site. Twice!

It is now week 2 and PowWeb still come up with lame excuses. My site use a popular script that is in use on thousands of other sites and hosts. All are working.

But not on PowWeb. How do you explain that? And the customer service is horrible with PowWeb.

Absolutely awful. This is all actually quite remarkable. After becoming a customer i googled PowWeb.

And guess what – tons of bad reviews on ALL hosting reviews websites. Unbelivable! If you even consider using PowWeb after reading this you should get your head examined. Seriously.

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Karla Johnson avatar
Karla Johnson funwithfarawaykids.com
May 19, 2015

I have had my website hosted on Powweb for years. And I have gradually been less and less pleased with their service. Not enough to move my site until recently. (I knew it would be a pain it is to move domain and entire WordPress site.)

They offer very inexpensive hosting plans and then increase the fees after your term expires.

Costs a lot more to renew than to initially sign up with them. So when I received the email that my account was up for renewal I decided this was the year to make the move. I knew it was going to take time to move my domain – apparently didn’t give myself enough time.

The transfer finally went through to my new hosting company the day before my account was due to renew. I spend the necessary hours moving the databases and backing up all the files. Spent 45 min on hold to try to get through on the support line at about 10:30pm and gave up.

Called the next day, dreading that I might have lost my refund by being a day late and the woman on the phone was super nice, said no problem, i’d get my refund. Whew! Thank goodness.

Then got an email support ticket the next day saying "so sorry, no refund. You were a day late. Haha!

We are keeping your money, sucker."

Ok, so those weren’t the exact words. But what jerks! And the customer support rep on the phone had absolutely said yes, I would receive a refund.

Note that on the features list on this website they advertise a "money back guarantee". Maybe this review will help get me my money back since I just paid them $140 for a years worth of nothing. So why did I want to leave PowWeb anyway?

The main reason – mysterious email outages. Not often but often enough. I’d say 2-3 times/year.

Will go to my inbox and no messages for the past 6 hours. Or all of a sudden I can’t send out any emails – server isn’t working and nothing is getting through. Usually I go to bed and it’s working again in the morning.

Once it was long enough that I had to use my Hotmail account as a backup. Go to the PowWeb website – no messages about an outage or hack or anything. No emails or heads up that something is down or they are having problems.

I’m a freelance graphic designer and this is a problem when I’m on a deadline and sending files to clients or getting feedback from clients. Not very gratifying to have to explain to them why I’m sending them emails from my personal hotmail account. Another reason – not sure this one is their fault and not something I did or a plugin problem – is slow page loading for my website.

I use wordpress and at one point the website was taking bloody forever to load. Tried to show a friend the site on a phone and was astonished to see how long it took to load. Wasn’t using huge graphics or videos or anything like that.

A simple wordpress site using one of the basic wordpress templates. Due to my negative view of PowWeb, I suspect it was their fault! Paranoia or not?

You decide. So my recommendation would be to steer clear of PowWeb. There have got to be tons of better web hosting options out there.

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Ed Nichols avatar
Ed Nichols edandesigns.com
Dec 10, 2014

I have used powweb for a few years now. When things are good they are good, but when you need to work with their support they are horrible. Their technicians don’t know what they are doing and simply read from scripts.

They are not intelligent about running their business. Don’t waste your time or money with Powweb, there are far better solutions out there deserving of your time and money.

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Dave Munro avatar
Dave Munro my-online-log.com
Jul 26, 2015

I’ve been a Powweb customer for 8 years, they currently host 17 of my domains. I can honestly say that until March this year I would’t have hesitated to tell friends and colleagues how good they were. But some things have changed, the one click install only works some of the time and the support is now some of the worst I have experienced in 30 years in the IT industry.

The average response time to a support query has gone from less than an hour to more than four hours, the support staff are not anything like as good as they were. As someone who supports customers by producing reports and evaluating software, being unable to have functional installation is a massive problem. I must say that it is with some regret that I have decided to move from Powweb, my last support ticket has been open for almost 100 hours and it is still nowhere near being resolved. What do they do right, well our websites have pretty well 100% uptime, they are good value for money – but others seem to be just as good value.

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salam zaban avatar
salam zaban salamzaban.com
Apr 13, 2016

I think I am using the Powweb from 2009 and it is the best host that I could find. The support is profesional and I love it and I have now more than 75000 query each hour and I have more than 43 websites on it and I am very happy with the Powweb and its team. Powweb, I love u.

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Jie Liu avatar
Jie Liu kokocipher.com
Aug 03, 2010

PowWeb is also known as 5dothosting. I have been with them for almost 2 years and I’m going to move out my website at the end of the term (2 years). I purchased 2 years of hosting because it was really cheap.

Yahoo and other companies were all at least $8/mon. while PowWeb/5dot hosting offered for only $4/mon. So in terms of Value, it’s a 10/10.

Don’t ever forget the ancient proverb, "you get what you paid for," because with half of the price, you get half of the service. Server response is twice as slow comparing to competitors, up time is not even close to 99%. There had been several times where the server was down for good.

Customer service is also not so great, but it’s not too terrible. They at the least do the minimal of creating a ticket for specialists. Most of the time, however, I had to do my own research and fix the problems myself.

If you’re looking for reliable hosting service? PowWeb is a big no no. But if you’re just looking for a cheap host with unlimited storage, then go for it. But be warned, you get what you paid for!

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Harlan Stockman avatar
Harlan Stockman hwstock.org
Jul 10, 2014

I’ve used their hosting for 10 years for a very simple web site. Increasingly, the website goes dark for days on end. Responses are nearly non-existent.

Usually, it turns out that they have wiped out my contract data, and don’t apologize; they seem to feel that I should constantly check to see if they have reset my status from automatic renew, to something else. Once this was a caring company; now they just don’t care. I was on a backpacking trip for 7 days, and had put information for other people on my website.

I came home to find the site had gone dark for several days, with people frantically emailing me for info. Powweb has become massively unreliable, and arrogantly unapologetic for screw-ups they originate, but happily blame on others.

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PowWeb Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does PowWeb provide Windows hosting?

    No. PowWeb specializes in Linux shared hosting.

  • Does PowWeb have a parent company?

    Yes. PowWeb is one of the brands owned by the Endurance International Group.

  • Will the price go up when it’s time to renew?

    Yes. The company offers an introductory price that will be higher when it’s time to renew.

  • Can I get VPS services at PowWeb?

    No. The company only sells shared hosting.

  • Where are its datacenters located?

    PowWeb has not officially announced the location of its datacenter(s).

  • Does PowWeb offer phone support?

    Yes. The support team is reachable by phone, live chat, or via a form on its website.

  • Does it have an uptime guarantee with credits for downtime?

    No. PowWeb does not appear to have an uptime guarantee.

  • What technologies and languages do its services support?

    Customers can use PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Can it help with transferring an existing site from another host?

    No. Migration and transfer services are not offered.

  • Will it allow more than one domain per account on any service?

    Customers are limited to a maximum of 75 databases, which may limit the number of websites that you can create.

  • Does PowWeb provide any software so that I can easily build a website?

    PowWeb offers Weebly sitebuilder, so you can create a website using a drag-and-drop interface. The basic package is free.

  • Can I upload lots of images?

    Yes. Unlimited storage and bandwidth is provided on its hosting plan.

  • Does PowWeb provide a control panel?

    PowWeb provides vDeck, which is standard with many Endurance International Group hosts. 

  • Can I get monthly terms?

    Yes. Customers can select from monthly or yearly service contracts. You may gain price advantages for selecting longer terms.

  • How many email addresses can I create?

    PowWeb’s plans feature unlimited email accounts.

  • What does the backup policy look like?

    The company’s backups run entirely at its discretion, and it does not make them available to customers. As a precaution, be sure to back up your own files if you choose to sign up with PowWeb.

  • What one-click installer applications are provided?

    It provides one-click installer scripts for many common applications, like WordPress, osCommerce, and phpBB.

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