StartLogic In 2021: What Do StartLogic Client Reviews Say?

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StartLogic Introduction

StartLogic is a sister company of iPower, a hosting provider I've already reviewed for this site. Like iPower, StartLogic was founded by Thomas Gorny, and was merged into the massive Endurance International Group in the same way. Since the companies are so similar, this review is intended to provide only a brief overview of its services.

StartLogic's website is sparse, but it appears the company is still US-based. The hosting provider boasts several awards, but these all seem to predate the merger with EIG which appears to have occurred sometime around 2007. The website claims that they serve more than 100,000 customers.

StartLogic Hosting Plans

StartLogic offers three shared hosting plans.

  • PersonalLogic is a limited, low-cost plan marketed at beginners. Pro Logic is effectively an upgrade to that plan which includes free gifts, unlimited resources and eCommerce tools. Pro Logic also allows customers to host unlimited domains. Both appear to be Linux-based.
  • The WindowsLogic plan is an equivalent to the ProLogic plan, but provided on Windows 2003 server. Customers can host unlimited domains on WindowsLogic.
  • In addition to shared hosting, StartLogic offer three VPS hosting plans: VPSLogic, VPSLogic Pro and VPSLogic Premium. The amount of disk space, bandwidth and memory increases with the price, as does the number of domains that can be hosted. All plans include one IP address.

StartLogic Uptime/Downtime

EIG-owned web hosting companies generally don't provide any uptime guarantee, and it appears that StartLogic is no different. The company does not publish an uptime statistics either.

StartLogic's data centres are located in Boston, MA in the USA. It appears that the company doesn't own them itself. In total, the two data centres contain 800 Dell servers, The data centre specification is fairly standard, and security is provided on-site 24/7. Both facilities run in N+1 power and utilise redundant routers, two firewalls and clustered server technology.

StartLogic Support

The support department at StartLogic is open round the clock, with support offered via live chat and telephone (via a US toll-free number). It's not clear where the support team are physically located.

StartLogic's support portal is pretty much identical to other EIG-owned hosts' support areas, with a knowledgebase, user guide and tutorials. The support information provided is fairly basic, but would suffice for a beginner.

StartLogic in the News

I wasn't able to locate any negative press from major tech sites relating to StartLogic. Users on web hosting forums have reported problems, but this is fairly common with shared hosting providers. In the absence of anything official, we can assume StartLogic hasn't had any major issues.

StartLogic Control Panel

On its shared hosting plans, StartLogic offer vDeck 3.0, the same control panel offered by iPower. This is the same regardless of whether you choose Linux or Windows hosting. The company doesn't provide a demo of vDeck, but it appears to be fairly plain compared to some of the more common control panel applications out there.

On VPS plans, StartLogic provides OpenVZ as a container, and this can be installed on a range of different types of Linux depending on the customer's own preference. It's not clear what flavours of Linux they actually offer, however.

StartLogic Extras

On its most basic shared hosting plan, StartLogic offers some pre-configured scripts, including Gbook, phpBB, Joomla and WordPress, plus some image galleries. There's also a choice of website builder tools and templates, although the exact provision isn't specified.

On the two more expensive shared plans, StartLogic offer marketing credits for ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo!/Bing and, plus a choice of shopping cart applications and scripts (Linux only). The advertising credits are also included in VPS plans, as is Virtuozzo.

All plans come with a free domain name.

StartLogic Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

A standard 30-day money-back guarantee is included in all StartLogic plans. Cancel within 30-days and your money will be refunded in full, with deductions for any domain names you might have claimed on signup. Should you not wish to keep the domain name, you can surrender it and StartLogic will not deduct its value from your refund.

Customers who cancel after this time are entitled to a refund minus a cancellation fee of at least $35, providing they give the host 30 days' notice.

StartLogic Summary

In terms of shared web hosting, StartLogic is a fairly standard, unremarkable host. The company that owns StartLogic, EIG, is truly massive, and many of their hosting companies are almost uniform in the hosting products they offer. StartLogic is no different. Across the board, their shared plans are very similar to their competitors'. Features and pricing are all quite standard, and support is also a carbon copy of other EIG hosts' sites.

The hosts's VPS plans look like good value, but there's a lack of technical information which might put off business customers. For example, the basic Linux OS isn't specified, and the information provided on VPS plans is fairly light on detail.

StartLogic Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 23 Reviews by StartLogic Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Terry Sohl avatar
Terry Sohl
Feb 24, 2018

Avoid at all costs!! I've had my domain for 20 years, and have used StartLogic to host my website for about the last 12 years. Service and support was...OK...for the first 8 years or so.

I occasionally had issues, and responses were often slow and unsatisfying, but I begrudgingly stuck with them to avoid the pain of transferring to a new host. But over the last few years their services have become increasingly bad. The straw that broke the camel's back happened when the blocked my home IP address.

I couldn't view my own website from any device at home. The "crime" I had committed that resulted in the block...I ran a sitemap crawler on my website to automatically generate a sitemap. It was the same piece of software I had been running for many years.

Now all of the sudden StartLogic deemed it to be "resource abuse" to have it ping the shared hosting server. I responded to the block by stating (begrudgingly) that I would stop using the sitemap crawler. Days went by.

Four times in online chat, I explained the issue to rather clueless Startlogic online support. Four times, the "tech" who I was chatting with said they had no authority themselves to fix anything, but they'd forward to higher-ups. I had entire week of attempting to resolve the issue through online chat, and several interactions in filling out online support tickets on their site.

At the end, after three days with no response, I got an email that simply that because of "security concerns", once an IP block had occurred, they had no way to unblock it. What's worse...they had the Gall to state that they weren't going to do anything to fix it, but instead, I should go to my internet service provider, and have Them change my home IP address!! It's more than this one event.

I've had several other very unsatisfying and long interactions with StartLogic in recent years in trying to fix website issues. I transferred my services to another hosting provider, and informed StartLogic their services were no longer required. What's funny...within Half an hour after telling them I was dropping them, I received an email response.

Despite an entire week of saying they had no way to unblock my IP address, NOW they had magically unblocked it. Only after I told them I had moved my services elsewhere. Avoid StartLogic.

Their services have been eroding for years, and the number of domains they support has also been dropping for years. For good reason. You can do much better than StartLogic.

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caroline rucker avatar
caroline rucker
Feb 22, 2018

StartLogic has the worst customer service ever since they have moved their support to the Phillipines. The technicians are rude, they do not get back to them and when you call back after their 24-48 hour time frame, they start you all over in the process. Their service used to be top notch when they were in the US Customer Service training is needed as well as technical training. I will be moving my sites.

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Sergio Hernandez avatar
Sergio Hernandez
Jun 16, 2016

The worst choice. Two weeks ago my site started to go very slow -at best- or not working at all, no ping, no tracert, and no support -they always pass it to a tech and ask for waiting- and to round it all, now I can't open or reopen support tickets... and they closed mine. Customer support without customers complaining, a nice solution!

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StartLogic Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is StartLogic a good choice for beginners?

    StartLogic markets itself as a great choice for beginners.

    Depending on which plan you select, you will get access to some easy site builder options that will let you create a simple modern website without having to know any code.

  • Can I use content management systems like WordPress and Joomla?

    Mojo Marketplace is incorporated into most plans and provides quick installation of popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, and many others.

    However, be sure to check the details of the plan you select since some basic plans may not include the ability to install scripts other than the simple website builder.

  • Is 24/7 technical support included?

    Telephone, email, and live chat support are available 24/7.

    However, no guarantees or guidelines are provided to let you know how quickly you can expect to receive a reply. It looks to us like you can get support 24/7, but we hesitate to say how quick it will be.

  • Is eCommerce integration offered?

    Some plans include e-commerce integration with osCommerce Shopping Cart, Agora Shopping Cart, and Weebly eCommerce.

    Each of these e-commerce solutions is quite different from the others, so take some time to investigate each before deciding which plan makes the most sense for you.

  • What database management system is included?

    All plans include 1 or more MySQL databases. You can manage MySQL databases using the phpMyAdmin application accessible through your hosting account control panel.

  • Are the data centers secured?

    All of the data centers are secured 24/7 with on-site guards and interior and exterior closed-circuit video.

  • Where are the data centers?

    StartLogic maintains two data centers that occupy a combined 2400 square feet in the Boston, MA area.

  • What server-side languages are supported?

    All servers support PHP 4 and 5, Perl, and Server Side Includes (SSI). Their servers will also do just fine serving up webpages with client-side languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    If you plan to deploy any languages other than HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SSI, or Perl you should consult with them to make sure their servers can execute the code prior to buying a plan from them.

  • What operating system is running on the servers?

    Nowhere on the website does it explicitly state the OS installed on the shared servers.

    However, if you select a virtual private server (VPS) plan they allow for the installation of the Linux OS of your choice. This choice suggests that all shared servers are running some version of Linux which is typical of shared server hosting.

  • Are reseller accounts available?

    Yes. a reseller account program called WholesalePlus Reseller is available. If you'd like to offer web hosting to your customers a reseller account is one way to do that with integrated customer management tools.

  • What sort of educational resources are included?

    There is an expansive Help Center that includes many User Guides to help you tackle introductory issues like configuring email and managing your domain name, along with more advanced topics like setting up an e-commerce site.

    In addition, a Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles on specific hosting-related topics is also available.

  • Will my plan price change after the first year?

    Virtually all hosting providers offer a discounted introductory rate followed by a regular rate that is typically significantly more than the discounted rate.

    So yes, you can expect your rate to go up after the introductory period, but that's true of many hosting providers. The price you'll be charged after the introductory period is available in the Knowledge Base.

  • Is unlimited disk space and bandwidth included with all plans?

    Most of the shared server plans do include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as is the case for many shared server hosting providers.

    However, if your usage exceeds what is considered normal for personal and small business websites you may be asked to upgrade your plan.

  • Will I have access to any user statistics?

    You can implement best-in-class website statistics by Google Analytics on your website by simply dropping in a bit of HTML. In addition, a baked-in Graphical Web Statistics Program for a simplified view of your website activity is also available.

  • What type of hosting control panel would I have access to?

    All hosting accounts are equipped with vDesk 3.0 control panel to simplify management of hosting account features.

  • Can I use an FTP client to transfer files to my hosting account?

    Yes. All plans include secure FTP access for easy transfer of files to the server.

  • Are automatic backups included?

    All servers are backed up daily. If your website files should ever be lost StartLogic should be able to help you recover most of what was lost.

    However, it is advisable to also use another backup tool. Many content management systems such as WordPress have great free backup plugins for just this purpose.

  • What's something unique about StartLogic I should know?

    StartLogic is an environmentally conscious company and has announced that they are "fueled by 100% wind energy" - a significant display of commitment to utilizing renewable energy sources.

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