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SiteBuilder Introduction

SiteBuilder, as the name implies, is not so much a web hosting company as a website design company that provides hosting services. They are based in Hampshire, England.

Services and Specializations

SiteBuilder offers several levels of hosting, but they can be broken down into two distinct types.

The first is a free service, which allows user to create a website and host it on a subdomain of the site The drag and drop website builder is extremely simple to use and includes thousands of customizable templates. Each template contains specific instructions regarding how to edit texts and backgrounds and what sort of text is typically found on each page. Blog capabilities, an image library, and social media integration are also included.

Because this is a free plan, your site will contain ads, and every time you publish changes you will be asked if you want to set up your own domain.

If you decide you want to use your own domain, that’s when you step into the second type of hosting program – the paid variety. SiteBuilder offers 4 levels of paid service, depending on the features that you need for your website. All of their plans include a free domain registration, free add credits, and are ad free. 

Because they bill themselves as a website service, rather than as a webhost, they also say they include free hosting; but that’s simply a matter of semantics. Their higher tier plans include features such as SEO and marketing assistance, mobile-compatible sites, email assistance, priority support, and eCommerce capabilities.

There are a number of add-ons available within your control panel as well, including domain privacy, additional domains/sites, CDN service, personal email, and ad credits. If you’re on the free plan, clicking on any of these options simply brings you to the upgrade menu to choose one of their paid plans. Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

alex smith avatar
alex smith
Mar 07, 2017

WOW! Where to start. I got my domain with this company a year ago.

Everything was ok until, for whatever reason, they stopped drafting my account for the billing. So, my domain expired! I received a call the day it expired, and was told my domain couldn’t be automatically debited anymore, so I would have to pay on my own every month.

I renewed on the phone and thought I was set. Instead, a few days later, I happened to check and saw my domain was now expired! I called and spoke to "customer no service".

Unfortunately, like a lot of companies who don’t give a flip, they have their support in India! So, since I couldn’t understand anything this guy was saying, I had to call back. I was informed that, even though I paid days ago, it would take up to 2 working days to get my site back up.

This made no sense to me, since all they have to do is go to your account and check a box! Supposedly my problem was to be "escalated" Which of course means nothing. 2 days later, my site is still down!! Run from this company!!!!!

I even posted negative reviews on their Facebook page. Instead of apologizing, they only took down my posts and now I can’t even post. Again, Run from this company!!!!!

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Holly Cunningham avatar
Holly Cunningham
Feb 21, 2017

Most horrible experience on my life. Customer service does not help you at all. Took forever to get anything solved when they billed me for nonsense, and they still didn’t give me my money back.

Came time to renew my purchase ( bought it in march of 2016) and they tried billing me in November for it. No way i was renewing. On top of that, when it came closer to march to renew, they just called me every single day even when i specially told them NOT to, I’m busy.

Then they said if i wanted a discounted renewal price i HAD to do it over the phone… no thanks, i’ll do it online myself so i don’t get a scammer. Worst ever. Pay a little more to get way better service.

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Turner Davis avatar
Turner Davis
Feb 19, 2017

The worst nightmare. I have constantly over the last year of my contract with sitebuilder have been going back and forth with keeping my site up and running. For some reason my site has not been working and just randomly goes down without notice.

Every time I contact Customer Service, they make up something and I know it’s not true. I paid for two years of service with a domain and they still continue to try to say my domain expired. It’s outright a fraud.

I have been embarrassed over the past year with my service with site builder. Don’t put the confidence of this company in the hands of this hosting company. They will ruin your Business.

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Simplified Control Panel

Unlike most hosting plans that include a somewhat confusing control panel, when you log in to SiteBuilder, you’re presented with a list of your hosted sites and an “edit” button to start making changes. All of your account tools, including domain features, marketing tools, and add-on items are available from a simple left navigation pane.

Support and Customer Service

Support is available via an online knowledgebase and email.


SiteBuilder saves a single backup of every file you create or upload to your site. If something happens to your site, they will attempt to replace that data with their saved version. 

Unfortunately, they can’t make any guarantees. Since the only way you can access your website is through their own control panel, you don’t have the option of manually backing up your site the way you do with most hosting plans.

Billing and Payment Policies

SiteBuilder accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. You can choose to pay monthly, annually, or bi-annually. As with most hosts, the longer term you sign up for, the lower price you will receive.

Plans can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to SiteBuilder, but plans still under contract are subject to an early termination fee. They offer a 14 day money back guarantee period, which is shorter than many hosts; however, since you can build and test your site for free before upgrading to a paid service, this shouldn’t be a concern.


If you are looking for the absolute simplest service to create and maintain your website, this is probably the host for you. The drag and drop website builder couldn’t be easier to use, and the simplified control panel makes it a breeze to manage your account.

Unfortunately, this simplicity also makes SiteBuilder incredibly limited in terms of services and features you have access to. If you see yourself needing anything beyond a standard website and blog, you should find a true hosting service that includes a simple, drag and drop website builder, which most hosts do. Price-wise, you can find significantly less expensive plans available that offer considerably more features.

A final word of caution. Their terms of service specifically states that there are no transfers permitted. If you decide a year from now to host your website with someone else, you’ll need to rebuild it from the ground up. You can’t just copy your server files to your new host, like you can with most hosting services.

So if you’re committed to this service, or just don’t mind rebuilding your site in the future, go ahead and test our your free website. But if you think you might switch hosts at some point, you would be better off finding a hosting plan with a popular CMS or FTP access, so you can easily take your website with you anywhere you go. Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SiteBuilder?

    SiteBuilder is a website builder tool that allows you to create a functional website quickly. It’s designed to be easy-to-use, so you don’t need any knowledge of web development or code. is a hosting company that provides access to this tool. There are four paid plans available.

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