WebHostFace In 2019: What Do WebHostFace Client Reviews Say?

WebHostFace Introduction

WebHostFace is one of the only cheap shared hosting providers with modern speed and security features included.

This makes it a contender for small businesses and hobby sites alike.

webhostface hosting review

WebHostFace is an American hosting provider with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and London in the UK.

It offers Linux-only web hosting from its datacenters in three different continents.

It’s a relatively new hosting provider, having been launched in 2013, and it markets its services as being friendly and accessible.

Shared hosting is the focus of its service catalog, but it also offers VPS hosting, reseller plans, dedicated servers and domain name registration.

The company can also provide colocation solutions and network support.

webhostface hosting plans

WebHostFace Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 19 Reviews by WebHostFace Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Michael McShane avatar
Michael McShane techpointpro.com
May 06, 2016

I got an account with Webhostface and I have to admit, so far, I have been surprised at their service. I have used several webhost services throughout the years from Lunarpages to 000webhost so i have a little idea on what to expect. Cpanel, check, unlimited bandwidth, check.

I got a deal for a two year hosting plan from whf and from the first email with settings for the various ftp and cpanel access, I was off. I setup my ssh keypair and discovered that no where was the special port for ssh detailed. After a 30 second support chat with support, that was rectified.

I discovered that I didn’t need to install Lets Encrypt from github as it was already configured as an option in cpanel! I had an email detailing the settings to either transfer a domain or change the nameservers for an existing domain. I used an existing domain and website uploaded and configured.

So I’d have to say, whf is simple, easy and has great support. I will continue to update my reviews as time goes on.

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Annalisa Gandi avatar
Annalisa Gandi skyborn.info
May 05, 2016

I’ve been with WebHostFaceshared hosting – since Spring 2014 and it has most likely been the best hosting decision ever: the service is absolutely beyond comparison. My site has always been up and its speed never wavered – both data are verified via daily monitoring services, 10 minutes of downtime and 20-25 minutes where my site acted sluggish were the worst things – their prices are more than fair given the feature they provide…and two of these features especially are why I really hope to never leave them: their larger-than-life support and their unique very customized and responsive client area. These guys are the example of how hosting support should be done: wether it’s livechat or ticket, no matter if you go to them for an urgent issue or a dumb question, they’re always there for you and they will address all your problem with the utmost dedication as if even the tiniest glitch you have was a major issue, and they will go over and beyond to help you.

After my 2-years experience, I’ll whole-heartedly recommend WebHostFace to anyone searching for hosting; it doesn’t matter what kind of site you have, a small blog or a big portal, they have plans (shared, reseller, vps, etc.) for any kind of website. Go with them, I can guarantee you will never regret your choice.

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Jonnifer Villason avatar
Jonnifer Villason tinkerquiz.com
Oct 01, 2016

I am new customer of webhostface but all I can say is Great. The support are 24/7 online. Anytime you can talk to them whatever problem you may face with your server.

I bought VPS1 and nothing more I could say is Very fast and reliable. I highly recommend their server especially their VPS

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Eric Guy avatar
Eric Guy eguy.info
May 06, 2016

I have had an account at a rival web-hosting company for years, the level of service and support had gotten to be atrocious. In looking over the ratings for hosting companies I was struck by the number of favorable reviews for WebHostFace as well as the level of support, pricing and the quality of offerings supported natively by the service. I took advantage of an offer from a site I am a member of and got a tremendous deal for a five year plan.

I cannot express how pleased I am with the service and quality of WebHostFace so far. I look forward to years of hosting with them.

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Michael McShane avatar
Michael McShane techpointpro.com
May 05, 2016

I’ve tried a few hosting services and had not been dissatisfied but recently I got a two year hosting deal with webhostface. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. The sign up process was flawless and I was sent the instructions to either transfer my existing domains to whf, or how to use your existing registrar to point to the correct name servers.

I needed an ssh command line access and created an lets encrypt ssl key pair for https . Lets encrypt was already built into the cpanal options so again, I was surprised. I received the user and pw for ftp access and and all was good there but I couldn’t figure out the correct port for ssh.

In 15 seconds after starting a support chat session, I was informed of the correct port for ssh and after creating the key pair, I was in. So from a support standpoint to actual usage, whf rocks it. I can’t be more pleased as to how well it just works. I will continue to review as I go through the many cpanal options available and update my review but from my standpoint, whf is awesome.

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Jose Chan avatar
Jose Chan ifafa.win
Jul 10, 2016

Their support team has the strong technical knowledge and skills. They can complete my cloning request of Magento website in the smooth and correct way. They provide 24 x 7 supports and let me trust them that I can feel comfortable for my system hosting at WebHostFace.com. From….Jose Chan (Hong Kong)

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Shashikant Nishant Sharma avatar
Shashikant Nishant Sharma edupediapublications.org
Aug 11, 2016

I have purchased my first Web hosting plan about one years ago. I needed a stable shared hosting with upgrade options for a prestashop website. Because Webhostface was offering heavy discount on hosting plan, I choose them.

Although their pricing is bit higher than iPage or BlueHost for instance, it was a good decision to go with this company. Main features of Webhostface business shared hosting plans
Webhostface Hosting offers 3 different shared hosting plans. Each shared plan is almost identical with differences in allowed add-on domains, number of hosted databases and pricing.

Webhostface has very good service in terms of uptime and customer support to resolve any queries and issues within 24hr. That is very good service indeed.

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George Parras avatar
George Parras parras.me
May 06, 2016

The main reason that makes WebHostFace a great hosting company is that beyond the great uptime, their services are always up to date. For example, they always keep the server’s interface (cPanel) updated and that’s why we got ‘Let’s Encrypt’ the moment it became available in cPanel. That’s really important. Also they offer some really great deals/prices for shared plans! (Next step for me are the lifetime packages!!).

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Darrick Terry avatar
Darrick Terry djakink.com
May 06, 2016

I am new to administrating a web page. Since I am a graphic designer I have been creating web pages for over 5 years but I have never tried to upload and run a web site that was active on the web since 2001. I was so intimidated I gave up.

I saw that WebHostFace had a deal that seemed reasonable so I did my investigation on what was all needed. I didn’t know anything about web hosting requirements. Domains, ftps, progams and so much more turned in to a month long study for me.

I eventually broken down and just jumped because I knew if I didn’t now I would never. The sign process was so easy I thought I did something wrong so I spend a hour over looking what I just signed up for. Once I got to the jest of everything I started reading all the tutorials that are provided by WebHostFace.

This was a great investment I started thinking. There is a whole page that is meant to do nothing but help you achieve and direct you to the direction you want to go with Your Site. Once I figured all that stuff out I up loaded my site using Dreamweaver.

This process I have done before so it wasn’t new to me. Once I got in I found that they offer links, description and so much information to the different types of programs you can use to make your sites it’s amazing and insane that I waited so long. I spend so much time learning different things I can do with the web I have a hard time limited my sites features.

WebHostFace is a great site for beginners and experience web designer. All the people I have talked to talk about how limited assistance they get. People often say I just use the cheapest one and when they have trouble they call me to help with the programming because the are confuse.

WebHostFace tutorials have help me so much I think I am becoming a web programming guru with out knowing it. I think WebHostFace is just the best option for hosting.

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Simeon Todorov avatar
Simeon Todorov plovediv.bg
May 04, 2016

I have a popular website and shared hosting was no longer an option. Switched to a VPS from WebHostFace last year at their European server locations. Excellent support and uptime!

I have no issues since then, I wish they have a pure SSD servers though but speed is still excellent. Thank you guys!

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Hosting Options

WebHostFace is mostly known for their shared hosting packages, but offer a variety of different hosting types.

All shared hosting plans come with cPanel (and, if applicable, WHM), with cPanel available on VPS and dedicated packages.

This always helps to reassure people who are migrating over from another host.

Shared Hosting

WebHostFace offers shared hosting plans for novices and small to medium-sized businesses.

It doesn’t provide unlimited space, but it does offer unmetered bandwidth.

Weebly Site Builder Included

Its basic plans come with the free Weebly Sitebuilder.

This is ideal if you don’t already have a website or want to create multiple sites.

Daily backups are also included via R1Soft.

webhostface homepage

Reseller Hosting

Its reseller hosting offers entrepreneurs the chance to pick a datacenter close to their own clients.

Control Panels

Each plan comes with WHM and cPanel, as well as the chance to buy domain names with a discount.

Catering to Popular CMSs

WebHostFace has also rebranded some of its plans to focus on the needs of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento users.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting is perfect for any business that uses a WordPress site.

The managed aspect of the plan means that WebHostFace will take care of all the server setup, maintenance, and optimization tasks that you might not know how or want to do.

This includes:

  1. Daily backups
  2. Optimization for WordPress hosting
  3. Speed and performance audits
  4. SEO checks and audits.

Faster Site Loading Speed

Overall, WebHostFace claims that this service is 3 times faster than regular shared web hosting.

Site loading speed is a known factor in conversions and sales.

If your website takes too long to load, visitors may give up and surf away.

WordPress Hosting Features

It still has all the best shared hosting features included, like the latest version of PHP, free SSL certificates, and solid-state drives (SSDs).

VPS Hosting

WebHostFace offers managed and unmanaged VPS packages as pre-configured solutions.

These come with a designated amount of storage, RAM, bandwidth, and processing power.

What’s Included with VPS?

Each package comes with a free domain, one dedicated IP address, and a free private SSL certificate.

Dedicated Hosting

Its dedicated server hosting plans are also sold pre-configured, although it does say you can order a custom plan if you contact its sales team.

Available Operating Systems

Users can pick from:

The host says it will accommodate other Linux distributions upon request.

Dedicated Hosting Features

Each one comes with two free IPs, and more can be added manually after purchase.

Since these servers are already set up, you get instant access.

You also get root and shell access to configure your server however you’d like.

Finally, while these aren’t managed servers, your server is overseen by WebHostFace’s security team to alert you of any security issues.

Reseller Hosting

WebHostFace offers a solid white label reseller hosting program.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting lets you put your own brand name on WebHostFace’s service, and get a cut of the profits.

This is a good option if you rate WebHostFace’s plans highly, and would like to start a small hosting business of your own.

What Does WebHostFace’s Reseller Progam Include?

It comes with all the essentials you need for hosting account management:

  • A choice of server location
  • Free private DNS
  • Domain registration discounts
  • WHM and cPanel for management.

webhostface datacenters


WebHostFace has four datacenters around the globe.

It operates two in the US, one in Europe, and one in Asia, although it only provides details about one of them.

In the US, WebHostFace colocates in SingleHop in Franklin Park, Illinois, close to the city of Chicago.

It’s a well-known datacenter that is monitored round the clock.

Note that you can choose the continent where your server is located, but you can’t specifically choose which US datacenter your site will reside in.

Datacenter Infrastructure and Security

With network admins on site round the clock, it offers constant support, redundant infrastructure, two fiber access points and four ISP connections.

webhostface customer support

Support and Customer Service

WebHostFace has a 24/7 support team, available 365 days of the year.

Support Channels

We found the website to be a bit unclear when it comes to identifying support channels.

The “Support” page features a graphic with the terms “email support,” “ticket support,” “chat support,” “phone support,” and “Twitter support.”

However, the “Contact” page indicates support is available via “chat” and “ticketing.”

Live Chat and Ticketing

Live chat and ticking are both popular means of resolving technical questions.

It’s not clear where the WebHostFace support team is located.

Response Times

WebHostFace indicates there is “practically no hold time” for live chat and there’s an average 15-minute response time for ticketing.

Phone Support — Is it Available?

Per information on the “Contact” page, the WebHostFace phone number appears to be prioritized for sales calls.

If phone support is important to you we recommend you call the number and inquire about this before purchasing hosting from WebHostFace.

Online Resources

WebHostFace also has a generous number of online video tutorials, as well as a searchable knowledgebase.

The knowledgebase contains a large number of topics, from sales FAQ to SEO, reseller FAQ, shopping cart information, email, Mac, and billing questions.

There’s plenty more, too.

What is Premium Support?

When purchasing your plan, you can choose to upgrade to the Premium package.

This puts your issues at the top of the queue, ahead of customers who haven’t paid.

Premium support is included in the higher priced plans, so compare prices carefully if it’s important to you.

webhostface features


On its low cost shared hosting plans, WebHostFace offers automatic backups of files and databases.

The backups are made using R1Soft, and require no user intervention.

Backups can be restored in a click, and users can opt to restore partial or full backups.

On its VPS, dedicated and other plans, backups are not quite so well advertised, so we can assume that they are not provided for free.

Its knowledgebase mentions the standard backup functionality in cPanel, but no additional tools are provided.

Uptime Guarantee: Unclear

WebHostFace doesn’t advertise an uptime guarantee on its website.

In its blog, we found references to a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

If uptime is important to you, it would be wise to check with the sales team to confirm whether the host offers compensation for unplanned downtime.

Billing and Payments

When you sign up with WebHostingFace, you can pay monthly, annually, biennially or triennially.

A set-up fee is added if you pay monthly. Payments are taken via credit card or PayPal, and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee on shared hosting.

If you want to cancel, you can request this from your billing control panel.

WebHostFace allows you to terminate immediately, or terminate at the end of your contract.

No refunds are offered, regardless of the options you choose.

webhostface pros cons

Pros and Cons of WebHostFace

Just like any other host, WebHostFace does some things well, but there’s still room for improvement.

Let me break down the biggest pros and cons of WebHostFace’s services, so you can identify what’s important to you.


  • Free SSL certificates – All businesses should have an SSL certificate. Many web hosts charge an annual fee for them, but WebHostFace provides them free.
  • Modern speed features included – Even on shared plans, both SSD disk space and a CDN is included.
  • Global datacenters – Most cheap hosts only have datacenters in one location. No matter where your business is located, WebHostFace has one that’s reasonably close.


  • No uptime guarantee – If for some reason WebHostFace’s servers go down, you have no means of compensation. Most other hosts offer a guarantee.
  • Could be more transparent – More plan detail would be nice. For example, there’s no information on backups for dedicated and VPS plans. A lot of details on their hosting pages are clearly there for SEO purposes, not to help potential customers.
  • No Windows Hosting – If you happen to require Windows hosting, you’ll need to find another host.
  • No refunds – A money back guarantee is only offered on shared hosting plans, but no other plans.


WebHostFace has worked hard to create shared hosting plans for small businesses and personal projects.

The introductory rates on shared hosting plans are great, and after that their plans cost about average across the hosting industry for what they offer.

WebHostFace has a good support team and documentation available.

They also include a lot of modern hosting features like SSL, CDN integration, and backups at no extra cost.

However, the plans lack a certain amount of service detail, particularly in relation to its service level agreements and terms of service.

We’d also like to see exactly where its datacenters are since they are advertised so prominently on its website.

Overall, it’s a great host to start a small website on and has quite a bit of room for growth.

If your site gets really popular, you may want to consider migrating to a host specializing in high performance later on.

Additional material by Dale Cudmore.

Most Popular WebHostFace Hosting Plans

Face Standard Face VPS 1 Managed WordPress
Disk Space 15GB 20GB 20GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1TB Unlimited
Price $3.45 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$9.95 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$19.95 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
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