This Webhost In 2018: What Do This Webhost Client Reviews Say?

ThisWebHost Introduction

ThisWebHost is a webhosting company based in the UK. The company was launched in 2008.

Although ThisWebHost is a UK registered business, the majority of its infrastructure is based in the USA.

ThisWebHost appears to be privately owned and seems to answer to its shareholders. Despite being a relatively young enterprise, it appears to have developed a good reputation. The company began as a closed hosting company but grew and eventually opened its services to the wider public.

ThisWebHost Hosting Plans

ThisWebHost does not specialize in one type of web hosting. There are several options on offer including shared hosting, semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting, plus a plan for resellers.

  • There are five different shared hosting plans available through ThisWebHost. These begin with the Starter/Blog option which offers 3 GB disk space and 15 GB of monthly bandwidth and scales up to the Ultra plan which offers 24 GB disk space and 150 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • Again, there are five reseller hosting plans available. These scale from 3 GB disk space and 30 GB monthly bandwidth to 24 GB disk space and 450 GB monthly bandwidth. The reseller plans provide SSH access and allow for unlimited email addresses, databases and domains.
  • There are three semi-dedicated hosting plans available: the Standard plan with 10 GB disk space and 400 GB monthly bandwidth, the Medium plan with 20 GB disk space and 700 GB of monthly bandwidth, and the Large plan with 30 GB disk space and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth.

Customers looking for a dedicated server hosting plan need to contact ThisWebHost directly for a quote.

ThisWebHost Uptime/Downtime

ThisWebHost’s main website includes a server uptime statistics page. At the time of writing this review, I found most of the servers to be quite stable. Anyone can hop onto the site and check status reports about recent outages.

All web hosting plans are backed by a simple, fairly unimpressive 99% uptime guarantee (although this doesn’t appear in the Terms and Conditions). The guarantee states that customers will be provided with one full month of free hosting should the server uptime drop below 99% for the month.

The datacenter is based in Michigan in the US, however, there is little other information about the equipment in use there.

ThisWebHost Support

ThisWebHost provides customer support through a ticketing system which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, support stops there. There’s no phone line, no call centre and no live chat feature either.

There is an extensive knowledgebase on the site, and a network status feed which updates every 60 seconds, but this may not be of much use in an emergency.

ThisWebHost has a Facebook page, but I found little interaction between the company and its clients through this channel. The Twitter account is more active and ThisWebHost staff do appear to interact with their customers here, although support requests are often routed back to the ticketing system.

ThisWebHost in the News

ThisWebHost hasn’t made any impact in the tech press, good or bad. This suggests that the services provided by ThisWebHost hasn’t succumbed to any major hacks or attacks.

ThisWebHost Control Panel

All of the hosting plans with ThisWebHost come with cPanel as standard. That’s good news for people looking for a seamless switch from another cPanel host. Resellers get WHM.

ThisWebHost Extras

ThisWebhost does not offer any of the usual range of free services and ad credits that many other hosting companies offer. There is a promotions page on the website, but this is currently empty.

All web hosting plans support WordPress, Joomla and other scripts, which can be installed using Softaculous.

ThisWebHost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

ThisWebHost mentions a money-back guarantee, but like the 99% uptime guarantee, it is not included in the Terms and Conditions document so I’d suggest querying staff for details. I did see that customers can get a refund on all hosting services excluding domain registration or transfer fees if they cancel within 30 days. The policy suggests that this is not available if the account has not been used ‘excessively’. Apparently this is to prevent any abuse of the offer, but again, check if you’re in any doubt about the implications.

ThisWebHost Summary

ThisWebHost appears to be a fairly simple and no fuss hosting provider. The plans and guarantees are kept simple with few extras and freebies to confuse the issue. The range of hosting products is good, and the features are standard, with cPanel being a bonus for many.

Support appears to be streamlined and geared towards a ticketing system, and that may well be a turn-off for many people. Those who like to use different support channels may be better off looking elsewhere. Bear in mind that the uptime guarantee isn’t brilliant either, so it might be worth keeping your options open and comparing a few similar hosts.

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