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UK2.Net Introduction

UK2.Net is one of the largest UK-based web hosting companies, offering a wide variety of hosting packages and service.


Founded in 1998, UK2.Net has since grown into a large organization.

It's a core component of the UK2 Group which also owns several other web hosting companies such as

In its 14 years of existence, the company has sold over a million domain names, hosted thousands of websites and managed dedicated servers for customers all over the world.

UK2.Net does not have a specific focus when it comes to web hosting.


UK2.Net Hosting Plans

There is a wide range of hosting plans available through UK2.Net.

These include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud-based VPS hosting
  • SSD-Powered VPS hosting
  • WordPress-optimized hosting
  • E-Commerce specialty hosting
  • Managed Dedicated server hosting
  • Unmanaged Dedicated server hosting
  • Reseller hosting

This variety of plans make UK2.Net a comprehensive web hosting company.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting from UK2.Net comes in four different packages.

Each is competitively priced, and customers are allowed to choose a monthly, yearly, or two-year contract.

Its shared hosting plans are all Linux-based.

  • The Starter plan is a low-cost option designed for a very basic website. It allows for one website only and provides 500 MB of disk space and 1 GB of bandwidth. It is worth noting that this option doesn't give you a free domain name; this will have to be purchased separately.
  • The Personal plan allows for up to 10 websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This plan provides one free domain name and is well-suited for personal use.
  • The Business plan allows for unlimited sites, disk space, and bandwidth and comes with three free domain names. This plan also gives the customer a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP address, so it's a good option for e-commerce.
  • The Business Cloud plan is similar to the business plan with that all-important step-up to cloud-based web hosting. This comes with additional extras such as a choice of server locations, an uptime SLA, and more premium features.

E-Commerce Plans

There are some web hosting plans designed specifically for e-commerce sites. These include a variety of customization plans.

E-commerce-focused options are currently available only as shared hosting plans, although a cloud hosting plan for e-commerce sites is currently marked as "coming soon."

WordPress Hosting

Like many web hosts, UK2.Net offers specialized hosting plans for WordPress (the world's most popular content management system) users.

In addition to being optimized for websites built on WordPress, these plans come with platform-specific features and functionality.

There are three plans available for you to choose from.

Each varies in the amount of disk space you get, the maximum number of visitors that can visit your site in a month, and a number of email accounts.

These plans come with SSD (solid-state drives) for storage, a three-step installation process for the WordPress core, and thousands of free themes and plugins to extend your website.

Reseller Hosting

UK2.Net offers four plans for resellers, and customization can be used to upgrade some features.

The reseller plans only cover Linux-based hosting.

  • The Starter plan allows for ten domains, 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. This package does not include any domain names or SSL certificates.
  • The Reseller plan allows for unlimited domains, 100 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth. This plan comes with one free domain name and 5 SSL certificates.
  • The Reseller Plus plan is similar to the Reseller plan but allows for unlimited disk space, bandwidth, SSL certificates and also provides an uptime SLA.
  • The Reseller Cloud plan is similar to the Reseller Plus plan, but you get upgraded to the cloud.


VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is available through UK2.Net, but it is only available on cloud infrastructure.

Customers can choose from a variety of Linux and Windows operating systems and can scale their VPS needs to suit their requirements.

VPS hosting starts with a 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 50 GB disk space and is scalable up to 24 GHz processing power, 23 GB RAM and 500 GB space.

Customers can also choose from a monthly or yearly plan.

Dedicated Hosting

UK2.Net offers five options for dedicated server hosting based on the hardware you require.

You can also choose from managed or unmanaged hosting.

Each allows customers to choose from either Windows and Linux operating systems, and all can be topped up with a whole host of extras, such as full server management, backups, and reboots.

uk2-net-website-builder Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Matthew Ellis avatar
Matthew Ellis
Apr 07, 2013

I have been hosted with one of services called for around three years and while I have had some rough patches, I am overall quite happy. When I first signed up there support has been fast in replying and I am not including the first reply that says "We are looking into it", I mean an actual reply that helps. To this day support has always been the same although I do not use support much nowadays.

Cost wise I sadly can not really comment on as I currently have a whole bunch of discounted systems but if I had to pay full price I would still say it was worth it! Uptime ... this is where the review turns a bit sour.

During my time with them I have had three times I would call "complete downtime" due to SAN Issues. Basically the vps went offline for days while their systems was rebuilding or due to their SAN failing. However as of late during the last year they got a new SAN setup and I can honestly say I never seen any downtime lately.

As these are vpses products, this is not for everyone. This is for people that want their own system and be able to set it up as they want and while they can help you with that - they do charge per ticket (not sure of price for those tickets). But if you know what you are doing than you are the ideal customer. I would recommend to any that is looking for a vps that is needed to always be on but only if you know what you are doing.

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Rick Smith avatar
Rick Smith
May 10, 2011

I ordered a 1 year hosting plan and had to pay with my credit card (they didnt offer paypal as an option). About 3 months in I had not used the account. Phonened them to make sure it would be cancelled at the end of the year and they confirmed it would be.

Low and behold a year later, I get a bank statement - they charged me £88 (I had paid £44 for the first year). I opened a billing ticket asking them to refund it as I had requested a refund. I also asked why it was that:

A) I was never notified the funds would be taken
B) That the price had Doubled!

They flat out refused a refund saying I should have sent in a ticket instead of phoning them. Despite never using the account they were still happy to charge me. And get this.

As a 'gesture of good will' they would extend the account for 12 months (meaning it ended up that I paid £88 for two years. So, at the end of it I'm out £132 for a 3 year hosting account that will never be used. All because of their immoral accounting team.

Stay clear. sucks, as do all their brands. sucks, MidPhase Sucks and sucks. A bunch of money grabbing assholes.

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kevin fitzmaurice-brown avatar
kevin fitzmaurice-brown
Nov 20, 2010

Just like the thousands of others comments and complaints on the net about . awful. Support when it happens can be rude, derogatory and downright untrue. This company should be closed down for all the harm they have done to so many people.

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Website Builder

UK2.Net offers a website builder, and we find it refreshing that the tagline boasts that you can "build your own website in less than 60 minutes" (you could get a website running in just a few minutes, but how great could it be?).

Templates, SEO, and other Features

The website builder comes with 165 fully-customizable, responsive templates on which you can build your website.

To edit the template, you will use a drag-and-drop editor.

Other features include:

  1. SEO optimization
  2. Social media integration
  3. Digital image editing
  4. Built-in SSL support (and a free SSL certificate)
  5. And more

Website Builder Plans

UK2.Net offers three different versions of the website builder.

The entry-level and mid-level versions differ in the maximum number of pages you can create.

The top-tier variant includes e-commerce functionality.

Get a glimpse of the UK2 Online Shop Builder in this video, which underscores the builder's ease of use.

This allows you to easily integrate with a variety of third-party e-commerce tools and accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments.


UK2.Net Uptime/Downtime

Before we look at uptime and guarantees, let's take a look at UK2's datacenters.


There is little information regarding UK2.Net's datacenters.

One source we read suggested that there are three, although we can't confirm this.

There seems to be at least one datacenter based in the UK and at least one in the US.

The parent UK2 Group lists global locations for their brands on this map.

It seems the dedicated servers used by UK2.Net are all located in the UK, but only the cloud hosting plans allow users to choose their server location.

SLA Uptime Agreement

While UK2.Net does not make any boasts about uptime or provide any uptime guarantees, some hosting plans come with an SLA which will compensate customers when uptime falls below 99.5%.

They report a certain amount of uptime data on their "Service Heartbeat" page.


UK2.Net Support

Customer support is provided 24/7 through an online help desk where customers can submit tickets.

Live Support: For a Fee

There is a live chat system and phone support for technical support which is also open 24/7, but crucially, this costs 50 pence per minute to actually use.

Skip Social Media: Use the Help Desk

UK2.Net's Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts are very active, but they do not encourage the use of these platforms for support.

Instead, customers are directed to the help desk.

Online Customer Support Resources

UK2.Net provides a knowledge base and a blog for communications and updates.

The UK2.Net site also has a useful "Service Heartbeat" page where any server downtime, planned or unplanned, is announced.


UK2.Net Control Panel

The control panel offered for UK2.Net's web hosting and reseller hosting plans is the popular and user-friendly cPanel Control Panel.

Experienced hosting customers will be familiar with the cPanel brand.

Control Panel Options

The dedicated server and VPS hosting plans come with a choice of control panels.

(New to control panels? Read our introduction to control panels.)

The specific options available depend on the operating system the customer chooses.


UK2.Net Extras

UK2.Net offers a number of optional extras.

Facebook Integration

For an additional cost, UK2.Net web hosting customers can pay for a Facebook integration which allows a page from their website to be displayed on Facebook.

Analytics and SEO Tools

UK2.Net also provides a web analytics tool and SEO tools for business and business cloud hosting customers, although other web hosting plans allow you to buy these as an add-on.

Google AdWords Credits

Personal, business and business cloud web hosting plans also come with Google Adword credits to help sweeten the deal.

Softaculous and Fantastico

The Softaculous "one-click installer" comes free with most web hosting plans, except the Starter plan.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and TYP03 are all available, and PHP, Ruby on Rails and Perl are all supported.

Fantastico is provided for all reseller hosting plans except the Starter plan, allowing for a variety of one-click installs for customers and their own clients.


What is UK2.Net's Money-Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy?

Accounts can be canceled within 14 days; customers must give written notice.

Refund Policy

UK2.Net has a 30-day risk-free refund policy for web hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting packages, as well as the website builder options.

Cancellation Details

The money-back guarantee does not include any setup fees, domain name fees or add-ons.

To cancel and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, customers must cancel through the support portal.

A Note on Pricing is a British company that conducts its transactions using the pound.

International clients may see variations in their monthly hosting fees based on the exchange rate between the currency of their home country and the United Kingdom.


What are the Pros and Cons of UK2.Net?

Now that we've covered the basics of UK2.Net, what are the pros and cons?


  • Lots of hosting options from which you can choose
  • Company Stability


  • Phone calls to technical support are not included with hosting
  • No uptime guarantee
  • Datacenter locations are unclear

Other Hosts You Might Concider

If you like but you just aren't sure, here are a couple of other hosts worth checking out.

SiteGround: provides a wide variety of web hosting options, but unlike, it bundles its top-notch customer service with each hosting plan sold. Find out more about SiteGround.

A2 Hosting: like SiteGround and, it offers a number of hosting options, but the company is geared toward those who are more technical. Even with entry-level packages, you will get a whole slew of developer tools you might not get from a similar plan from a different host. Get more information on A2 Hosting.

UK2.Net Summary

UK2.Net stack up pretty well against many other hosting companies, although the lack of easy to find information about their datacenters may be a cause for concern for some potential customers.

The biggest downside to their service is that charge for calling technical support teams, and if you want to avoid this, you'll need to rely on the ticket system only.

Despite this, UK2.Net is a well-established company with an impressive array of services on offer.

Additional material by Katie Horne.

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UKV200 VPS Hosting Plan
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UK850 Dedicated Plan
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UK1750 Dedicated Plan
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UK3500 Dedicated Plan
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More Plans + Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does offer Windows hosting?

    Windows is available on their VPS and dedicated servers.

  • What types of hosting does provide?

    They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed hosting plans.

  • Does offer reseller hosting?

    They doesn't provide reseller hosting plans.

  • Does provide beginner-friendly tools to create a website?

    Shared hosting plans offer an integrated website builder and quite a few templates to choose from.

    Additionally, one-click installers are available for various content management and ecommerce platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, and others.

  • Will migrate my site for me?

    Website migration services are offered for a fee. Alternatively, you can manually transfer the sites using the tools provided in the cPanel.

  • What programming features are supported? advertises that their servers run PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rails. Every hosting plan also comes with FTP support, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and cron. Higher tier plans also include SSH access.

  • Does offer an uptime guarantee?

    There is no uptime guarantee on lower tier shared hosting plan. Top level plans offer 100% uptime guarantee backed by service credits.

  • Does offer a domain name with their hosting plans?

    A free domain name is included on all their hosting plans for the first year. After that, you will have to renew it.

  • Does offer domain registration services?

    Yes, you can buy domain names independently of hosting.

  • Can I host multiple websites from my hosting account?

    You can host an unlimited number of websites on higher level shared hosting plans. Basic plan will let you host up to 10 websites.

  • Is email included in web hosting packages?

    Their hosting plans include an unlimited number of email addresses.

  • Does offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth?

    UK2 plans do include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but as with all such plans, this is dependent upon not causing undue server load.

  • What sort of support is available?

    Their support system includes 24/7 Live Chat support, phone support, an extensive knowledgebase and a support ticketing system. Support is available in English only.

  • Where are datacenters located?

    UK2's datacenters are located in London Canning Town, UK.

  • Does offer a money back guarantee?

    UK2 offers a 30-day money back guarantee which excludes domain registration fees, any setup, and overage fees.

  • What payment methods does accept?

    They accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Monthly and yearly payment plans are available.

  • Do I get a discount if I pay ahead?

    Yes, the prices for hosting packages are discounted if you choose yearly payment plans.

  • Does provide SSL certificates? What about a CDN?

    SSl certificates are available on their hosting plans. offers free basic SSL certificates as well as the extended validation 'green bar' SSL standard certificate.

    Contact their support for pricing options. CloudFlare CDN is available on their hosting plans.

  • Does offer a control panel?

    Their hosting plans include cPanel and Plesk control panels.

  • Does provide any ecommerce features?

    Their ecommerce features include an online shop builder, Stripe and PayPal integrations, inventory control, store alerts, and more.

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