Resellers Panel In 2019: What Do Resellers Panel Client Reviews Say?

Built specifically for resellers, this is not your usual hosting program. Resellers Panel is a fully-automated reselling platform born from a parent hosting company, LiquidNet Ltd. The software was developed in-house and boasts support from skilled team members.


The same level of support is available to you no matter which plan you choose. Continuous support is available by phone, live chat, email, and a support ticket system. Staff are skilled and response times typically take less than 30 minutes. Support is guaranteed to respond in less than one hour.


Resellers panel offers a free reseller hosting program and paid plans for shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

Free Reseller Program

This program allows resellers to sell any of the available hosting products without an annual fee.
  • Profit is the difference between wholesale and retail prices
  • You may sell any of the hosting packages offered by Resellers Panel
  • You may also sell domain names and SSL certificates
  • Includes reseller control panel
  • Site templates, branding, and a wallet system are all included
  • All new customers must first sign up for this plan

Shared Hosting Reseller

You can choose from four available pricing tiers: Starter, Business, Corporate, Enterprise. You’re sure to find one that will work for your business.
  • Unlimited* disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited* subdomains and parked domains
  • Unlimited* mailing list members
  • Unlimited* MySQL database storage
  • Unlimited* FTP accounts
  • Free scripts installer. Supports WordPress, Joomla, and many others
  • Hot-link protection
  • FTP Manager
  • Site stats
  • Linux with Apache
  • Daily backup
  • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%
  • One, five, and Unlimited* (corporate and enterprise) domains hosted respective to pricing tier
  • 100, 500, and Unlimited* (corporate and enterprise) email accounts, respectively
  • Five, 20, and Unlimited* (corporate and enterprise) MySQL databases, respectively
  • Optional, five, 20, and Unlimited* PostgreSQL databases, respectively
  • Build your own, custom hosting plan

VPS Reseller Hosting

Package options fall into two categories, OpenVZ or Virtuozzo, each with their own benefits.
  • Both plans offer:
    • Full root access
    • Choice in operating system
    • No setup fees
    • Unlimited* domains
    • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%
  • OpenVZ
    • Ten plans to choose from
    • 12 GB to 200 GB disk space depending on plan
    • 300 GB up to 3220 GB bandwidth depending on plan
    • 1024 MB up to 6 GB of RAM depending on plan
    • CPU 0.6 GHz up to 7 GHz depending on plan
  • Virtuozzo
    • Three plans available: Base VPS, Regular VPS, and Ultra VPS
    • Hespia control panel included
    • 10 GB, 20 GB, and 45 GB of disk space, respective to plan
    • 300 GB, 600 GB, and 1000 GB bandwidth, respectively
    • 1024 MB, 1536 MB, and 2048 MB of RAM, respectively
    • CPU 0.8 GHz, 1.8 GHz, or 3.6 GHz, respectively
    • Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu OS
    • VPS plan manager
    • SSH access
    • Additional resources available for a fee

Dedicated Server Reseller

Choice of dedicated servers or semi-dedicated servers, each with its own benefits and pricing tiers. Semi-dedicated servers allow more resources to be shared by a few users, so the cost is less than dedicated servers.
  • Dedicated
    • Three tiers: Budget, Value, and Premiere
    • Choice in OS. Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu
    • Full root access
    • SSH access
    • Dedicated plan manager
    • Hespia control panel; Debian only, no root access
    • DirectAdmin control; CentOS only
    • Gbit network cards
    • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%
    • CPU 1.8 GHz (2 cores), 2.1 GHz (6 cores), and 2.1 GHz (12 cores), respective to pricing tier
    • 10000 GB, 11000 GB, 12000 GB bandwidth, respectively
    • 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB RAM, respectively
    • Two 250 GB SATA 2 hard drives with Budget plan
    • Two 500 GB SATA 2 hard drives with Value plan
    • Four 500 GB SATA 2 hard drives with Premiere plan
  • Semi-dedicated
    • Two numbered pricing plans
    • Plan 1 allows 30% max CPU usage and 90000 MySQL queries per hour
    • Plan 2 allows 50% max CPU usage and 130000 MySQL queries per hour
    • No setup fee
    • Stable Linux
    • 2.5 Gbits network connectivity
    • Free scripts installer
    • Unlimited* disk space and traffic
    • Daily backup
    • Dedicated IP
    • Hespia control panel
    • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%
    • Unlimited* domains, subdomains, and parked domains
    • Unlimited* POP3/IMAP accounts, mailing lists, and members
    • Unlimited* MySQL databases
    • Unlimited* PostgreSQL Databases with Plan 2
    • 5 PostgreSQL Databases with Plan 1
    • Unlimited* FTP accounts
*When hosts describe anything as “unlimited,” it is typically boundless except in cases of abuse. A user may be charged a penalty or be required to subscribe to a more robust package if they are overburdening the servers.

Resellers Panel Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 8 Reviews by Resellers Panel Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Hayward Rodgers avatar
Hayward Rodgers
May 16, 2018

I’ve been with Resellers Panel for about 8 months now and I am a very satisfied customer. This is mainly because of their customer support, During my time with them I’ve submitted about 5 questions and they’ve never taken more than 25 minutes to get back to me with a solution or clear answer to my problem. There reseller dashboard is very intuitive and customizable, I like the fact that everything you need to run your Business is in one place, including billing system.

I also like that you have the option to use their customizable store front, several WordPress templates to choose from, or build your own website host store. However, I was disappointed that they did not offer some of my favorite features that other top tier hosting companies offer like an option to created a WordPress multi-site or provide a staging area to test changes to your website. Also, most hosting companies offer free basic SSL certificates, Resellers Panel doesn’t.

But fortunately, my clients don’t use or even know about these types of features so Resellers Panel is perfect for what I need it for. Needless to say I don’t host any of my personal sites with Resellers Panel.

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Aldiin Ong avatar
Aldiin Ong
Jan 18, 2017

I’ve tried reseller‘s panel resell program because it is for free and not to mention the features are really great and the price are really low. It is ideal for those that are looking to earn some money reselling hosting service with limited budget. The support is great, the sense of urgency is there and they would respond to my email within the 24 hour window. I would highly recommend the company than other know companies like godaddy, HostGator and others.

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Alan Climo avatar
Alan Climo
May 16, 2014

These guys Rock !!! Hi im Alan and Ive been using these guys for many years, for several sites, and after trying many hosts over last 15 years Ive finely came across theses guys and they Rock !!! regardless of how I stuff up, they are there for me, its been 9 years of totally brilliant support.

Well done guys. Alan.

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Dario Bell avatar
Dario Bell
May 05, 2017

I was looking to start my own web hosting company and I stumbled to this site. They offer free white label web hosting service. So I signed up for an account just to try it out.

What I liked about this reseller is that they offer free wordpress theme and plugin so that you can fully personalize your own site. The prices for each service is a bit high though and you won’t really earn a lot by just selling their service. Although you can now offer free 30 days trial the return still cannot compensate for the cost of marketing the service. Overall I would still recommend the site for those people that wanted to start off their hosting company.

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Lorilee Fedler avatar
Lorilee Fedler
Oct 11, 2016

Site was down a lot, customer service is slacking and not very knowledgeable at times. Lots of times we got blamed for stuff we didn’t do and had to call them out on stuff… Pricing was fair on most stuff.

Our biggest issue with these guys was not refunding our money when we cancelled and having to file a dispute and the amount of times the servers kept going down. It’s too bad they couldn’t be honest..

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Eyman Mahmoud avatar
Eyman Mahmoud
Jan 14, 2017

I signed up for the free reseller hosting offered by Resellers Panel, I think it’s a good opportunity to earn money from scratch with no investments, as they will provide you with a sub-domain and a full newbie friendly control panel for free. When I started using the control panel with no technical skills it was easy with all the video tutorials, quick tips and FAQ to explain every step to setup and customize your hosting store and start promoting and selling in minutes, if you needed any further help you can get instant support through the fast and helpful live chat. To earn money you don’t have to buy any services just start selling and redirecting your customers to them through your given sub-domain (or your own website if you set it up ), however and unfortunately, you have to sell with prices higher than their original prices to make a revenue, therefor it will be very hard to convert costumers without using the time limited special offers and coupons when available.

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Mohamed Rashad avatar
Mohamed Rashad
Mar 20, 2016

Although Resellers panel offers many web hosting features and reliable 99.9% uptime in addition to their less than one hour customer support response, their prices are noticeably high compared to their competitors but they compensate this by offering free resellers accounts to their customers which is not what their competitors do. Resellers panel also offer a customized plan so that customers can choose the services they would like to add to their hosting account.

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John Abbott avatar
John Abbott
Apr 14, 2015

I have used Reseller’s Panel when I thought to start a web hosting of my own. I found out that they provide free reseller hosting and they are more better than some of other free reseller hostings like I decided to use their services for my web hosting project as well as I hosted one of my website regarding celebrity news on them.

The experience with hosting was fine. The uptime was good. Support replied to tickets in timely fashion.

The features were all good except that they were taking additional fees for some of the features that are coming free with other hosting companies. The overall charges were also higher as compared to other companies. I used them for hosting just because I thought they will provide me with some breathing space because I was already using their reseller hosting so I had to no option to move to HostGator for more economical solution.

As far as their hosting reseller services are concerned, I used them for about 6 months. There rates for everything was quite high. For example, they want the resellers to sell .com domains for more than 9 USD because they take 9 USD for registering every domain and every cent over 9 USD is yours.

Same goes for all the other TLDs. The hosting plans are also very high to be resold to anyone. I have hardly made 10 clients before I really had to rethink for different reselling program when one of my client complained about his wordpress installation been compromised and he was given no support which was promised to me.

So, in the end, I moved my reseller Business to hostgator too. I will recommend everyone that if you are planning to use resellers panel then use only if you have no money to invest in the start but once you earn some bucks, just move on to some other program. I will also never recommend resellers panel for hosting purposes to anyone.

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  • Full, continuous support for any account type
  • Client support on your behalf
  • Reselling with no overhead cost, upfront fees or charges
  • Choose your own retail pricing
  • Build your own packages for resale
  • Full root access in most instances


  • Not geared toward those without the intent to resell hosting
  • cPanel will cost you an extra monthly fee

The Verdict

Resellers Panel offers a respectable variety of hosting plans that are very customizable. This company is created with affiliate marketers and resellers in mind. You’ll find the tools, like brandable templates, perfect for you if you’re a reseller. If you’re shopping for Web hosting for a business blog, e-commerce site, or personal website, take a pass on Resellers Panel.

Most Popular Resellers Panel Hosting Plans

Starter Business Corporate
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.50 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$3.33 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$6.67 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit Resellers Panel Visit Resellers Panel Visit Resellers Panel
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Unlimited Unlimited $9.50 / mo Visit Host
12GB 300GB $10 / mo Visit Host
Base VPS
10GB 300GB $15 / mo Visit Host
24GB 600GB $20 / mo Visit Host
Regular VPS
20GB 600GB $24 / mo Visit Host
36GB 800GB $33 / mo Visit Host
48GB 1000MB $44 / mo Visit Host
Ultra VPS
45GB 1000GB $45 / mo Visit Host
60GB 1170GB $55 / mo Visit Host
75GB 1400GB $66 / mo Visit Host
90GB 1760GB $88 / mo Visit Host
120GB 2250GB $100 / mo Visit Host
Budget Dedicated Plan
500GB 10000GB $110 / mo Visit Host
150GB 2730GB $120 / mo Visit Host
200GB 3220GB $150 / mo Visit Host
Value Dedicated Plan
1000GB 11000MB $180 / mo Visit Host
Premier Dedicated Plan
2000GB 12000MB $325 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

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